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Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva.

  • MAGNETIC EYELASHES – We understand that many people who wish to utilize magnetic eyelashes desire thicker, longer and cooler eyelashes. These Aliceva eyelashes will bring you the appeal you desire.
  • 10 PAIRS OF UNIQUE STYLE – We provide 10 various eyelashes of 4 natural, 3 celebration & weding and 3 day-to-day designs. You can develop gorgeous and terrific eyelashes in any conference and regular you participate in.
  • LONG-TERM, REUSABLE – It can recycle lot of times considering that the hairs of incorrect eyelashes are all the strong and resilient, and our eyeliner is made with a more powerful formula than other magnetic eye liners.
  • EASY TO USAGE – First, shake the liquid eyeliner about 15 times to blend the contents well. Then use the magnet eyeliner to the eyelids and await a few minutes to dry. Lastly, location your eyelashes on the eyeliner with a tool.
  • MAGNETIC EYELINER – Our magnetic eyelashes set features a high quality eyeliner which contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that permit the magnetic eyelash to quickly link.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva.
Aliceva magnetic eyelashes utilize ultra-fine magnetic particles, so they will safeguard you from the stress and anxiety that your eyelashes might fall off. And utilizing 10 various designs of eyelashes, you can assist develop your own appeal in any event or every day life you wish to participate in. It is likewise developed for simple usage, making it best for females who desire long, thick eyelashes. Simply use eyeliner, wait a few minutes to dry, and then placed on eyelashes. ‘Attempt’ Aliceva eyelashes are easy enough for you to think twice. [Features] 10 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Additional Strong Magnetic Eyeliner natural appearance Lasting Smudge-proof & Water Resistant Eyeliner Trouble-free No Mess. Practical No unique Abilities Required [Directions] * Use eyeliner carefully * Wait on a few seconds up until the eyeliner dries, then connect eyelashes along the eyeliner made use of the eyebrow. [Package Includes] 10 sets of incorrect magnetic eyelashes 2 stick of Magnetic Eyeliner 1 tweezer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Magnetic Eyelashes Come?

we just recently purchased this product and got it today, and we validated it features 10 sets of eyelashes. we believe it has actually just recently altered from 3 sets to 10 sets product.

Question Question 2

Will It Be Difficult To Put The Lashes On?

No, not. When you put the eyeliner on your all set. The magnetic lashes will stick best to where you have actually used the magnetic eyeliner.

Question Question 3

The Number Of Times Can We Utilize It? And Are The Magnets Too Strong?

They’re multiple-use products as long as take excellent care of them and they are strong enough to hold upto complete day

Question Question 4

We Attempted These Out Today And They Are Super Easy To Place On. Our Only Question Is How Do You Cleaner The Eyeliner? Will Makeup Wipes Work?

Yes, we simply utilize routine eye makeup cleaner to take them off. It does take a little bit of scrubbing though and the eyeliner comes off in pieces rather of black liquid like many eye liners.

Question Question 5

Can The Eyeliner Be Utilized Over Other Eyeliner And The Lashes Still Stay?

Don t think the evaluations. we got a this question due to the fact that it stated we had evaluations this product. we never ever have. we took a look at the evaluations and numerous are for O keefe s Working Hands moisturizer. we did examine that product. It s a fantastic product.

Question Question 6

What Are The Liner Active ingredients? The Product Description Doesn T Seem To List Anything That The Magnet Would Connect to.?

Uncertain what active ingredients remain in the liner however they go on simple provide it a few seconds to dry and connect the lashes it’s that easy.

Question Question 7

What If The Eyelashes Are Too Long?

You can cut these yourself according to eyelash size.

Question Question 8

Did Anybody Have A Tough Time Removing The Eye Liner? We Need To Scrub Mine Off Even With Make Up Cleaner?

Yes, extremely difficult to get rid of. An excellent quality oily cleaner works finest.

Question Question 9

Are The Magnets Touching Completions Of The Lash To Prevent Them Appearing like They Are Falling Off?

we put them as near our natural lashes where we have actually drawn the magnetic liner as possible regarding look natural without resting on our natural lashes. They look and work fantastic.

Question Question 10

We Wonder Whether It Assists In Minimizing The Veins On Hands??

No, it does not minimize veins. It is fantastic for combating the dry chapped skin connected with winter season weather condition.

Question Question 11

Can We Put Eyeliner On After We Use The Lashes With The Unique Eyeliner?

Yes. we advise doing so likewise due to the fact that the magnetic eyeliner is little by doing this your just utilizing the magnetic for holding the lashes and a routine liquid to finish the appearance.

Question Question 12

Can We Utilize The Operating Hands On Our Feet Or Must We Buy The Cream For Feet?

There is no factor not to utilize this product on your feet. However we would think of the product for the feet would be much heavier and richer. we have actually not utilized the foot product, however the hand cream is light and non oily.

Question Question 13

Can We Utilize It With Any Eyeliner?


Question Question 14

The Number Of Ounces Is Each Tub? It Features 2, Correct?

Worth size has 6.8 ozin each of 2 tubs

Question Question 15

Is Operating Hands Safe To Utilize As A Facial Moisturizer?

we utilize everything over our body and have actually had no issues. we have extremely dry skin and eczema. we utilize everything throughout the day. our hands divided open so this product actually conserved me.

Question Question 16

Is Operating Hands Safe For Facial Usage?

we simply took a look at the container and do not see anything about usage on the face.It ONLY discusses usage on your hands.Personlly, we do not believe it would feel excellent on your face.It has a somewhat “waxy” feel.It has actually been an exceptional product for our spouses hands after working outside with water.we hope that assists.

Question Question 17

Exists Any Distinction In Between The Container And Television??

The container’s contents are genuine thick.This is what we utilize when we go to sleep, however it might be utilized anytime considering that it does soak up and is not stickyThe tube is more comparable to a hand cream.For dry skin relief we like the container and television is little enough to put in a handbag.

Question Question 18

The Number Of Magnets Exist On Each Specific Lash? 3 Or 5?

It has 5 magnets. They remain on respectable

Question Question 19

Where Is This Shipped From?

our company believe got our order with in 2 days.

Question Question 20

Are These The 6.4 Oz Or 3.4 Oz? It Stated In The Image Is A Worth Size Which We Purchased Formerly Was A 6.4 Oz Container.?

Yes, thevalue size is the 6.4. oz container. we simply looked it up on, due to the fact that what we have has no information about the size on it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually never ever composed an evaluation previously (and we are compulsive consumer). We have actually used contacts for over 25 years and have actually rubbed off almost all of our natural lashes. ???? this is an amazing choice for us due to the fact that we draw utilizing the glue on lashes and pulled even more of what was left of our natural lashes out.???????? sooo. If you have no eyelashes and requirement some, if you draw with glue on falsies, and if you can make use of eyeliner. Then get you some ofthese We will certainly be a repeat purchaser of this product.

We have actually used private eyelashes for several years. However when the pandemic hit we were unable to go get our lashes done. So we did some research on magnetic eyelashes and chose to provide this product a shot. To our wonder we did not anticipate them to provide us the appearance that we get when we use private lashes. They were simple to use and it did not take us long at all to put them on. We are genuinely pleased with this product. You have an option of altering your eyelashes due to the fact that the plan features 10 set. We will continue to utilize them for a while to reinforce our eyelashes. We provide this product a thumbs as much as aliceva magnetic eyelashes ??.

Definitely incredible. So simple, so quick and no mess. We were thrilled to attempt, however was blown away by the outcomes. Likewise shown our mommy who battles with her natural lashes, she has actually attempted whatever from serums, to coloring and extensions. These lashes were on in seconds and offered a remarkable natural appearance. Dream we would have gotten an in the past photo.

We have actually utilized a great deal of magnetic lash sets and they ve all been frustrating- this one is the very first set that was simple to utilize, remained in location and looked rather natural. The lashes are light-weight and the consisted of eyeliner is high quality and remains on throughout the day. The lashes do not budge- no wind, exercise or anything made them fall. We would advise this to anybody who is delicate to lash glue or simply desires a simpler lash application procedure.

We are relatively familiar to magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner. We have experience with various products, around 3 ~ 4. We found this one with favorable evaluations and an affordable rate. In our case 1-2 coats suffices, if you require more liner we suggested 1 more time. We are captivated with the pink liner. That eyeliner is fantastic, it lasts all night long and it does not spot. The idea is thin and the makeup begins smooth and good. Looks gorgeous on me.

These lashes are remarkable. We genuinely can not state enough good ideas about them. They are incredibly simple to place on — we even effectively did it after 3 glasses of white wine as evidenced in our boozy tutorial. If you require any evidence of how simple these are to use, examine out the tutorial on ig at @mrssacconesome of our pals purchased them and they ve all had the very same experience. We like that you have alternatives from the leading daily lashes to glam lashes. Seriously, you won t remorse this purchase. It beats spending for extensions.

Honestly, we had incredibly low expectations for these lashes due to their rate. While we have actually utilized falsies a lot throughout the years, we would never ever utilized magnetic ones. We are directly up blown away bythese They go one soooo quickly. We constantly believed videos you see are overall b. S., however they adhere completely. In seconds. They remained on throughout the day without problem. We were anticipating the bands to be large, however they actually aren t at all. We will certainly buy more of these and advise them to everybody.

We have a somewhat brief eyelash that is why we desired gorgeous and long eyelashes like our pals. We chose to attempt and practice these eyelashes as suggested by our pal. It wasn’t simple to us starting, we are getting utilized to it quickly. We wish to provide you one idea; keep in mind to let the eyeliner dry prior to you use the lashes and they will remain on throughout the day. We would extremely advise.

When we got this eyelashes are longer than we anticipated, we cut small part and make gorgeous. These are essentially quite and enough time, it’s better fit after cutting for us. Worth idea – it is incredibly essential to shake the eyeliner about 10 ~ 20 times. Excellent quality and rate, fantastic worth.

It’s our very first time using eyelashes we actually liked utilizing this product. These lashes are strong and gorgeous. It is simple to use and simple to get rid of. Even if you wear t use the eyelashes the eyeliner alone is a fantastic product. We utilized them for a wedding event of a pal. We got a great deal of compliments from many individuals. It is remarkable and incredible product. Cut lashes: if they are too large or wish for your natural lashes line.

We like these lashes. We may be a bit a bit prejudiced due to the fact that they re the very first and just ones we have actually attempted, however we are seriously satisfied. A little about me: 1) we have actually constantly wished to attempt incorrect lashes however every set of the glue lashes that we have actually attempted (even the ones that declare they re so simple) have actually been aggravating and generally wind up in the trash due to the fact that we simply can t do it. 2) we have actually hooded eyelids and generally stay away from any sort of cream or liquid eyeliner due to the fact that of transfer and basic clumsiness. Due to the fact that of these things, we were incredibly doubtful about magnetic lashes in basic. Nevertheless, we are here to inform you that these are incredible. The lashes are exceptional in quality and been available in 3 various lengths. The tray they can be found in has a magnetic strip in it for each lash so storage is simple. The liquid liner applicator is thin so you can make it as thick or thin as you desire it and it dries rapidly (particularly if you fan it with your hands). If you re incredibly awkward and awful at eyeliner in basic like us – the lashes themselves conceal any errors with the liner you may have made. They re comfy, simple to utilize, and look fantastic. We would 10/10 advise, particularly for the rate. And particularly if you re an awkward individual in basic like me.

We generally do not utilize to liquid eyeliner however we like them, extremely simple to use. This was better and much easier to use liquid eyeliner and the lashes simply go right on. Lashes last all of us day and look excellent. It remains in our mind ~.

It is hassle-free and simple for us to utilize this product. However if you are not utilized to eyeliner, it might not be simple. When we using eyelashes depending upon our circumstance, we utilized 1 ~ 3 coats of eyeliner. We advise utilizing more eyeliner when you wish to keep this eyelash longer. Likewise, if you have actually utilized a great deal of liners, it’s an excellent concept to eliminate them gradually and consistently. If your skin is weak, it might injure a little, do not attempt to eliminate it at one time. We believe you currently understand that getting rid of is more essential. Make you appeal.

Our very first time utilizing magnetic eyelashes and we like them. The magnetic eyeliner is a lot simpler than utilizing glue and last for a lot longer than glue. Our only problem was that the magnetic eyelashes set did not included instructions, however we reflected on evaluations for suggestions on how to utilize. We did need to cut the eyelashes a bit lengthwise to change for our eye size. A lovely enhancement over our brief stubby eyelashes and they lasted for numerous, numerous hours.

We have actually struggled discovering the best and simplest lashes to place on and these are simply great. Super easy, no mess. We remain in love.

We have actually been extremely pleased with the magnetic eyelashes for a lot of factors. Initially, they came immediately and we had the ability to utilize them for an unique occasion. Second, they are light-weight, natural looking and so comfy that we forget we are using them. Third, they are fantastic worth. You get 3 sets and the magnetic eyeliner for a really affordable expense. We actually like the tiniest of the 3 sets as they accent our eyes best for daily wear. Prior to purchased these, we purchased from another business that our colleague had actually suggested. Hers were more pricey, took longer to get and felt a lot less natural. We have actually informed a lot of of our pals about this product and we will certainly be purchased more.

To begin with let us simply state that we have actually attempted every sort of eyeliner on the marketplace and absolutely nothing has actually ever remained on our oily eyelids. This eye liner is incredible. We were doubtful to buy this product due to the fact that we didn’t understand how safe eyelashes would lack glue, however let us inform you these held company throughout the day. We put them on at 6am and when we got house at 6pm they were still remaining strong. We would certainly advise this product.

We actually enjoyed how simple these lashes were to use. I ‘ ve attempted over and over to use glue lashes and might never ever master it, however these were fool evidence. It was much like placing on liquid eye liner, which was a perk due to the fact that we didn’t need to still use it after we got our lashes on. We would simply include a little wing to the edge with the liner and bam we were done. So, the just one thing we would state would be to make certain you wear t sleep in your lashes due to the fact that they are certainly not produced that. We work graveyard shift so did go to sleep in mine when we would get house, and naturally they were smushed. So, when we attempted to brush them out they didn’t repair, rather the lashes cameout However, for less than $15 we could not grumble at all. Plus, we still had additional lashes to utilize and now am simply taking additional care of them. We will most definitely buy these once again considering that our preferred set was the one that ruined, and have actually even had 2 of our co employees order theirs due to the fact that they enjoyed the method mine looked.

We purchased these to see if they were simply as excellent quality as the $30-55 ones and we weren t dissatisfied at all. They are so simple to utilize. They were a bit long on us so we needed to cut my own down to 4 magnets rather of 5 however it didn’t impact them by any methods. We used them for 7 hours today and they sat tight the entire time. You do need to use 2-3 coats of the eyeliner to guarantee they can adhere actually well however that s our only grievance. We would rather invest $16 for an entire brand-new set to have additional eyeliner then buy the $30 magnetic lashes and then $20 for the liner from various brand names. We are never ever returning to glue ons.

Extremely advise it. Easy to use and get rid of. Love it.

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