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Teamyo Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit

Teamyo Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Teamyo Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit.

  • New Upgraded Magnetic Eyelashes ‘Are you still stressed over not discovering a natural, stunning and lasting incorrect eyelash? Do not fret, opportunities are coming. Our newest magnetic incorrect eyelashes satisfy all your requirements for eyelashes. With it, you can experience stunning, thick eyelashes, more powerful and long lasting benefits than other sets, you will not need to fret about shame of dropping, constantly let you remain natural and stunning.
  • Natural & Beautiful Look ‘Every female wishes to have a set of natural and remarkable eyelashes. Our magnetic eyelashes enhance the unbelievable and abnormal feel of standard incorrect eyelashes. Bring you 3D natural and stunning look. Make your eyes brighter, more attractive and more appealing. The top-notch magnetic eyelashes can be utilized for sometimes with correct care and storage.
  • Lasting & Water resistant ‘Our liquid eyeliner utilizes the most recent formula, which consists of more magnetic particles, high pigmentation, water and sweat resistance, quick drying and lasting functions that make it challenging to fade or peel. Let you remain natural and stunning, delight in stunning eyelashes all day. Othermore, our eyeliner has anti-fouling and no spot function. In addition, it can be utilized as an eyeliner alone, and does not require to be utilized with magnetic eyelashes.
  • Portable style ‘Our magnetic eyelash set product packaging is little and portable. The mirrored eyelash box can not just accommodate our magnetic incorrect eyelashes, however likewise accommodate eyeliner pens. You can take your eyelashes and refill your eyeline at any time, or you can use eyelash at any time. It is various from the standard box which just can put down the eyelashes. More hassle-free and portable. Let you go out feel at ease and not fret.
  • Glue-free & securely ‘Our magnetic eyelashes are glue-free and have no mess or glue to decrease eye inflammation and avoid natural eyelash damage. No glue. No sticky tape adhesive. Simply stunning eyeliner with ultra-fine magnetic particles and top-notch handmade lashes with small high-strength magnets is your finest option. Do not think twice, click the “Add to Cart” button and take it house.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Teamyo Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit.
2020 New Development Magnetic Eyelashes Set Magnetic Eyeliner, No Glue Required Magnetic False Eyelashes, Most Convenient Application. Lasting Magnetic Eyelashes Set 2020 Upgrade 3D stylish magnetic eyelashes produce the most attractive appearance with these safe magnetic matarials. Smooth, long-term, and keep all the time. With correct care, you can utilize them over and over once again to conserve cash – Smudge-proof & Waterproof Eyeliner Compared to standard eyeliner, our magnetic eyeliner has the function of water resistant and sweat-proof without the makeup falling out whenever a rainy day or a sweaty minute. In addition, advanced and stylish color likewise makes it possible to match other eyelashes in various makeup. Natural Looking Natural makeup is the objective we have actually been pursuing. And our Magnetic Eyelash and Eyeliner Set is simply your finest select. Using it, you will have the most natural and captivating appearance. How to Utilize 1. Along the roots of the eyelashes, draw a long and large sufficient eyeliner. 2. Await the eyeliner to dry completely. 3. Hold the lashes approximately the eyeliner and they efficiently “click” into location. Read more Warm Tips: 1.Magnetic eyelashes can just be used after the eyeliner is entirely dry. 2. If the magnetic eyelashes are not securely connected, you can draw the eyeliner thicker. 3. Carefully manage them when using or getting rid of the magnetic eyelashes. 4. Eliminate the magnetic incorrect eyelashes off prior to cleaning face, bathing and sleeping. Functions: -100% handmade magnetic eyelashes embedded with small high-strength magnets + sweatproof/waterproof magnetic eyeliner with ultra-fine magnetic particles. -No glue, prevent the damage to your natural eyelashes. -It will not fall. You can use everything day. -Natural and stunning appearance, provide you larger and brighter eyes. -Reusable & Easy to clean up. -Easy to use with devoted tweezers. Bundle Consisting of: 1 x Magnetic Eyeliner (4ml) 2 x Magnetic Eyelashes (Set) 1 x Tweezers 1 x Mirror Box 1 x Present Box 1 x User Handbook Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Teamyo Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit.

Question Question 1

If We Purchase A New Eyelash, Can The Eyeliner Likewise Be Utilized For Other Magnetic Eyelashes?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.As long as you buy eyelashes with magnets, you can utilize our magnetic eyelinerIf you have any questions, please call us.

Question Question 2

Can We Recycle These Eyelashes?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.Yes, our magnetic eyelashes are reusableIf you have any questions, please call us.

Question Question 3

Does The Eyelashes Flake Off? We Utilized A Great Deal Of Other Brands And They All Dissatisfied Me.?

we feel great after utilizing it and they do not fall off all day.

Question Question 4

Does The Eyelashes Flake Off? We Have Attempted Another Brand Name And The Lashes Flakes Off While You Use.?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.You can feel confident that our magnetic eyelash set is of excellent quality, it will not fall off quickly after wearingIf you have any questions, please call us.

Question Question 5

Can We Cut Our Lashes If They Are Long?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.The magnetic eyelashes can be cut, and you can cut them to your correct length.If you have any questions, please call us.

Question Question 6

Will It Fall Off Quickly? Is The Adsorption Strong?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.Our magnetic eyelashes are extremely magnetic, so it wo n t fall off easilyIf you have any questions, please call us.

Question Question 7

Does These Magnetic Eyelashes Work Well?

Yes, we find it extremely simple to utilize, it is simple to use, and it does not fall off.

Question Question 8

What If Eyeliner Or Other Cosmetics Adhere To The Eyelashes?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.If there are other things on the eyelashes, you can utilize tidy water or makeup eliminator to clean the eyelashes to get rid of the unclean thingsIf you have any questions, please call us.

Question Question 9

Is This Product Ruthlessness Free? Both The Eyeliner And The Lashes?

Our magnetic eyelash set consists of eyeliner and eyelash, these are entirely, when you buy you can get magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelash.

Question Question 10

What Does The Magnetic Eyelash Kit Include?

2 various sets of magnetic eyelashes, a mirror case, an eyeliner and a set of tweezers

Question Question 11

Can We Use Magnetic Eyelashes If We Have Few Or No Eyelashes?

Yes, you can utilize it. you will have stunning eyelashes after using it.

Question Question 12

Do Magnetic Eyelashes Required Cleansing?

We do not require to clean up the magnetic eyelashes each time we utilize them, simply put them in the mirror case. If you utilize mascara, you can utilize a makeup eliminator to tidy recyclable lashes.

Question Question 13

Is Eyelash Suitable For Anybody?

Yes, the eyelashes can be found in various designs, ideal for anybody to utilize, extremely natural and captivating.

Question Question 14

Does The Magnetic Eyeliner Come Off Easy With Makeup Cleaner Wipes?

we utilize the routine drug shop brand name makeup eliminator. It comes off actually quickly.

Question Question 15

Do We Required To Wash Our Lashes After Getting Rid Of Them And Putting Them In Package?

You can clean them with water or makeup eliminator, or you do not need to clean it after each time.

Question Question 16

Does The Magnet Work Well?

If the liner works GREAT (Like it ought to) There s no requirement for the Magnets at all.The Liner must adhere firmly to the Magnetic lashes.The magnetics are different from the lashes.we can t talk about how well these work, since we never ever purchased this Brand.However, your question wasn t responded to correctly, so we thoug If the liner works GREAT (Like it ought to) There s no requirement for the Magnets at all.The Liner must adhere firmly to the Magnetic lashes.The magnetics are different from the lashes.we can t talk about how well these work, since we never ever purchased this Brand.However, your question wasn t responded to correctly, so we believed we would assist you.

Question Question 17

How Is It Various From Common Eyelashes?

You do not require to utilize glue, it will be extremely hassle-free. As long as you use it, it will not fall quickly, and it will be stunning all the time. we have actually loved it since we utilized it. You will likewise like it.

Question Question 18

Are These Eyelashes Working Well?

Yes, they work effectively.

Question Question 19

Are These Eyelashes Looking Natural?

it is more natural than other eyelashes which we have actually utilized. It makes our eyes look more stunning and natural.

Question Question 20

We Wished To Offer Our Relative A Christmas Present. Is This Proper?

Hey there dear, thank you quite for your question.Our magnetic eyelashes are crammed in stunning present boxes, ideal for presents to fans. Your relative will enjoy it.If you have any questions, please call us.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Teamyo Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Magnetic lashes was available in an actually adorable bundle as you can see in the pictures. This is the very first time we have actually acquired magnetic lashes and they are actually simple to place on and look stunning. We got a number of compliments while using them out with buddies.

These eyelashes amaze me. We made this purchase, hoping they will not be as strong and natural as they are, however let us inform you, these are all excellent. They look stunning. As long as you place on sufficient lining, these infants will actually stick, however it is easy to eliminate them. Like these, we are extremely thankful they offer backup, simply in case. On the whole, it is extremely advised.

Eyelashes are extremely curly, using likewise is extremely natural, extremely easy to run, and its adsorption is extremely strong?it will not fall off quickly, makeup can keep for a long period of time, discharge makeup is likewise extremely easy?no glue tear at the discomfort, and magnetic adsorption for the skin with no stimulation and damage, as a whole is excellent, we will buy once again.

We like this eye lashes. We cant think this things works. We enjoy incorrect lashes however never ever had any luck with magnetic ones. This things works magic. We enjoy that the tweezers are supplied to aid with simple application. You can see how those lashes currently make our makeup-less eye look a million timesbetter These are method better than glue. Really cool. Delighted we provided a shot. And they are recyclable.

It was our very first time utilizing magnetic eyelashes and we had no problems. They were extremely simple to use and get rid of.

We were stressed over getting this since we hesitated the eyeliner wasn’t going to work and the lashes would fall however remarkably they remain on actually well and we were amazed the lasted all night without it feeling uneasy and plus they looked remarkable.

We have actually constantly disliked phony standard glue eye lashes-the glue would get all over our fingers, it wouldn t line up right, they d fall off after brief wear. These magnetic ones are fantastic. It s merely just eye liner and after that it clicks on-no mess, no panic-just excellence.

Have actually utilized the eyelashes about 3 times now and they are definitely remarkable. We were a bit doubtful to attempt them however they are so simple to utilize and look a lot better than the other magnetic ones where you require one to sit both above and below your natural lashes. Certainly worth the rate.

We purchased this as a present for our trainee employee. It s a great present for college kids. It likewise chooses a little mirror.

Our lashes are extremely thin, so we enjoy using these lashes quite routinely. They’re simple to utilize and they make our eyes pop.

No mess. No tension. Our eyes weren’t inflamed (the adhesive must never ever touch your eyes or delicate eye locations if you’re using them properly). No waiting to dry. Beautiful. We used them prior to we slept so they set well. It actually took 5 minutes. We used them 3 days prior to taking them off to reapply. (you can take them off each night, too, and after that stick them back on. The magnetic adhesive remain on and appears like eyeliner). No more packs of lashes and many glues, and so on 3 various designs to fit your state of mind. Recyclable.

We actually advise this product. When we saw this kit, we thought twice. It looks stunning, however we hesitate we purchased it incorrect once again, since we purchased magnetic eyelashes prior to, however they never ever appear to remain where you desire them to be. This magnetic eyelash looks extremely simple to use, we utilize everything day, and we utilize this magnetic eyeliner to make wings quickly, it makes our eyes stunning,.

We have just usage these lashes for a few days however we definitely enjoy them they are so simple to place on you wear t even understand they re there we will be utilizing these for a long time excellent by.

Makeup impact: rather curling and curling individual scenario: simple to use makeup and simple to get rid of makeup irreversible condition: long lasting without halo general description: it deserves to begin ideal for skin type: we are oily, and it is rather simple to utilize now.

We purchased a few of them for our child & some women on the cheer group as some of the mommies state “no way” to phony lashes and the coaches. Well if ur a cheer mother you understand. Anyways they enjoyed them. Our child is 14 and her group ages are from 12 to14 They stuck on actually simple vs. The glue & they pulled them off as quickly as they left phase & put them in the event to use once again. The women enjoyed them. We would advisethese Nevertheless understand. There is some type of metal in the eyeliner to keep them connected to the eyelid. Not actually sure if having metal resting on ur eyelids all the time is a great concept. However they worked. The won nationals. Go tigers.

The magnetic lashes worked exceptionally well. Impressed with how easy the eyeliner was to utilize and how quickly the lashes connected to the eyeliner. Good.

Can t beat this rate and no glue. Eyelashes absolutely high quality type and we have no issue take it on and off. Easy and hassle-free.

They worked excellent.

We are truthfully mind blown. The ones we got are incredibly significant so we will be purchased smaller sized lashes however they freakin work. The only thing we advise is attempt it on your hand initially to ensure you re not allergic.

We were so doubtful prior to we purchased. We were likewise daunted. Our sis in law uses lashes and she makes it look so simple, however they would never ever work for us up until we attemptedthese When they state simple and no mess they are 100% proper. Use the liner and expand the lashes stick. We will never ever return.

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