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SIVOT Lash Tweezers - Stainless Steel Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions

SIVOT Lash Tweezers – Stainless Steel Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SIVOT Lash Tweezers – Stainless Steel Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions.

  • PREMIMUM QUALITY: The high quality non- slip eyelashes tweezer and volume lash tweezer are made from anti- disintegration and anti- flexing StainlessSteel The exceptional quality exactly crafted pointers and perfectly by- hand lined up arms of lash extension tweezers set is comfy for your everyday usage
  • BEST FOR HOUSE & BEAUTY PARLOR: A lash artist appeal expert along with an ignorant requirements these Eyelash Tweezers for experts which is perfect for using incorrect eyelashes and separating natural eyelash when implanting the eyelashes
  • LABOUR & TIME CONSERVING: Its labor and time- conserving grasp needs a little effort when grasping and flowering incorrect lashes and its specific style conserves hand tiredness. High accuracy pointed tweezers spread out the lashes quickly. Eyelash extension package has actually completely smooth lined up arms that guarantee a simple and comfy grip
  • VERSATILE UTILIZES: These pointed tweezers nipper can be utilized for managing little parts and decorations such as precious jewelry, designs, art work, strips, accessories, crystal, flat- back rhinestone, small nail sticker label, etc
  • DOUBLE SET: Among the most outstanding parts about the Eyelash Tweezers for Extensions is that they are available in 2 expert styles. The curved tweezers are perfect for separating natural lashes or picking specific hairs, Straight tweezers work for getting lashes and for quick blooming

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SIVOT Lash Tweezers – Stainless Steel Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions.
Straight and J Curved Pointed Idea Eyelash extension tweezers are best present for your enjoyed ones. Using incorrect lashes is a tough task for which you require the very best tools. Our group has actually developed a set of 2 premium stainless steel tweezers enabling you to use specific lashes appropriately for a fantastic thick lash result. The edge of every inclined tweezer and pointed splinter tweezer is ended up and lined up by hand to guarantee an excellent tweeze whenever. Completely lined up arms, supreme developed and anti- slip grip expert tweezers are perfect for all appeal professionals. Specs: Product: stainless-steel. Kind of suggestion: straight and curved. Color: pink. Size: 12.5-135 cm length; 1.5 mm density. Amount: 2 pieces. Plan consists of: 1 x Curved suggestion nippers 1 x Straight suggestion nippers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SIVOT Lash Tweezers – Stainless Steel Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions.

Question Question 1

Do They Be Available In Various Colors?

No. They are just in Pink color.

Question Question 2

Do You Have Any Other Color Choices?

No. These are just in Pink Color. Quickly we will be releasing in other colors.

Question Question 3

Does These Tweezers Work Efficiently? We Required Our And Seem Like Freeze When We Utilize Lash Tweezers.?

we got these recently and we are truly delighted with them over the other tweezers that we purchased previously. they are smoother and simple to utilize for longer periods.

Question Question 4

We Are Trying To Find Something That Relocations Efficiently? Do These Move Efficiently?

Yes, they move very smooth. we like them

Question Question 5

Do These Grab Eye Brows Good?

Yes- that’s our main usage for them and it’s not like those inexpensive tweezers that can’t get a hair. They are exact.

Question Question 6

These Get The Hair Excellent?

we personally have had no issue comprehending the hair firmly

Question Question 7

Is Everything Stainless Steel Or Just The Points?


Question Question 8

Are These Plastic Or Metal? Will They Be Long Lasting?

Our tweezers are made from high quality stainless-steel, anti- magnetic and acid- resistant, anti- fixed and rust- resistant, resilient in long term usage.

Question Question 9

Are These Tweezers Exact In Points And Soft Enough In Use?

Yes. These are some of the very best tweezers we have actually ever had. Absolutely worth it. Super exact. we have actually utilized them for splinters even.

Question Question 10

Do They Work Efficiently And Get Hairs?

Yes. They get any hair.

Question Question 11

Does It Get The Hair Firmly?

we personally have actually had no issue comprehending the hair firmly.

Question Question 12

Does It Work Excellent?

Yes, they re truly excellent quality. we utilize them for lash extensions and we have actually never ever had an issue.

Question Question 13

Does This Include A Case To Keep It Hygienic?

Yes it features a little black drawstring pouch that fit the 2 tweezers

Question Question 14

Can You Do Volume Lashes With These Tweezers?

Yes, you can do volume lashes with these tweezers.

Question Question 15

Does It Include A Case To Keep It In?

It features a black pouch that can fit the 2

Question Question 16

Is It Sharp Enough To Select The Lashes?

Yes, It is sharp enough to choose the lashes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SIVOT Lash Tweezers – Stainless Steel Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We didn’t buy these for our eyelashes however rather purchased them to eliminate excess vinyl for a job we were dealing with. All of the thin, pointed tweezers we were discovering for vinyl appeared method overpriced when a buddy recommended utilizing eyelash tweezers. These were a portion of the cost and assisted to get all of the small pieces of vinyl that were included with the distressed typeface along with the image we were utilizing eliminated. Utilizing these tweezers cut our work time down and the t-shirt we were dealing with for our earliest boy came out terrific and as you can see in the photo there were some truly small pieces to eliminate. We would absolutely suggest for any job that needs exact positioning or elimination. We have actually enjoyed utilizing these considering that they got here.

We have actually been looking for brand-new sets of tweezers for a couple weeks however all the routine shops that are open, like grocery stores and walmart, didn’t have any excellent ones that we like. We began browsing online for percision ones like these and they were really high priced so we were switched off. Lastly we found these and 2 can be found in a pack and it was an excellent cost and they were adorable and pink too. We are so delighted we found these they work fantastic terrific plus 2 come for the cost of one.

We have actually acquired a number of various designs of tweezers this year in effort to conserve cash and do our own lashes. The set that included the lashes would not grip well, the others we purchased were too big/bulky for the task. Why we look anywhere other than is beyond us however they provided an exceptional product yet once again. These tweezers not just fit our hand well however we seem like we can position the specific lashes with accuracy. Not to discuss these have a protective cap so they are poking holes or getting all sort of dirt on them when being saved.

Exceptional product packaging. Includes a great fabric bag for storage. Great little rubber covers for the tweezer pointers. Keep them sharp and from snagging anything in your bag. The color is a charming lively pink. In between the set you can get even the finest hair. Lovethese Fantastic worth for the low cost.

When we got this we were so satisfied by the quality of this product. By the cost we were anticipating something to utilize temporal however, they re actually truly terrific quality. We believe we won t requirement to get another one. We put on t think these would break at all unless we were actually attempting and even when we did attempt they still remained truly strong and strong. The color is lovely and they included a little bag so, we won t loose them.

We acquired these tweezers for vinyl weeding. We do not use those phony, mile long lashes so we do not require them for that. For vinyl weeding, we extremely suggest. They are really sturdy, the pointers do not flex quickly like others were stating (even if they are dropped), and they are available in a quite shade of pink and a bring bag. We are very delighted withthese Worth every cent.

Summary: we would extremely suggest this product and would absolutely buy once again for helping in eyelash application. (although the product was not made for being a tweezers for hair elimination, we would suggest it for that too. ) — product packaging: the product came effectively packaged: within a snapped plastic holder, it included a fabric bring bag, and the plastic pointers to safeguard the tweezers.– feel/look: the tweezers do not feel or look inexpensive. The pink finish was not cracked or marked. In our viewpoint, they were of really high quality.– product usage: we were searching for a set of tweezers to use our eyelashes when we encounteredthese We just utilized to utilize our fingers to use our eyelashes and now we never ever understand how we lived withoutthese They assist us to completely use our eyelashes daily, both the strip or single lashes. (in addition, although not the meant usage to our understanding, we utilize the non- curved one like a tweezers for our eyebrows and it works effectively for those tough hairs. ) — toughness: considering that we have actually acquired, they appear as brand-new as the day we got them. (we will state we do put the plastic coverings over the points and put it in the bag it can be found in to safeguard it though. ).

These must remain in every makeup drawer. We got the set as a replacement due to the fact that we dropped and bent our very first set of pointy tipped tweezers. We utilize them for whatever from roaming facial hairs to splinters and getting rid of glue from incorrect eyelashes. Stainless steel so they are simple to sterilize. They include rubber suggestion for each set and a durable pouch for keeping. These would make a great present.

We truly like these tweezers. In addition to getting 2 various tweezers, it likewise features a truly adorable bag to put them in. The tweezers are really sharp so ensure you take care and do not poke your eye. Otherwise that these are fantastic and we like them. The straight one is ideal for pulling out eyebrow hair, and so on. Whereas the curved tweezer is ideal for placing on incorrect eyelashes. Would absolutely suggest these.

These tweezers are quite incredible. We utilize them to assist us place on our falsh eyelashes. We couldnt placed on falsh lashes prior to we got these tweezers and now im placing on lashes like a pro. They are each an excellent product and can be utilized for numerous various things. We are grateful we invested the cash and purchased these lastly. Fantastic worth too.

So other than these tweezers being an adorable hot pink color. They are long. Longer than your typical set of tweezers which is excellent due to the fact that we feel we have more control of whatever. Both of the pointers of these tweezers are very pointy, none are angled. It likewise can be found in a really adorable black drawstring bring case.

This provide you overall control and accuracy. We were little worried in the beginning due to the fact that they were so pointy however they assist you get your lash right up versus your own lash line so you can t even inform. Lovethese They even include a bring case.

These are incredible. They tweezers are really strong and strong. The pointers are sharp though which we like. Simply beware. These are terrific for splinters, eyebrows, we can t envision them not being terrific for anything. We would suggest and we would buy once again.

Product got here as explained. The tweezers are really strong and make it simple to do really limited jobs. We utilized this in design structure. The color is enjoyable and we can see they would be simple to sterilize for appeal utilizes.

These are the very best tweezers. They are sharp and assistance grip the lashes effectively. We are been bought various tweezer and they were all inexpensively made and not grasping the lash however these are the very best. Likewise these aren t costly so if you looking for excellent tweezer these are them.

Fantastic tweezers. Easy to utilize. We get our lash glue stayed with our fingers when we attempt to utilize our hands this enables us to put our incorrect eyelashes on faster and no glue mess.

We truthfully like these tweezers. We snapped our ole reputable tweezerman recently and was looking for a less expensive alternative along with a different eyelash tweezer then encountered this little set. We anticipated it to be inexpensive with the cost being however these tweezers got here very strong, not difficult to utilize at all, and sharp. Even features a little black drawstring pouch. We like love love these tweezers. If you re considering getting them, put on t think twice at all.

This was an excellentbuy Excellent quality. Love the pink. Easy to utilize. We purchased these to do our own eyelash extensions and they work well for us.

Love how these tweezers felt truly strong and not inexpensive. It makes it simple to keep while dealing with eyelash extensions. Included a pouch to put your tweezers in, which is a plus.

These are the very best tweezers that we can keep in mind purchasing in the last few years. Aside from the color (which we like), these are so strong and sharp. They are ideal for getting all the bothersome eye hairs that some tweezers have concerns getting. We likewise like how this can be found in a set of 2 rather of simply one. More bang for your dollar.

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