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Trim Easy Holdeyelash Curler

Trim Easy Holdeyelash Curler

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  • The bundle measurement of the product is 5.5″L x 2.3″ W x 2″ H

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For over 70 years, TRIM has actually been supplying individual care tools of quality and worth with the concentrate on enhancing the lives of the world’s customers. Establishing products to please the customer is constantly the concern, now and for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Does Any One Know Where We Can Purchase Refills For This Curler?

Refills put on t constantly fit well, they end up being loose.Not just on this curler however with many curlers.we constantly simply buy a brand-new curler, they last a great year so well worth the expense of replacement.

Question Question 2

Where Can We Purchase Replacement Pads For The Easyhold Eyelash Curler?

Some of them will feature replacements. we simply buy another eyelash curler. we sanctuary t had any luck with replacement pads.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Trim Easy Holdeyelash Curler, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Finest curler by far ever. We formerly had a curler from trim and it was getting old and used down that in some cases our eyelashes would get stuck and pluck out so we went to the shop in hopes of changing it with the very same one and might not find this brand name. So we purchased a revlon brand name since we have actually attempted other ones prior to discovering trim and absolutely nothing compared. Well revlon drew. These eyelash curlers offer us volume and curl like no other. We tossed our other ones away and got us a brand-new trim curler and we rejoice once again. Def will continue purchasing. We had our last curler for several years and it simply began to use out so it’s really long lasting. May get another one for safe keepings:-RRB-.

Oh our gosh. This eyelash curler is fantastic. Prior to we attempted it we actually questioned how excellent can it be. We have actually utilized revlon, maybelline, dhc, various curlers (some really pricey.) and they all work about the very same. However considering that this was economical sufficient and it got excellent evaluations we chose to offer it a shot. Fantastic. Now we recognize, all eyelash curlers are not produced equivalent. Much like a volkswagen and a porsche are both vehicles, they are not equivalent. With one mild capture this curler provides you curled lashes. We utilized to need to squeeze and squeeze and hold to get simply so-so curl. And we suggested it when we stated “gentle” since this curler works so well that if you are not mild you will lose lashes. The only unfavorable about this curler is as another customer discussed, since it is black you can not see your lashes and how they are positioned along the curler edge. Update: january 2017 we have actually now been utilizing this curler for over 7 months and we still enjoy it. The pad is still fresh and reveals no wear whatsoever, even with day-to-day usage. The only unfavorable is that the paint on the ideal side where the curler goes up and down has actually worn away a little and started to rust. However with many other curlers we have actually utilized the pad has actually begun to use out and requires to be changed by this time. This is a money-saver not needing to buy and change the pads.

We have actually acquired other eye lash curlers from numerous suggestions on or otherwise and wound up never ever utilizing them. It was tough to get our lashes in the curler and the curl wasn’t excellent and didn’t last at all. We just recently saw a video of a makeup artist who extremely suggested this curler, so we took a gamble at losing more cash. We were satisfied instantly, straight out of the bundle. It was so easy, we got all of our lashes and the curl was fantastic. After placing on mascara, our eyelashes appeared like absolutely nothing we have actually seen prior to. We have excellent eyelashes and never ever understood it.

Like all eyelash curlers, if you position the curler too near to your cover, it will pinch when you close it to curl. Nevertheless, if you position it perfect, it s really good. It s soft on your lashes, doesn t hurt at all. It s got an extremely easy comfy grip, and it does a fantastic task of curling your lashes. The very best we have actually utilized, we suggest it.

Our preferred eyelash curler. We have actually attempted lots of curlers, consisting of heat. Pricey brand names, rhinestones. We keep returning to this one. Wins everytime.

Finest eyelash curler we have actually ever had. We have actually had eyelash curlers from luxury business and this one beats them all. It curls easily, grabs all of our lashes, and most notably, it does not rip our lashesout Just thing is we want it included refills, we make sure we can find them on.

Finest curlers we have actually ever utilized. Extremely comfortable for the hand and makes a good curl for the lash. Its the only kind we wish to utilize ever once again.

The very best. Our preferred for several years.

Among our preferred brand names. We have straight lashes and this curls better than any other brand name we have actually utilized.

Love this product. Does not harmed as much as the other ones do.

Terrific eyelash curler. Lashes curl rapidly and quickly after one time, and the curl lasts throughout the day.

Functions excellent and does not injure the eye cover.

Bies far the very best eyelash curler we have actually utilized. Attempted lots of brand names and browsed everywhere for replacement. Will never ever utilize another.

Easy to run, however we found it less expensive later on at walmart.

The product is precisely what we desired and we are pleased with our purchase.

Functions effectively.

Like the reality that you can see your eyelashes when curling them due to the light colored rubber pad. We have really straight lashes so this assists.

So we have actually purchased 3+ eye lash curlers. This trim was the very first one we ever purchased. We presumed they were all the very same however kid was we incorrect. We purchased lots of more eyelash curlers even if we required the refill however we will constantly return to this one even if it curls our lashes the very best.

We required a brand-new eyelash curler. This one had excellent evaluations, so excellent, we thought they may be phony. We chose to offer it a shot and we concur with the other customers – it’s excellent. We enjoy the thick layered deal with, and it does curl effectively. It offer a natural however remarkable curl that holds well, and does not pull out lashes. The only thing we observe is that in some cases it does not get the outdoors corner of our lashes entirely in the beginning, however we believe the curvature/fit that triggers this issue is likewise what triggers this curler to offer such a natural curl – it’s more popular towards the within the eye making lashes look taller on top, and sort of tapers as it reaches the beyond the eye, so it has a more natural, mild curl profile. We are happy we acquired this one, although it does not included an additional pad. Oh well, half the time we lose it prior to it comes time to change the pad anyhow.

This is a wonderful little curler. Formerly we utilized a revlon and sally hansen one and honestly we believed they all worked the very same however truthfully this one makes such a better curl than any curler we have actually utilized in the past. We can’t promote enduring result as personally we believe that depends upon what mascara we utilize. Extremely suggest.

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