Strong Lash Premium Eyelash Growth Serum

A favorite of many of the top beauty pageant contestants because it works and is prostaglandin free so it won’t discolor the iris of your eye. Contains more than twice as much as competing products.

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Idol Lash
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Note We have selected the product based on positive customer reviews on various health product-review sites.

Strong Lash eyelash growth serum contains the essential vitamins and nutrients for healthier and more resilient lashes. In clinical trials 87% of Strong Lash users showed visibly thicker and longer lashes in 15-30 days, with over 97% showing significant results within 45 days.

Strong Lash is safe to use, and unlike other popular eyelash growth serums. It does not cause discoloration to the iris of the eye. Simply apply Strong Lash to the base of the lashes 1-2 times daily and your lashes will become thicker, longer and more resilient.