ZENLASH Eyelash Growth Serum By Zenith Skincare

Zenlash eyelash growth serum really works to help stimulate growth from the roots of the eyelashes. Regular use of the eyelash growth stimulator will thicken, lengthen, strengthen and darken the eyelashes. It nourishes the skin around the follicles which helps reverse damage caused by wearing eyelash extensions.

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Note We have selected the product based on positive customer reviews on various health product-review sites.

It is a great eyelash growth product for people with weak, fine, brittle or short lashes or after chemotherapy. Rapid results will be noticed shortly within 4 weeks.

The Benefits:

1. Clinically proven results

2. Natural and organic formula

3. Easy application

4. Made in USA

5. Paraben free

6. Cruelty free-not tested on animals

7. No Irritation or allergy

8. Large 7ml bottle

Clinical claims that 17% longer eyelashes shown in 30 days, 19% thicker eyelashes shown in 30 days and 3 times more eyelash volume shown in 15 days.

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Review of ZenLash eyelash Growth Serum made by Zenith Skincare

Zenlash Eyelash Growth Serum