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YIYEE Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner

YIYEE Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of YIYEE Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner.

  • Updated Magnetic Eyeliner ‘The magnetic eyeliner and lashes set consists of an updated eyeliner made from ultra-fine magnetic particles that enable the magnetic eyelashes to quickly connect and remain on. No requirement for any glue and no more mess.
  • Strong Magnetic & Waterproof ‘The magnetic eyeliner consists of 3 million micro-nano-sized magnetic beads for the magnetic eyelashes to connect quickly. And the magnetic eyeliner is waterproof which allows you to remain stunning on those rainy days and damp activities.
  • 3 Designs Incredible 3D Magnetic Eyelashes ‘There are 3 sets of magnetic eyelashes – Typical Design, Celebration Design and Daily Design, which are best for you to pick for any celebration. Each eyelash has 5 strong magnets which will rapidly connect itself to where you use the eyeliner. Our magnetic eyeliner and lashes set will provide you a natural appearance.
  • Simple and Easy to Use ‘Makeup with our Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner set is extremely basic. First use the magnetic eyeliner as typical and wait on 1 minute for it to end up being ugly then use the magnetic eyelash on top of it. This magnetic eyelash packages is much more much easier compared to glue ones.
  • Safe Ingredients & Comfortable ‘We pick safe active ingredients and upgrade magnetic innovation, the eyelashes are lightweight, comfy and you even can’t feel it when you use it. The soft double-ribbon cotton eyelash skeleton make it simple to fit the shape of the eye and offers the eyelashes a best eye curve and the very best 3D impact.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on YIYEE Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner.
Read more Quick Drying Magnetic Eyeliner Each bottle of lash mascara consists of 3 million micro-nano-sized magentic beads which allows the magnetic eyelashes to connect on easily.The eyeliner goes on eaily and the lashes connect well, natural and bright.The eyeliner appropriate for a large range of complexion and compliment various eye colors.The eyeliner is water resistant and simple to eliminate with eye makeup eliminator and warm water. Recyclable 3D Magnetic Eyelashes These magnetic eyelashes are extremely simple to utilize and comfy to use. No glue and no tape adhesive needed.Just gorgeous and comfy eye makeup.Three sets of various designs magnetic eyelashes – Typical Design, Celebration Design and Daily Design, which are best for you to pick for any occasion.They do not feel too heavy on the eyes however they keep your eyes look awake and alive. These lashes fan out to bring out the very best of your eyes.Soft as your genuine eyelashes, making your eyes look more appealing, and you will not feel you are using incorrect eyelashes throughout the day. 5-IN-1 Style A tube of magnetic eyelinerThree sets of multiple-use natural silk incorrect lashesLash tweezer Read more Read more How to Utilize Action 1: Somewhat Shake the eyeliner prior to usage( This is extremely essential). Action 2: Use the magnetic eyeliner as you like.Then placed on a 2nd coat to improve the magnet. Action 3: Thoroughly get the magnetic eyelashes, placed on the eyelashes and change. If the length is not appropriate for you, you can suffice or make other changes, much like utilizing typical incorrect eyelashes. Read more How to eliminate Action 1: Prepare makeup eliminator and cleaning cotton. Action 2: Carefully remover the magnetic eyelashes, from leading to bottom. Action 3: Utilize the eye makeup eliminator to eliminate the eyeliner. Step 4: Usage Wet wipes tidy eyelashes and take into the set. Read more

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on YIYEE Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like these magnetic line & lashes. So simple to place on. Great thing is you can recycle them numerous times. No glue stuck on them. They feel extremely natural like they are no even on yours eyes. We personally liked the design of lashes. Natural appearance. We absolutely advisethese Likewise terrific for the cost.

Love these magnetic lashes. We have delicate skin and we dislike the glue for lashes and the magnetic is much much better.

Wow. We like these lashes. The magnetic eyeliner is a video game changer. Putting them on was the simplest thing ever, and they look soooo great. Method more comfy than the magnetic lashes with 2 pieces. Such an inexpensive alternative to non reusable lashes or extensions.

These are so incredibly simple to utilize. We like that they come with numerous sets and various lash designs. We have no cons for this product.

They are simply the ideal length/volume and are light sufficient to remain on throughout the day. Likewise extremely simple to use, we advise.

Product showed up fast, simple to utilize however we would use routine liner initially. We like that they consisted of 3 various lash designs. We would advise for those simply beginning out.

It works, extremely light on our lashes. Need to place on the liner a few times, let it set for a minutes, then put it on. Thanks.

They were simple to place on and lasted all night.

Definitely like it. We will buy againuse it every day considering that we purchased it, simple to utilize, stunning appearance when usage it. Simply what we require.

Natural quite looking lashes, did a few coats of the eyeliner and appears to adhere well. Did not remove any of the eyeliner upon elimination. Would advise.

This are exstrememly simple to utilize as long as you understand how to use liquid eye liner. We were quite pleased. We have actually constantly wished to attempt lash exstentions and as a very first timer ever. Extremely easy to use. They do not last a genuine long period of time 3-4 usages. We were going to attempt cleansing with a makeup eliminator or alcohol to see if we might get a couplemore Becarful and basic and you’ll get longer usage.

These lashes are shockingly light- we anticipated the magnets to feel heavy. The liner is great and nontransparent- extremely black. Ensure the liner dries completely prior to you position the lash on- otherwise it will not stick well. Likewise attempt to position it in the ideal area on the very first shot otherwise the liner might smear off.

We like these eyelashes a lot. They are tough to stick on in the beginning, however utilizing a 2nd layer of the eye liner assists. We like the concept of magnetic eyelashes and these appear to work well up until now.

These lashes were peeeerfect, so simple to place on. The only failure is you can t adjust them while they are on due to the fact that it eliminates the liner. Likewise it cleans off quickly which is terrific. However we might require a water resistant choice for summertime when it s sweaty.

We have actually attempted numerous times to do glue on lashes and can’t for the life of me. The lash extensions are simply method to costly. These magnetic lashes are life saver. We can lastly have stunning long lashes. The eyeliner looks terrific very little various from the eyeliner than what we use anyways and incredibly simple to use. They remained in location throughout the day. Love love love these lashes:-RRB- absolutely advise.

Extremely distinct. Came rapidly. We never ever do phony lashes so we are thrilled to provide these a shot even if they wear t work out??.

Better half states they are terrific. It made an excellent present. Easy to use and quickly. Service.

We are surprised by how fantastic this product is. We purchased it not anticipating much however was so happily amazed by how terrific the quality of the lashes are, how simple they are to use, and how simple elimination of the lashes are. We can t think it can recycle these over and over.

Ok getthese Eye lash queens get these lashes they are great and remain on best we definitely like them. We will be purchasedmore Thanks.

We likethese Great product for the cost. Great daily usage. They remain on throughout the day. Easy for newbies.

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