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Sylvia Lashes Eyelash Extensions Max Bond Glue

Sylvia Lashes Eyelash Extensions Max Bond Glue

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    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sylvia Lashes Eyelash Extensions Max Bond Glue.

    Question Question 1

    Is This Glue Formaldehyde And Latex Free?


    Question Question 2

    How Do You Shop Yalls Glue As Soon As Opened?

    please neglect the guidance from ‘beautyhari’. Opened bottles ought to NEVER EVER be kept in the refrigerator. Please shop opened bottles upright inside the pouch that the glue was available in with the silica pouch at space temperature level. Thanks.

    Question Question 3

    What Is The Ideal Humidity And Temperature Level Use?

    Usually, the condition is (about) Fahrenheit 77 and humidity 60%. If it is too hot or too damp, the glue will solidify rapidly and if it is too cold or too damp, it will take a long time.Thanks.

    Question Question 4

    Que Tan Fuerte Es Vapor Que Suelta El Pegamento?

    Pues fue lamentable ya las pestañas se le calleron a los cliente y Tube que devolver el dinero

    Question Question 5

    What Is The Ideal Humidity? Site States 20-45% Then Other Sellers On State 50-70%.?

    Love this things

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sylvia Lashes Eyelash Extensions Max Bond Glue, these may be helpful for better understanding.

    Firstly we are certified expert and this glue must just be utilized by such. We have actually been utilizing sky for over a year and it has the very best bond that we havefound So we wished to attempt their girl black. Btw we do volume lashes and the retention has actually been incredible. If you understand how glue works it needs to have the ideal humidity in your space to adhere well. This is a quick drying glue so you require to work rapidly or the glue begins to treat prior to you get it on the lash. Our customers state it does not burn. However once again you need to understand what you are doing so that it doesn t sting/burn. Simply a suggestion for the ones that state it s stringy. You need to shake the bottle as much as 2 minutes ahead of time.

    Love this glue, been utilizing it for like a year. It s an excellent economical glue to utilize for traditional or volume. Quick drying and high fumes however dries fast so fumes wear t impact if appropriately dried with a fan after application. We utilize this glue for ourself too when we go to get refills and we can opt for 5/6 weeks till fills.

    Great product for skilled lash artist. Just small quantity needed. Great for max 2-3 months if no air gets in, depending upon quantity of times utilized. Ensure to not decompress and guarantee cover is protected prior to launching pressure.

    Product showed up rapidly with an extremely current date of production. Precisely what we are trying to find. We have actually bought from other sellers who were delivering old product. Will purchase from this seller once again.

    Fantastic glue best for people.

    If your anxious to attempt. Don t be. 100% satisfiedsuper quickly 1-2 seconds stick timeour customers lashes constantly have 20-30% loss on a 2. 5-3 week fill excusable.

    Burned customers eyes, however not severely. Like an itch. Fantastic retention. 4 weeks with great deals of lashes still on. Will buy once again.

    We like the glue, we believe the humidity in your home has actually destroyed it however for the very first 2 weeks it was fantastic. We have actually just been utilizing it fir practice though. We are not exactly sure about real wear on the eyes with this yet. We will most likely purchase once again.

    Great glue.

    Es perfecto como lo pedí muy bueno para las pestañas pelo a pelo.


    Dry quickly and really low oder.

    Dries sluggish and best for brand-new lash extension specialists. Absolutely advise– fyi dries gradually.

    Up until now we like this glue.

    Es buena un poco pequena pero buen producto.

    Fantastic retention however the fumes does leave eyes very red for days.

    We enjoy it. Does precisely what we require it to do.


    We remain in the procedure of getting a humidifier due to the fact that our lash studio experiences low humidity, however we have not had any adhesion or retention issues while utilizing girl black. We advise this glue to novices due to the fact that the set time isn’t too quick and it provides the user sensible time to find, location and set the lash.

    We attempted this due to the fact that of an evaluation that we viewed. We were a little hesitant initially, nevertheless after our customers retention went from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 weeks we were a follower. Thanks.

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