MIRALASH is the result of work of many specialists who have many years of research worked on a unique formula to create the highest quality product.

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MIRALASH has been subjected to rigorous testing by inermatological and ophthalmic experts. Tests have confirmed that the active substances contained in the formula lengthen and thicken lashes and prevent hair loss process.

The Test That Has Been Made On Women Ranging Between 20-50 Years Showed:

  • 82% of respondents noted that their lashes are stronger
  • 81% fuller lashes after 4 weeks
  • 86% longer lashes after 4 weeks
  • 76% of respondents noticed a smaller loss of eyelashes
  • 100% of our customers have not seen any side effects

Main MIRALASH Activities Are:

extension, strengthening and thickening of eyelashes and ensuring rapid recovery and regeneration lashes. Safety and reliability of this process makes MIRALASH a true leader in its industry.

The quality of the product and its unique features has contributed to the great popularity of the product, because more than a million women use MIRALASH. The unusual properties are also appreciated by specialists. Experts confirm the effectiveness of sensational formula

How Does It Work?

Eyelash growth phase is about 30 days. It’s not enough to make eyelashes long and thick. The advanced formula of MIRALASH works in such a way that accelerates the natural eyelash growth, further strengthening them from the base. Because of that eyelashes become long and strong.

Serum MIRALASH also contains a formula whereby conditioner to prevent loss of eyelashes, which is extremely important both in the initial period of application and later for maximum density.

To be able to fully exploit the potential MIRALASH – use conditioner once a day, preferably in the evening after washing off makeup. Serum should be applied by putting it on the upper eyelid lash line. One bottle MIRALASH includes a handy applicator with 3ml conditioner. This amount is enough for 4-5 months of daily use.

In order to consolidate the results you are free to extend the treatment. Longer Eyelashes play a key role in protecting your eyes. They provide health and prevent them from entering the eye of foreign bodies such as dust and pollen. Therefore, long eyelashes need something more.

Thick eyelashes are the complement that gives a great look and a more effective protection of the eye. Long eyelashes are a dream of every woman. Thanks to specially selected ingredients guarantee that the lashes start to grow after the first weeks of MIRALASH. After 4 weeks your lashes significantly lengthen. And all this without any side effects due to the natural extracts and carefully selected ingredients.

Let us surprise you and let your lashes have become shapes which each celebrity dreams. Stronger than ever Thanks to the biotin contained in the product to stop your eyelashes fall out, they will become more flexible and lubricated by what stop to break. Specially selected ingredients conditioner MIRALASH stimulates the growth of eyelashes and slows down their loss.

MIRALASH has been enriched with natural extracts, among others, ginseng and nettle in order to provide additional protection for the skin around the eyes of one of the most sensitive places.

It is worth remembering that, with this nutrient will improve not only your appearance but also the health of your lashes. No need to fear for their state, conditioner gives them everything you need.

MIRALASH effectively regenerates eyelashes, unlike other preparations does not destroy the natural structure. In order to ensure complete safety, preparation formula has been enriched with natural extracts. Ginseng extract cleanses the skin and restores its suppleness and elasticity also anti-inflammatory.

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