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SILVIA Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes

SILVIA Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SILVIA Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes.

  • Glue & mess complimentary – ditch those untidy and glue-based phony lashes and opt for our 8x brand name brand-new magnetic false eyelashes that can be repaired within seconds
  • Feels natural – ultra-lightweight, gorgeous however natural: With the modern-day tech, let you be more positive anywhere you are
  • Usage & re-use – re U.S.A. ble magnetic false eyelashes: With correct care, the magnet can be utilized lot of times, conserving you cash from purchasing false lashes
  • Revamp your professional appearance – when it pertains to phony eyelashes, the nylea magnetic eyelashes is as natural as you get

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SILVIA Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes.
How to utilize:1. Hold without the dot eyelash on the top of your eye2. Position the lash on the leading with your natural eyelash and leave it there3. Get the 2nd eye lash with the dot and take it more detailed and best beneath of very first lash4. Do not blink and position the 2nd lash under very first and let them exposure to each other 2 eyelashes draw together do not bring up and down – to pull left and right gradually if you discover makeup or mascara residue on your lashes, get rid of the specific eyelashes damp tissue and tidy. Keep in mind: You can put mascara by yourself natural eyelash to mix the color (if required), never ever use mascara straight to the magnetic lash fibers. As long as the lashes are managed with care it can be re utilized. Tips to look after lashes– shop in case when completed utilizing– carefully deal with magnetic lashes when using or eliminating the lashes– take lashes off prior to cleaning your face or bathing. Tips for better usage: Make your eyelash snuggling prior to usage it, you can likewise use some mascara, then it will be simple to use. Plan consist of: 1 set of magnetic eyelashes – 4 pieces magnet size: 5 * 1 * 0.4 mmpacking specs: One set of 4 packs type: Magnetic eyelashes product: Fiberattention:1. Never ever use mascara straight to the magnetic eyelashes.2. You can utilize eyelashes damp tissue to clean this, however do not clean this straight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SILVIA Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes.

Question Question 1

Can You Utilize Mascara On Them?

no, they will notstay in location

Question Question 2

Great Deals Of Bad Evaluations Is It As Excellent As Individuals State?

we were unable to make them remain on our eyelashes and they are too little. we have little eyes so we put on t understand anybody with eyes as little as these.

Question Question 3

The Number Of Times Can You Utilize Them?

we might not utilize them even when, sorry we may not be really handy here. we do not feelthat magneticlushes will remain on andwe are simply horrified that we can loose them throughout a celebration

Question Question 4

Are They Black Or Brown?


Question Question 5

We Didn’T Get Guidelines. We Comprehend They Are Magnets However How Do They Remain on Your Eye? So 2 Pieces Per Eye?

Yes,2 pieces per eye

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SILVIA Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Pros:- the magnets are strong and there is no danger of the lashes falling off. Simply put one above your eyelashes, one below and the magnets click together. -the lashes themselves are an appealing length and fit. The bottom lash is a little much shorter than the leading so that when the magnets link it produces a curve that matches your eyelid rather than a flat line. -they was available in a hassle-free, recyclable case. Cons:- the magnets reveal. They’re really little and black, however shine in the light when you blink. We would not use these for a wedding event or official eventbecause the magnets would be a little ugly, however they ‘d be best for halloween or a performance. -they’re recyclable since of the magnets, however simply as vulnerable as routine falsies. Since of the strength of the magnets, we found it hard to eliminate them without flexing the lashes. We had the ability to flex them back, however we question they ‘d endure more than 5-10 utilizes. -they’re hard to place on. All false lashes are challenging till you master it however. Pointer: the pull of the magnets will move the lashes as you use them. To prevent this, we found it simplest the line up the lower lash where we desired it, then close our eye to hold it in location in between our waterlines (you will not keep it there, it’s simply to hold it in location). Then, we took the the inner end of the leading lash, keeping the external magnet out of the method, lined it up, and thoroughly moved it down our eyelid so that the pull of the magnets linked the leading and bottom tight to the base of our lashes. Then we changed the lower external magnet precisely where we desired it and duplicated the procedure with the external end of the leading lash.

Up until now so excellent. Really simple to use. Got it carried out in the very first shot. It’s sort of odd that you can see the magnets however we will need to simply see if individuals discover it.

We have actually established an allergic reaction to makeup. We still wish to increase our lashes, so we believed this was an excellent concept. We are kinda fumbly with makeup, so it took us some time to master putting these lashes on. However when we heard the click, we understood they remained in location. Now they are fantastic. No needing to mess around with placing on mascara and after that cleaning it off. No mascara running if our lashes get damp. Actually cool concept for a product.


Took us a while however lastly discovered how to put these on quickly.

Currently lost one, buy more than one set.

These are fantastic. We are horrible at using routine false lashes however these are easy at all. They might require repostioning if you do not put them on properly in the beginning, however it does not take long at all.

We have actually utilized a great deal of false product compared to this and our looking for pleasing products has actually concerned an end. They do last. We will continue to utilize this product.

They serve it’s function, however we were not too amazed with the quality of this product.

Incredible and terrificproducts We asked 10 boxes the very first run through, and we are going to set up 10more They are remarkable, kindly do not tune in to the unfavorable remarks. We recycle a couple no less than 4 times. We extremely advise this product. Thank you a lot. Have a great day ahead.

These are so bomb. Completely amazing expense for the expense. Similarly they are the most uncomplicated falsies we have actually ever provided. They’re so wonderful and worth the undertaking. Provide it each of the an opportunity toout Love these to such a degree.

We like this product quite. All we can state is that this is the amazing phony eyelashes that we have actually attempted in our whole life. We wish to buy even more andmore Fantastic product.

We valuethese So routine and can be stacked for a more spectacular impact if desired amazing. Came much faster than we expected. 5 stars so like this. Remarkable product.

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