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MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler.

  • MUJI portable eyelash curler.
  • Consisted of one refill rubber.
  • Body: Made in Japan, Rubber: Made in China.

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More Info:

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Size: Standart|ESSENTIAL NOTIFICATION|Produced Japan market and in a Japanese retail plan. Handbook( s) remains in Japanese just.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler.

Question Question 1

Does It Include Pad Refill?

Mine did not

Question Question 2

Would You Advise This Product To Somebody Wanting To Curl False Lashes?

Most Likely not since it s not that strong of a curler. we would utilize a metal curler rather than a plastic one for artificial lashes.

Question Question 3

We Read This Functions Well For Brief Lashes And Asian Eyes, Which Is Amazing. However Does This Likewise Curl Synthetic/False Lashes Too?

Don t understand, since we have never ever use synthetic/false lashes.

Question Question 4

What Is The Size Of This?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Years earlier, our sis and we purchased a comparable curler from a $1. 50 shop and we understood it curled method better than the typical full-sized metal ones. Well, we no longer had a travel sized one and chose to search for one on. Appearances and behold. This plastic curler likewise holds the curl better than the 2 metal ones we currently have. Our lashes are incredibly persistent, long, and directly as a board. Absolutely nothing might keep these children up. Then this entered our life. Even without mascara, our lashes held the curl. Yes, actually. Will you’re when we curl with this and utilize mascara as it may weigh our lashes down.

We have actually constantly utilized those common metal eyelash curlers and have actually constantly been dissatisfied with how frequently we needed to alter out the rubber strips and how uncomfortable they are to take a trip with. So, looking for alternate eyelash curlers and after a few trials, we lastly encountered this muji portable eyelash curler and it is excellent. We have asian eyes with epicanthic fold (you can look that up if you are not acquainted with that term) and this curler works exceptionally well for us. We initially curl our lashes then utilize a light coat of mascara. The curl lasts all the time and our eyelashes snuggle and out from under our eyelids. Been utilizing daily considering that we acquired it in june 2018 and no indications of requiring to alter the rubber strip yet. Included perks to me: 1) the clear white plastic lets us see precisely where our lashes and eyelids are, so it’s really precise. 2) this eyelash curler is really simple to take in our cosmetic bag for travel. It uses up really little area and isn’t at all uncomfortable like those metal curlers are. We extremely advise this product.

This is without a doubt our preferred eyelash curler. It works well for asian eye shapes and much shorter lashes. We have actually attempted many various brand names of eyelash curlers and this is the very first one that does not pinch and likewise gets even our quickest lashes. We utilize this eyelash curler together with kiss me heroine make long mascara and it has actually done marvels for our eyelashes. It is small and compact so it works excellent for daily usage and travel. We have actually been utilizing it for numerous months now and when we require to change in the future, we would absolutely buy this once again.

It is the very best eyelash curler we have actually ever utilized. We do have the shiseido one and the shu uemura one. However this muji one beat them.

We enjoy it. Easy to put in our cosmetics bag for taking a trip. We are actually replacing it for our other genuine curler. Really appropriate for asian eye shapes.

It absolutely works however is a little ill to get up versus the bottom of your lashes. Our child needed to reveal us how to utilize it lol. However it’s actually really creative and has a lever that takes down to run the smashy part so simply for that style they should have a shot. It’s fantastic to have something that suits your handbag quickly. Lastly some engineering upgrading the old curlers from the 1950 s? any place we go anyhow. It’s plastic and it’s too thick or our just 2 objections otherwise this would be the only one we would ever utilize not simply for travel.

We had actually utilized the laura mercier variation of this design of eyelash curler and was pleased. After a while, the spring quits working in the laura mercier and the spring lasted longer in the muji. Likewise, the lighter color of the muji plastic makes it much easier to see our eyelashes. We are on here to purchase a 2nd one.

We utilize this as our every-day curler. We find it much easier to place and less most likely to pinch. We would advise it.

Without a doubt our preferred eyelash curler ever. We personally feel that our eyelashes curl faster and remain curled all the time or perhaps 2. Have actually suggested to buddies and they enjoy it too.

We have brief lashes. This captures all the little hairs at the edges of our eyes. We might never ever steer a basic eyelash curler into simply the ideal position to capture all the little hairs without pinching our eyelid. This is much easier to deal with. Some remarks state that product is sharp, nevertheless we believe the style is excellent. Its not essential to push really tough to get a good outcome. Absolutely take your time to line things up right and do not hurry when squeezing together and you’ll absolutely get perfectly curled lashes.

We have not pinched our eyelashes yet, however this works excellent. We are uncertain how others have actually broken it, however this appears to curl fine. Super compact, best for travel. We take a trip with simply a knapsack, so it’s great to have something so compact.

This is by far the very best eyelash curler we have actually ever utilized. It curls our lashes well every time. It does not push securely versus our face or pinch and pull hair or skin. We are asian and most eyelash curlers are not friendly. They injure and they crimp our eyelashes and pull them out and miss out on some of our lashes, and so on. This eyelash curler is seriously such a relief to me. We are so pleased to have come across it and we believe you will be too.?.

Love love love this eyelash curler. We have brief asian lashes and this one actually assists us get a fantastic curl, near to the lash line, and we wear t lose any lashes. We likewise enjoyed the one by japonesque, however it was method more pricy and broke just after a few months. This is such a fantastic cost point.

We extremely advise this curler, in spite of its appearances, to anybody with asian lashes and has problem utilizing a standard eyelash curler. We were trying to find an eyelash curler like this one since our sis had actually purchased one in thailand that was comparable. Although hers was stronger, this one works better on capturing the lashes. In the past, we found it actually challenging to curl our lashes with basic curlers however when we utilized this one, it was basic and we quickly had the ability to curl our lashes.

We choose portable eyelash curlers versus the standard ones since they suit comprise bags a lot much easier. Up until now we have not had any issues with this one breaking on me, despite the fact that we have actually dropped it on the ground numerous times. We would not state it’s exceptionally long lasting cause it is plastic and we can see how dropping it a lot would trigger it to break. Our lashes keep up all the time and even after we eliminate our makeup.

Seems more powerful than our other mini-curlers that break so quickly. We like it. Functions well on our scandinavian eyes.

Completely curled our straight lashes. And it lasts. We have actually never ever had a eyelash curler work this well. We have actually attempted many and this one is the very best. (a few we attempted: tarte, sephora, many offered ones on ).

Low-cost and reliable.

Really reliable and long lasting. We have had comparable curlers prior to, however this one lasts a lot longer without the inner plastic using down and breaking within a few months. The “springiness” lasts and it seems like brand-new.

This is the coolest little gizmo. We completely think it works better than a full-size eyelash curler and is definitely more portable. Extremely advise. Includes extra rubber replacement integrated in. Merely genius style.

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