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Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler with Non-Slip Finger Grip

Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler with Non-Slip Finger Grip

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler with Non-Slip Finger Grip.

  • Developed by makeup experts, this eyelash curler produces a remarkable curl, rapidly, and quickly
  • Gently-rounded pad that will not crimp, pinch, or adhere to lashes
  • Appropriate for curling bare or mascara-coated lashes without pulling and pulling
  • Finger grips for a comfy, non-slip grip while curling lashes
  • The little shapes and size are developed to fit the majority of eye shapes

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler with Non-Slip Finger Grip.
Design Call: Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler, For Significant Lash AppearanceProduct DescriptionGet beautifully upswept eyelashes with no pinching or crimping with our Extra Curl EyelashCurler It’s the ideal shapes and size to equally curl each and every lash. Developed by makeup experts, this eyelash curler produces a remarkable curl, rapidly and quickly, with a gently-rounded pad that will not crimp, pinch, or adhere to lashes, and finger grips for a comfy, non-slip grip. The little shapes and size are developed to fit the majority of eye shapes. Curls bare or mascara-coated lashes without pulling or pulling. Revlon is an international leader in cosmetics, hair color, scents, skin care, and charm careproducts Among the greatest customer brand name franchises worldwide, Revlon products are offered in over 100 nations throughout 6 continents. Revlon rejuvenated the market throughout the years with renowned nail and lip colors and with development innovation like ColorStay transfer-resistant lipstick and makeupBrand StoryBy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler with Non-Slip Finger Grip.

Question Question 1

Exists A Pad On Simply The Bottom Or Top And Bottom?

Simply the bottom and it fell out after a week of usage – NOT the Revlon quality as normal:( The finger grips fell out after the 2nd usage.

Question Question 2

Does It Fill Well To The Natural Shape Of The Eyelid?

No. It is quite basic compared to other curlers. However we simulate that you can change the plastic inserts that secure versus each other to curve your lashes.

Question Question 3

Where Can We Get Replacement Pads For This Curler?

we believe the eyelash curler came with an extra one and we likewise purchased more than one eyelash curler. we do believe they offer this kind at Kmart and perhaps walgreens though hope this assists ~

Question Question 4

Is The Pad Silicone?

It is either silicone or rubber, we can not actually inform if there is a distinction.

Question Question 5

Does Revlon Make Replacement Pads For The Finger Inserts?

Yesthey do.

Question Question 6

Do Fingers Fit?

Yes, however the grips on mine fell out after the 2nd usage. NOT the Revlon quality it utilized to be.

Question Question 7

We Have The Timeless Revlon Eyelash Curler, No Finger Grips, And The White Pads. It Is The Very Best Curler We Have Actually Ever Utilized. We Required Replacement Pads For It, Assist?.?

It was noticeably filthy, utilized and repacked so we tossed it away.

Question Question 8

Do They Offer Refill For This Lash Curler?

we are uncertain if refills are offered for sale. Nevertheless, our lash curler broke soon after we acquired it.

Question Question 9

How To Get Natural Eye Slashes With This Curlers, It Constantly Bend Our Eyelashes?

we have not had this issue with this curler.Do you believe you’re squeezing too hard?we would attempt using less pressure and seeing if that assists.

Question Question 10

Could You Utilize Any Pads With This?

we sanctuary t attempted others.

Question Question 11

Exists A Replacement Load Of The Red Rubber Pad Particularly Produced This Curler?

Have not seen any.we would think more $$ are made on the curler

Question Question 12

Does It Fit With Asian Eyes?

we are half Asain, yes we believe so.

Question Question 13

Does This Curler Have A Spring? I Can T Distinguish The Images?

No it doesn t have any Springs

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler with Non-Slip Finger Grip, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Pros: the red rubber bottom lasts a long period of time prior to it crevices in. Our eyelashes look substantial after curling. The opening of the curler is big and can fit all our eyelashes. We have actually utilized greater priced curlers with little mouths, and it’s extremely agitating to attempt to angle and attempt to fit all our lashes in there at the same time. Cons: it can crimp your eyelashes rather than provide that natural curl. We have actually mastered this curler so we understand the depth, angle, and pressure required to make our lashes curl rather than crimp, however simply understand you may wind up needing to establish a sense for this. The red rubber bottom does not completely extend from end to end, so we find we need to move it from one side to the other when we change to the next eye, otherwise the lashes at the edges of our eyes do not get curled. There is a metal “cap” on each edge at the top of the curler. Often, an edge eyelash can get captured in between the metal rod and cap here and it harms like hell to attempt to take itout And ideally you do not lose the eyelash while doing so. In conclusion, we have factors to enjoy this curler however after utilizing it for months, however we have actually detected a couple gripes with it. However it’s still our go-to curler.

** disclaimer, we are asian with asian eyes. This curler has a deep curve that does not fit our eye appropriately. ** that being stated, we just utilize this for the red curler pad for our shiseido curler. Odd we understand. Lol. We purchased this on an impulse at ulta face to face and the cashier stated it was excellent. We do think her however regrettably the deepness of the curve does not permit the curler to fit our eye shape:( so rather of calling it an overall loss, we utilized the pad for our shiseido and gradually recognized the quality of the pad was incredible. After 6-7 months, the pad split in the middle like any other ones do and we needed a replacement. We purchased low-cost replacement pads and we truthfully seemed like it was so poor quality it was deteriorating our eyelashes and we can inform they were significantly more sporadic than prior to we changed the revlon pad. We browsed and browsed and simply chose to return to purchasing the whole set so we can have the pads. So if your eyes fit this curler, we suggest you provide this a shot. As soon as we require brand-new pads we will for sure repurchase.

This is the very best we have actually ever attempted. We have had a number of throughout the years. This one simply fits right over the hairs. It won t pinch the eyelids or it s not too long and it can t get the lash. You can get it actually close in and it has the correct amount of a curve to it. We attempted others and constantly get this gold one it s our preferred or just one we utilize.

We required to change our eyelash curler that had actually begun to rust. We acquired this and was actually satisfied with the quality, offered the rate. We would certainly suggest this product.

We have decently long lashes that stick directly down. This is the only curler that gets them all without pinching and holds a curl. Mind you, our lashes stick directly down, so typically how we use mascara is somewhat various. We curl them for a few seconds, use an extremely thin coat of mascara, let it dry, carefully curl once again, and brush through with a spooly and they hold a curl throughout the day.

Can t beat the rate, we have actually been searching for a curler that actually presses your lashes up. We had an older revlon one from 10+ years ago they simply put on t make any longer and went through numerous brand names however simply wouldn t provide the exact same curl. Chosen to provide this one a go despite the fact that it looked absolutely nothing like our old one and it s nearly precisely the exact same gorgeous severe curl. We have actually almond shaped eyes with longer lashes and it get every lash into the curler. Terrific style.

This is our very first eyelash curler. We are brand-new to makeup things and we do not wish to invest a lot on an eyelash curler. This was on the more affordable side however works actually excellent. We have actually been utilizing it a minimum of as soon as a week and it still works fine. Its simple to utilize, really light, and it provides you natural eyelash curl. In the image we didn’t see about an extra rubber however we believed im paying so low-cost so we can’t actually grumble. However to our surprise it consists of an extra rubber. For the rate, its a fantastic product.

This curls our lashes well. Our only problem is the black color makes it tough to see the lashes, unless you have really light lashes. Revlon must think about altering the color to a metal or a lighter color. Does not pinch.

Functions excellent. It s never ever pinched our eyelids, and it s comfy to hold. Pointer to curl more successfully: hold a lighter to the metal part (not rubber) of the curler for 3 seconds, then curl your lashes. It must be warm to touch, never ever hot. Including heat to it holds the curl a lot longer. This is a more affordable alternative than purchasing a heated lash curler lol.

This little person has actually been through a lot. Our 3 yo frequently takes it and utilizes it to cut all sorts of things like putty and play-doh. He even took the little rubber pieces however we found them and it’s great as brand-new once again. We actually didn’t understand curling your eyelashes was still a thing considering that we had not owned among these considering that high school. Now we enjoy it and utilize it daily. If we can find it.

It was tough getting usage to holding it due to the fact that it is really light-weight. In the beginning we nearly quit on it we get utilize to utilizing something all these years and wam. We did continue with it and now we like it alot. Order it and see what you believe it is likewise really low priced so it deserves the cash. Simply keep in mind when you put it to your eye how light it is.

Love this lash curler. We have straight horse lashes and the corners actually are down. This lash curler has a various shape from other curlers and assists our lashes entirely curl. Definitely enjoy it and will acquire more to have as a back up.

Nice, strong sensation lash curler. They are appealing and appeared to work appropriately. Our eyes are bit little and these weren t too huge and didn’t pinch our skin the method some have. We did choose to provide these to our niece due to the fact that our lashes are currently a bit curley and we wind up with our lashes pointing directly.

If you have deep set eyes, this may work well for you. It works much better for us than the standard shape of curlers out there. We became aware of this from a youtube video evaluation of eyelash curlers for deep set eyes. It adheres much better to the curve of our eyelid because it is flatter. Other curlers would pinch the inner or external part of our lid/lashes. Likewise, rather of being straight throughout, it curves up in the middle. In general simply works excellent for our deep set eyes.

We are not a huge eyelash curler user, felt they didn’t do anything for our lashes however believed we would provide this one shot due to the fact that among our preferred ig influencers advised it lol. We have long lashes however they grow straightout We wished to buy a product like this being that lash lifting or extensions can be costly. This product is comfy to hold and install versus our eye (we were frightened id capture an eyelid), however it’s very simple to utilize. Guidelines state to hold it for 10 seconds each eye, we like to do that two times on each eye (felt it offered us the most obvious outcomes). A little mascara and hi lashes. Absolutely suggest.

Terrific worth for cash. Functions extremely well, we are particular when it pertains to eyelash curlers as numerous do not deal with our straight lashes. This one and shiseido are excellent. Gradually it uses somewhat in hinges, and plastic insert nevertheless we do suggest this product.

First, other customers are proper that what is imagined is not what you’ll get. The shape is various, the manages aren’t the exact same shape, the pads are silicon rather than the rubber we’re utilized to, and so on. It tossed us for a minute. However then we utilized the curlers. We have actually utilized revlon lash curlers for as long as we can keep in mind and enjoy them. This actually curls our lashes better than all the ones we have actually formerly owned so we do not care that they aren’t what is imagined. We do not understand if it’s the somewhat bent shape, the bigger head, the silicone pads, or what, however our lashes are entirely curled – great sweep-up result – and the curl appears to remain a lot longer. We extremely suggest them.

Excellent curler. Functions excellent. Not exactly sure why there was a “subscribe and save” alternative. We cant keep in mind the last time we required to acquire a curler.

We recognized after about the 3rd shop that nobody brings eyelash curlers any longer. Not everybody uses phony eyelashes. Anyhow. We found the brand name we desired at a low rate. This is precisely what we were searching for. It curls simply enough, and we didn’t lose a lot of lashes like we did with the last one we purchased. Revlon is def a fantastic brand name out there.

So stopped working to curl other than after we utilized mascara hoping it will be better or will change it like the appearance likewise did not come with replacement for the plastic piece.

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