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Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit

Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit.

  • Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit: Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit features 2 unique magnetic eye liners, 5 sets of various design recyclable magnetic eyelashes, and 1 tweezer.
  • Premium Magnetic Eyelashes: 5 Sets of recyclable magnetic eyelashes with 5 various designs consisted of, make your eyes look natural and gorgeous.
  • Unique Magnetic Eyeliner: Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit features 2 unique magnetic eye liners which contain magnets particles enabling you to use the eyelashes to the eyeliner straight without any glue or other magnets needed.
  • Easy to Utilize: Use 2-3 thick layers of magnetic eyeliner to the upper cover, wait 1 minute for it to dry. Carefully ordinary lashes on the top of your natural eyelashes. Permit the lash to comply with the magnetic eyeliner. Change the position according to your requirement.
  • Long-term: Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit is really long lasting and strong. It is water resistant and doesn t fade. You can enjoy your gorgeous eyelashes all-day long.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit.
Votala magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit Votala magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit are developed to offer you stunning, remarkable and thicker lashes. Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit features 2 unique magnetic eye liners, 5 sets of various design recyclable magnetic eyelashes, and 1 tweezer. 5 Set of Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner This is the total KIT that supplies whatever you require for excellent long luscious lashes. Immediately replicate all your preferred designs and looks. Your order consists of 5 set of various designs of premium Magnetic Eyelashes and MagneticEyeliner All collaborated for ease of usage and a really trendy appearance. You are going to ENJOY the method you search in the mirror. 2 Unique Magnetic Eyeliners Immediately use expert looking eyeliner for unique, sophisticated, gorgeous appearances and muchmore The small magnets hold securely so you do not get gasping or dropping. Yet they are little adequate nobody will observe they are magnetic. Feel comfy and positive throughout the day and night. Perfect for work, club, show, celebration, or merely delighting in a romantic night for 2. Finest present for ladies The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit is a finest option to your sweetheart, mom or better half, endure it. Let their eyes natural appearance and larger, charm and brighter, they might be more more youthful, active and lovely. Easy to Utilize Put these on quick and simple, best for total newbies. Apply 2 to 3 thick layers of magnetic eyeliner to your upper cover. Wait 1 minute for it to dry. Then carefully lay lashes on the top of your natural eyelashes. Let the lash naturally comply with the magnetic eyeliner. Change as required for the best appearance. Recyclable for Months of Terrific Outcomes These are totally recyclable so you can delight in once again and once again. They are long lasting and strong for long-term outcomes. They are likewise water resistant and will not smear, spot, break down, or alter shape when wet. Never ever any requirement to utilize sticky glue or other adhesive. The small magnets hold the lashes and liner in location for the fastest, simplest method to get expertly gorgeous eyes whenever. Ultra Quick to Get rid of No getting house late during the night just to invest a great deal of time eliminating phony eyelashes and glue. These totally magnetic lashes and liner come off in simply seconds. Wash your face and you’re prepared for bed or a totally various appearance. No surprise ladies with interesting lives demand the charm, ease, and unrivaled dependability of Votala Magnetic Eyelashes andEyeliner Make a present This makes a much valued present for good friends, household, and colleagues. Provide for birthday, vacation, and Mom’s Day. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit.

Question Question 1

Can You See The Magnets When You Use Them?

No there really little and not visible

Question Question 2

Sponge Brush Or The Bristle Brush?


Question Question 3

What Are The Active ingredients In The Liner? Has Anybody Ever Had A Bad Response?

Unsure what the components remain in it however we didn’t have any kind of response to it. They were comfy and remained well throughout the day.

Question Question 4

The Number Of Times Can You Utilize These??

we have actually just had mine for a month.we keep them tidy and comb them out.

Question Question 5

The Number Of Magnets Are Throughout The Lash Line?

4 little magnets. we needed to cut the last little area off to fit our eyes. we have smaller sized eyes.

Question Question 6

Does The Eyeliner Wash Off Easy?

No it does not

Question Question 7

Does The Magnetic Lashes Feel Heavy On The Eye Cover?

You can inform they exist, however they are not heavy on the covers. we have actually used them for 6+ hours and have actually been great.

Question Question 8

The Number Of Times Can You Use One Set?

Over and over up until the eyeliner is gone and the lashes still look great.

Question Question 9

Any One Without The Double Eyelid Attempted These Yet?

If you imply hooded eye covers then yes, & they work extremely well.

Question Question 10

Are You Able To Utilize The Eyeliner On Leading Of An Existing Eyeliner?

The very first time we attempted, we had concerns. we wiped and put the eyeliner on very first, then the lashes, and then we discussed thoroughly with our regular eyeliner. we think it simply depends upon what kind you utilize actually.

Question Question 11

What Is The Color Of The Eyeliner?


Question Question 12

Love The Lashes, However The Liner Doesn’T Hold.I Let Dry A Minimum Of 10 Mins In Between Coats, However The Lash Appears To Raise The Liner Straight Off Our Lid.Tips ??

we have actually learnedthat you can stagnate the lashes when put. we can t move the lashes without the liner turning up.

Question Question 13

How To Let Magnetic Eyelashes Stay With The Eyeliner?

2 coats of liner let dry

Question Question 14

Are The Lashes Vegan Or Ruthlessness Free?

we weren’t able to find any information concerning this questions on package so we composed to the seller and they stated “Yes, we inspected this with our product supervisor, our lashes are vegan/cruelty-free. Hope this is useful.

Question Question 15

How Do You Get rid of The Eyeliner? Comprise Eliminator?

The majority of it removes with the lashes when you take them off (doesn t hurt either) then we utilize makeup eliminator for the rest.

Question Question 16

Has Anybody Used Them To The Beach Or Swum With Them? Do They Remain on?

we put on t believe they would sit tight swimming. we need to reapply liner midway through the day at work in a 9 hour day typically due to the fact that they begin to get lose particularly if you have oilier skin.

Question Question 17

What Are The Active ingredients Of The Liner?

There is no information on package or liner that states.

Question Question 18

Can You Get Various Color Liner?

The lashes have a black strip and a various color liner would not look right.

Question Question 19

Did Anybody Get A Letter Asking To Take A Study. Getting Either Free Product Or 20 Card. Is It Genuine?

Yes they actually will offer you a 20 card we got one

Question Question 20

Why Do They Look Dreadful? They Are Heavy And Look So Phony. Should We Cut Them And Attempt Using Mascara First?.?

If they are too wish for your eye cut them to fit the length of your lash line.we constantly use our mascara first.we likewise curl our lashes.we have not found these lashes to be heavy.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Votala Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Holy crap. This thing is fantastic. Took us a fre tries to master and you should follow the instructions however yeah they work. We have allergic reactions that make our ideal eye tear 24/ 7 and the saltiness of our tears naturally breaks down any glued so incorrect lash extensions are out of the question. Waste of cash. However this was very simple and damn if our eyes didn’t state take a look at me. Likewise, we went skateboarding for 30 minutes in the sun so sweating was taking place on top of allergic reaction tears, and they remained in location. Quickly came off and the magnetic eyeliner came off with warm water and our cetaphil face wash. Most likely with any oil based face wash and warm water. Suuuuper worth it so now they ll jack the rate up lol. Once again take notice of the instructions or you ll appear like a caterpillar landed in your cheekbone. Take pleasure in.

These lashes are so fantastic. We have actually attempted a lot of various methods to have complete looking lashs, from glue ons and 4d mascara, in addition to expert extensions and even the other design of magnetic upper and lower lashes. And these lashes are the very best we have actually utilized up until now. You actually use the liner above your leading lashes. Let dry for a minute and then use lash along the liquid liner line. When liner is dried it remains on well and doesn t smear off quickly. While cleaning off this liner it does take alittle more to eliminate then other liners however we sanctuary t test all our options of elimination however comprise clean do ok and comprise oil eliminator assists it. We have actually included a photo that reveals one eye with 4d mascara we own compared to other eye with magnetic liner and lashes. Then in our other photos, we reveal both eyes with the biggest lashes from kit. Once again fantastic. Hope info assists.

We have actually attempted glue on lashes several times and have actually constantly stopped working. I we have actually wished to attempt magnetic lashes for a while now and lastly chose to buythese Let s simply state we are consumed. We have actually used them every day given that we have got them, we became a professional after the 3rd time. They are so simple to utilize, look fantastic and make you look fantastic also. Certainly going to refer our good friends. We have actually currently purchased our sis a pack also.

You need to utilize 2 coats and do not let the second coat dry or it will not work. Use the lashes while the second coat is damp. As soon as this liner dries those lashes will not come off. We have actually utilized every pricey magnetic liner on the marketplace and this is by far the very best and greatest. We are not a fan of the lashes however it deals with all magnetic lashes.

Wow. These are alot simpler to use than we pictured. They feel light and safe and secure also. The very first time we attempted them we didn’t let the eyeliner dry adequate and it created the lash when we attempted to rearrange it. The 2nd time we did it we utilized a blow clothes dryer on cold setting to dry the eyeliner and the it didn’t raise.

When it pertains to makeup, hair and all things girly we are horrible at it. These were so simple to use and they looked terrific. And it was especially windy the very first day we used them and they didn’t budge. Extremely advise.

We like how simple this lashes are to use on. Prior to purchasing this product we have never ever use lashes by ourself at all due to the fact that the one time we attempted we simply could not do it. The only thing we do not like is that the lashes will raise if we put on t use a great deal of eyeliner.

We actually took pleasure in the lashes. We would ve liked them a little bit longer however we were really pleased.

A good friend informed us to attempt magnetic eyelashes. We have actually constantly utilized glue. Our experience with the magnetic is way simpler to use. We simply put the eyeliner at the base of our lashes let it dry and use the magnetic strip of lashes simple as 123.

The eyeliner stays with the lashes actually actually well.

We have actually been utilizing magmatic eye lashes for a long period of time we enjoy theses due to the fact that we can select the size we desire for the day there are every size in the kit and the most crucial is the magnetics are strong with the liner. We went to sleep as there so lifht weight and awakened with them looking gorgeous. We will be purchasing over and over. We paid a lot on other brand names this rate is so low and it is the very best product we utilized.

A lot more affordable than moxielash and exact same quality. Although one magnetic strip did break off, it was not a problem as we were preparing to suffice anyways in order to fit our lash line. We enjoy this product and the reality that they offer 2 liners and 5 sets of lashes simply made it that a lot easier to buy.

Update. We did a product evaluation and rcvd a second set. We were very delighted they actually sent it. We still enjoy themthis is the second set of magnet lashes we have actually attempted. The very first brand name did not operate at all. This one has actually been fantastic. First time ever getting phony lashes on. We used them throughout the day and they lasted through tears great deals of tears. As soon as we cut them down to fit better they were very comfortable. It obviously still seems like you are using phony lashes however it didn’t seem like we were going to loose one. We would certainly buy these once again. We believe the secret is shaking the liner prior to usage and letting it dry totally.

We fidgeted about attempting magnetic lashes due to the fact that we are dreadful at using lashes with glue. Our lash beauty salon closed throughout covid-19, so we believed we would offer these a shot. We got them on the really very first time, which is fantastic. They are recyclable, however you ought to eliminate the eyeliner from the magnet prior to reapplying as they might not totally stick. We have actually used these for 8 hours+ and they remain on. The eyeliner can be a bit difficult to eliminate, however that is a very little problem compared to having them remain on. The only problem is that the 2nd set in the series had some of the lashes not lined up rather right, so we can’t utilize them. Nevertheless, they aren’t a design we would use much anyhow, so we are comfy with providing this kit 5 stars. Certainly offer these a shot if you’re trying to find eyelashes without much work.

We were undecided about attempting these due to the fact that we hesitate magnetic won t hold up. We likewise have delicate skin and dreadful mastery and won t usage glue. We searched for the very best magnetic eyeliner & eyelashes and we cares more about the eyeliner. These are it. The eyeliner goes on very smooth and quickly. We followed the suggestion to do 2 coats and prior to the 2nd dries, placed on the lashes. If you are brand-new to this, we recommend if you like making wings on your eyeliner, put on t waste this things and trigger problem connecting your eyelashes and utilize your fundamental eyeliner for the wings. They are the best length. The ones we have on in the photo are the longest ones and our favorite. We have actually gotten loads of compliments on them. The eyeliner can be utilized with any magnetic lashes too in case you re not keen onthese The external corners of your eyes most likely require 3 coats also. The eyeliner takes a bit to come off and some scrubbing. We believe that s an advantage due to the fact that it s water resistant and long-term. Certainly advise this to anybody who wishes to attempt magnetic lashes.

We believe these lashes are fantastic. We will state it may take a couple attempts to master it, once you do you’ll never ever recall. If you eliminate them and put them nicely in case when not in usage they will last permanently. Plus you get 5 set, various appearances. The kit features 2 tubes of the liner also. Truthfully you cant beat this offer. We do have a little bit of a difficult time utilizing the tool that came for using the lashes. They would appear to wish to adhere to the tool, making it more difficult to put precisely where we desire them. We typically wind up utilizing our fingers. Provide a shot. We do not believe you’ll regret it. Oh finally, it got here very quick. Like next day shipment.

They remained on throughout the day. They felt weightless. The only issue we had was the dry time was longer than a minute, likewise if you need to raise them to rearrange, the eyeliner takes off with the lash. You will need to reapply the eyeliner. In general we actually took pleasure in the lashes. Relatively simple to utilize, simply takes a little bit of practice. They are enjoyable to utilize.

We do not understand why this wasn’t created faster. The plan we selected was best for me. We am small and we do not like huge lashes that over power my face. It features 2 magnetic eyeliner. We do advise ultimately to get a complete size magnetic liner given that we have observe it goes rapidly and it kinda drying a bit not exactly sure why. Over all we get a lot of compliments throughout my day. “you look different, you look nice today” we actually not do anything various now than including my bad as * lashes. Should have.

We enjoyed how simple these were to use. The liner was simple to utilize, developing a really exact line. We enjoy that our kit included a lot of various kinds of lashes to pick from. We can produce a daily appearance with the much shorter lashes, or if we seem like getting dressed up, we can utilize the long fuller ones. The magnets are actually little, and mix in well with the liner and our lash line so it looks actually natural. The magnets remain stayed with the liner actually well. We enjoy these lashes.

We are total fool for waiting this long to attemptthese Here’s background: we typically choose a less “done up” look so we rarely ever utilize phony lashes. For that reason, we are dreadful at using them with glue and all. We typically cut the lashes we do buy for unique events due to the fact that they’re too long and heavy. Notthese The much shorter length alternatives actually look natural, simply with additional oomf. Not just that, however we actually simply used them for the very first time in 5 minutes. The majority of that was drying time for the eyeliner. We will state, we are liquid eyeliner fan and perhaps that would’ve been difficult to get used to if we weren’t utilized to it? however dang. We enjoy the eyeliner consistency, brush, color, all of it. The lashes feel light, however very tough. We followed previous customers’ tip to let it dry genuine great prior to doing the lashes, and that was a fantastic piece of recommendations. The photo is left eye eyeliner just, no mascara. Right eye is eyeliner and lashes, no mascara. We are such a fan that we talked our good friends currently. That’s a high compliment from me.

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