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Yakuin Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

Yakuin Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

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Here are a few main benefits of Yakuin Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit.

  • * 5Upgraded Water Resistant Magnetic Eyeliner: All the time, lasting: Our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash sets are very resilient and strong. In reality, our eyeliner kit is made with a more powerful formula than other magnetic eye liners. It is likewise water resistant and does not fade. You can delight in stunning eyelashes throughout the day.New option for female eye makeup.
  • * Strong Magnetic Lashes: Unlike regular magnetic flase eyelashes, EARLLERs magnetic eyelashes are handcrafted to guarantee that each set of eyelashes is more natural and fragile. Each eyelash is uniformly dispersed with 5 mini magnets, which can be carefully soaked up with the magnetic particles in the eyeliner. These security and light incorrect eyelashes integrate stunning, natural, and comfy together. Every lady who pursues appeal deserves attempting this magnetic eyelash set.
  • * 5 Pairs Different Types 3D Eyelashes: This eyelashes pack consists of 3 various eyelash designs: natural, celebration and daily. If you are purchasing various kinds of eyelashes for various events, it will amaze you as long as you have this set. You have actually fixed all the difficulties about eye makeup. Although 3D eyelashes are made complex and pricey to produce, they can produce more stunning and fragile makeup, and offer you with stunning eye makeup all day.
  • * Easy to Usage & Reusable: With this magnetic lashes and eyeliner kit, you can quickly have stunning eye makeup like a makeup artist. Simply shake the eyeliner and use it to the eyelids. After drying for 1-2 minutes, position the magnetic eyelashes on top of the eyelashes with tweezers or hands to line up the external edge with the edge of the natural eyelash line. These magnetic eyelashes can be recycled, efficiently preventing waste and being eco-friendly.
  • * Splendid product packaging: This magnetic eyeliner and lashes Kit is crammed in a properly designed present box, which is not just hassle-free for storage and preventing contamination, however likewise can be utilized as a stunning present for siblings, schoolmates, associates, moms, pals, and so on. Idea: If you have any questions about our magnetic liquid eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes, please totally free to call us. Your complete satisfaction is our leading concern.

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Here are some more information on Yakuin Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit.
Steps for use: Use magnetic eyelinerWear eyelashes after air-drying for 2-3 minutesWear eyelashes effectively after adsorptionFeatures: Utilize the concept of magnetic tourist attraction to produce your own eyelashes.Wear eyelashes quickly and expand your eyes.The magnetic adsorption concept quickly adheres to incorrect eyelashes, increases the size of both considers, and is hard to fall off.The eyeliner liquid is sticky and can be utilized for incorrect eyelash application, which is simple to use.It is lighter than regular incorrect eyelashes.The eyeliner pen is uniformly colored, water resistant and sweatproof, and has no concern at all times.Complete devices, basic to utilize, no unique abilities needed, excellent for beginners.Eyelash Tweezers: Created for magnet eyelashes, beginners can quickly use incorrect eyelashes.Magnet eyeliner: The mix of magnet eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes quotes goodbye to standard eyelash glue to accomplish eyeliner result.Product Name: Eyeliner & False Eyelash SetProduct requirements: 5 sets/ box (extra unique iron tweezers/ magnetic eyeliner)Product product: chemical fiberFor the crowd: stunning ladies Plan Consisting OfEyeliner & False Eyelash Set

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