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MAGEFY Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set

MAGEFY Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MAGEFY Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set.

  • 10 Various Styles-The 10 sets of false eyelashes remain in 10 various designs, ideal for various events like celebration, dating, take a trip and so on
  • Superior Quality-Unlike other cumbersome false lashes, our 3D false lashes are made from ultra-light artificial fibers, simply as soft as your natural lashes, make you look more appealing.
  • Free Bonus Offer Gifts-Come with an additional false eyelashes extension applicator (worth $7.99), assist you utilize the lashes better.
  • Easy to Use-With thick, versatile band, it is dinner simple to set up and will not harm your eyes. Besides, the fake eyelashes are reusable if being utilized and gotten rid of appropriately.
  • 100% Complete satisfaction Guarantee-Customers’ complete satisfaction is constantly our leading concern on Magefy, if you have any issue with the products, please do not hesitate to call us, we more than happy to assist.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MAGEFY Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set.
Read more Read more All lashes are 100% Ruthlessness Free, Premium Synthetic Products. MAGEFY 3D False Lashes Make You Look More Lovely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MAGEFY Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set.

Question Question 1

Is The Fake Eyelashes Soft And Comfy?

Yes, we definitely enjoy these lashes. These are incredible. They are so soft that they are practically as soft as our mink’s false eyelashes. It’s unbelievable.It was comfy and simple to use. we would cut eyelashes according to our eyes.

Question Question 2

Are They Natural Feeling?

YES, all 10 of these lashes are various designs however remain in align with the type we would utilize for day-to-day wear. These are excellent lashes. They re soft, fluffy, and layered, and economical. we have just just recently began using falsies, however even for a newbie these were simple to use — simply cut the edges and use the glue on YES, all 10 of these lashes are various designs however remain in align with the type we would utilize for day-to-day wear. These are excellent lashes. They re soft, fluffy, and layered, and economical. we have just just recently began using falsies, however even for a newbie these were simple to use — simply cut the edges and use the glue on the band.

Question Question 3

How Do You Tidy The Lashes?

we found a video online revealing a method where you manage old glue with a tweezer, then position the lashes in between cotton pads that have actually been taken in oil totally free eye makeup eliminator. After that, get rid of any staying glue, then take a qtip taken in comprise eliminator to the lashes and “brush” over them to get rid of any we found a video online revealing a method where you manage old glue with a tweezer, then position the lashes in between cotton pads that have actually been taken in oil totally free eye makeup eliminator. After that, get rid of any staying glue, then take a qtip taken in comprise eliminator to the lashes and “brush” over them to get rid of any last makeup.When the lashes are tidy and glue totally free, put them back on their tray.

Question Question 4

Can Somebody Inform United States Are These Lashes As Excellent As Blac Iced Lux Mink Lashes?

Omg Lady Yessss. The very best lashes we ever attempted. we are makeup artist and we understand well about appeal products consisting of lashes. These are our brand-new favorites. They remain on all day and absolutely can recycle them we utilized one set for 3 days and still great to go. The product is incredibly fluffy and simple to deal with.

Question Question 5

Do You Utilize Mascara On The Fake Lashes?

You utilize mascara on your genuine lashes to mix them in, however you can use mascara after you you put them on.

Question Question 6

Can You Utilize Any Kind Of Eyelash Glue?

Yes. However we extremely suggest Duo Clear Eyelash Glue. Excellent quality & economical (about $6) at any corner store like Target or Wal Mart ??.

Question Question 7

Are These Ruthlessness Free?

Yes. They are.

Question Question 8

The Length Of Time Can Utilize One Set Of Lashes?

ive gotten like an excellent 15 uses out of among our fav sets in the set. we still have them we simply sanctuary t been using any eyelashes. look after them and you need to utilize them a minimum of 10-25 times. they re great quality. we seem like the more you utilize them, the better.

Question Question 9

We Like Thick Complete Lashes. Are These Those Sort Of Lashes Orr They Thin And Natural?

THEY LOOKED SO STUNNING AND NATURAL. However still thick. These are most likely our preferred lashes of perpetuity.

Question Question 10

How To Use?

Apply near your lash line on top. With eyelash glue.

Question Question 11

Do These Lashes Feature Glue? Do You Required Glue For Them?

Dear Customer: They wear t included glue, you require eyelashes glue to use them.

Question Question 12

Does This Truly Work?

we are unsure about the question however these lashes are FABULOUS.we have actually purchased them numerous times.

Question Question 13

What To Do If It Is Damaged Throughout Transport?

If by transport you imply shipping from, we would return them to. There is a RETURN button on your order page

Question Question 14

Can You Shower With Them On Or Swim? Waterproof?

That does not relate to the lashes (more than likely no) however if you take place to find a water resistant eyelash glue, perhaps. However we are unsure they exist

Question Question 15

The Length Of Time Do These Eyelashes Require To Ship?

our company believe we purchased my own with Prime as we do whatever else. They delivered instantly. we have bought them two times

Question Question 16

Do We Buy Glue Different Or Does This Feature?

This product does not included glue.

Question Question 17

What Is The Distinction In Between Black 1 And Black 2?

Black 1 it s just one pack of lashes, black twoit s 2 boxes of lashes.

Question Question 18

? We Love One Set More Than Others And We Would Love It If We Could Order Simply The One?

yeah you got ta order the entire set:( we were the exact same method once we purchased it we actually now have a few favorites. all the lashes are incredible.

Question Question 19

Are These False Lashes Reuseable? If So, Lots Of Times Can You Utilize The Lashes?

hi invite toMAGEFY The Hand-made 3D eyelashes can be reusable 15 times or more with great care.

Question Question 20

The Length Of Time Can You Leave Them On?Do You Required To Remove & Reapply Daily?

yes. you can leave them on for the entire day. it simply depends how great your eyelash glue is. however we wouldn t suggest attempting to keep them for 2+ days as your eyes require a break

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MAGEFY Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We got the plan a day previously so this was excellent. 5 stars on shipping/delivery. Nevertheless we would provide 4 stars for the product itself and here is why: the glue to keep the eyelash on the plan plastic comes off when you get rid of the eyelash. We attempted to take it off however it would harm the lash strip. So what we did was utilize the lash with the additional glue on it. This cause inflammation when we used the lashthe eyelash strip where the glue goes is too thick compared to other lashes on the marketplace. As a passionate lash user we can with confidence compare this. Naturally the additional unremovable glue didn’t assist however believe however. The tool isn’t beneficial as a thin tweezer with a point, however that is simply our viewpoint. Lash users have their own method of application so if you can, wear t include the tool if unless clients wish to buy it in combination with the lash set purchase. On an excellent note, here are some excellent qualities about it: enjoy the range pack. It is unusual you find a range pack that has good lashes to select from. This was an excellent call to make. Product packaging came incredible and gorgeous with quick shipping. To get lashes comparable, it needs to originate from china and takes numerous days to get here if not weeks so quick shipping of a product of this magnitude is definitely revitalizing. Aside from the thick strip, the lashes themselves look incredible and relatively natural. Females like buildable lashes for the record so if the strip was thinner, it enables doubling if an appearance requires itlashes are excellent length. False lashes are utilized for simply that, length. This is necessary not to past due it however to include length in a stylish method. This was achieved.

We got these lashes complimentary for evaluation functions (in the set black-2). We are makeup lover and think about ourself rather experienced with false lashes. In this set, you get 10 various sets of lashes and a lash applicator for the cost. The 10 sets are all various however there is an excellent range of reasonably more natural lashes and reasonably fuller ones. (and those in between natural and complete. )these lashes are extremely soft and wispy. They feel really high quality and mix in well with our own natural lashes. The volume and length on the sets we have actually attempted up until now has actually been to our preference. They are all long and wispy, though, so bear that in mind if you choose a much shorter length. We have broad, deep set eyes so we wear t requirement to clip these lashes. We have actually had no difficulty using them; they go on perfectly, and quickly combine with our natural lashes. We wear t usually utilize lash applicators, we choose fingers. However we attempted the one consisted of to provide a more thorough evaluation and we actually truly liked utilizing it to push the falsies into our natural lash line. We are thankful they included this applicator for the cost. It s well made, strong, and beneficial above all. The one con we can think about resembles that another customer discussed. When we initially pulled the lashes off the product packaging to use them, the glue they came stayed with the product packaging with came off with them, so that is a little however minimal problem with these lashes. We suggest selecting the glue off these lashes carefully with a set of tweezers after each application to increase use. Likewise, these might not be for somebody who likes a single design of false lashes over a range pack. The lash band is likewise noticeable on these, so you understand. The business behind the false lashes made sure to make certain we got our plan in a prompt way and we were really delighted with the customer care in basic. For referral, we have actually utilized lashes from brand names like huda appeal, ardell, red cherry, eylure, tarte, koko lashes, and sephora in the past. In our viewpoint, these magefy lashes are similarly great if not better than some of those brand names. We are rather pleased with these lashes. We believe the worth for the cost is terrific and we will be buying them once again. We will upgrade this evaluation in case there is a concern with the lashes. (we have actually connected images of 3 various designs of lashes we attempted from the pack. ).

We definitely enjoy every lash. The quality is excellent. It s incredibly thick, and incredibly wispie. If you do acquire them, wear t forget to cut off the excess on completions or cut them much shorter to fit your eye shape.

Just close up we have of the lash at the minute. These are our preferred lashes. We just buy ardel or kiss usually so we like a more lowkey lash however these more than happy medium in between our glam and chill side. Seriously finest lash cash we have actually ever invested.

We definitely enjoy these lashes. It featured a few various designs and we can’t select a preferred, they’re all incredible. We get numerous compliments on our lashes anytime we usethese We will absolutely be purchased these once again in the future. Pros:- durable-soft-great quality-natural looking, while still being attractive and sexy-great variety-they do not feel heavy on our eyelids-affordable-the tool consisted of is truly useful for using the lashes and changing them. We choose it over tweezers or other comparable tools that we own. Cons:- the only con is that due to the range, you do not get to select one particular appearance that you desire. However we wound up liking the capability to pick various search for various events.

Fantastic lashes, simply as visualized, excellent quality and excellent worth. Delivering was really quick and each design is charming. The lash tweezer/applicator is likewise really convenient, the most strong we have actually ever utilized. Extremely suggest.

Although we have actually done makeup for about 5 years, we have actually never ever attempted false lashes. Ever. And we are thankful that we did. It was hard initially, however we mastered it. They are soft and simple to use. And they even had directions on how to put them on. These lashes are really great touch to contribute to our makeup regular and is incredible for anybody who hasn’t attempted them yet. P. S. They deal with glasses too.

They are beautiful, thick and long. As our very first lashes, we are really pleased with them. We likewise enjoy the range in the pack, they are truly quite. We did find them a bit tough to place on (certainly due to the reality that we have no experience with these) once we had the ability to get it to stick in an excellent position, it was really great.

We definitely loved these lashes. We purchased a pack to use for our birthday just recently. While using them, we got numerous favorable remarks. The quality of the lashes is exceptional and they are absolutely re-usable with correct care. They were really simple to use and the tool offered to assist connect them was really beneficial. The lashes themselves are charming and we enjoy that a person pack provides numerous choices of elegant appearances. These lashes include a level of beautiful program stopping drama to any appearance. We used them with really natural cosmetics. No matter how the rest of your cosmetics looks, the lashes include a level of drama to any appearance that is really welcome. We definitely delighted in these and the compliments we acquired while using them.

Why pay 4 dollars on one set of eyelash or 24 dollars on a set of high quality eyelashes that in either case ultimately youll need to toss it away. This eyelashes works incredible and looks incredible. Likewise the little tong that they provide you in this product works incredible. Likewise the tong isn’t even plastic product it’s actually metal or steel. We would absolutely suggest it. We had lots of compliments with eyelashes and they appear like an excellent quality eyelashes.

We got these lashes as a present to evaluate. We enjoy the range you get for every single event. They re incredibly complete and look natural, they re simple to use and are reusable. Our only review is we want the band was clear for more looks or thinner cause they are heavy, however still excellent.

We use eyelashes really frequently and usually buy wholesale online which takes a month to get. We purchased these due to the fact that we were running out and might not fathom paying $12 for 1 set at the shop. We choose the lashes with the thick band, likethese You get a lot more usage out of them and wear t need to toss themout Yes it does take a bit of shaping however we have actually been doing it for several years so it is a non-issue. The range that it features is excellent. They are all comparable. We can not stand when you get a range pack and it has lashes for an extremely natural aim to an incredibly significant appearance. Yes the adhesive does stay with the lashes when you eliminate them however as we constantly recommend to our sweethearts utilize hair glue. The kind to glue in extensions, which will likewise not be a concern. We would suggest if you re in a pinch.


These lashes are charming. The band holding the lashes is more than enough time, and it is likewise thin sufficient to quickly use. There is numerous flexible sets for relatively any event. Thicker lashes, medium lashes, and thinner lashes. All of which are really soft and simple to cut to form our eyes. They likewise featured a metal application tool, so that is a plus. In general, we are really pleased with these lashes and would suggest them to anybody trying to find quality, reusable false lashes without breaking the bank.

These look horrible on me, potentially due to the fact that we are asian. They look ostentatious and excessively significant. Even our siblings, who usually enjoy significant eyelashes, believed they were horrible. It’s so ludicrous searching us that it does not even look great in pictures. We attempted cutting them however it was to no obtain. These are definitely the worst eye lashes we have actually ever attempted and they’re incredibly scratchy. Edit: seller called us and alleviated the problem. A minimum of the service is great. We still would not suggest attempting these lashes if you re asian.

We can’t even discuss how thrilled we were to unbox these lashes. We didn’t pay much attention when we purchased them (simply saw the gorgeous photos and excellent evaluations) and believed it was 5 sets of lashes, however our jaw dropped when we opened them and saw there were 10 sets of lashes (20 strips amount to). We likewise didn’t understand they featured the tweezers. We were pleased enough when we saw how incredible the cost was when we purchased them for all of those strips, and we remained in shock when we actually opened them and got double what we excepted for such an excellent cost. These lashes are of incredible quality and every design is so fluffy and simply whatever you might desire in false eyelashes. The possibilities are limitless and any false lash design you might picture is consisted of in these loads. We buy strip lashes to do our own lash extensions (we simply cut them up into areas) and the only ones we will generally buy are at the pharmacy for $11 99 for one set, which in our viewpoint is ludicrous, however they deserve it. These magefy lashes are a lot better and we will never ever return to the pharmacy. These packs are going to last us for months and potentially even a minimum of a year. We hardly ever leave evaluations and we excuse such a long post, we are so delighted with this purchase and we simply can’t think how incredible of an offer this is for 10 various designs of lashes for the exact same cost of one set at the pharmacy.

Remarkable quality. We used them today and the other day for halloween. There s numerous various designs. They re all so excellent. They re not too glossy and remarkably they re comfy. We believed the lashes weren t going to be versatile however they are. Thin black lash band, triggers no inflammation. Im a self taught mua who likes using lashes with makeup or no makeup. We choose strip lashes over specific lashes. We love these lashes. All of them look soo great and we can see them lasting with great care. Thank you magefy for calling us on facebook. These lashes are excellent. Likewise features the eyelash applicatior.

We are 43 and never ever utilized fake lashes prior to. These were incredibly simple and we most absolutely will attempt them once again. You get a curved set of tweezers that made holding and using so simple for a very first timer like me. Plus you get 10 sets, all a little various, of eye lashes. Our only error was using excessive glue. Other then that they were simple to utilize and simple to conserve for our next usage. Our child who utilized them frequently for dance was impressed with the quality for the cost. We may use them frequently if we can figure out the glue lol.

Wide array of fake lashes. The quality is excellent. Although some are too wish for our taste, a great deal of the whispies are so quite and natural looking. They are little long along the glued on part, so we would suggest you cut completions a little (unless you ve got big eyelids) to about completions poking your eye. It does not consist of eyelash glue, just features the eyelash twizers. Thrilled to highlight our makeup regimen with the other designs.

Yaasss. These lashes bring us life. Huge and vibrant. These are absolutely high secret for glam looks. You truthfully might use any set of these lashes with absolutely nothing else and it would still be an appearance even if they are so vibrant. We enjoy all the various designs, each have something distinct about them. The bands on basically every set equal. They are more or the thicker side so they are incredibly versatile which implies that they will require to be cut to fit your eye properly prior to application, however this generally isn’t an issue for skilled lash users anyways. We would hiiiighhhhly reccomend these for glam looks. We got these actually a couple hours earlier in the mail and needed to do an appearance with as quickly as we saw the one set it stick out to me. We will publish an image of which. Product packaging for these are incredibly easy, and we value that. These lashes might absolutely be recycled due to the fact that the bands have a truly great stability as reasonable as we might distinguish the set we are presently using. We circled around the set we are using in the photos.

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