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Nichiban Eyelash Extensions Tape

Nichiban Eyelash Extensions Tape

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    Hypoallergenic and latex complimentary, soft flex tape for lashing. Comfy for your customers. Utilize this tape to cover the lower lashes and safe and secure eye spots from moving throughout lash application. This tape can be cut quickly by hand, no requirement for tape cutter. Mild adhesive won t pull on the skin and will eliminate without inflammation. This tape enables you to see your customers eyelashes better with any lighting (low light or brilliant). They can stand up to customers with medium oily skin. They do stagnate throughout service.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Question Question 1

    Does Anybody Know If This Tape Gets Stuck To The Bottom Lashes?

    we utilize a under eye pad initially and after that this tape after. It s actually truly excellent particularly if you have customers who have lighter lashes.

    Question Question 2

    The Number Of Rolls Of Tape Does This Feature?

    One roll. To get more rolls per order increase the amount.

    Question Question 3

    Is This Tape Or Gel Pads? Photo Reveals Gel Pads?

    It s tape. we have actually purchased numerous rolls & utilize this tape to hold down lower lashes for using lash extensions.our preferred tape.White with pores for skin breathing & tight hold.

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    Love this tape. It s so excellent. We wouldn t return to any other product. We utilize this tape for each customer. The reality that it s so simple to simply detach as much as we require is excellent.

    Incredible tape for eyelash extensions for those challenging bottoms that find their method thru the eye pads. Love that it s lint complimentary too.

    Love how thin the tape is and versatility.

    Love it. Easy to eliminate from skin without much pulling. Likewise like that it s very white.

    These are the very best. Extremely white.

    The very best for under eye when doing eyelashes.

    Good product and excellent quality, extremely suggest this for lash extensions. Our only grumble is how little this is. There’s no procedures info and the photo looks much bigger than it is.

    Last update on 2021-03-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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