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VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit - Eyelash Perm Kit - Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions

VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit – Eyelash Perm Kit – Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit – Eyelash Perm Kit – Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions.

  • Piece de resistance- eyelash perm kit is made with superior quality active ingredients, your lashes will stay curled for 1 month, you will get long- enduring eyelash.
  • Economical & simple to utilize- big eyelash lift kit, This kit has more worth then the others on the marketplace. It’s can be consumed to 15 times, really simple to utilize.
  • Professional eyelash carrying out kit- best for individuals who long for that additional curl for their natural lashes. Appropriate for beauty salon conference, with this perm kit.
  • Great for celebration and wedding event- eyelash lift is an ingenious method to keep lashes curled and looking more youthful.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit – Eyelash Perm Kit – Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions.
SECURITY PREVENTATIVE MEASURE: Prevent contact with eyes and skin. Spot screening is suggested to examine specific level of sensitivity to active ingredients within 24 hours. Please eliminate contact lenses prior to usage. If you have red eyes or any other eye conditions, please stop instantly. If the options enter your eyes or trigger inflammation, instantly flush your eyes with cool water for 15 minutes and look for medical attention. After using the perm, fixation, and cleaner bottles, close the cover in time. Otherwise, it will oxidize and impact the impact of the next usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit – Eyelash Perm Kit – Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions.

Question Question 1

The Length Of Time Do You Keep Each Service On?

we kept mine 15 minutes perming service and 15 minutes with the blue service and 2 minutes for the oil. The guidelines states 8-12 minutes however we did mine 15 minutes due to the fact that mine is really directly.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Times Can The Eye Lish Lift Kit Be Utilized?

we utilized it our very first time (worked terrific), then attempted 2 months later on (didn’t work), then a month later on we attempted once again the other day with more product (didn’t work).

Question Question 3

What Is The Glue For?

To glue down the guard and the lashes

Question Question 4

What Brand Name Of Product Is This?The Description States Vassoul However The Images State Iconsign.Which Is It?


Question Question 5

How Do You Know Which Size Eye Pad To Utilize? (The Kit Included Small, Medication, Med1, Med2, And Big)?

we utilized the plus size it offered a great huge curl. Next time we will attempt the little and see the distinction however it states to just utilize it as soon as every 4 weeks.

Question Question 6

We Are Baffled With The Directions In Package States At The End Apply Number 3 Nutrition And After That Number 4. However Here Its The Contrary Wich Is It?

cleanser initially. then clean your eyelids off with a towel or makeup clean. make certain you have all the glue off and after that use the nutrition one

Question Question 7

How Quickly Can We Renovate The Application? We Did Mine 3 Days Ago And One Eye Has Half The Lashes Curled Back To Our Covers And The Other One Looks No Various?

we needed to renovate one eye and we did it the really next day.

Question Question 8

The Length Of Time Do You Wait To Wash Your Face?

we wereed my own the next early morning personally.With day-to-day face cleaning the perm held 3.5 weeks.

Question Question 9

Is This Product Checked On Animals Or Does It Have Animal Derived Ingredients?

we have a slipping suspicion that it is. we state that due to the fact that package has absolutely nothing symbolizing it which it gets so near to the eyes.

Question Question 10

Does This Contain Latex?

we are not sure.we believe the eyelash lift pads are made from silicone, however we are not 100% favorable if there is no latex in them.

Question Question 11

Howto Contact The Seller?

Click the contact seller button on the listing page.

Question Question 12

Why Are The Times On Package And On Here Various? It S Two Times As Long On Here Than On Package.?

You must time the lifting service in between 10-20 minutes. They are playing it safe on package.

Question Question 13

If We Wished To Utilize This With Lash Tint, At What Step Should We Use The Tint?

Do refrain from doing this. it will tinker the chemicals in the perming procedure. use lash tint when completed with entire procedure

Question Question 14

All Of Our Pads Have Disappeared.How Can We Get More?

order some more

Question Question 15

Does The Lash Glue Have Latex In It?


Question Question 16

Does This Not Feature Eye Pads For Under The Eye?

It does not. There is an “upgraded” variation that includes it.Heads up if you’re thinking about purchasing this the glue isn’t great, and the lift pads (for us anyways) would not remain glued down.

Question Question 17

Does It Truly Last? The Number Of Weeks? From Somebody That Has Utilized It?

Yes, it does look like it lasts for a couple weeks.

Question Question 18

Is This Formaldehyde Free? Does It Include Any Formaldehyde- Launching Components?

Package does not state anything about active ingredients.

Question Question 19

The Length Of Time Till You Can Do Another Round Of Lifting, It Operated In One Eye And Not The Other?

we returned the product as it didn’t operate at all on either eye.

Question Question 20

Where Is The Product Made?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit – Eyelash Perm Kit – Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions, these may be helpful for better understanding.

“there are some tips we want to share with ladies:tips 1 – lay down is better, if there is somebody with you, ask that person to help apply for you. But we find it works even you diy. Tips 2 – if you do not like the glue on your eyelid, do not use it, but only glue the lashes onto the silicon pad. If you do not have sensitive skin, especially on your eyelid, you can use it on your eyelid between your skin and the silicon pad. Tips 3 – follow the instructions and utilize the cotton swab when you apply #1 perm lotion to #4 cleansing solution. Tips 4 – better to close your eyes when you are going through the process. So, it is better to ask your husband or someone to help you apply it. Tips 5 – ab test. If you want to see the difference, do it on one eye first. If you do not have time, take a photo with your cell phone so that you can compare between the two eyes. For me, it works and we do love it so we suggest the above tips, so that when you are struggling after reading the direction for use, you can find a way out. Enjoy~”

Image is previously, after, after with mascara. It cost in between $60-$85 in our location for a lash lift. You can not beat this cost and it will conserve you $100 s of dollars for the year. And. This is high quality. We went to cosmetology school in the late 90 s. We recognize with this, however we utilized little rods and it was refrained from doing frequently. This is sooooo much better with the pads rather. It is easy to use. Mascara is a should to feel together for us. It s difficult to use mascara at our task. So, we chose to perm our lashes as a method to feel more assembled without mascara. It was a really simple procedure once we mastered it. The instructions are little challenging to follow and oppose the instructions from package vs the listing. We erred on the side of care and followed the actions on package. We utilized a couple youtube tutorials to get more assistance. Valuable tips: curl your eyelashes prior to you begin. It assists if they are currently curling that method to get them to remain better when you glue them down. Utilize the tool to assist get the lashes to stick to the glue. One side is smooth and it assisted us run the lashes from the base to the ideas while getting them to stick. The opposite has little bristles that assistance you comb the lashes in the instructions you desire them to go if you have a rogue lash going where it wishes to go. Valuable note about how to choose the proper size pad. They have a range of sizes. We weren t sure how to choose a size. We figured out after that the smaller sized sizes have a closer tighter curl while the bigger ones have a looser less apparent curl. We utilized a little and our eyelashes appear like we utilized an eyelash curler from the 90 s. Our eyes have that large open appearance. We can rock the appear like we carried out in the 90 s. We desired a tight curl. Simply not that tight. It will grow out and we will utilize a somewhat larger size. We are going to utilize a medium next time. The little would benefit little lashes. Mine are long, so we most likely required a larger size. A last eliminate. This is a perm. These are chemicals to deal with. Be really mindful. We did one eye at a time which is really smart. Take your time and take care.

This one works effectively for us. We acquired for the very first time. And it did work for us. This is likewise the very first time that we can do all things by ourself. Thanks.

Our eyelashes have actually constantly been so directly, they actually pointed downwards and hang over our eyes. They likewise curve upside down. So rather of a smiley face shape, they make a down frownie face curve. The entire eyelash required to be curled in our case, not simply the base. We invested a lot time every early morning curling them therefore we chose to attempt this kit. We were a little reluctant due to the fact that our eyelashes are so persistent however we are so impressed at for how long and curled they are.

This product was fantastic and genuine simple to utilize. We have actually delicate eyes and none of the options that included the kit impacted them in any method. This is terrific things.

We acquired this product on an impulse after reading some favorable evaluations & it was an actually bargain. We are so delighted we did. This is a fantastic alternative to lash- extensions, which require upkeep & can be really costly. The product was available in charming product packaging with really uncomplicated guidelines. The application procedure fasted & simple. Our natural lashes have actually never ever lookedbetter We are thrilled to see if they last a complete month as marketed.

Given that the last purchase, we have actually now been utilizing this for about a month on our lashes and eyebrows and it’s working. Even our bf saw our eyebrows were darker/more visable. When we are not using makeup you can hardly see our eyebrows now even when we are not using makeup we appear like we have eyebrows. Our lashes are likewise getting longer and fuller. We will continue utilizing this.

It has actually assisted with our lashes making them longer and thicker. Our eyelashes were extremely little, nearly unnoticeable unless we utilized mascara. We have actually been utilizing this product for long period of time- as soon as a day- on both, our eyebrows and eyelashes and we have actually seen substantial outcomes. General our eyebrows are thicker and eyelashes are thicker and longer.

This product best for individuals who long for that additional curl for their natural lashes. This kit has more worth then the others on the marketplace. It’s can be consumed to 15 times, really simple to utilize. This is the very best thing we have actually ever purchased for our eyelashes. Takes the very first shot to figure out what you are doing, however this is fantastic. We no longer require phony eyelashes or lash curlers, so delighted with this kit.

We are so delighted that we attempted this eyelash perm kit. The product packaging looks professional and made us sort of seem like we were acquiring a product from a health spa. We were a little worried about attempting the eyelash perm kit. Our child came by and we did it together considering that it was the very first time. The instructions are actually easy, however if you simply follow them precisely, you will be so delighted you did.

Was really delighted with this product. We like to make our own dishes and having these identifies actually assistedout Being that we just purchased one sheet simply to attempt out, they came completely flat without any creases in the paper. We were actually delighted about that. The labels fit completely on the bottle. Would certainly by from this business once again. They appear to appreciate their consumers and their products.

We are low upkeep gal who does not utilize hair products and even blow dry our hair. We would be the last individual to buy such a product like this, not to mention undoubtedly get connected (or so we believed.) for work, we like to curl our lash and utilize a bit of mascara. However we ended up being exceptionally disenchanted with the eyelash curler, as we were losing more lashes and getting an average curl that didn’t last more than an hour. We saw this product and was instantly really doubtful, however believed for the cost we would offer it a shot. And we can’t think we are stating this, however we are connected and lash lift is now be an irreversible staple to our routine. Rarely do we leave evaluations (no matter rewards. And if we do, they are generally unfavorable. Nevertheless, this product does what it states it does when utilized properly. Our eyelashes with lash lift are excellence. Not just do they look fantastic, complete and entirely natural, they look terrific with – or without – mascara. Nevertheless, be alerted: the very first time usage of the product is going to be a bit awkward, however by the 2nd or 3rd application you will be a pro. We extremely advise you view some youtube videos prior to starting the application. Take care not to enter your eyes. If you utilize contacts, it may be a good idea to eliminate them prior to application in case you require to flush your eyes with water. Some tips we found exceptionally useful were: a) cut the pads and invest some time squeezing both ends to offer it a bit of a curve to make sure close and correct fit. B) pre- application, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. C) purchase a various eyelash glue as the one that includes the kit is too weak and does not work. (we utilized ardell duo.) you’ll require to use the glue (basically to both sides of pad and wait about 15 seconds for glue to set/become ugly) prior to using to eyelid and pressing eyelashes back into the glue. D) do not wait the complete 8 weeks to renovate. It’s simpler to renovate the lashes while they still have a curl. E) have a timer, tweezers, toothpicks, a spoolie and fresh cotton bud to use the nutrition and cleanser (for eye security and health, do not double dip).

Fantastic product. Non inflammation and worked terrific. Makes eyelashes look gorgeous, larger and lashes are naturally curly. Certainly worth a shot for those who are searching for longer lashes that are natural. We have thin straight lashes that will never ever hold a curl. We utilized a generous quantity, and concentrated on the root of the hair. We utilized the glue that included the kit. We did not battle to take the pad off of our cover, however we did have a hard time a little attempting to get the glue residue off of our lashes. We utilized a little vasaline to assist take the remainder of the glue off, which worked terrific. In general, we actually liked the kit. It s fairly simple to utilize and it certainly works if you utilize it properly. We would advise the kit.

We utilized to frequently get our lashes raised at a hair salon for $75 (most inexpensive cost we found where we live) and while we were consumed with the impact, it was simply not sustainable at that cost. In comes this kit. For this cost, each lift comes out to about $4 as there s about a year and a half s worth of product in it. There s a finding out curve, however view a lots of tutorials initially online and you ll be great. Something though: the glue is awful. Never ever actually gets ugly and we had one hell of a time getting the rods to stick on our covers, and an even worse time getting our lashes to stick on the rods. A few of our lashes didn’t lift for this really factor. We will be tossing the one that is available in this kit and utilizing ardell the next time around.

We actually have long curly lashes, however over the past few years the lashes on our left eye began sticking straight out nearly making us appear like we had a lazy eye. We purchased this and simply did the lashes on our best eye and it looks fantastic. We actually look regular now. Certainly worth a shot for the cost. Will certainly be buying.

This needs to constantly be a 5 star, if anything else it was refrained from doing properly. Very first time attempting anything on our lashes, was extremely worried considering that we have naturally long lashes and have actually constantly bewared of looking after them. Our only problem with them, as usually with long lashes, is that they are method to heavy to curl and stay with that curl daily with an eyelash curler so chose to offer this a shot. Simply obtain comfy with the procedure. See several videos about perming and after that if done right they are going to look best.

We attempted it on ourself and our sis and it does work. We actually all got various outcomes based upon how well the glue was used to stick the lashes to the eyelash pad however after some practice, you can certainly get great outcomes. Make certain to view eyelash perming guide videos online to better understand the treatment. The curl in our eyelashes lasted for about a month; the very best outcomes are within the very first 2- 3 weeks. The curl is lost a little as time passes however we marvel it lasted as long as it did.

This is a long evaluation. So we have actually straight natural typical lashes. We checked out all the evaluations and viewed youtube videos and chose to do ourself rather of investing $150 for beauty salon lift. You can do it yourself, however like others have actually specified, would be simpler if another person existed to help. We did it ourself, one eye at a time. The only problem we had, we believe due to the fact that our lashes are so straight without any natural curl whatsoever, was that we needed to most likely utilize more glue than regular to keep them on the eyelash pad. As soon as you get them on the pad, let them dry a minute or 2 prior to using the perm service. We needed to reglue after the perm service due to the fact that they relaxed, in addition to after the reducing the effects of service. We believe if you have a natural curl to your lashes, you most likely will not have as much of an issue as we did. We likewise kept the service on for about 18 minutes. The cleansing service worked terrific and the glue came straight off really quickly. We followed up with a little bit of tatcha cleaning oil on our eyelids. Do not get any perm service on your eyelid. It will burn somewhat and leave a red mark. This took place to me, our error, however it just lasted a few hours and disappeared. We put a little over- the- counter hydrocortisone cream on the area. We now have a natural looking curl on our lashes. Hope it last a minimum of the 4 weeks they state it should. We believe next time we may utilize among the pads with more of a curve. We utilized the little. We likewise needed to cut the sides of the pads as they were a bit wish for our size eye. We check out some other customers utilized other glue to hold their lashes down. The glue that includes the packages will work, and we like it due to the fact that it got rid of extremely simple (we hesitated it would be difficult to leave the lash pad, however it wasn’t.) we didn’t wish to run the risk of utilizing another glue as we are not knowledgeable about lash glues. We believe if you have actually straight eyelashes and utilize an eyelash curler every day, you will like the outcomes of this kit.

We have actually been desiring longer lashes for some time – thought about extensions, falsies, tints. We decided on a lift, however the most popular kit (however has the very same score) was over our budget plan. This one looked all inclusive and reliable – and it was. Featured all parts, even silicone pads that we weren’t anticipating consisted of. For recommendation, we have longer, thicker lashes, and we utilized the tiniest silicone pad consisted of to accomplish a significant curl and they now touch our eyebrow bone. Paired with a tint, our eyelashes are insane.

You people. It works. We did not nevertheless follow the guidelines. Here’s what we did. If using yourself, do not attempt to do both eyes at the same time. You’re going to wish to do one at a time. 1. Choose your pink rod. We utilized the one identified with an “” l”” for the longest lashes due to the fact that our lashes are naturally long. For much shorter lashes utilize the m (medium) and for brief lashes utilize the tiniest. 2. Utilize the eyelash glue to coat the flat back of the pink silicone rod then comply with your eyelid as close as possible to your lash line. 3. As soon as you have actually protected it to your eyelid put some more glue onto the front of the rod so that you can glue your eyelashes to it. 4. Get a toothpick and utilize it lengthwise to press your eyelashes onto the rod. Make certain they are fanned out as much as possible (not sticking) 5. Next you’re going to require a great deal of qtips. With a qtip dip into the lash perming service. Coat lashes kindly with service and leave on for 8-12 minutes. We left mine on for 10 however might have gone longer. 6. After the 10 minutes take a tidy qtip and eliminate the perming service. 7. Take another qtip and dip into the eyelash treatment. Coat lashes typically and leave for 8-12 minutes, once again, we left for10 8. Repeat action69 With another qtip dip into the cleansing service and clean lashes up until absolutely nothing comes off onto the qtip. Must just take about a minute.10 Take another qtip and dip into eyelash bring back. Coat lashes and leave for 5 minutes.11 After the 5 minutes repeat action 9 with cleansing service. At this moment you’re done. Eliminate the pad, eliminate excess glue gently with cleansing service and gently comb lashes upwards with a spoolie to fan out, let dry and take pleasure in.

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