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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ycigfuns Heated Eyelash Curler.

  • FAST HEAT-UP & LONG-LASTING CURL– Quick warm up to the very best curling temperature level 80 in 1 minutes to make an ideal natural curve rapidly. Enduring curled eyelash for all the time.
  • FIRST PRODUCTION CERAMICS HEATING– Uniform heat efficiency supply best curling results and less hurt to eyelashes than wire heating.
  • DEFENSE GROOVE STYLE NEVER HEATS Definitely safe to utilize, this eyelash curler is simple to run and will not harm your eyelash or eyelid.
  • RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE– USB rechargeable, the compact style makes it quickly suit your bag like a lipstick.
  • HD LCD DISPLAY SCREEN– The LCD digital display screen plainly reveals heating temperature level and battery status. Finest present for thanksgivings Christmas. YCIGFUNS supply you 1-year guarantee.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ycigfuns Heated Eyelash Curler.
YCIGFUNS Heated Eyelash Curler is an ingenious charm makeup tool to rapidly curl your eyelashes naturally. It offers you brighter and more remarkable eyes that boosts your appearance quickly. The streamlined, wand-style style makes it simple to deal with and the ceramic heating for lasting shaping. It is 100% safe to curl your eyelash without scalding and crumpling. 2019 Updated Heated Eyelash Curler Rapidly heat-up to 80 in 1min 24 Hours Throughout The Day long lasting curled eyelash Anti-scalding security with insulation groove Long lasting ceramic heating rod 35 minutes working time after charge Big LCD screen shows temperature level and battery level 360 quickly and totally curl your eyelash charging with adapter that existing not lower 5V/1A

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ycigfuns Heated Eyelash Curler.

Question Question 1

How Do You Know When It S Out Of Battery, How To Know Totally Charged?

this heated eyelash curler has a HD LCD screen that reveals heating temperature level and battery level.

Question Question 2

For How Long Will It Last A Curled Eyelash?

our eyelash kept all the time culred, we believe it will keep curve longer if you put on t get rid of makeup.

Question Question 3

Will This Heated Eyelash Curler Damage Our Eyelashes?


Question Question 4

Is This Eyelash Curler Rechargeable?

Yes, it is USB rechargeable.

Question Question 5

Dear Seller Or Consumers, Does This Include The Battery charger? If Not, Does It Utilize A Basic Phone Battery Charger? Thank You.?

this heated eyelash curler features charge usb cable television however not adapter, you can charge it with basic phone battery charger

Question Question 6

Can We Utilize It On Lash Extensions??

Definitely yes, this heated eyelash curler is readily available for lash extensions

Question Question 7

Why Do You Required To Utilize Mascara Prior To Curling?

Apply mascara prior to utilizing this heated eyelash curler, it will provide you a better results, you can likewise utilize it straight.

Question Question 8

For How Long Will It Require To Heat-Up?

this heated eyelash curler rapidly warms up to 80? in 1 minutes.

Question Question 9

Will This Heated Eyelash Curler Car Off After Utilizing?

No, it will not, you require to long press the button to turn it off after utilizing.

Question Question 10

What Is The Heat-Up Rod Made? Is It Safe For Usage?

the heating rod is made from ceramic which has consistent heat efficiency to supply an ideal curled and long-term eyelash, even it near to your skin, it will not harm you.

Question Question 11

Does The Heated Eyelash Curler Have Temperature Level Levels Or Just A Continuous Temperature level?

this heated eyelash curler has HD dispaly that reveals heating temperature level, long press the power button for 1-2s, it will rapidly warm up to 80?(176?) in 1 minutes, thenconstant. we have done a deeply search that 80? is the very best temperature level to curl the eyelash curler and last long period of time, it will not get that perf this heated eyelash curler has HD dispaly that reveals heating temperature level, long press the power button for 1-2s, it will rapidly warm up to 80?(176?) in 1 minutes, thenconstant. we have done a deeply search that 80? is the very best temperature level to curl the eyelash curler and last long period of time, it will not get that best results if the temperature level lower than 80?. Hope this might assist you.

Question Question 12

Why Doesn T It Keep A Charge For Longer Than One Usage?

Mine does. we put on t require it typically.

Question Question 13

Totally Charged.How Long Will Gadget Stay Hot And Working, Prior To Battery Is Dead?

It does remain hot enough time to do both eyes.

Question Question 14

Do We Need To Use Mascara Prior To Utilizing The Heated Eyelash Curler?

utilizing the heated eyelash curler with mascara will get a better and best culred eyelash, however you can likewise utilize it without mascara.

Question Question 15

Can This Be Returned If It Doesn’T Work?

we believe so. Call and find out

Question Question 16

How To Charge The Heated Eyelash Curler?

it is USB rechargeable, and usb cable television is consisted of in plan

Question Question 17

Will This Heated Eyelash Curler Damage Our Eyelashes?

No, it is safe, we utilized it a number of times, it did work well, however it will not harm your eyelash or harm your eyelid.

Question Question 18

What Is The Distinction In Between Nickel-Chromium Alloy Heating Rod And Ceramic Heating Rod?

Thank you for your question. nickel-chromium alloy can’t warm up consistently, and it is simple to over heat to harm your eyelash and eyelid, or it might not curl the eyelash triggered by irregular heating.ceramic has consistent heat efficiency that supply best curling results for your eyelash, less hurt for eyelash tha Thank you for your question. nickel-chromium alloy can’t warm up consistently, and it is simple to over heat to harm your eyelash and eyelid, or it might not curl the eyelash triggered by irregular heating.ceramic has consistent heat efficiency that supply best curling results for your eyelash, less hurt for eyelash thannickel-chromium alloy, and a longer life.we hope this might assist.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ycigfuns Heated Eyelash Curler, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually utilized this every day considering that we got it and it has actually ended up being a part of our makeup bag. It does fume if we touch our eyelid. However it simple to utilize this without touching our eyelid. It warms up truly rapidly, we turn it on when we put our mascara on and by the time we are finished with our mascara the curler is warmed up.

We can certainly feel the curler warm up. We have actually attempted it when up until now and it does raise the lashes. It was prior to bed so we can speak on the length of time it held the curl. We likewise used without mascara so now sure if curler must be yours prior to or after the application of mascara. We would advise this curler if you wish to attempt a heated one.

Perfect. Our eyelash is brief and down however it assists it up and increase. Great curler that worked more than we believed so would return to advise for all others.

Follow guidelines from our image and you will definitely enjoy your lashes.

We have actually utilized this eyelash curler every day for a week. In spite of among the claims, this does fume and you can burn an eyelid. Won t leave a mark or injury, however it won t feel great either. The eyelash curler takes some practice to utilize skillfully, however it will provide a good curl. We utilized our lash guide initially, then utilized the curling wand, then used mascara. Relying on your mascara, utilizing the heated curler might trigger some small clumping, so we utilized a lash comb to different lashes when required prior to using mascara. Outcomes last all the time. The wand take a minute or less to warm to the 80 degrees and we get 3-4 usages from a single charge by means of the usb charging cable. It does not featured a wall plug.

This works better than anticipated. We purchased this for our relative. She likes it. Her lashes pop now. She stated it lasted all the time. So we have a few lashes that roll into our eyes. Yes, we are man, and we utilize this now. We had the ability to change the lashes to stop them from rubbing our eye ball. Second of all, we were taking a look at our wild eyebrows, so we attempted it on them. Wow, now we look all groomed and things. This gadget works terrific on the eyebrows. All the twisted hairs in our eyebrows are now straight and much more workable. Im truly delighted we purchased her this product. We will get much usage out of it. Performance. Simply push the button to switch on. Once it begins the temperature level is signed up on lcd display screen. The gadget goes from 32 c to 80 c in 25 seconds. Gadget warms up exceptionally quickly and holds temperature stable at 80 c. The heated pointer has some guards to assist positioning of lashes. The guards likewise avoid us from poking our eye with heated pointer. Im not experienced with this kind of laborious job. * the battery comes pre set up in gadget and is usb rechargeable. We extremely advise this lash straightener. We will buy another one for our child.

We enjoy heated eyelashe curlers however it appears they just last a few utilizes and you need to alter the battery- when we saw they made a rechargeable one we needed to have it. In general it generally works the very same however this is a method better gadget. Its appearances better with the led temperature level screen and the wand itself gets method hotter (80 degrees) than the typical curler making it curl the lashes two times as quick. Simply take care you do not touch your eyelid with it- it wont burn you however it is warm. We will never ever return to the battery kind this is waaaaay better and the charge has last well over a week so we enjoy- when it does die we simply plus it in.

We have 2 teenage ladies who enjoy makeup so we have actually purchased rather a few eyelash curlers and have actually attempted nearly all of them. A pal informed our child about this eyelash curler that heats up like a routine curler for your hair. While this all made best considering that to me, we were reluctant about something getting exceptionally hot so near to an eye. Nevertheless, this was a should have on her christmas list so we chose to purchase it and see how it goes. We are exceptionally satisfied with this thing. It doesn t burn your eye cover at all however puts sufficient heat to actually curl your lash and it remains throughout the day. It s very charming and visually pleasing as our child would call it. We have actually invested a lot more on products that put on t work half as great so we are exceptionally pleased with our purchase. Our child enjoys it.

We put on t enjoy the method this clumps our eyelashes together when we curl them since you need to put a layer of mascara on prior to you utilize it. However it does work and it s quite simple to utilize. We have actually seen evaluations where individuals state they ve burned their covers however we put on t have that concern. That to us is operator mistake. This is a quite cool tool once you figure out how to utilize it and understand a few techniques to separate your lashes. Like utilizing a pin or something after the curl. They state 5 minute battery life and you certainly require to charge it each usage. It s simply something you get utilized to. All in all we enjoy with this purchase.

This worth it, you simply turn it on then linger 40-50 seconds and utilize it and the outcome is more than outstanding, they way that our eyelash appear like when we utilize this eyelash curler are completely various when we utilize the routine one. We might see our eyelashes are curler and put on t appear like sticky when you use the eyelash mask. According to the guide of guidelines advise that you must utilize after eyelash mask and when you do that. It s fantastic.

Up until now we like this product. We have some eyelashes that are too curly and in odd locations so we are explore this heated eyelash curler to correct themout Up until now so great. It charges up rapidly and the suggested temperature 80 is simple to attain by depressing the button on the side. The charging cable that included it was no great (it would not place all the method). Rather we are utilizing a a lot longer cable that we currently had on hand.

We purchased this for our sweetheart, and she provided us a list of advantages and disadvantages for this product: pros:- works well, curled her eyelashes as promoted- informed us it worked better than her old curler- extremely easy, just a few buttonscons:- runs out of battery relatively rapidly- buttons in some cases require to be pushed a few times for it to work- feels rather lightweight sometimes.

We have quite long lashes, so if we use mascara with our glasses our lenses are constantly smeared up. This makes our life a lot simpler, lashes appearance terrific and we do not need to squander cash on as much mascara (which is the very best part). Do not get us incorrect when we utilize contacts we will be utilizing this prior to hand, rather of the lethal eyelash crimper that must have been remembered 30 years back.

( upgrade below) we are so appreciative we made this purchase. Seriously take it all over with us simply for the sake of the simple usage. Extremely advise * upgrade. We sanctuary t even had this product a month. We utilize it perhaps 3 times a week. We charge it totally, utilize it, turn it off and attempt to utilize it the next day and it s dead. In our viewpoint it s frustrating that it won t hold a charge on its on. Takes some time to charge too and doing every usage is truly laborious.

If you desire something that lets you form your eyelashes to provide that bit of an additional curl, this is a fantastic low-cost method to get that. It’s the little things that truly make the distinction if you resemble us and have a little the perfectionist going through you.

We love heated curlers. Warms very quick and simple to utilize. You can take it right up the base of your lashes without any danger of burning your skin. Fantastic style.

Our relative loves this eyelash curler. It warms up extremely rapidly (as much as 80 degrees celsius) and works wonderfully. Worth every cent.

With this artifact of hot eyelashes, it’s truly practical. Toss all our manual clips prior to. It simply rolls gently and it looks great and the cost is low-cost. You can feel confident to buy the preferred beautyproduct efficiency: it is rapidly heated with no difficulty. Product packaging is undamaged: there is no damage when the plan is returned.

Rather fascinating to attempt out however still uncertain it will change what we have actually been doing permanently.

We truly like the charm devices. It is extremely practical to utilize. The result of curling eyelashes is likewise great. It can be rolled straight or it can be rolled up with mascara. The result will bebetter You can fix all the issues of eyelashes without getting up. In the beginning, we hesitated that we would harm our eyes. We put on t need to stress over it after we utilize it.

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