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UJM Magnetic Eyelashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of UJM Magnetic Eyelashes.

  • [All Day Long Lasting Hold] Each of the magnetic eyelashes has 5 strong magnets, and the magnetic eye liner liquid likewise consists of numerous ultra-fine magnetic particles, it makes eyelashes and eye liner can be holding together incredibly highly, No requirement for any sticky glue.Magnetic eye liner has incredibly sweat and water resistance,fast-drying and lasting, Even if in wind or motion, the eyelashes can keep remaining usually, You can enjoy your stunning lash appearance all-day long.
  • [Reusable and Convenient] The premium magnetic eyelashes can be utilized several times after correct usage and storage.The freshly updated magnetic lashes can assist you conserve cash and avoid the loss of your natural lashes, making your lashes thicker, longer and more beautiful.The box geared up with mirror permits you to utilize this 3D magnetic eyelashes eyeliner package anywhere anytime.
  • [Natural Look] The incorrect eyelashes are with lightweight, you even can’t feel it when you use it. No glue, No sticky tape adhesive. you can release your eyes.eyelashes made from ultra light-weight and comfy premium synthetic fibers, correct curly, similar to your genuine eyelashes, much soft, natural and resilient, making your eyes look more appealing.
  • [Waterproof and Easy to Clean] Our magnetic eye liner was developed with a waterproof formula so you do not stress over those rainy days and damp activities.It’s likewise dry rapidly and does not fade, moreover magnetic eye liner is created without hazardous components, the eye liner can be quickly cleaned up and eliminated with makeup cleaner and cotton pad.
  • [How to Use and What You Get] Usage our magnetic eyelashes with eye liner no unique abilities required, great for newcomer.Shake the liquid eye liner prior to utilizing, then use the magnetic eye liner as you would with any eyeliner.Wait a few minutes for it to end up being completely dry and after that use the magnetic eyelash on top of it.No mess.No stress.Just a beautiful look.Package Consists of:3 sets magnetic eyelashes + 1 magnetic eye liner+ 1 tweezer +1 Mirror

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More Info:

Here are some more information on UJM Magnetic Eyelashes.
Check Out more Read more UJM 3 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelash and Eye Liner Set Natural Appearance False Lashes with Mirror and Tweezers How to Get Rid Of: Prepare the makeup cleaner or cleaning cotton swab prior to get rid of. A little remove the magnetic eyelashes. Carefully rub out the eye line with eye makeup cleaner or warm water. Utilize the Wet wipes or cotton swab tidy up your eyelid and incorrect eyelash, and recycle it next time. Friendly Note: Utilize a little location test on the back of your hand prior to usage. If there is any allergic difficulty, please stop utilizing it. The eye liner bottle must be tighten up after utilizing and preventing strong sunshine. Please request expert for aid if not acquainted with incorrect eyelashes. Bundle Consists of: 3 sets magnetic eyelashes + 1 magnetic eye liner+ 1 tweezer +1 Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on UJM Magnetic Eyelashes.

Question Question 1

Is This Magnetic Eye Liner Easy To Get Rid Of?

Yes. They do not rip or tear your own lashes and quickly come off. You can utilize liquid oil-free eye cosmetics cleaner with a cotton ball to get rid of the residue from our eyes.

Question Question 2

How To Get Rid Of Magnetic Eye Liner?

Much Like how you remover the typical eyeliner.Gently rub out the eye line with eye makeup cleaner or warm water.

Question Question 3

Are These Eyelashes Thin And Natural?

yes, They are thin enough that they look quite natural.

Question Question 4

Is The Eye Liner Waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof.In the case of rain, tears, and sweating, the eyelashes are still strongly connected to the eyes, which is an ideal water resistant experience.

Question Question 5

What Are The Dimensions Of The Lashes?

The size of the eyelashes is 8mm, 9mm, 13 mm, 3 medium size eyelashes are blended together, it is thin enough and really natural.

Question Question 6

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes Made From?

UJM magnetic eyelashes are made from great fiber products, which are resilient, soft, and rather comfy to use.

Question Question 7

Can The Lashes Be Utilized More Than One Time?

Yes, this magnetic eyelash can be recycled several times, as long as you clean it and wait thoroughly, Utilize the Wet wipes or cotton swab tidy up your incorrect eyelash, and recycle it next time.

Question Question 8

For How Long Will The Eyelashes Remain On Eyes?

If you utilize it properly, the eyelashes will last for more than 12 hours.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on UJM Magnetic Eyelashes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This product is so incredibly simple to utilize. We do not require somebody to use lashes for us, for the very first time in our life. If you have actually been discussing on purchasing magnetic lashes this is an excellent stater pack. It has 3 work/casual lashes that look quite natural. Then it has a lots of other lashes you can try out and actually glam up with. We played tennis with these on in an especially damp day and they remained on for the hole match. We did have among completions manage (we could not stop touching it, so it was our fault) we suggest keeping your magnetic eye liner with you for a fast readjustment if you require it throughout the day. Likewise, these are quite long so, they might fit you better if you cut it down. Anyhow, if you use lashes alot. Or do not wish to continuously ask your women for aid on using the lashes this is an excellent product.

Our eyes look dull since we invest a great deal of time taking a look at our computer system and smart phone. even with cosmetics, our eyes still look dull. our buddies constantly state that we look dull and we require incorrect eyelashes to enhance our eyes. The incorrect eyelashes do not require glue and can be repaired straight to the eye, which decreases the damage triggered by chemicals. And this eyelash looks really genuine, after utilizing it, our buddies stated our eyes look much brighter, we are really pleased to have it.

Actually too attractive, do not spread root at all, incredibly soft, no foreign body sensation, recommend eyelash sporadicbuy The craftsmanship is really great. The incorrect eyelashes we purchased earlier are bit out of location. This one will not. They can be utilized over and over once again as long as they are effectively kept. With incorrect eyelashes, eyelashes are tighter at the end of your eyes, so they’re natural. The eyes look two times as huge as normal. They appear like open eyes. The packaging is really easy and roomy.

We would rather them be too huge then not long enough. Would extremely suggest and buy once again. That s it. We have actually used for long days and had no problems. We get rid of with makeup cleaner or a makeup fabric. Super simple. What s fascinating is everybody is inquiring about them consisting of loved ones who use little to no makeup. We have actually offered the link to everybody. If you wish to attempt something various and feel great with phony lashes, these are it. Love them. One photo is with just one lash on so you can see the distinction. We have mascara on our genuine lashes just. We do that prior to we use the phonies.

Easy to utilize and the lashes look ideal. No glue required. Simply use the eye liner and wait a minute and the lashes simply click. You can initially use your eye liner and after that use a magnetic pad on the normal liner. That’s what we do.

M getting up there in years. With that, we do have the long, thick lashes we when had. We attempted falsies with glue. Fail. We attempted fiber lashes. Eh. Howeverthese As long as you can draw the line with liquid eye liner, you will have no issue usingthese Easy to use. Easy to get rid of.

Let the eye liner dry and position them onto the eyelid do not get rid of a reattach them several times trigger the eye liner will come off utilize the clamp thingy to change then againt the lash line. They are not natural looking. They’re quite however way to wish for our convenience.

A good friend suggested us to buy one, stating it’s incredibly simple to utilize, and it will not harm your eyes, since we have actually utilized numerous products previously, we will have allergic reactions, however this one is actually incredibly simple to utilize after we utilize it, and there’s no allergic reaction. Additionally, the makeup impact is great, really comfy, no stimulation, suggested.

Lt was so simple to use, and the magnetic eyelinerworks. The lashes are soft, fluffy, remarkable, and thequality is much better than the magnetic eyelashesl have actually attempted prior to. We have actually recycled those lashes morethan 10 times; they are still going strong.

These lashes are incredible. We can t use the extensions you get placed on at a hair salon since we dislike the glue and will inflate like insane. With these we can still seem like a million dollars without investing a fortune. As a single mama of 3 our preferred aspect of them is that they are recyclable and look excellent.

The lashes are really simple to utilize and eliminates quickly. The glue is incredibly simple too. Simply make certain when using glue do not attempt to put lashes on rapidly let the glue dry for a minute then include lashes which sticks better when done that method.

These eyelashes are excellent, our buddies like them quite, and they are getting their own now, it amazed me, we believed just us like magnetic eyelashes. Haha.

Great like excellent like, brush on the root stands out, a day all do not take woozy makeup, the most main is excellent nature, brush after a while to see once again, like not brushed as natural slender.

The quality of the product is great, it is simple to stick on, and it is really natural and attractive. Pals state it is great, and the eyes are huge. We are really pleased, will buy back.

It s simply a various individual for our sibling. It s so stunning. We can t aid however feel really soft and comfy, and there is no other taste. It s really practical to utilize. Like it quite. It s ideal.

This is our very first time utilizing magnetic eyelashes. We utilize incorrect eyelashes to make our eyes look abnormal. With magnetic eyelashes, our makeup looks natural and our eyes are substantial. This is a product worth sharing.

Simpleness of usage is the best benefit, you can quickly it with easy tools. No glue is required, a great deal of unneeded, it’s comfy to use.

We like it. We utilize it well by ourself. Simple. Much like the genuine thing, the eyelashes have an excellent impact and do not standout The eyelashes are soft and great to take a look at.

Love the method our lashes look. Do simple 2.

These are excellent. The mirror isn’t actually a mirror though.

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