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vrfashion Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Eyelash Curler Pen Mini USB Rechargeable

vrfashion Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Eyelash Curler Pen Mini USB Rechargeable

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of vrfashion Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Eyelash Curler Pen Mini USB Rechargeable.

  • Perfect curve: The curved brush head completely fits the eyelashes to produce fluttering and curling lashes.It works well with mascara to provide ideal outcomes without any pulling and no damaged lashes
  • Security style – Double defense: neither harm the skin nor the eyelashes. Continuous temperature level control, will not harm or aggravate skin.The spectacular style of heat defense groove naturally separates the range in between the heating wire and the eyelid.The double defense provides you More comfort.
  • 3 temperature levels: red sign light describes heat, green sign light describes medium temperature level. Red and green sign light describes low temperature level.
  • Portable and security – Pocket size, slim and light-weight. Can be nicely slipped into a bag, bag or makeup case rapidly. Easy curling eyelashes anytime, anywhere
  • USB Rechargeable & Dependable after-sales service: USB charging, recycled and no more batteries.We supply 24/ 7 after-sales service.If you have any questions, please call us straight.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on vrfashion Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Eyelash Curler Pen Mini USB Rechargeable.
Color: black How to utilize it? Very first: eliminate the protective cover and press the switch button. The sign light shows that the product has actually gotten in the work mode. Level 1 for heat (sign reveals a traffic signal) Level 2 for low temperature level (sign reveals a blue light) Level 3 for consistent temperature level (sign reveals red and blue at the same time) Apply mascara equally prior to usage. Select various temperature level settings according to your requirements (when the ambient temperature level is 24 C, Level 1 temperature level is 75 C, Level 2 temperature level is 55 C, and Level 3 temperature level is 40 C). It just takes 8 seconds to finish the preheating. Location the eyelash brush head under the lashes for a few seconds, then snuggle from bottom to top. Press from root to the upper area by area, with each area for 3-5 seconds. After usage, shut off the curler and cover the protective cover. If you wish to clean up the comb, please clean it with a soft fabric or paper towel. Do not wash with water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on vrfashion Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Eyelash Curler Pen Mini USB Rechargeable.

Question Question 1

Any One Understands Do We Need To Use Mascara Prior To Utilizing The Heated Eyelash Curler? Thanks.?

No, this impact depends upon the person’s eyelashes. After a great deal of experiments, the curling impact is better when you utilize mascara.

Question Question 2

What Are The Recommendations? There Was A Substantial Sticker label Over Them And We Are Simply Curious As What It States.?

we put my own on the 3rd setting. we curl one side, put the mascara on then do the opposite. Functions ideal.

Question Question 3

Wish To Attempt The Heated Eyelash Curler, Does It Truly Work?

Yes works remarkable??

Question Question 4

Can You Utilize The Heated Eyelash Curler On Lash Extensions?

yes.you can do it

Question Question 5

We Don T See A On Off Change, There Are No Instructions On Or In Package For Where To Find That Change.?

There is no on off switch. Simply plugs in. Unfortunately, neither the initial lash curler, nor the replacement would warm up. For me, it was a waste of cash.

Question Question 6

Does It Required To Stay Connected To Work? If So, We Hope It Features An Actually Long Chord.?

No.It is cordless.Only requirements plugged in to charge it.

Question Question 7

For How Long Does The Curl Last?

Throughout the day

Question Question 8

Why Did It Quit working After A Few Months Of Usage? Plugged It In To Charge And It Simply Never Ever Turned Back On. Truly Disappointed Please Assist.?

we got mine and after 24 hours of charging, we just got about 30 seconds of usage prior to it began flashing low battery.With practically any rechargeable product, it appears they have a restricted length of time prior to the battery is tired.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on vrfashion Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Eyelash Curler Pen Mini USB Rechargeable, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

The heated eyelash curler showed up really prompt. You just require to follow the actions in the information and will get curled eyelashes. The impact it has is so remarkable and we enjoy the lift it provides our lashes and our total appearance. We believe we need to quit the conventional eyelash curler. This is a total development. 5 star.

We have actually constantly wished to attempt a heated eyelash curler. We need to have attempted method prior to now. it is remarkable. We are so lazy and we dislike those lash clamps and can appear to place on phony lashes so this has actually been an early morning changer for us. It s so simple to utilize and truly raises our lashes. The eyelash curler is an excellent products for any lady, simply placed on your mascara and then curl.

Do not think twice, it deserves a shot. We utilized a number of various eyelash curlers. However the heated eyelash curler is absolutely various from what we utilized prior to. You can follow the seller’s directions, initially use mascara, and after that push the bottom of eyelashes for about 10 s. Press from root to the upper area by area. After our few efforts, it can substantially enhance our eyelash curling degree. You can select various equipments according to the density of the eyelashes.

We have actually never ever utilized a heated eyelash curler prior to so this was absolutely brand-new to me. We need to state we liked it a lot. We even liked it better than a routine curler and this was method method much easier to us for us. No pinching your eye cover. We likewise liked that we might utilize this prior to bed and not use comprise, and we still looked good, with long lashes. It has 3 settings (it took us a while to figure this out) however the directions are on this listing and not in package. In general we are overall transform. We are happy we stepped beyond our convenience zone to attempt this.

Does a great task. Easy to utilize. We purchased 2. One for ourself and 1 for our child. We utilize it on eyelashes with mascara and our child has lash extensions. We are both delighted with the outcomes.

We are really delighted with this purchase. Does what you anticipate it to do and it is really simple to utilize. We wound up purchasing another for our child as a present. This is the very first product of its kind that we have actually bought, so we wear t truly have anything else to compare it to, however we more than happy with it.

It s a present for our sweetheart. She normally utilizes a standard eyelash curler. When we picked presents for her, we picked variousproducts She likes it quite and it is really practical to utilize. An excellent option.

Functions a lot better than manual curlers. Worked for us with or with out mascara. Heating settings are excellent. Our lashes are great, and actually point directly down. We can curl them completely now. Gets every lash, we have actually even been asked if we are consuming falsies wyewhen using mascara.

We truly liked this product due to the fact that you can curl your eyelashes whenever you desire without going to the hair salon to use their product which is not just costly however hazardous. This you can utilize day-to-day or if you choose to utilize it for unique celebrations to look after your lashes like we do.

This heated eyelash curler works a lot better than our conventional curler. Often our eyelashes like to rebel and choose to point downwards, however this curler repairs that quickly. We would extremely suggest this product.:-RRB-.

We have actually utilized conventional curler for several years, however we had never ever found an ideal shape/size of conventional curler. We never ever got any natural appearance curly lashes till we found this electric curler. It is remarkable. It is so simple to utilize and we are really pleased with the outcomes. It is really practical to keep it in our makeup bag.

This product is really benefit for comprise artist or individual usage, the most convenient method to curl your lashes rather of injuring yourself by utilizing other products.

We are really pleased with this heated eyelash curler, it works excellent and it is ideal for present likewise. It features batteries and led light. Really simple to utilize and has an accuracy tweezer too. Advise it.


This is an incredible eyelash curler. It is simple to utilize, a lot easier than the ones that warm up and you squeeze your eyelashes. Likewise, the curl is great. Our lashes remained curled for hours.

Me encantó.

Amazing product. No discomfort that features the old made eyelash curlers.

We enjoy this heated curler however it features no directions at all so make certain and get your directions off the site.

The items have actually been gotten, the logistics speed is really quickly, the product packaging is tight, the electric eyelash curler is really lovely, the temperature level appropriates not hot, simple to utilize.


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