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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.

  • Curved at an angle that matches all eye shapes
  • Silicone rubber pad launches correct amount of pressure to curl lashes
  • Granted as one of Leading 150 Finest Charm Products

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.
Distinctively developed. Curved at an angle that matches all eye shapes. Silicone rubber pad launches correct amount of pressure to curl lashes. Integrates with Standard Mascara. lashes remain curled throughout the day. Granted as one of Leading 150 Finest Charm Products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.

Question Question 1

What Is So Unique About This Curler? The Strip Itself? Pricey And A Great Deal Of Buzz:–RRB-?

Bought mine years ago based upon the “hype” and we liked the method it managed however didn’t see a monsterdifference. we believe it simply fit well versus our cover and reached all lashes from edge to edge. It felt excellent to manage and squeeze and we didn’t have problems with best vs left hand/eye. What is important is the shape of the c Bought mine years ago based upon the “hype” and we liked the method it managed however didn’t see a monsterdifference. we believe it simply fit well versus our cover and reached all lashes from edge to edge. It felt excellent to manage and squeeze and we didn’t have problems with best vs left hand/eye. What is important is the shape of the curler and how well it fits versus YOUR eyelid to get lashes.Shu has a softer silicone pad that does do a softer curved crimp for us vs the intense 90 degree bend with a more difficult rubber pad like Shiseido. we can avoid the 3 crimp (base, middle, pointer) strategy with our Shu curler with Shu pad. It does a fantastic task for us with much shorter stick directly lashes. we utilized to warm our curlers w/ our hair clothes dryer to get a better holding curl. Idon’t need to heat withShu The option of mascara (WATER evidence, watery or dry, fibers or not) and brush shape( comb or bristles) is the other part of the entire eyelash procedure. What does the buzz say?Googled it and found from InStyle publication: We are having issues purchasing refills online for this curler so are purchasing Shiseido refills from which costs as much to deliver as the 2 pk refill.we would like to have somebody response this for you who has brand-new curlers from Shu and Shiseido and compares.

Question Question 2

Does Prime Shipping Curler Include Replacement Piece?

we believe it depends upon the seller providing the product. Gladly the one we bought from, NuBlissful, sent us a curler that was absolutely genuine (compared it versus our old Uemura curler acquired at one of their shops prior to we tossed the old one out) and consisted of a replacement pad.

Question Question 3

Is This The Knock Off Or The Genuine Shu Uemura?

No these are KNOCK OFFS. While it is a practical curler, however it’s not the genuine Shu Uemura one. Hope you see our response here and understanding what it is prior to you put order.

Question Question 4

Can Anybody State Curler From Supplier Rodney A Rodrigue Is The Initial Shu Uemura 12/ 2/20, Please?

This is not a genuine one. So dissatisfied. Must not have actually lost our cash.

Question Question 5

Will It Be Better For Not Pinching Our Eyes? Had Numerous Eye Surgeries Past Years Was Essentially Blind Can See Once Again So Must Beware With Eyes’.?

This is the best lash curler we have actually ever utilized and Id just get pinched if it was old and ought to have been changed. They last about a year for us when utilized day-to-day and the pad is altered at 6 months.

Question Question 6

Do You Know What The Height Of The Arc Is For This? Our Eyes Are 38 Mm Wide However Simply 5 Mm High. Thanks.?

Dear Jessica, we want we might offer you a sincere response to your question, however we do not own any step to inspect 5 mm. we can inform you that the arc for the Shu Uemura eyelash curler procedures 1/2 inch when the upper & lower parts of the curler are closed. we hope this assists.

Question Question 7

We Simply Bought, FromHere It Passed The Genuine Test However Has The Letter Lower Case ‘A’ On The Left Side In Cursive– Is This Genuine?

Allegedly the Initial one’s Logo design remains in Capitals. Howabout, inspecting the name on the bottom of a silicon pad, if you found the logo design there extremely most likely to be a genuine one. Although, we are unsure ourself if this product was a real one or not. we hope that assisted you.

Question Question 8

If This Is Genuine, Then Why Are Some Customer Pictures Revealing Various Boxes From Different Purchasers?

Mine remained in Shu Uemura product packaging. So, our company believe it was genuine. Nevertheless, we kept in mind the curler arch being more flat, less curved. The one we got had a curved arch which did not reach our eyelashes.

Question Question 9

Does Prime Shipping Curler Include Replacement Piece?

yes, it includes an additional rubber piece.

Question Question 10

Where Do You Get The Replacement Pads For This Curler, Thanks?

Truthfully do not understand, we have actually constantly simply purchased a brand-new eyelash curler. If you have the ability to find them please share. Thanks

Question Question 11

Is It A Genuine Shu Uemura?

Nope.Mine was a fake.If you google “fake Shu Uemura curler” you’ll find numerous blog sites with pictures comparing the genuine and the fakes (likewise YouTube videos), consisting of the methods you can inform on packages they can be found in whether yours is genuine or fake.Hope you get a genuine one.

Question Question 12

How Typically Do You Required To Modification The Silicone Pad?

we purchased this months earlier. Still working excellent. Have actually not needed to alter pad yet. Actually excellent eyelash curler.

Question Question 13

Ok So It This The Genuine Shu Or Not? How Will We Understand Prior To Ordered? Thanks.?

we do not understand nor can we inform if this is the genuine one.we have Revlon eye lash curler and we curled the Shu Uemura on one side and the Revlon on the other and we discovered a huge difference.And we likewise discovered that the our lash curled with Shu remained curled till the next morning.we were hesitant in the beginning today we are fan. we do not understand nor can we inform if this is the genuine one.we have Revlon eye lash curler and we curled the Shu Uemura on one side and the Revlon on the other and we discovered a huge difference.And we likewise discovered that the our lash curled with Shu remained curled till the next morning.we were hesitant in the beginning today we are fan.our hubby discovered that our lashes were our defined.our lashes are difficult to curl, we do not understand if it’s due to the fact that we are Asian.we understand a great deal of Asian females have a bumpy ride curling their lashes, we are among them.If you order we hope it works for you like it provides for us.If not, the great thing is you can return it.

Question Question 14

Exists Expected To Be A Spring?

no we do not see a spring

Question Question 15

Is It Reliable?

As reliable as any eyelash curler

Question Question 16

Numerous Individuals Are Examining This Product As A Knock-Off Of The Real Shu Uemura EyelashCurler How Can We Understand For Sure One Method Or Another?

It’s phony. Bought it today and significant grumbled to customer support. This should assist you: http://oureyeshadowconsultant.com/2011/06/24/how-to-spot-a-fake-shu-uemura-eyelash-curler/

Question Question 17

Does The Shiseido Refills Fit This Shu Uemura?

we have actually just had our shu uemura for a few months so no requirement to utilize the additional refill that featured the curler.so, we do not understand if Shiseido refills will fit.

Question Question 18

Does Anybody Know The Distinction In Between This And The One Revealed On The Website For $1990? Http://Www..Com/Womens-Eyelash- Silicone-Dramatic-E?

Shu uemura is the very best.

Question Question 19

Is This A Genuine Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler?

we do think so – its similar to the one in the shops we have actually seen, box does not seem a copy and the curler is high quality. If its not genuine its a very outstanding copy.

Question Question 20

What Makes This Brand-new Silicone Pad In A “Mushroom” Forming Better Than Routine Curlers?

we are unsure; we tossed this out due to the fact that obviously it was a knockoff and it carried out terribly.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Have you ever returned together with an ex and understand you were a moron to break up with them in the very first location? that’s what it resembles to utilize this eyelash curler once again. We had really fond memories of the shu uemura eyelash curler however chose to forgo it for about 8 years due to the fact that we could not encourage ourself it was an excellent concept to pay more than 20 dollars for an eyelash curler. This was an impulse purchase and ohh young boy am we thankful we succumbed to that shopping itch. All the reasons that we fell for it in the very first location came flooding back. Easy curl, does not strain your wrists, does not pinch your eye, the curler can actually accommodate even the small lashes on the side of the eye. It is, by far, the very best eyelash curler we have actually ever attempted. We have actually utilized the shiseido one for about a year and we would select this one over the shieseido. Typically, we have actually recognized that individuals who likes shiseido can’t use/doesn’ t like the shu uemura and vice versa. The shu uemura curler has a much deeper curve than the shiseido, so you have much deeper set eyes/double eye covers you ‘d most likely choose the shu uemura. We would absolutely buy over and over once again.

Everybody who utilizes an eyelash curler ought to understand this brand name, purchase this, and after that they will never ever utilize anything else. Formed right, feels excellent in the hand, great movement for opening and closing, and never ever pinches. We have actually never ever had it pull out a single lash. And our lashes remain curled really well. The refill is a great benefit – do not toss itout It’s been 10 years for us with our very first shu uemura. It was a present from a good friend who purchased it in europe. There’s a factor that this is the one that the designs swear by. Now, we purchased this one for our child – who is delighted with it. Simply keep in mind – you ought to not utilize an eyelash curler after mascara has actually been used. That can trigger damage, and no one desires that.

We were so pleased that had this. We utilized to get this from nordstrom which costs like $25 our company believe, so we were truly pleased to find it here for under $15 We have actually constantly liked this eyelash curler, you put on t even require mascara due to the fact that it curls truly well if you do it right. Which is precisely why we wished to get it due to the fact that we are attempting to simply utilize castor oil on our lashes to grow them out longer & thicker once again & prevent utilizing mascara. However with this curler it still sort of offers you that mascara-curl appearance if you understand what we indicate. Love it. Extremely suggest.

We have actually read such huge buzz on this eyelash curler and we are so thankful we acquired it from the shu uemura site. We did order one from a seller on and it was an overall phony. As quickly as we got this, it was lightweight. So we purchased from the shu uemura site and compared them side by side. The distinctions existed however it might just be informed if you had a real shu uemura eyelash curler to compare it to. We like this eyelash curler and would not utilize anything else. We curled our lashes as quickly as we got the genuine shu uemura eyelash curler, we didn’t utilize mascara and our lashes were remained curled. All the time. It does not pinch our skin so that was a substantial plus. We would absolutely buy this curler. From shu uemura site or a licensed seller.

Out performs our shiseido eyelash curler. It truly raises and curls well, as we tend to have huge eyes with long eyelashes that angle down towards the eye rather than curling up naturally. A terrific eyelash curler is a requirement for us, as more affordable curlers tend to either rip out our lashes or stop working to record all the lashes in the crimping procedure. A huge plus is that you do not need to look down and crimp difficult to get that ideal lift and curl, simply a light press and you are done. We are so relieved to find the ideal curler for huge broad eyes with long eyelashes, so that even the external corners are consisted of rather of getting bunched up and matted with an uncomfortable crimp.

So thankful offersthese Formerly to get this we needed to purchase straight from the maker and buy 3 at a time to prevent shipping expenses. They do use with time so they require to be changed, however they last a long period of time and after having actually utilized this brand name for several years, we are so pleased that we can get them on.

We do not understand why it took us so long to update to a quality eyelash curler. The distinction in between our old low-cost curler and this one resembles night and day. Worth every cent.

For those who declare that they purchased phony curlers: we have actually constantly been really mindful about online shopping and the one that we got was a genuine curler from seller moderate japan. Our order showed up a week prior to its earliest anticipated arrival date and the seller tossed a treat with the order (wonder how charming). Among the important things we do to ensure that it’s genuine is to make certain you understand where your product is being delivered from. We constantly opt for japanese sellers even at a somewhat greater expense due to the fact that there are really few knock-offs/fake products in japan. Korean sellers are likewise fairly respectable. If the seller is from china/hong kong/south east asia or in some cases even in the us, then you ought to most likely email or call the seller initially to ensure that you are getting a genuine product. When it comes to the curler, it is absolutely among the very best eyelash curlers you can acquire on the marketplace. Back thens we would buy curlers at daiso (japanese dollar shop) and drug shops however none lasted long or did an excellent task on curling our lashes. Since we have actually found the significance of having an excellent eyelash curler (we are asian with brief straight lashes and we would never ever use mascara without curling our lashes), we have actually adhered to anna sui. Personally we believe the quality and impacts of the shu uemura curler is simply as excellent as the anna sui one, however rate smart it’s somewhat more affordable and we think for those who choose the more advanced appearance (the anna sui one may be too “cute”??.) this is the one to go. We would put the anna sui, shu uemura and shiseido curlers all at no. 1 on our suggestion list and we personally consider them to be interchangeable. Aside from that, it’s all to individual choice, availability and rate.

When we lost and/or left in a hotel space our last shu uemura eyelash curler, we might not find a replacement in your area so we attempted another brand name. We were so dissatisfied. None other has the very same curvature as shu uemura. It simply does not pull on your eye corners or covers however easily and quickly snuggles every lash. The next finest thing and best suggested can not compare it. This one took a while to show up, however deserved the wait.

We were a bit worried purchased on because because of the evaluations mentioned that they got phony curlers. Luckily we got a genuine shu. It works incredibly and enables lots of space for modification. We have much deeper set, big eyes and had no problems getting near to the lash line.

We do not believe these are the genuine offer. Our company believe shu uemura stopped making these some time earlier. Maybe due to the fact that there are numerous knock-offs that cost a lot less. We compared this to our old one that we got straight from the shu uemura site some time earlier. It is not the very same. It is not as heavy for something. However. That being stated, it is an excellent eyelash curler. We have actually gotten knock-offs from ebay and we have actually sent them back. This is the very best we have actually discovered which is why we offered it 4 stars. It works quite well although not along with the genuine offer. We want they would make them once again.

We have asian eyelids and eyelashes and a lot of curlers do not truly fit our eyeshape well. While these curlers do not fit completely either, we have actually never ever gotten such a great curl on our lashes than we have with the shu uemura eyelash curler.

Shu uemura eyelash curlers are wayyyyyy underrated on. The makeup world understands how excellent they are, however for some factor, it’s simply not reviewed evaluations. This is the very same product we purchased years ago prior to shu uemura was ceased in the united states. Well we are thankful it’s offered on now. We got a shiseido one and a luxurious one from fuchsia line, and this one by far beats both. No pinching, and stunning uncreased curl.

This product was suggested by our sibling who is a makeup fiend. We believed it was a little bit expensive for an eyelash curler, however chose to acquire due to full marks. Well consider us now in the fan club. What a wonder tool, no skin pinching, eyelashes look stunning and curly even without mascara, sits tight (even after we wereed our face, wow). We do not truly go out completely makeup, nevertheless we are reevaluating including eyelash curling with this remarkable tool to our regimen. Do not cut corners on this, go out and get it, and you will be batting those completely curled lashes quickly.

So we have actually been browsing high and low for a curler that will actually curl our straight eyelashes. We have actually checked out that this is number 1 numerous times so we lastly chooses to spend lavishly and get it and thank god we did. Incredible. We have a really crucial pointer. Just usage water resistant mascara if you do not your lashes will weigh down and end up being straight. This eyelash curler keeps your lashes curled the whole day we are surprised astonished and pleased. Buy it.

We have actually been utilizing this eyelash curler permanently and ever and will never ever venture far from it. We are totally bummed that they do not offer it anywhere however online any longer, however has it for the very best rate we have everfound This eyelash curler curves your lashes. Not flexes or crimps them. The bar is long enough to fit around your whole lash line and get every lash you have. There is no pinching and it’s difficult to slip when you push down. We like this curler. Worth every cent and the pads last a long period of time.

Finest eyelash curler ever. Got this due to the fact that our child took mine due to the fact that it s that excellent. Fits completely on your eye without pulling lashes out or pinching.

Finest eyelash curler ever. This is by far the very best curler for all kinds of lashes. We purchased it after doing great deals of research (checking out evaluations and so on) and we were so pleased we purchased it once again. It’s uncommon for us to have a product we go back to over and over however we believe we found one. For contrast, we attempted the shiseido curler which one didn’t hold the curl at all.

This curler is simple to utilize and curls eyelashes wonderfully. After utilizing this, you will never ever return to pharmacy curlers, and it’ll last you years anyhow, so why not invest? our only problem is that the curl does not last more than a few hours, however we have actually never ever had a curler that made curls last that long anyhow. We hear it assists to warm it up under a hairdryer prior to usage; we do not due to the fact that we hesitate of burning ourself. >. < anyhow, this eyelash curler has actually been voted the very best for several years for a factor. You can not fail with it.

We truly like this.

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