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We Love Eyes - Healthy Eyelash Extension Care

We Love Eyes – Healthy Eyelash Extension Care

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Here are a few main benefits of We Love Eyes – Healthy Eyelash Extension Care.

  • PRONE TO IRRITATED, RED EYES OR EYELIDS? Carefully and securely clean your eyes leaving them feeling whiter and brighter. Enhance the look of your eyes and eyelids by mindfully cleaning and carefully getting rid of of sources of swelling such as germs, demodex, pollen, dirt, dust, makeup residue, and other particles.
  • SAFE TO UTILIZE ON EYELID MARGINS WHEN EYELASH EXTENSIONS ARE SET UP. Our eye doctor developed lathering cleanser includes simply the correct amount of Australian tea tree oil to keep your eyelash margins tidy and hence your eyelash hair follicles tidy. Keep the look of healthy eyelashes by keeping the eyelid margins healthy. Never ever use any We Love Eyes products straight onto eyelash extensions. For finest outcomes, constantly consult your lash artist prior to utilizing any We Love Eyes products.
  • SELECT NON- HARMFUL COMPONENTS. We Love Eyes is dedicated to sourcing components that are non- poisonous, vegan, ruthlessness totally free and gluten totally free. The eyelid skin is fragile and should have components that are safe, mild, and healthy. Includes NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO formaldehyde, NO phthalates, NO retinol, NO synthetic colors, dyes, fillers, or PHONY scents.
  • MADE BY AN EYE DOCTOR. MADE IN THE U.S.A.. We Love Eyes Products are attentively developed by a UC Berkeley eye doctor and bottled right here in the U.S.A.. We utilize a state- of- the- art lab and all products are separately 3rd party security and quality checked.
  • WHAT THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT DO. We Love Eyes products do not deal with any eye illness. We Love Eyes products do not change your eye care expert. Constantly consult your eye care expert when utilizing eye care products.

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Here are some more information on We Love Eyes – Healthy Eyelash Extension Care.
Meet eye doctor and our creator, Dr. Tanya Gill. Let s simply state, she s consumed with cleansing filthy eyes. For several years, she discovered that much of her clients had chronically red, dry eyes. After doing some research, it struck her that the chemicals in eye makeup, eye makeup cleaners were maybe adding to the issue. Dr. Gill searched for an all- natural response, however couldn t find one that worked, safe and genuinely healthy. She desired everything, so she made a dream list: vegan, ruthlessness totally free, gluten totally free, paraben/ formaldehyde totally free, phthalate totally free and devoid of scents and dyes. Many of all, Dr. Gill desired a product that was retinoid totally free, because retinol products can trigger damage to the meibomian glands (specialized oil glands of the eyelids). And the clincher and why We Love Eyes is the healthiest for your eyes it s either 100% preservative totally free or it has a plant- based preservative system. For her clients using eyelash extensions, she discovered a pattern. Her clients would either stop cleaning their eyelids to avoid their extensions from getting harmed, or they were simply uncertain on what to utilize. With the success of her Tea Tree Eyelid Lathering Cleanser, she understood that including the ideal tool would supply a healthy product and an accurate tool to keep eyelid margins tidy while eyelash extensions are set up. We call this a win- win. UTILIZE THIS DUO TO DEEP CLEAN EYELIDS WHEN EYELASH EXTENSIONS ARE SET UP, XO Not cleaning your eyelids when eyelash extensions are set up is an unclean routine and likewise a typical source of eyelid swelling. Utilize our mild, non- poisonous eyelid lathering cleanser developed with Australian tea tree oil with our distinctively tiered cleaning brush for an accurate tidy and rejuvenated appearance. RECOMMENDED USAGE. Give 1/2 pump of Tea Tree Eyelid Lathering Cleanser onto the Eyelid Margin Cleaning Brush and carefully massage eyelids. Wash the Eyelid Cleansing Brush with water and utilize the brush to wash away the Eyelid Lathering Cleanser from eyelids. Usage a minimum of two times a week. USAGE CAUTION. Do not get lathering cleanser into eyes. May eliminate water based eye makeup. Never ever use foam or brush straight onto extensions. SATISFY OUR SECRET INGREDIENTS AND SELECT NON- HARMFUL Australian Tea Tree Oil. Important oil; anti- fungal; anti- bacterial; antibacterial; anti- inflammatory. Might keep meibomian (specific oil) glands and eyelash hair follicles tidy to promote healthy eyelid margins.Organic Jojoba Oil. Hydrating; reconditions the skin; balances oil production; supplies barrier defense; tocopherol (Vitamin E) material for antioxidant activity; anti- bacterial. Might secure epithelium and enhances look of great lines and wrinkles.Grapeseed Oil. Rich in linoleum acid; serves as an emollient and lube; anti-oxidant. Offers injury recovery assistance and is a matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) inhibitor which might support epithelium & meibomian gland health. IS THIS YOU? Not cleaning your eyelids?Not sure what to use?Worried about losing eyelashes? DEVELOPED BY AN EYE DOCTOR TO ASSIST HER CLIENTS NOW YOU. THIS BRUSH IS VEGAN AND RUTHLESSNESS FREE With a special tiered fiber style and an ergonomic manage, our Eyelid Margin Cleaning Brush carefully and completely cleans the eyelid location. SATISFY THE QUEEN OF CLEAN EYES Dr. Tanya Gill established the We Love Eyes solutions with her understanding of natural chemistry and her love for tidy, healthy eyes. WE LOVE EYES PRINCIPLES This We Love Eyes lathering cleanser is vegan, ruthlessness totally free, gluten- totally free, paraben- totally free, sulfate- totally free, formaldehyde totally free without any phony scents. USAGE THE WE LOVE EYES LASH CARE SYSTEM SUGGESTED FOR YOU DAILY: GRAB YOUR BRUSH Utilize our Eyelid Margin Cleaning Brush for exact product positioning and cleaning to avoid damage to the eyelash extension joint. DAILY: HYPOCHLOROUS EYELID CLEANSING SPRAY Usage this mild, efficient and no- rinse spray cleanser for everyday eyelid margin cleaning. Never ever use straight onto extensions. TWO TIMES A WEEK: TEA TREE EYELID LATHERING CLEANSER Usage this lathering cleanser for a much deeper tidy for your eyelid margins. Usage a minimum of two times a week. Never ever use straight onto extensions. NIGHTLY: PM EYELID BUTTER The eyelid skin is 4x thinner than the skin on your face. Utilize a thin layer on your lower eyelid skin to avoid dehydration while you are asleep. Read more

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on We Love Eyes – Healthy Eyelash Extension Care, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is a terrific product for cleaning your eyelash extensions. The brush that it features is a really good quality. We have actually quite enjoyed this product and it came advised by our eye doctor. We normally clean our eye makeup off as much as we can, preventing ourself lash line. Then we utilize this foam cleanser and it does a terrific task getting the rest.

We have blepharitis and we love this brand name. We utilize it regularly and it makes a world of distinction. Love it.

Fantastic product. We have eyelash extensions and this does a terrific task on keeping then tidy.

The product itself works well for cleaning our extensions however the brush wasn t as soft as we hoped.

We love the whole line kf products we had an eye contrition establish under our eyelid type of like obstructing our ducts and producing an uncomfortable big pimple on the within our eyelid our physician advise something else with abnormal chemicals however we found this. It cleaned up the concern rapidly and has just natural ingridients.

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