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Mangold Eyelash Extension Kits

Mangold Eyelash Extension Kits

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mangold Eyelash Extension Kits.

  • 1. THE TOTAL SET TAILORED FOR YOU -Utilizing five-point practice seclusion paper can find out eyelash seclusion rapidly and quickly, tidy cotton bud, eyelash comb, implanting ring, gasket and tape for eyelash extension practice, complimentary admission bag can keep your eyelash extensions tools well so regarding prevent losing
  • 2. EYELASH EXTENSION PRACTICE TOOL SET – Mannequin head is smooth, practical surface area texture and simulative of human skin, which will be more practical to practice, the hole of the mannequin head on the back can be quickly repair on the mannequin holder or clamp, can likewise be utilized with any holder for upright usage
  • 3. A FANTASTIC PRESENT AND ENJOYABLE TO DEAL WITH – Have a good time while practicing lash application strategies that you will utilize for the rest of your profession. This set will make you fall in love once again and once again with producing lovely eyelashes. You will find out how to include lots of volume to lashes with excellence. Do not choose any other lash package, make eyelash extensions application the very best possible experience it can be.
  • 4. HASSLE-FREE TO PRACTICE – offered in 2pcs various kind of tweezers, various circumstances with various tweezers, extremely simple to use the eyelashes, the adequate variety of 2 various incorrect eyelashes suffices for your everyday practice
  • 5. FANTASTIC PRESENT – An excellent doll present for your child, cosmetology trainees, massagist and female to practice comprising or facial massage

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mangold Eyelash Extension Kits.
Description: Product Type: Eyelash Extension Set Service Life: 3 years Bundle Weight: App 1020 g Bundle Consisted Of: 1. 1pc x Makeup Mannequin Head 2. 1pc x Digital Eye Stickers 3. 5pairs x False Eyelash 4. 1Box12 Row x Person Eyelashes 10 mm 5. 1Box x Cluster Eyelashes 6. 1pc x Straight Tweezers 7. 1pc x Curve Tweezers 8. 3pcs x Mini Eyelash Brush 9. 1pc x Air Puffer Blower (For drying)10 1pc x Scissors11 10 pcs x Non reusable Cotton bud12 1pc x Eyelash Glue Eliminator 5g13 1pc x Eyelash Cleaner14 1pc x Eyelash Adhesive 10 ml (Odorous)15 1pc x Eyelash Extension Eye Spot16 1pc x Tape17 2pc x Glue Ring Formed Holder18 1pc x Makeup Bag19 1pc x Eyelash Glue Holder Caution: Customers eyes should be kept closed throughout the whole application treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mangold Eyelash Extension Kits.

Question Question 1

Can We Utilize It For Face Painting??

You can’t find out every aspect of Makeup with this Head.Excellent Mannequin we like it

Question Question 2

Is This Product Easy To Tidy Makeup And Glue Off?

Usage Ponds makeup eliminator

Question Question 3

Does It Work Well With Powder Makeup? What Mannequin Stand Is Recommended?

It works actually well with makeup powders.

Question Question 4

What S The Glass Piece For?

The glass piece for glue or place on it eyelashes.

Our Insights:

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Love it.

Liked it.

Excellent and premium package. This was an excellent purchase.

It was bargain for this cost.

Respectable and we have actually been practice for a month currently. We believe this is great enough for the newbies:-RRB-.

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