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TINGESHINE 5 Styles Natural False Eyelashes Set

TINGESHINE 5 Styles Natural False Eyelashes Set

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of TINGESHINE 5 Styles Natural False Eyelashes Set.

  • ‘ RANGE OF LASHES: Each lash pack consists of 50 sets of 5 various kinds of false eyelashes. From day to night. If you are a novice, put on’t concern, these will be excellent practice lashes. Get the economical, yet attractive volume that you’re searching for every day.
  • ‘ HIGH QUALITY- REUSABLE: Stylish false eyelashes are made from imported fiber products. Soft and comfy. All phony lashes are handcrafted with ruthlessness complimentary PBT fiber. Really long lasting and ideal efficiency. Recycle approximately 10-15 times with care. Quickly cleaned up with moderate soap or makeup cleaner. If the band’s length is so long for you, you can cut and change it. Do not damage your eyes.
  • MORE CELEBRATIONS: For whatever scene or celebration you addressing, night out, birthday celebration, event or senior prom. Think you will be a Distinctive individual in the Audience.This Lovely lashes for Females will include a touch of glamour to your dating. Definitely, It is the very best present for mom, better half, sweetheart, or female pals, and so on.
  • NATURAL APPEARANCE: Every lady aspires to have a set of captivating eyes, which can bring hope, love and self-confidence to females. Using our eyelashes, you will feel that you’re under a spotlight, you are a firework.
  • GOOD SERVICES: Please call us if you are not totally pleased with the product. We accept return, and refund for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on TINGESHINE 5 Styles Natural False Eyelashes Set.

Question Question 1

Are These Constructed Out Of Plastic Or Appear Like Phony, Plastic Lashes?

Not. we have actually utilized these many times considering that we have actually gotten them. They put on t appearance plastic at all or provide our delicate eyes any pain. The very best part is that the band is simple to flex to form it to the curve of your natural lash line too.

Question Question 2

Is It Vegan? Not Checked On Animals?

Yes?Cruelty Free & Vegan

Question Question 3

What Are 50 Pairs Of Phony Eyelashes Made Of?

These eyelashes are made from Korea artificial fibers.Soft band and fiber.Not stiff or pokey to your eyes.

Question Question 4

The Length Of Time Are They?

They are 5 various styles. 2 of them are long the other 3 typical side. we are brand-new utilizing lashes however this truly worth the cash. we bough various brand names this ones are great.

Question Question 5

Human Hair?


Question Question 6

Can You Utilize With Person Lashes?

Dear, TingeShine eyelash glue is a strip eyelash adhesive. It’s worked just for strip lashes.

Question Question 7

Can You Inform United States The Active Ingredients As They Are Noted Please?

TINGESHINE Eyelash Adhesive COMPONENT? Acrylates/Ethylhexyl? acrylate Copolymer TINGESHINE Eyelash Adhesive COMPONENT? Acrylates/Ethylhexyl? acrylate Copolymer? Propylene Glycol? Phenoxyethanol? Ethylhexylglycerin

Question Question 8

Whatare50 Pairsoffakeeyelashesmadeof?

PBT fiber

Question Question 9

Can You Rebrand These? We Are Beginning A Business And We Don T Know How To Make Lashes. Tips Or Concepts For Assistance?

we simply rebranded these ourself and it was incredibly simple.

Question Question 10

Where Were These Lashes Made?


Question Question 11

Are These Latex Free & Vegan Lashes?

Yes they are latex complimentary (we dislike latex.) the product they are made out of is PBT Fiber.

Question Question 12

Are These Lashes Vegan?

Do not believe so, however their truly adorable

Question Question 13

Are These Vegan & Latex Free?

our company believe so

Question Question 14

Do These Have That Strip Of Sticky Clear Things That You Need To Attempt To Get Rid Of Prior To Glueing One?

It had adhesive on the strip to remain adhered to the eyelash holders, we put on t understand if we re expected to eliminate it however if so it wouldn t be difficult to

Question Question 15

Does It Feature Glue?

Glue not consisted of.

Question Question 16

The Length Of Time Did It Require To Be available in?

Around 10 days

Question Question 17

Cuánto Tiempo Dura La Pestaña En El Ojo? 24 Horas?

remain sticky for 8 to 12 hours.Apply a few more layers. Apply some thicker hold time will be longer, wait 30 seconds then using to your natural eyelashes.

Question Question 18

Does The Phony Eyelashes Looks Nature?

These lashes are amazing.Very natural looking

Question Question 19

Are These Lashes Ruthlessness Free?

Yes the product utilized is PBT fiber.

Question Question 20

How Do You Get rid of Them?

You can carefully get rid of the false eyelashes prior to eliminating makeup, and after that get rid of the staying glue with the gel remover.This procedure is simple and practical.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on TINGESHINE 5 Styles Natural False Eyelashes Set, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These lashes are excellent and we can t wait to utilize them 50 sets for 8 dollars plus they are gorgeous and we can t request for absolutely nothing better thank you sellerpackaged effectively.

These lashes were truly simple to place on and they truly didn’t look phony as soon as on. We utilized simply our routine lash glue and these last throughout the day without any problems. Some styles have a more natural appearance than others do however then you have the ones that have the more significant flare to them. Either styles, we like them all. The band that goes on our eyelid is truly workable and does not poke at all. Usually we would be prepared to take these off after an hour or 2 however with these, we totally forget that we have them on. We have actually inadvertently oversleeped a set due to the fact that we forgot them. Whether we include mascara or not, they look fantastic on and we like the additional density they provide our natural lashes.

This glue is better than your house of lashes glue. It s sex evidence, long-term, and doesn t aggravate our eyes on our end. We knocked out one star bc the glue is quite difficult to get rid of and would suggest an oil based cleanser to do the task.

Easy to utilize. Dries quick. No chemical odor. Didn t burn our eyes. Dries clear. We went to a birthday supper at our pals home. Shot a shotgun and was outdoors in the cold with the wind blowing and they still look fantastic.

Really quite simply gotten. Package is little so we will not be keeping it in initial box however in the bag. If your brand-new to using lashes we wouldn t suggest due to the fact that the band is thin to put the glue on so mines lift in the corner after a number of hours and it takes us longer to place on these lashes. Iam likewise package experience either we been using false lashes for nearly a year now.

Very first one was available in a plan that wasn’t sealed and looked beat in, however we likewise had another box sent out with it that we didn’t spend for? so we enjoy about that.: )however the lashes general look extremely good, they’re thick and feel light-weight. We will include photos later on, however we are extremely delighted with the business and product.

Certainly worth purchasing. We have actually never ever paid so little for many eye lashes previously. Not stiff at all. Easy to form to your eye. We have actually included an image without among the lashes and with among the lashes. There is absolutely a distinction. We would buy these once again. Extremely suggested.

We like the various styles. It s excellent particularly if you are novice and you have all of these to experiment. Terrific cost for all of these.

These lashes are extremely good for the cost we can use them one or two times prior to we toss them, which is ideal for us. They is 50 sets overall lashes. 5 various styles. With a little glue they even remain on throughout the day and do not look phony. Our preferred ones are the fluffy ones. Keep in mind. This set does not included glue.

It’s not what we generally use. However it okay we provided it to our child and she has actually been slaying them every sesns. And they look excellent on her.

Quality set of lashes. 5 various styles. Really soft and simple to place on. Like that they are reusuable. Provides eyes such a good appearance. Excellent cost.

We like them. The cost was great & the quality is excellent. We like all the various types. Came in an adorable box and they remain in ideal condition and each layer and set is secured by a cardboard divider.???????????????.

These are gorgeous. Our children mastered putting these on rather rapidly. We have issues with our vision so it was a bit harder for us. When they put theirs on it looked so natural. The band is thin enough to put under your real eyelashes that makes it difficult to inform you have phony lashes on. These eyelashes are high quality. We definitely suggest them and will buy them once again for our children.

Terrific lash glue. Easy to get rid of. And water resistant. We shower with our lashes on and go to sleep and they remain good and tight.

They are truly lightweight however it s ok due to the cost put on t hold their shape well either.

We are novice when it concerns using phony lashes. Considering this was our very first time utilizing adhesives on our eyelashes, we would state it went quite well. Ever since, we have actually been utilizing it for our phony lashes whenever we goout It’s worked whenever and hasn’t result in any humiliation of any sorts. Our phony lashes remain on and you can’t even see any glue imprints. If utilized properly, you should not have the ability to even see the glue and even feel it.

This things is incredible. We have actually attempted whatever in regional drug shops for eyelash glue and absolutely nothing we found was 5 stars. So we relied on and found this incredible eyelash glue. We would call it paradise in a bottle. Super economical, simple to use, fast drying time & your lashes will sit tight up until time of elimination.

These eyelashes were absolutely a terrific worth for the cash we invested in them. They featured 5 various styles and they are all various and gorgeous in their own method. They are quite comfy to use as soon as you get them on and formed to fit your eye. The only failure that we have found with this product is that the sticky dots they utilized to adhere the lashes to the cards is difficult to leave the real lash itself without hurting the lash so you require to take the lash off without taking that sticky gunk with the lash. We use these lashes frequently and they are recyclable. We couldnt think how good these lashes wound up being for the cost we spent for 50 of them.

We are brand-new to including falsies into our regular, so we purchased these as an inexpensive method to practice so we do not feel bad messing up a set if we ruin. It’s truly great for that function, however the bands are so thin we do have a difficult time putting them compared to lashes that have thicker bands. Possibly the problem will make us incredibly proficient at locations falsies? who understands.

We have absolutely nothing excellent to state aboutthese They are dreadful. They are maker cut so they are brief long and all over in between. They do not match indicating they resemble. Find one excellent one did our left eye and find one excellent one for our ideal eye. Absurd. They are inexpensive which is why we chose to attempt them. We are simply disgusted and they are being returned. If you desire good lashes absolutely select something else. Terrible.

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