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SEVEL Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner

SEVEL Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SEVEL Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner.

  • Magnetic Eyelashes – Our Magnetic Eyelash bases are the softest & most versatile you can find, and a lot easier to use than standard glue lashes. Non-toxic, odor free and mild on delicate eye locations. Quickly removable and recyclable for a number of events.
  • Magnetic Eyeliner – Our Magnetic Eyeliner consists of TINY Magnetic PARTICLES. These enable mini magnets on the Magnetic Lashes to connect and highly adhere ALL DAY
  • EASY to utilize – 1. Shake Magnetic Eyeliner well prior to each usage. 2. Draw the line and enable it to dry 2-3 minutes. 3. Use a 2nd coat of Magnetic Eyeliner and enable it to dry entirely. 4. Location Magnetic Eyelashes in an ideal area and feel the swimming pool
  • Easy to eliminate – Our Special Formula varies because it s really quickly eliminated from your skin. Utilize a damp soapy cotton or any makeup eliminator
  • REALISTIC NATURAL LOOK – Presenting an ingenious modern-day ways of crafting genuine eyelash excellence. Sevel Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes make extreme chemicals and sticky glue a distant memory, transforming the method you do your makeup

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SEVEL Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner.
Size: 25 mm Do you wish to flaunt LUXURIOUS Lashes without a pricey journey to the hair salon? Are you trying to find a mess-free, trouble-free method to immediately improve your eyelash look? Go from tiring to bombshell in minuteswith this REVOLUTIONARY Magnetic Eyelashes Package from SEVELPRODUCT INCLUDES: WATERPROOF Magnetic Liner Magnetic Eyelashes REUSABLE Magnetic Eyelashes NATURAL Look Magnetic Eyelashes NO GLUE Safe versatile holds ALL DAY EASY to utilize EASY to removeSEVEL Magnetic Liner QUICKLY cleans OFFNO makeup eliminator requiredFor a spectacular, expertly styled appearance that is COMFORTABLE to use Throughout the day LongClick CONTRIBUTE TO CART or BUY NOW today

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SEVEL Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner.

Question Question 1

We Love Our New Lashes However The Eyelash Essential Are Bit Wish For United States. Can We Reduce Them? Will It Damage Our Lash If We Cut Off One Magnet?

Thanks for your question. Yes, you can cut one magnet and reduce the base of the eyelash. This will not harm your eyelash. Furthermore, eyelashes will sit better on your eyelids and appearance likewise lovely.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Magnets On Each Of Your Eyelashes? Thanks?

Thank you for the question.There are 5 magnets on each of our Magnetic Eyelash.

Question Question 3

Is Your Eyeliner Easy To Wash Off? Do We Required Unique Makeup Cleaner?

Thank you for your question. Our Magnetic Eyeliner is resistant to water and at the exact same time it is quickly cleaned off with a damp swab.

Question Question 4

How Do You Wash Off Your Magnetic Eyeliner? We Attempted 2 Different Brands And It Was Extremely Hardto Tidy Skin Even With Makeup Cleaner.?

Thank you for your question. SEVEL Magnetic Eyelinercreated by a distinct formula and varies because it’s really quickly eliminated from your skin.You simply require to splash water on your face, wait on number of minutes and tidy your skin with light motions. Thank you for your question. SEVEL Magnetic Eyelinercreated by a distinct formula and varies because it’s really quickly eliminated from your skin.You simply require to splash water on your face, wait on number of minutes and tidy your skin with light motions. You can utilize your fingers or damp soapy cotton. Delight in.

Question Question 5

Can You Buy Eyeliner Individually, Without Eyelashes If You Required More?

Yes, we provide our Magnetic Eyelineralong with a FREE round lashes case.This lovely Present Set is on a sale, Yes, we provide our Magnetic Eyelineralong with a FREE round lashes case.This lovely Present Set is on a sale, so you can buy Magnetic Eyeliner at a really competitive priceand secure free compact case for your Magnetic Eyelashes.SEVEL Assistance Group.

Question Question 6

We Have A Question About YourEyeliner Do We Required To Use Magnetic Lashes On A Wet Line Or Better To Let It Dry?

Thank you for your question. For finest outcome, wait on Magnetic Eyeliner to dry entirely and after that use Magnetic Eyelashes on top of it. For oily eyelids utilize dry eye shadow.

Question Question 7

Can You Put Mascara Off N After Using?

Yes, you can use mascara to your own eyelashes. Some mascara will, naturally, wind up on the incorrect eyelashes, which implies you will most likely require to clean up the eyelashes prior to placing on the next time. If you desire a much heavier appearance, you most likely desire a various eyelash.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SEVEL Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Great product packaging. Cover off box offers clear and basic directions. Application was simple and comparable to other products on the marketplace. The lashes had 5 magnets on the back of each lash, making it simple to anchor them to the cover. Lashes felt safe as soon as on even when utilized with glasses. Eyeliner has a minor flower fragrance however it disappears a few minutes after application. Lashes are long however not very remarkable compared to numerous incorrect lashes.

Quick shipping – gotten in 2 days after order( routine order no prime). Quality of the product and product packaging is fantastic. Extremely elegant. Lashes itself feel natural and look natural. We utilized to get extensions-no requirement any longer, exact same look for a portion of the rate. This is not your pharmacy plastic eyelashes. Used for a complete day, even got in the rain and lashes remained in location. Buying 2 more as a christmas present.

Our impression upon opening the plan was, we actually liked the product packaging. It was so lovely. Liked that the lashes can be found in a compact mirror. So adorable. Now, after attempting the product it was really simple to place on, the eyeliner was a bit sticky initially however dryed after a while and heavy for our choice and the lashes were a bit too large and wish for daily wear however the entire appearance would look terrific for a nightout They sat tight for the time we had it on which was a few hours amount to. All in all we believe the product was great. We were happily shocked.

The product works much better than others, we have actually attempted. These magnetic eyelashes are excellent. Its been over 12 hours and we lighter hasn’t smeared and eyelashes have actually remained on. We are delighted to advise this to our good friends.

Excellent product, came really quick. Gorgeous elegant plan. We marvelled how simple was an application. We attempted many brand names prior to and it never ever worked. This one was was a quick, simple and ideal from the very first shot. We have really delicate eyes and the majority of products offer us an allergy. This one did not. Did not make our eyes scratchy or tearing. Looked beautiful using it. For us we required to cut the length a bit, otherwise was ideal. Extremely advise.

Edit: client service was fantastic and sent us 2 replacement sets. Those products up until now have actually been terrific. We have actually changed our 1 star evaluation to 4. We actually had high expect these lashes after after using them for a few hours we took them off and 2 of the magnets on among the eyelashes broke off. We were really cautious while taking the eyelashes off and they still duped. It s type of frightening believing they might have fallen under our eye.

It s terrific. Lashes remained in location. Easy to use liquid eyeliner, simple dry and after that lashes were simple to use. It did not fall off as the other customers stated. Lashes are really quite and long however for us we choose short, we wear t have a huge face that s why we needed to cut the lashes and made them much shorter. It looked so natural and complete.

So, we were doubtful. This was our very first set of magnetic lashes, we are no makeup artist, however we do enjoy to play with makeup. We enjoy the appearance of lashes, however we are not terrific with glue, and we wind up with all of it over me. Not the concern with these lashes. They integrate something we are going to do anyhow, eyeliner. If you’re bad with liquid liner, we advise practicing with shop brand name liquid liner up until you ideal it so you done waste the magnetic liner. They stick with a breeze, we move them around up until they are ideal and we have absolutely no concerns. We enjoy them. They are available in 3 sizes from day-to-day lashes to night lashes. Will absolutely buy once again.

These are remarkable. This is our very first experience with magnetic lashes and it is 100 times much easier than utilizing lashes and lash glue. We were doubtful, however the magnets actually do adhere to the liner. And they stick well. They are likewise packaged so well. Package they are available in is actually great and we enjoy the compact with the mirror to hold the lashes in.

We enjoy this product. It’s really simple to use and we enjoy that it’s not too thick and heavy as we choose our lashes to have a more natural appearance.

Our good friend suggested lashes from this seller. The lashes are so soft and look really natural. So simple to use and actually look beautiful. We enjoy our purchase. High quality product and great designe. Outstanding rate. We would absolutely advise to offer it as a present.

Absolutely an excellent alternative to glue in lashes. They are complete therefore quite.

We enjoy our brand-new lashes. Very first time magnetic user and was shocked at how simple they were to place on. We operate in a quick paced product packaging shop and didn’t have an issue with them remaining on throughout the whole day. Simply purchased our mom a set for christmas and a 2nd set for ourself.

Clear direction and direction video are really useful. These lashes come with magnetic eyeliner. There is no glue that makes them recyclable. Application is simple (succeeded from the very first shot). The lashes look really natural and the product packaging is beautiful. Vacations are around the corner and we are preparing to purchase a set as a present.

Product comes packaged well. We can quickly utilize it as a present if we please to.

Extremely natural looking eyelashes. Easy to put them on and comfy to were. We have actually not excepted it will work so well. The bases are really soft and unnoticeable as was explained. We are going advise these magnetic lashes to all our good friends.

We have not ever attempted magnetic lashes previously, and we enjoy them. We have actually invested a lots of cash on extensions, and now we do not need to lose that money any longer. We are so pleased withthese Extremely suggested.

Extremely lovely present box. Gorgeous eyelashes. We are pleased, suggested.

100% recomendado.

We enjoy these lashesthey hold really wellthey wear t damage our natural lashesvery natural light appearance.

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