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Lyon Lash Gel Remover for Professional Eyelash Extensions

Lyon Lash Gel Remover for Professional Eyelash Extensions

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lyon Lash Gel Remover for Professional Eyelash Extensions.

  • Quick Dissolution – Our glue remover can quickly get rid of the bonded lashes in less than 60 seconds, making your eyelash extension elimination procedure more time-effective. Our unique created solvent can effectively break down any greatest kinds of eyelash extensions adhesives and provide pain-free elimination experience for your customers.
  • Pro Grade No drip Gel Formula for Professional – Lyon Lash efficient gel remover is completely created to remain on the lashes without facing customer s eyes. Just a percentage of gel remover is required to get rid of any eyelash extensions.
  • Developed and Created in U.S.A. Lyon Lash Effective & Professional Gel Cleaners are created in Los Angeles and made by our tactical partners in Korea. We have stringent quality assurance and routine evaluation systems to supply you the very best trustworthy and quality eyelash extension products.
  • Chosen by Lash Market Experts All Lyon Lash products are checked and favorably examined by over 50 Eyelash Extension Professionals prior to launch. We intend to empower all eyelash extension experts by supplying you the very best quality products you require.
  • 100% Fulfillment Ensured Every #ThatNewMoment you produced for your liked clients is valuable. We guarantee wonderful minutes for you and your important customers. We likewise supply professional technical and customer supports. Your messages are constantly addressed within 12 hours. Contribute to Cart.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lyon Lash Gel Remover for Professional Eyelash Extensions.
Size: 15 ml PLEASE READ: DO NOT USAGE THIS FOR SELF APPLICATION. MAJOR EYE BURNING OR INFLAMMATION WILL TAKE PLACE. ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL LASH ARTISTS Lyon Lash Pro Grade Gel Remover for Eyelash Extension Product Information: Volume: 15 ml|0.51 Fl. Oz. Adhesive dissolution time: less than 60 seconds Color: Clear Ideal for all customers. Components: GBL, Triethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, Tripropylene Glycol Butyl Ether, Alkyl Glucoside, Propylene Glycol, Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride Homopolymer, Polyacrylamide, Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent Suggested Use Standards: Usage under eye gel spots to cover customers bottom lashes. Use one pump of gel remover to a lint-free microswab or micro applicator brush. With the aid of a 2nd microswab, sandwich the lashes in between the 2 applicators in a mild rubbing movement and work from base to suggestion. The glue remover must top the lash extensions kindly. Let it sit for 45 to 60 seconds, clean lash extensions off with another microswab. Wash lashes and eyelids well with water or soap through cotton pad or towel. Preparation the lashes with lash hair shampoo/ lash cleanser and lash guide. Suggested Storage Standards: Shop in upright in a cool, dark and dry location. Prevent direct exposure to direct sunshine. Put the cover back on after usage. The glue remover can be kept for 2 years if unopened and 2-4 months if opened. Caution: For eyelash extension specialists just. The product will trigger eye inflammation if eyes are not totally closed. If inflammation continues, hold eyelid open and wash completely however carefully with water for 15 minutes and look for medical recommendations asap. Keep out of reach of kids and family pets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lyon Lash Gel Remover for Professional Eyelash Extensions.

Question Question 1

Is This Product Made In The United States?

This product is made in Korea.

Question Question 2

Does This Work For Novalash Adhesive?

Yes, it deals with all eyelash extension adhesives.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Lyon Lash Gel Remover for Professional Eyelash Extensions, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Okay so we purchased this due to the fact that we are inexpensive and didn’t wish to invest 40-50$ on getting them gotten rid of by the lash tech. When it arrived we returned here to check out the evaluations and got so frightened. It s a gel so if you open your eyes it ll burn yea. We put like 2 squirts on a brush and painted them on our eyelid holding it down w our other hand so our eye wouldn t open at all. Waited a minute, then utilized a lash brush to brush themout They came out instantly likeeee instantly instantly. We had more lashes on our best side so it took a little bit longer however entirely no longer than 15 minutes. Get it.

This product is remarkable to state the least. We had not had lashes in years and chose to put them on for the vacation, worst error ever. We had a terrible allergy and no where was open to eliminate our lashes. We attempted steaming, coconut oil, olive oil and vaseline. These assisted a little and some came off however still entrusted them on. As our eyes were continuing to swell, and itch we attempted and found this. We bought this and it was provided next day on the vacation. 60 seconds later on and our lashes were off, no burning, no stinging, and a thick formula that’s simple to utilize. Im so grateful for this product.

We purchased this to get rid of a complete set of volume lashes due to the fact that the individual who did them utilized method excessive glue and made our lashes look incredibly clumped together and dreadful so we required to get them off. We have actually been using lash extensions for 6 years so was terrified to lastly eliminate them all however chose it was time after the messed them up so bad. Needless to state we purchased this due to the fact that we didn’t wish to pay $45 to have them gotten rid of and we are so grateful we purchased this. We utilized tape to assist keep our eyes closed. Undoubtedly if you use contact lenses, take them off prior to doing this. We left the gel on for 2-3 minutes even if of the quantity of glue and lashes we had on. We a qtip to use and utilized a lash brush to brush out the lashes and ensure we were getting the gain access to glue off also. Within minutes all of the lashes and glue was off. This gel did not get rid of any of my natural lashes. We were so please to see all of our natural lashes still totally there. We did inadvertently get a little in our eye which ofcorse stung a little however we instantly cleaned our eye with cold water and it was completely great seconds later on. We would extremely suggest this gel. It did precisely what we required it to do for a portion of the expense.

We had the ability to utilize this remover today and was certainly reclaimed on how simple and efficient this worked. We have actually been lashing for around 3 years now and we had yet to find a remover that 1. Didn t burn our customers eyes, 2. Easy to use, 3. Worked quick. As soon as used we actually waited about 2-3 minutes and the lashes simply melted off like butter. Our customer never ever grumbled about any sort of pain and application was simple thinking about the pump this product begins. You get the best quantity with each pump. General liked it. We will for sure be utilizing this on all eliminations we have in the future.

We had eyelash extensions for nearly 2 years. It was a guaranteed love-hate relationship and we have actually been considering eliminating it. We believed it was sort of ridiculous to pay ~$30 to eliminate it expertly, however didn’t wish to wait for it to fall off naturally due to the fact that it’ll look irregular and wonky for some time. We bought this product and this is what you require to understand. 1. It works, however it certainly takes the entire minute as it states in the directions. Now one minute does not seem like a long period of time up until it gets in your eye and begins burning like insane. The very first time we utilized it, we closed our eyes and used the product. However you require to rub it near to the base of the lashes where the glue is and in this procedure, some of the product should have gotten in our eye. It was burning so bad. We washed our eyes out instantly and still had the stinging experience minutes later on. No lashes were gotten rid of considering that it wasn’t on for an entire minute (most likely near to 20 seconds). We needed to attempt a 2nd time around. We clenched our eyes closed, however the procedure of rubbing the product near to the lash line still in some way got product in our eye. We simply pressed through the discomfort. Ultimately, while we were constantly rubbing the product/lashes, we might feel the lashes coming off which it was working. We washed out our eyes completely once again, and each and every single lash extension was off. Does it work? yes. Does it sting? yes.

The remover is excellent. We utilized it to get rid of a customers lashes who got them done elsewhere. We needed to let the remover rest on the customers lashes for 10 minutes. The instructions state it s gotten rid of quicker. The customer did have a great deal of glue so we will need to attempt it once again. It certainly does the job.

So we had actually gotten professional lash extensions for the very first time a few months earlier and as time advanced, they began falling out one by one up until they looked really sporadic which looked truly odd so we wished to get rid of the staying ones. Nevertheless, we didn’t wish to pay cash at the eyelash location simply to eliminate them so we began investigating to see if we might find something to eliminate them ourself which is how we came across lyon lash gel remover. We viewed some videos and went to work. The bottle has a pump on top which is excellent in regards to not infecting whatever inside the bottle. We utilized an extremely thin brush and used the gel where the waterline and eyelash fulfilled making sure not to get any in our eye and the extensions actually began coming off within seconds on the brush. We were so stunned at how simple it was and how rapidly the extensions came off. If we got a little in our eye, it didn’t truly aggravate them much. No residue was left and it did not impact our genuine lashes. Do not forget to wash your eyes after the lash extensions all come off so that there is no more gel left on you. Cash certainly well invested and we currently got our cash worth simply by utilizing this when and there is still a lot more left. Likewise, not that this impacts the product itself however we believed the product packaging and style was really charming and classy.

Rather than looking like an insane individual while safeguarding in location due to covid-19, we chose to take our lashes off. We were stressed over this due to the fact that 1) we are brand-new to lashes to start with, 2) we have never ever had them got rid of yet and definitely never ever eliminated them ourself, and 3) we wear t wish to lose our natural lashes. We checked out evaluations fanatically with things like this and, offered the evaluations we were hesitant this would work. However it did. Super easy, in truth. We put 2 little squirts on a non reusable spoolie and brushed it on our lashes, waited 2 minutes, and utilized a kleenex to clean them off. Many came straight off incredibly quickly however we did have 2-3 persistent lashes on each eye. That stated, even the persistent lashes rapidly paved the way with simply 1 minute more of the remover gel. We did one eye at a time and simply kept that eye closed while the gel was doing its magic. There was absolutely no burning or pain. The entire thing took perhaps 8-10 minutes. Super simple and extremely suggest.

Lashes slide straight off after just a few minutes of using. So really rewarding. Excellent worth and excellent remover. Has a nuetral odor unlike others with strong smells. Finest if utilized with microfiber swabs or lip wands. For professional usage just, do not get this in your eye due to the fact that it will burn. Often product will gush out, so beware of which instructions the spout is when pumping it so that it does not get on the customers deal with.

So, we understand this states just for professional usage, however with the pandemic, we have actually needed to become our own professional in lots of things. Anyways, our lashes have actually been out of control and the synthetic ones required to be gone. How we utilized: we folded a paper towel and put it under our eye where our lashes laid on top of it. We put a pump of gel on a paper plate. We utilized a brush that featured a lash hair shampoo bottle and brushed a little on. We waited about thirty seconds and after that brushed a little more on with more pressure and the lashes began coming off- no pulling whatsoever and none of our natural lashes cameout We utilized among those cosmetics remover soft clothing to end up cleaning them off. Later, we utilized lash hair shampoo and completely shampooed it and after that went to the next eye. No burning, no discomfort.

To Start With we definitely enjoy the product packaging and lovely style on package and bottle. We likewise truly enjoy that the bottle has a pump so we have the ability to manage just how much or how little product we actually require to utilize without losing it. It has a terrific thick gel consistency that adheres to the lashes and won t run onto the skin that makes accuracy of application and elimination truly simple. This is a wonderful remover.

Certainly liked this due to the fact that not one single eyelash of our own came off. We are so ocd about our lashes we got extensions for the very first time due to the fact that we were going on holiday and we required something low upkeep for our 2 week journey. We were truthfully brief on time and kept pressing off getting them expertly off we likewise didn’t deal truly wan na pay for it even if it wasn t suuuuper pricey. So we took an impulse and purchased this based off other evaluations it did not dissatisfy. Just disadvantage it does sting when it gets in your eye it s simply kinda tough not too though in general we would buy once again if we required too.

This product worked excellent. We needed to do one eyelid at a time and taped our bottom lashes down with gauze in case it out on them. It’s a thick gel so it didn’t run, we utilized a q-tip to massage a layer on our lash extensions 60 seconds and they moved off. The health spa has actually been closed over a month for covid19 and our lashes were growing out weaving every instructions and ended up being unpleasant. Worth the cash. We were going to attempt a more affordable product however checked out the evaluations and was grateful we didn’t.

Love this product. We got lash extensions and we didnt like them. So we required to take them off prior to our journey. We got the bundle and we follow the directions and it worked. Lashes out in less than 2 minutes. Now we got too delighted when we did our very first eye and the product entered our eye it did harm a lot and we were using contacts( bad combination )inflammation disappeared in 2 hours. Decond eye ensured to no open it and it work like an appeal. So although it stated its mild do not open your eyes and you must be great.

Functions. No sting. Melts glue and lashes slide straight off. We had the ability to utilize an extremely little exact application brush that featured and eyelid development serum. As soon as used it took perhaps 2 minutes to move off our lashes. We just rubbed the back and top of lashes and it move off not taking out even among our natural lashes. It did not burn. We cleaned up location with q-tip and reapplied brand-new lashes. Well worth the buy.

General we believe it s a great gel adhesive elimination, however the 2nd time we utilized it seemed like it wasn t working good for us, left it on for 10 minutes and it took 20 minutes total to get rid of the lashes, which for us that s a long period of time typically in the past with other elimination s it comes straight off after 10 minutes or less. The good idea about this product it s really mild doesn t irritate customers eyes. That s a huge plus.

We just recently got lash extensions for the very first time and discovered they re not for us. 3 weeks after they were placed on we chose to attempt and eliminate them ourself. This things was incredibly simple to utilize and worked excellent. It did take glopping on a fair bit and letting it sit for 2 minutes to get them all off, however it was a success. We did one eye at a time and didn’t experience stinging up until went to clean it off. Even then, the stinging lasted about thirty seconds and wasn t regrettable.

This gel lash remover is a must. We enjoy how it came packaged its so charming. We truly like the pump concept so we have the ability to manage the quantity we utilize rather then in a container type. We let it sit longer then the 60 seconds it suggests so we would not have any concerns and the lashes came off simply fine. Will acquire once again.

5/5 incredibly simple to utilize. You do have a little client and let the product sit for a little. Then it quickly moves off. We advised doing one eye at a time. We utilized the morphe brush m432 however any little brush must do. What we did was put a bit of product on the back of our hand and chose it up with the brush and put it on the lash line where the extensions are and let it sit.

This things truly works. We utilized it to get rid of expertly used lash extensions. They came off so quickly. We utilized a q-tip to roll down the lashes. Do not get this in your eyes. We were really cautious however still got residue in our eyes and they harm so bad for about 12 hours, even after flushing with water and utilizing eye drops.

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