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Nimiah Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit

Nimiah Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nimiah Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit.

  • MAGNETIC EYELASHES & EYELINER: This kit consist of magnetic eyeliner and incorrect lash which can offer thicker, longer, beautiful eyelashes that you are constantly yearning for
  • EASY TO USAGE: No unique abilities or makeup artist required, simply use the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner, Wait a few minutes for it to end up being ugly and then use the magnetic eyelash on top of it
  • NATURAL LOOKING: A little modifications of your eyes can make a terrific distinction, this magnetic eyelash kit can be the subtle modification that make your eyes end up being vivider, largerand more stunning
  • STRONG STICKNESS & LONG-LASTING: The eyelashes include 5 strong magnets each while the eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles inside its formula, which can offer strong stickness and keep your whole appearance from day to night with few touch
  • PORTABLE & REUSABLE STYLE: Our best kit for eye makeup consists of mirror, eyeliner and eyelashes, you can take the little case go anywhere; the greatest and finest eyelashes can support multiple-use sometimes, the magnetic eyeliner likewise can be utilized as regular eyeliner

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nimiah Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nimiah Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit.

Question Question 1

Will It Fall Off Quickly?

No, this magnetic eyelash is comprised of 5 magnetic super-small magnets, which are excellent in adsorption and will not fall quickly.

Question Question 2

Do We Required Glue To Stick The False Eyelash?

thanks for your asking. You do not require glue to stick thefalse eyelash, this is magnetic eyelash, you just require to use the eyeliner and it can assist stick the eyelash to your eyes.

Question Question 3

How Can Resolve Our Lashes Wouldn’T Stick?

You require to draw a thick layer of the liner to make the magnetic mascara stick on.

Question Question 4

Somebody Who Has Tried The Magnetic Eyeliner And Magnetic Lashes?

Yes, we attempted them, the magnetic liquid eyeliner with the lashes can attain a natural appearance.

Question Question 5

What Color Are These Magnetic Eyelashes?

They are Black.

Question Question 6

It Is Recyclable And Can Be Recycled?

Sure, these magnetic lashes connect so quickly to the magnetic eyeliner and can be recycled loads of times, simply tidy the magnets off after each usage.

Question Question 7

We Would Like To Know If We Can Put Mascara On The Magnetic Lashes?

we suggesst to put just a little mascara to make they darken and they can mix well with incorrect eyelashes.

Question Question 8

Does It Easy To Clean?

Yes. simply utilize the regular makeup eliminator to eliminate it in seconds.

Question Question 9

We Had Actually Never Ever Attempted Magnetic Eyelashes Prior To. How To Use?

You simply utilize the magnetic eyeliner as you would routine eyeliner and then put the magnetic eyelashes on the magnetic eyeliner and there you go.

Question Question 10

There Consists Of 2 Various Pairs Of Eyelashes?

The 2 sets magnetic eyelashes are the very same size without distinction.

Question Question 11

Is It Possible That We Can Cut Them If The Length Of The Magnetic Eyelashes Not Ideal For United States?

Obviously, you can cut the eyelashes according to the size of your eyes and the length you desire.

Question Question 12

Can We Utilize The Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes On While Swimming?

No, you can’t swim with them on, we advise to eliminate it prior to siwmming.

Question Question 13

We Don’T Normally Use Magenetic Eyelashes However Wished To Undertake, Will It Be Challenging To Utilize?

Really basic to utilize, we simply utilized the magnetic eyeliner and await it to dry and then put the magnetic eyelash strip over

Question Question 14

Are The Magnets Strong Enough??

The magnetic eyelashes remain in location all the time even we used them on among the windiest days.

Question Question 15

Are The False Eyelashes Flexible?

Yes, they are versatile and can flex it to fit your genuine eyelashes when use it.

Question Question 16

How Can We Understand Which Side We Put In?

Examine and put the much shorter side in towards the corner of the eyes, the longer one towards the external edge of the eyes.

Question Question 17

How Is The Impact? Natural Appearance Or A Celebration Look?

These lashes can be trimed and customized as you like, it can offer everyday appearance likewise can offer a celebration appearance according to your requirements.

Question Question 18

The Number Of Lashes Come?

2 great deals of lashes showed up. They are bit fiddly, specifically at either ends. However if you have the time, practice makes best, and believe they will be terrific. Let the magnetic liner end up being a bit ugly prior to attempting to use the lashes.

Question Question 19

Eyelashes Are Made Withhuman Hair?

No, they’re artificial.

Question Question 20

Does These Magnetic Eyelashes Can Be Cut Or Trim?

Yes, the incorrect eyelashes can be cut.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nimiah Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We enjoy. Love. Love. These eyelashes. They was available in a really great product packaging. Ive constantly wished to utilize lashes however we have found it hard with the glue and positioning. Howeverthese Are the simplest thing ever. The eyeliner resembles a felt idea and simply moves on and positioning the lash was extremely simple. Really really pleased with this buy.


Love these lashes. Simply what we were trying to find. Absolutely will be purchasing more.

If you have thin eyelashes and desire a fuller appearance these are outstanding. It took us a bit to get the eye liner on however the lashes simply pop on and off without any glue. So simple to utilize and reuse. Easy to wipe confront with regular makeup eliminator. Didn’t aggravate our eyes, no rashes, no blurred vision no glue on our eyelashes. In general, works as marketed and simple to utilize.

Love love love. There is absolutely nothing bad about this product. Our kid utilized them for dance efficiency and they are struck. Easy to utilize and get rid of, so she is not stuck to them all the time. Super resilient and simple to tidy. Eye liner is smooth and resilient too. Terrific product even the case it included is quite cool.

These are terrific and extremely simple to use. All you need to do is draw the eye liner and ensure to draw it type of long and the eye lashes stick right to it. We simply wasn t a fan of for how long they were.

We enjoy how simple this product is to utilize, makes falsies soo a lot easier. The something we would alter is using length choices, nevertheless that is relatively simple to get rid of. What we did was see a youtube video on how to cut incorrect lashes (its comparable to feathering bangs). After cutting them to fit our eye length better we definitely enjoy them and will most likely buy another set when im completed this one. In general, yay terrific product.

Easy to use and last all the time. Takes a little practice and we cut my own. Complete guidelines on how to use. Pretty display screen in package and enjoy the rose gold surface.

Perfectas muy bonitas y fácil de poner y de quitar us las puse por 12 horas y no us dieron ningun problema el delineador se quita fácil con agua tibia muy muy bonitas.

Great product.

For a newbie really simple to use liner and lashes. Took simply a few minutes to get it right. Didnt utilize the tweezers. Excessive inconvenience.

Easy to use.

We never ever use incorrect eyelashes, however after hearing all the buzz about these, we simply needed to attempt them. And ridiculous me, we believed that it would be terrific to use them to our very first elegant celebration without ever attempting them ahead of time. Huge error. We flubbed the eyeliner awfully by putting excessive on. We most likely might have had metal secrets stayed with our eyes with the quantity of magnetic liner that we wound up utilizing. When we handled to get that tidied up to a good status, we then attempted to put the lashes on – forty minutes later on, we lastly got them on and figured out that putting the magnetic eye liner on the bottom eyelid, is not the method to keep the lashes just on the leading eyelid. The darn things kept sticking and everytime we blinked, we would need to think where the lashes would wind up next. We never ever did use them out that night. However we have actually now figured it out, and it’s actually quite simple to use. As ridiculous as we feel, we are positive that the next time we wish to use them, we will absolutely be a pro at using them.

We were really thinking about the concept of the magnetic lashes after problems we had with glues and these turned out to be really quite lashes. However they were not used by me. It turned out that these worked out finest when our most best and eye-lashed granddaughter used them. These did not work well up until an individual who who was experienced with her sis’s and our lashes. She is talented. We enjoy her. She is best. High stunning and blonde. Talented. She understands how these works and she never ever as soon as poked us in the eye. Applied by the best individual, they work.

We marvel these worked. We used the magnetic eyeliner and then connected the eyelashes. It was really basic and simple to use. The only thing is it doesn t have a strong hold (simple to come off). We needed to be conscious about that.

These falsies are without a doubt the simplest to place on. They re simply the leading area of magnetic lashes and included an unique magnetic liquid liner. You make use of a liner line, let it dry, and use the lash. Pros: simplest falsies to applynice presentationeasy to cut to sizelong lastingcons: this specific set is method too remarkable trying to find everyday usethe magnets make the lashes heavythe liner requires a thinner tipped brush since it goes on type of thick.

We were really stunned at how well these lashes actually worked. We have actually seen the magnetic lasers hall over however constantly believed they were a scam lol. We more than happy we got to attemptthese You do require to draw a thick line with the liner and they are little long and a little too remarkable fir our taste so we may cut them down. We are waiting to attempt them on a night out to evaluate their enduring power however this is an actually stunning lash set.

Long thick lashes. Functions perfectly with 3 passes of the liner. We cut the lashes down simply a little since it was a touch too remarkable for us however they’re still beautiful. Super simple for novices and excellent discussion.

When you utilize this product, ensure you check out all the instructions well. Like the number of coats of liner to utilize prior to you put the lashes on. And after that how to use the lashes correctly. The magnets truly assist them remain on well. You will be amazed.

Yes. Was the very best present for our sweetheart. She enjoyed how simple and flirty they were. She mentions simple to place on and enjoyed the plan.

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