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VIUU False Eyelashes and Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit

VIUU False Eyelashes and Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of VIUU False Eyelashes and Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit.

  • NO GLUE & MAGNET LASH KIT ‘Desert the heavy magnet and unpleasant glue, you simply require to use eyeliner on eyelid usually, press false eyelash next on eyelid, easy in operation
  • SELF ADHESIVE EYELINER ‘It is sticky and moderate in structures,100% safe skin-friendly liquid eyeliner,hypo-allergenic, makeup long lasting waterproof without coloring
  • WATERPROOF & REUSABLE LASHES ‘This type is soft and light, no problem to your eyes, layered style and 3D stereo impact develop appealing eyes.
  • EASY TO GET RID OF ‘Use the makeup eliminator cotton stained with makeup eliminator on the eyes for a minute, clean it carefully, and makeup will fall off right away
  • CONSERVE TIME ‘Conserve 2/3 time than standard false eyelashes use and simple to have captivating eyes.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on VIUU False Eyelashes and Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit.
False Eyelashes with Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit Entire brand-new updated Multiple-use False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit. No glue included, no magnet – devoid of concern and make ideal eye makeup with Long period of time – ideal for all celebrations. Self Adhesive Eyeliner This product is an upgraded self-adhesive eyeliner liquid pen with an unique film-forming formula, sponge pointer is softer, it has enduring makeup, hard to dye,anti-tear, waterproof,anti-sweat, anti-oil, fast drying and other functions. Read more Our False Eyelashes This type is soft and light, no problem to your eyes, layered style makes the eyes look larger, brighter, fuller and more vivid.it’s thick and natural, match the woman that pursues huge eye impact in every day life, for more subtle ladies likewise appropriate for celebrations, wedding events and other celebrations wear usage. Read more Usage of Eyeliner suggestions 1. The water is not smooth and consistent Cover the eyeliner cap after each usage; or dampen the pointer of the pen with makeup water 2. The pointer of the eyeliner is dry Soak the pen pointer in warm water for a number of minutes, take in the water, and draw lines continually till the color is regular 3. Cleaning up the pointer of the eyeliner Wet the makeup cotton and rub the pointer of the pen carefully on the cotton till it is tidy Plan Material False Eyelashes *10 Liquid Eyeliner Pen * 1 Direction * 1 Read more It is time to alter yourself, with this set of natural curling eyelashes, into a shining electrical eye woman, eyes are a fundamental part of facial functions that impact your beauty.Having a set of stunning eyes can significantly boost your image, with just a set of textured false eyelashes, you can accomplish a greater level of appeal. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on VIUU False Eyelashes and Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit.

Question Question 1

Are These Magnetic Eyelashes Or Routine Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are routine, however eyeliner is sticky. Shake it prior to usage, end up the eyeliner then put the eyelashes on it. No glue is needed.You can describe the 6th image of the product, which is the actions of utilizing this.Hope the above material can assist you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on VIUU False Eyelashes and Self Adhesive Eyeliner kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

**** upgraded evaluation ***** so after utilizing this set almost daily we observed that the lashes were no longer sticking extremely well. The inner eye was having the hardest time and then the outter ends chosen to do the same. * extra practical info: we keep our lashes very tidy and constantly clean right away after usage. Makeup accumulation was not the concern here. * what we found was that the preliminary adhesive utilized to keep the lashes connected to the display screen mold played a substantial part in keeping them protected for extended periods. We were quite bummed about our brand-new set. Fortunately we chose to attempt something desperate the last time they would not sit tight. Rather of simply using the liner at the base of our eyelashes, we used a number of coats onto the base of the real lashes and permitted it to get a little ugly in texture then used to our cover (about 20 seconds). They didn’t budge. We have actually discovered a few suggestions that might assist out anybody having a hard time to get these to work:1. Constantly shake the hell out of the liner2. Do not use the liner over a lot of eye shadow otherwise it will not adhere correctly. 3. Apply several layers of liner onto your lash base in addition to the base of the lashes prior to using them. Hope that conserves somebody from what we went through.

We are extremely fussy about our eye lashes. We have actually utilized a few prior to that made our eyes feel very heavy. However eith these it does not seem like we have any on. They are simple to use and simple to eliminate. Snd they look remarkable.

Super simple application and simple to eliminate for very first timers and individuals simply discovering this truly was a simple experience and terrific result type of enjoyable to utilize and an excellent addition looks terrific on.

These lashes are terrific. They feature 2 sets of 5 various designs, plus the eyeliner. The lashes stuck to no issue and we believe they d hold up respectable getting damp too. When we wereed our face, the eyeliner didn’t run or smear at all. We utilized micellar water and it came off without any issues. Our lashes are so, so brief (as you can see in our image. We are using mascara just on one eye and the lashes on the other) so these are video game changer.

We have never ever in our life utilized false eyelashes however our buddy talked us into attempting them. We were very terrified at the concept of putting glue anywhere near our eyes so when we found these that are no glue required looked like the ideal compromise. Our pal might get us to attempt what she desired us to attempt and we didn’t need to put glue near our eyes. (yes we understand eyelash glue is safe, it s an individual concern with me) we got these provided and utilized them the very same night. We were truthfully anticipating our eyes to appear like we had fuzzy spiders resting on our eyelids, however we were actually amazed that they didn’t appear like that. While not precisely natural looking (we suggest nobody has lashes that long, lol) they actually accentuated our eyes and made them look larger which we liked a lot. These are not for us for every single day usage however we would definitely utilize them for unique celebrations and we like them.

We have actually been attempting out various false lashes to see what works best and wow, these have actually worked finest up until now. The lashes are available in a range and are long, very light, soft and look natural.

We definitely dislike placing on false eyelashes it takes us about 8 minutes. With these we get them done and about 4 minutes or less and it’s very simple if you can place on liquid eyeliner you’re great to go. You just require a bit and goes a long method, you do not require to do your liquid glue liner extremely thick you can do it as thin and natural as you like. You can likewise make it extremely thick and vibrant (like we did) it takes about a minute for each side to dry and it is dry to the real touch. You can change the lashes as quickly as you put them on you do not require an unique tool we utilize our fingers and let them set and then push them into location and it simply change the height once again with our finger under our eyelashes. Super simple and we intend on purchasingmore It includes plenty however we constantly like to stockpile so we have additional.

Wow. This is our very first time utilizing a lash like this that doesn t need a glue. We fidgeted since lashes are currently kinda of tough to master and placed on. We began by curling our lashes and using mascara suggest this no matter what type of lashes you are utilizing. Then we drew the line on our eye cover waited simply a few seconds while we selected the lashes we desired and put the lash in. It was so simple. We were pleased they went on so fast. Normally we need to wait a few minutes with glue lashes to let the glue dry to a consultancy we can deal with and nowthese We likewise like how lightweight these are. When we use particular lashes they weigh on our eyelid and make our contacts dry out however these wear t. This likewise includes 2 packs of lashes and a range. It s such an excellent worth for the cost, considering we generally invest about $7 for simply one set plus the expense of glue.

We have constantly used glasses so we have never ever truly had the possibility to use falsies consequently we do not have any experience with them. Our eye shape is hooded and all the smaller sized side so in our experimentation, we have actually constantly purchased lashes too huge or to lavish. These were the very best purchase up until now. The lashes are light, the band isn’t thick and the very best part is that we do not make a mess with eyelash glue when it’s a basic eyeliner. We were hesitant about the liner in the beginning however it holds simply as well to the cover and in our tests, we have not found it raising in the corners. The various designs make it simple to dress up with any clothing day or night. Would suggest without a reservation.

These are quite easy to utilize. They are sticky when you take them out of the product packaging and likewise protect well to the eyeliner that is consisted of. The real lashes are extremely thick and strong and you get a great deal of them. A bit too wish for us, so we cut them. We just used them for a couple hours for pictures. However they most likely would have lasted a long period of time if we wouldn t have actually taken them off. These were our very first ones we have actually ever attempted so they benefit newbies. They might perhaps supply better instructions or some suggestions. We googled some suggestions however it would have been be good to understand to have tweezers convenient while using.

Easy application of eyeliner and lashes. Easy to eliminate too. They’re very adorable.

We are uncertain what type of voodoo magic this is with the truth that they stick to simply an eyeliner alone and let s me mix into our natural eyelashes is remarkable. There are are 2 sets of 5 and they are all extremely attractive lashes. We do want they were a number of much shorter variation so they wouldn t be as long and more natural looking.

We have never ever utilize any phony eyelashes and this was our very first time attempt it. We purchased this to go to our pal’s celebration. We were truly worried attempting it however this was truly simple to utilize and didn’t feel heavy at all. However given that, it was our very first time, we felt a bit odd however our good friends informed since we were attempting it for our very first time that’s why. Apart from that, this is the very best product for individuals like us who like to use phony eyelashes however do not desire it to look phony. We extremely suggest this product.

The liner is good and quite water evidence and spot evidence. The lashes provide a great deal of range. The adhesive works well 1-2 times. However the lashes are strong enough– if you have some lash glue you might utilize them more than a couple times. We like the appearance of them a lot. We did need to cut however very little. Easy to out on however we did require assistance from completion of our tweezers to hold it in location. In general we more than happy with our purchase and would suggest. Top is simply mascara, bottom is with the most “simple” set of lashes on.:-RRB-.

This is our very first experience with utilizing phony eyelashes and we weren t dissatisfied. It was extremely simple to utilize. We put the eyeliner and and carefully push the lashes on and it was all very simple. We did put a coat of mascara on our eyelashes to assist them mix. They truthfully didn’t look phony we like the appearance of them. We do use glasses so often they would strike our lenses and it wasn t irritating however we did discover that it occurred. We used them for 5 hours and when we took them off we simply pulled them off. The procedure was pain-free and very simple.

Disclaimer: we have actually just utilized these lashes when, however that sufficed to recognize what an excellent find these were. They re very light-weight, and actually look type of natural. We bought lashes comparable to these when prior to however had a lot problem putting them on that for many years we stayed away from them. We wear t understand if we simply wasn t experienced enough (we never ever utilized to use makeup however we have actually been using it for a number of years now) or if those older eyelashes were bad quality, however we didn’t have any of those problems this time around. We certainly suggest these for somebody wanting to enliven their appearance a little.

These lashes round out to about $3 a set. That is an excellent cost for such great quality lashes. They vary from quite natural to extremely significant. The have an excellent curl and we like it bc our we can’t get our naturals to curl for anything. We like gluing them better than utilizing the magnetic eyeliner.

Definitely love these lashes. There are overall of 10 set of lashes and they re stunning. The pen is much like a marker with an extremely pointed pointer that assists it slide on with a straight line. Then, you simply stick your lashes on the line and that s it. Really simple and easy. It works faster if you utilize your tweezers to connect them. Other than, we like it.

Out of all of the magnetic eyelashes we have actually bought, these are without a doubt the very best. Rather of having huge large magnets, they are one strong strip. The eyeliner is likewise remarkable since it s an eyeliner pin so you wear t get the magnetic liquid on your eyelashes. The range of sizes are terrific too. We truthfully can t state enough good ideas aboutthese Buy them.

We have actually attempted several eyelash sets and this one waa remarkable. We are generally conscious mosf adhesives however did not have any negative effects from this one. The lashes are the ideal length, we didn’t need to cut them. Included a largw eyeliner and 10 sets of lashes, so certainly a high worth set at little expense.

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