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MetaLash Reviews: The Truth About the Lash-Growing Mascara

The most expressive components of the face area are the eyes. Many people love to get attention by enhancing their lashes and brows. One of the most popular eyelash enhancers, MetaLash, is promised by its manufacturers to be completely safe as well as effective, but should you trust them?

Thanks to innovations in ingredients and the approval of the FDA, MetaLash eyelash enhancers are becoming an increasingly popular way to grow longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes.

What Exactly Is MetaLash?

MetaLash is an excellent eyelash enhancement serum which promises fuller and even longer lashes within weeks of good use.

MetaLash’s Powerful Formula

MetaLash can only be as safe as its most powerful ingredient.

SymPeptide 226EL

SymPeptide 226EL can help stimulate the growth of new lashes, as well as cause older ones to grow longer.


It increases the production of keratin in the hair follicle, giving you more of the “building blocks” that are essential to healthy hair growth.


Vecorexin makes sure that each ingredient quickly penetrates the skin and hair, without getting rubbed or washed away.


Strengthens and nourishes eyelashes to prevent breakage.


Seals in moisture, as well as helps to increase the elasticity of the hair’s cortex, preventing premature loss of hair.


It prevents any irritation by calming and soothing the skin along the lash line.

So, Are MetaLash Ingredients Safe?

MetaLash uses all-natural ingredients to stimulate the growth and repair of eyelashes. After taking a closer look at its formula, it is clear that not only will these ingredients help promote thicker, longer lashes, but it will do so without any side effects.

With clinically proven peptides and powerful, yet gentle, moisturizing ingredients such as biotin and allantoin, MetaLash definitely appears to be a safe solution for getting amazing results.

What Do Users Think About MetaLash Side Effects?

As much as a safe formula matters when you are trying to evaluate a product, you can’t completely judge a formula by its label. Unlike many eyelash enhancers, the users of MetaLash don’t complain of irritated skin or the darkening of eyelids/irises. Nor have there been any reports of MetaLash’s formula causing stinging and burning of the eyes when you get your face wet, like there are with so many other eyelash enhancers.

How Do You Use MetaLash?

The makers of MetaLash recommend applying this product directly to your eyelash line once a day regularly for at least two weeks, with full results in 4-6 weeks.

Each bottle of MetaLash will last you about a month, with daily application, which means that you will most likely want to use at least two bottles to make sure that you see optimal growth.

Where Can You Buy MetaLash Online?

The most reliable option is to buy MetaLash from official retailers who back their products with 100% money-back guarantees. MetaLash is available to purchase from a wide variety of online sellers and vendors, and if you act fast, you can find great deals and discounts when you purchase MetaLash.


To get wonderful, smooth, thick and good-looking eyelashes and brows, MetaLash is the only solution that amazing works for you.