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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sassi Eyelash Glue.

  • Anti – Fungi
  • Natural Extracts Included
  • Dries Rapidly
  • Water Resistant
  • Long Lasting – Holding Power

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sassi Eyelash Glue.
Size: 1 Ounce|Color: Dark Production Date revealed on Bottle

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sassi Eyelash Glue.

Question Question 1

Do They Offer The Msda Sheet For This Product?? It A Legal Declaration About Ingredients And What To Do In An Emergency Situation Scenario Or Allergy?

It does not however we have really delicate skin and this product worked completely for us we have actually utilized for nearly 3 months and we can’t grumble one bit, it last for days, we have our eyelashes on in the shower, while we work out and even when we were our face and they still remain on it works marvels.

Question Question 2

Can You Utilize This Glue For Striplashes?

No, when the glue is on the skin, it dries to a rubber texture and can quickly be wiped/pulled off. A minimum of when we attempted it however you can utilize clustered lashes with the adhesive. When you’re all set to take them off ensure to utilize something to eliminate them, do not pull them off.

Question Question 3

Hay Que Esperar Luego De Puesta En La Pestaña O Se Pone Rapido La Pestaña?

Esperar 5 segundos y poner pestaña.

Question Question 4

Whats The Appropriate Method To Eliminate Without Taking Out Natural Lashes?

we utilize neutrogena eye makeup eliminator (liquid) and q-tips. You can likewise utilize olive or coconut oil or you can attempt utilizing warm water and laying hot wash fabrics over your eyes too. This glue isn’t a trouble to remove.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Utilized For Strip Lashes? We Keep Checking Out That Everybody Utilizes This For The Extensions Or Long Use?

we utilize this for our strip eyelashes and it actually lasts overnight.we glued our lashes on Saturday and today is Wednesday and they’re still hanging on strong.

Question Question 6

Is This Formaldehyde-Free??

Yes it is

Question Question 7

Does This Glue Work Well With Person Lashes?

Yes it definitely does. we initially found this incredible things at the ISSE convention in Long Beach. we can never ever appear to find an excellent glue that has Latex any longer. Everybody constantly promotes no latex and it pissed us off due to the fact that we believe that the latex is the very best part. All the latex complimentary glues draw due to the fact that All of our eyelashes Yes it definitely does. we initially found this incredible things at the ISSE convention in Long Beach. we can never ever appear to find an excellent glue that has Latex any longer. Everybody constantly promotes no latex and it pissed us off due to the fact that we believe that the latex is the very best part. All the latex complimentary glues draw due to the fact that All of our eyelashes get ripped out when we attempt to eliminate them and they leave a crispy uncomfortable glue on our cover that is unpleasant however this glue is incredible it’s long enduring however rubbery so it’s rather great on the skin. The only thing we recommend you to look out for is your speed. This glue attempts quick so if you wait far too late you might wind up mistakenly removing the lashes nearby bc it is sticky till set. However we just utilize thisfor private lashes. we do not use strip.

Question Question 8

It’S It Water resistant?

Eyelash remain on heat an sweat an our right eye destroy alot lashes remain on.

Question Question 9

Sirve Para Pestañas De Grupito? Duraria Dos Semanas Puestas?

No, la clear no tienen mucho agarre

Question Question 10

Does This Glue Stay With Your Genuine Eyelash Hair When You Eliminate The False Lashes?

No does not stick or manage genuine lashes. Develops into rubber, making it Easy to get rid of from incorrect lashes to be recycled once again. we offer it a Thumbs up?

Question Question 11

States Water Evidence? Is It?

No not. we have actually been utilizing it for about a year. Holds quite well however leaves a shine that makes it apparent you’re using phony lashes

Question Question 12

Is This Glue Really Water Resistant?

Yes they are. we have not swam with them on however we have actually wept with them on, cleaned our face and lashes were still undamaged.

Question Question 13

We Can’T Seem To Find A Component List Anywhere. We Required To Know If The Chemical Formaldehyde Remains In This Glue?

Uncertain bout that however google product to see if it’s list it

Question Question 14

Como Se Retira?

Súper fácil, es buenísimo

Question Question 15

Do You Use To Lashes Just Or Lash Line On Cover?

Just on the incorrect eyelash line prior to application. Not on the eye cover or lash line. This glue is terrific and dries rather rapidly.

Question Question 16

Es Initial Este Producto?

Por supuesto que es initial, muy buena calidad

Question Question 17

It Doesn’T List The Ingrdients Or State It’S Latex Free. So What Are The Ingrdients And Does Is Include Latex In The List?

This is a latex based glue.

Question Question 18

Can We Utilize This For Customers That Simply Wished To Use Lashes For The Day & Eliminate Them Prior To Bed?

Yes – we find it eliminates finest with oil-based eye makeup eliminator and warm water.

Question Question 19

Can This Glue Be Utilized With Lash Strips Too?


Question Question 20

What Color Does The Glue Come Out?

Black color comes out.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sassi Eyelash Glue, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We wished to wait to compose this evaluation to offer our sincere feedback. We can truthfully state that this is the very best lash glue we have actually attempted. We utilized to utilize duo due to the fact that every other private lash glue we attempted seemed like rock tough incredibly glue however this things is magic. We have actually had our lashes on for over a week and they re still holding on and not going anywhere anytime quickly, even after getting them soaking damp every day. These wear t offer a sticky/tacky residue like duo does and it doesn t discolor. It simply remains black. Esthetically, the bottle isn’t enticing however for the cost and the durability, we are pleased we listened to the other favorable evaluations.

This glue is terrific. We enjoy it. It’s expert level eyelash glue. The exact same brand name utilized in the hair salons. It can be utilized with strip or private lashes. It goes on grey, however dries black. You just require a little. Do not glob this glue onto your lashes. We utilize a toothpick to use. You can not get rid of lashes every day with this glue. It lasts for over a week, so you will need to oversleep them. If you should eliminate your lashes prior to the glue subsides, do so by using a hot wash fabric on your eyelids for a few minutes. As warm as you can take it. Keep duplicating till glue melts. The glue melts and its bond launches as it fumes. Thoroughly and gradually peel away the eyelashes while the glue is warm. If you desire a glue that simply lasts the day, attempt duo brand name. It holds an excellent bond, and quickly comes off every day.

Do not understand what the buzz has to do with on this glue, however they do not stick. Perhaps we gotten a bad batch. We even decreased to screening on various time. Like attempting it every few minutes and 2nd and it still didn’t appear to stick on our end. We were so thrilled to attempt this and it turn out the worst glue ever. Our favorite of perpetuity that dries in 2nd and remain on like water resistant is the line “kiss” incredibly strong. Last for a few days for sure. Absolutely dissatisfied on this brand name. Hope this evaluation assisted somebody on their shopping requirements.

Ladies, this eyelash glue is strong however it will not harm your lashes as long as you are mild removing your phony lashes. We normally rub the glued location with olive oil prior to trying to get rid of the incorrect lashes as the oil softens the glue. This glue is likewise a great, strong black color that includes a great rim to your eyes in addition to the incorrect lashes. We assure that they will not fall with this glue. We never ever have actually had issues.

This glue is definitely excellent our lashes last 2 week it among the very best we utilize up until now we are bought once again.

Should have glue for semi long-term lashes. Lasts long. Not cumbersome or chunky. We get about 7-10 days out of a specific lash application w/ this glue. Our customers are simply as delighted. Will purchase once again.

We simply tired it for the very first time a few days ago. Very first time we have actually utilized this brand name. We have actually had our lashes on for 2 or 3 days now and they are still really protect like we simply put them on. The bottle is an actually excellent size. We believe we have found our brand-new glue. We have actually constantly utilized duo. With duo it s some work for us to get our lashes to remain on for a few days. We are actually delighted with this glue. We likewise got it within a number of days of bought. So yeah our brand-new preferred glue and location to buy it.

Love this things. It makes your lashes last and eliminates quickly. Drys rubbery however quick.

We enjoy this glue. It’s the only eyelash glue that we utilize, for both people and strips. We have actually paid more for less than a 1/4 of what you get in the tiniest bottle of this, and this is much better quality. It will last you throughout the day into night, strip lash-wise and we get about 2 weeks out of our private lashes as long as we do not get them too damp.

Far remarkable lash glue, we formerly utilized the ardell one and believed in your home gorgeous long-term lashes weren t for us however this product is incredible. Lasts days (3 up until now for us) without any indication of coming off anytime quickly while likewise seeming mild sufficient to be removed when we require to. No discomfort and resembles a more powerful variation of eyelash glue. Will certainly purchasing more in the future when we go through the one we purchased which won t be anytime quickly because just a percentage is required.

This is without a doubt among the very best eyelash glues. We are unsure why the other evaluations grumbled about the consistency, mine can be found in liquid type and unexpired. Will buy once again. The very best thing it drives rapidly without needing to await it to end up being ugly like other glues (duo, and so on) extremely advise.

This is the very best lash glue we have actually ever utilized. Remarkable resilience, our lashes remain on throughout the day and wear t relocation, even on completion, unless water is included, however that s not a typical thing. If used right, it s simple to gotten rid of however if you glue your falsie to your real lashes we picture it may rip some out with it due to the fact that it keeps the falsie quite stuck on there, however in our viewpoint that s an advantage, that s the type of stick we are trying to find.

We live for this product, we constantly utilize cluster lashes and this adhesive is without a doubt the best we have actually utilized. Our eyelashes never ever get pulled out when attempting to eliminate this glue. It s an ugly sensation not a tough dried plastic-y sensation. Ardell things dries tough and clumpy which s things hurts to get rid of, this things sits tight and is durable and doesn t fall off in the shower, the durability is terrificwe advise 1000%.

This holds respectable. We have actually had water sprinkled on our face and we believed it would begin getting all gooey or slip off and it didn’t. We constantly choose the color black due to the fact that the clear constantly comes out white which’s not an adorable appearance specifically if not using eye liner.

This was unclear. It was black. However it works terrific. Comes off quickly. We enjoyed it. It is available in a huge 2 oz size. We hot a number of excellent weeks utilize. Nevertheless, everytime we go to utilize it now there are huge globs that have actually rubberized. We got it september 5. It is now oct11 Its unusable theres a bit at the bottom that might potentially be utilized however we can’t get thru the dried globs.

We have actually attempted 5+ eyelash glues and this was the very best of those. Extremely comfy and can use for perhaps a day and a half at the majority of. It dries in a versatile method so its not stiff or crispy in any method. Just gripe is that any percentage of water/tears will make it come off.

We personally like this glue. It holds well and you just require a little bit. It comes off simple too. Bottle is great size. We utilize it with cut up strip lashes. There was a guide someplace online and lady in it utilized this glue. Got it based upon her suggestion and it was certainly an excellent buy.

We utilized duo believing it was the very best however we have actually been missing out onout Sassi goes on quick and last till for minutes 3 days at which point you ought to get rid of anyways. No edges stickingout Bought another one.

After utilizing various eyelash glue’s over the previous 2 years we lastly found one that works finest for us due to our extreme level of sensitivity. We would extremely advise this eyelash glue for anybody in a comparable scenario.

We enjoy this glue, we utilize it every time we use lashes. Quick drying which we enjoy.

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