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Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes And Magnetic Eyeliner Kit

Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes And Magnetic Eyeliner Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes And Magnetic Eyeliner Kit.

  • MADAME X MAGNETIC EYELASHES WITH EYELINER SET- We rock the world in magnetic eyeliner market. Prepare yourself for it and put your eyelashes on. Madame X kit includes 2 various eyelash designs. One for your unique events (we understand you like it thicker and longer). One for day-to-day usage (we understand you like it more natural for a day-time) For a restricted time, we provide a stunning hand mirror present in package.
  • FAST&EASY APPLICATION- All you need to do is placed on the magnetic eyeliner as you would any other liquid eyeliner and after that place on the magnetic eyelash right on top of it. Our liner locks magnetic lash strips in location like magic. Finest advised to use thick and 2-3 coats of eyeliner. The magnetic eyelash will rapidly connect itself to where you put eyeliner. That’s it. No mess. No tension. Simply a stunning appearance.
  • NO MESS & WATERPROOF&ANTI SMUDGE&SAFE- Our magnetic eyeliner is long enduring, anti-smudge and water resistant. It can be utilized with any magnetic eyelashes
  • REUSABLE- It’s a light-weight and comfy magnetic eyelashes and the better you look after the eyelashes the longer you utilize them. Madame X high-end boxes are developed in high quality for you to look after your lashes in their unique box.
  • 100% FULFILLMENT & REFUND WARRANTY – We desire you to be 100% pleased with your purchase, and wait the quality of ourproducts Must you for any factor be dissatisfied with your purchase, we will release a refund or exchange an unacceptable product for another one.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes And Magnetic Eyeliner Kit.
Now you can have thicker, longer, natural-looking eyelashes.in a much more practical method. Why select our Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit? 2 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Additional Strong Magnetic Eyeliner FREE hand mirror Natural Appearance Lasting Smudge-proof & Water Resistant Eyeliner Trouble-free No Mess. Practical No unique abilities required Madame X Magnetic Eyelash Kit is really easy to utilize so you can rapidly and quickly get the stunning lashes you ve been trying to find. Given that the eyeliner is magnetic, all you need to do is placed on the magnetic eyeliner and after that place on the magnetic eyelashes on top of it. That s it. It s that easy. Our kit likewise includes 2 SETS OF MAGNETIC EYELASHES so that you can gain from this experience more long-lasting and get back at more worth than what other packages normally provide. So click Contribute To Cart now and come closer to experiencing that stunning, practical eyelash appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes And Magnetic Eyeliner Kit.

Question Question 1

Does The Eyeliner Work Well? Does It Truly Stay With The Eyelashes?

Yes, it does. You require to shake the eyeliner bottle well prior to usage, since magnets remain in the bottom. And use 2-3 coats and ensure it s dry.

Question Question 2

Can These Lashes Be Cut?

You can cut one area of the magnets off if you d like to. The lashes have 5 magnets along them, you might cut one or more magnet off and see if they fit you.

Question Question 3

Is The Eyeliner Difficult To Eliminate?

No, it comes off quickly. Given that it s spot evidence and water resistant liner, you require to utilize eye makeup cleaner to get it off.

Question Question 4

Are The Eyelashes Reusable?

With correct care, yes. You require to wipe the eyeliner left on the magnets after each usage.

Question Question 5

How Do You Tidy The Magnetic Lashes In Order To Utilize Them Numerous Times?

we normally utilize Q-tip and dip it in some eye makeup cleaner to wipe the magnets.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Madame X Magnetic Eyelashes And Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We like these eyelashes a lot. This brand name actually stands out from the rest with the product packaging, and the contents inside. The compact mirror was so stunning and actually contributed to the worth of this product. This kit likewise includes 2 sets of eyelashes, both are stunning and fantastic for daily wear, we felt stunning using them, however not too exaggerated which we like. With care, these can quickly be used over and over once again. We have actually currently used them two times each, and they last throughout the day and do not come off. You can quickly cut them much shorter too, to better fit the size of your lash line. We did this for both of our sets. Can’t wait to use them for the vacations. They actually enhance your eyes and actually improve makeup. I’m so in love with these.

Our very first set of magnetic eyelashes came today. We was delighted to get this and attempt it as quickly as we got it. The only problem we had is the product packaging was not safe and secure and not cling wrap simply boxed to be open. Therefore whatever was not in its location in the foam. Obviously perhaps throughout delivery however other than that problem. The product is simple to utilize and as directed. Excellent lashes, simple usage eyeliner and stunning mirror.

Truthfully this was our very first time attempting magnetic eyelashes and they amazed me. They stuck completely to our eyes and were long enduring. They are available in 2 various designs (one more remarkable than the other) and we didn’t need to experience utilizing white glue. They were simple to eliminate also at the end of the day and featured an actually adorable mirror.

These eyelashes, in addition to the mirror and product packaging as an entire, are really quite. We found that it was much easier to use a routine liquid eyeliner initially, and after that utilize the offered eyeliner on top, as the magnetic eyeliner was rather challenging to deal with. Nevertheless, getting the lashes on were exceptionally simple and they lasted throughout the day. Plus they were simple to eliminate with makeup cleaner. Would advise.

We actually like the design of the eyelashes. They are stunning. You do not even understand that you using lashes after utilizing 5 munites or two. Likewise eyeliner is better than what we believed since it is easy and simple to put eyelashes on and they remains throughout the day on. Btw boxing is remarkable.

We definitely like this magnetic eyelashes. Thank you for a product that we can actually usage. It s actually as simple as it states. Make a great, even line on the cover, make it 2-3 coats of eyeliner and location the eyelashes on the magnetic liner. And voilà you are done. They actually stayed with us and did not fall of throughout the day:-RRB-.

We like it how is they are to utilize. We are going to buy some more for ourself and household.

These are so fantastic. We normally utilize glue to include lashes and after that include liner on the top however this has actually assisted us a lot. As quickly as they arrived we opened them to evaluate them (image) and we are entirely pleased and will be utilizing them from now on.

It includes 2 various kind of lashes and and eyeliner. Likewise with a stunning mirror. Extremely simple to put it on. No battle attempting to put it on. Simply use the eyeliner and it goes right on it.

We actually like these eyelashes we have actually been getting a great deal of compliments on them.

Beautiful lashes, good magnets, simple to cut. Mirror is really quite however we want it was a lashes case.

Definitely like it.

We are terrible with eyelash application. We can never ever get them glued on straight. However we can do our eyeliner so this set works well for us. Much like routine lashes, you can cut these to fit. They aren’t too large. The mirror is a charming little benefit. We are not exactly sure how frequently we will use the more remarkable set however it’s good to have 2 designs to pick from.

Extremely remarkable. Certainly can inform we have phony lashes on. They are quite however. We wouldn t state they are daily wear.

Does not stick enough for us we nevertheless like this eyeliner.

They are much better than our previous magnetic lashes. We like them really simple to place on.

Caring these magnetic eyelashes. Extremely positive they will remain on.??????.

We definitely like them will absolutely buy once again.

We can not advise these lashes enough. We utilized to have eyelash extensions over a year. They were so expensive($150-200) not to lention you need to restore themevery month. On top of it, we were strong after we eliminated them entirely. So we chose to attempt a less expensive alternative and found out magnetic eyelashes everybody was talking a lot about. We went on and wow a lot of alternatives. This one attracted us since package appeared various than the others. It has good style and 2 various eyelashes and likewise an extremely adorable compact mirror?? so we bought and let us state we are beyond delighted with this product. It has one daily type appearance and one remarkable appearance (we are gon na utilize it for a wedding event) we did cut our lashes since we wished to ensure it fits our eye completely. So it depends upon your eye shape, we have little eyes. We have actually used these nearly daily considering that they got here. And got looots of compliments. They remained on completely when we were at work directly 8-10 hours. We found out a few suggestions after utilizing them sometimes and let us show you. -placed on 2-3 layers of magnetic eyeliner and you should should let it dry. Otherwise lashes will not stay with eyeliner. -while we await eyeliner to dry we put mascara on our genuine lashes. By doing this our lashes are meaningful with magnetic lashes. -we constantly clean up the magnetic parts of the eyelashes after we utilize them. By doing this eyeliner doesn t remain on the magnets and we believe it s better for magnetic power. Sooo we state go get em women ??.

The lashes are incredible snd the mirror compact is cute. We felt the quantity of eyeliner was less than we have actually obtained from other business and we were not delighted with the applicator however the magnetic hold of the liner iteself was great. In general an excellent worth and finest lashes we have actually encountered without a doubt. Higly advise.

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