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Xtreme Lashes Lint-free Xtreme Applicators

Xtreme Lashes Lint-free Xtreme Applicators

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    Size: 100 Load Soft, mild and multi-purpose, these brushes are best for priming and getting rid of eyelash extensions, in addition to getting rid of eye makeup and mascara with specialist control. The distinct applicator idea holds fluids in a non-drip suspension for targeted surface area cleaning. This flexible cleaning and priming tool is a perfect alternative to conventional cotton bud, which consist of fibers that might get captured in between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Question Question 1

    Are These Recyclable If Completely Cleaned Up In In Between Utilizes?

    Thanks for your question.The Xtreme Lashes Lint-Free Applicators are 1 usage non reusable item.We do not advise to tidy and recycle them.

    Question Question 2

    Do These Have Chemicals Pre Applied On Them?

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your question.No there are no chemicals pre-applied on our Lint Free Applicators.

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    We simply got lash extensions and we require something to assist tidy eye liner off. The chain where we choose the lashes offers something like these however for about 4 times the cost. We were really delighted to find these on. You can’t utilize cotton bud since the cotton captures on your lashes and pulls them. These work completely. There’s a little opening at the bottom of the container you turn available to gain access to each wand.

    These are more pricey than routine q-tips however with girl extensions they’re well with it. They eliminate our eye liner without capturing onto the lashes, as q-tips do.

    Perfect for getting rid of eye makeup. Particularly if you require to make a correction to the application. Much better then utilizing a cotton bud. No fuzzy s to compete with.??.

    Constantly buy the originals. No lint, best size and simple to utilize.

    We have lash extensions, and these are excellent for getting mascara off of the skin around our eyes when we have actually smeared it. They do not have any fuzz to get tangled in the lash extensions.

    We were trying to find something to touch-up our makeup when using, and required a product that is non reusable yet does not have small fibers that fall off and into the eyes (like q-tips/cotton swabs). They drive us insane. This product suffices. The foam is soft and not too pointy, and there are no fibers to fall off. We personally do not like the container they are available in since the location where you open them is on the bottom of the container, which tends to get dirty and filthy resting on the counter. They ought to have made it open on the top. The cost of $20 is absurd and requires to be reduced if they desire their product to be effective, however today it’s the just one of its kind that we can find (we choose it over the ones that have actually cleanser/fluid inside). If they make the cost more sensible in the future, we would offer it a 5/5.

    Excellent product.

    Excellent product.

    Useful in daily cleansing of lash extentsions.

    We have lash extensions and this is an excellent product for cleaning up the eye location. Leaves no lint and does not harm lashes.

    No fibers staying with our lashes.

    Gotten on time and as anticipated.

    Love these for tidying up around our lash line without having little hairs get in our eye.


    Nice, soft, lint complimentary. Desire they were more affordable though.

    Genuinely lint complimentary and they dry very fast for skilled eye-makeup elimination.

    Simply what we were trying to find. Precisely as explained, these are lint-free and the very same applicators they offer on the xtreme lashes site.

    If you have xtreme lashes you require these.

    Perfect. Simply the lint complimentary comprise cleaners are best.

    Nice, we liked the product quality and product packaging.

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