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Luxillia 5D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit Free Tweezers and Brush

Luxillia 5D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit Free Tweezers and Brush

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Luxillia 5D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit Free Tweezers and Brush.

  • “JUST ONE COAT OF LINER IS NEEDED”:- Luxillia Magnetic Eyeliner has more than 24 hours of Secure Hold to keep the lashes from falling in any scenario and make you feel protected all day.
  • “JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF VOLUME”:- Our Expertly Developed Lashes are made with ultra-thin fibers of 0.2 mm to supply “Just the right amount of Length and Volume” you require. It makes them mix completely with your Beautiful Natural Lashes and do not make you appear like a drag queen.
  • “THE ONLY SET WHICH COMES WITH SUFFICIENT LINER”:- We supply 50% Bonus Liner to make certain it’s more than enough for 5 sets of lashes even after utilizing numerous times while other Brand name’s magnetic eyelashes comes with just 4ml of Magnetic Eyeliner which is inadequate for 5 sets of lashes and likewise needs 4-5 coats for single-use since weak magnetic power.
  • “5 x MORE DURABLE THAN OTHER BRANDS”:- Luxillia Lashes are the only Magnetic Eyelashes made with Double-Layer Innovation that makes them 5 times more multiple-use and resilient than the other Magnetic Lashes
  • “100% CRUELTY-FREE AND VEGAN”:- Our all products are happily Ruthlessness-Free and we utilize Greade A quality Artificial Silk to make these ideal lashes rather of genuine mink and do not support any sort of animal ruthlessness.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Luxillia 5D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit Free Tweezers and Brush.

Question Question 1

Are These Natural Looking? We Have Bought Others Who Made United States Appear Like A Drag Queen So We Simply Wished To Make Certain Prior To Purchasing?

to us they are natural looking & the magnets cross whole lash length rather of 3 or two magnets here & there. You will see the quality when you open the storage box, it actually has a magnet to keep them fit rather of sticky adhesive. we hope this assists & we hope you like them as much as we do.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Coats For Them To Remain on? We Have Utilized 5 Brand Names In Previous In Which Even 4-5 Coats Were Insufficient To Stay The Lashes On.?

Actually.This brand name, without a doubt, is the very best magnetic eyeliner we havefound It just takes one coat of eyeliner, however you need to put it on rather thick– simply a littler thicker line than we would typically draw with a pencil.

Question Question 3

Are These Lashes Easy To Use?

Yes The magnetic eyeliner is extremely simple to place on and looks excellent. It is equivalent to any name brand name liquid liner in blackness and smoothness. The lash magnets link to the liner quickly and remain on tight.

Question Question 4

What Is The (Mm) Size Of Lashes?

Length of the lashes is 16 mm and width is 32 mm which fits nearly everybody however still it can be cut approximately 28 mm quickly by cutting of a magnet

Question Question 5

The Number Of Lashes Feature This Kit And Where Does It Ship From?

Hi one set consists of 1 set of lashes, eyeliner, curling tool, and tweezers. It ships from Storage facility as our products are Satisfied by

Question Question 6

Can This Product Be Utilized If You Don’T Have Natural Eyelashes?

we would believe so they were extremely great and despite the fact that we have great eyelashes naturally it was excellent to include too then they simply set on top of the eyeliner so any place you put it is where it will remain

Question Question 7

Are These Able To Be Cut To Fit Smaller Sized Eye Frame (Youth).?

Yes you can cut these if required as these lashes have 5 strong magnets so even if you cut one magnet part4 magnets are still more than enough to highly hold the lashes

Question Question 8

If You Do Not Have Any Lashes Will It Still Work?

Yes absolutely. The lashes is magnetic to the eyeliner and not your lashes. The eyeliner magnetic is extremely strong so your lash will remain on all the time.

Question Question 9

What Can We Utilize To Eliminate The Magnetic Eyeliner? It S Rather Sticky.?

Please utilize coconut oil, olive oil or any oil based eliminator as its water resistant

Question Question 10

We Hope They Don T Make It A Big Offer To Get The Free Lashes With The Voucher?

They were truly great about it as long as you become part of the very first 500

Question Question 11

Exists A Method To Order The Liner Again By itself Or Would We Need to Buy The Entire Set Once Again?

we sanctuary t found where to buy the very same brand name magnetic eyeliner, however any magnetic eyeliner ought to work. we have actually attempted to other liners currently and have actually had no problem

Question Question 12

We Got Our Lashes And 2 Of Magnets Fell Off Among The Lashes. Exists A Reason that We Sanctuary T Got Our Refund After We Emailed You?

You put on t e-mail for a refund, you follow the procedure for a refund. It goes extremely rapidly from there. Although, our experience with the eyelash business, they will do whatever it requires to make it right. They have excellent client service.

Question Question 13

Where Do You Buy Liner When It Is Gone? Do You Simply Need To Buy A New Kit?

Thanks for asking this dear Today we do not offer eyeliner independently and will begin offering from January however we believe we are offering complete kit at the rate of liner at this time for a minimal duration??

Question Question 14

What Are The Components Of The Liner?

No concept

Question Question 15

How Do You Tidy Them? We Eliminated And Liner Stuck To Them?

we check out to take a q-tip and dip in alcohol and carefully rub to get the liner off. Hope that assists.

Question Question 16

How Water Resistant Is The Liner? We Have Really Oily Covers And Our Eyes Water A Lot.?

It was minor water resistant for us. we used them to church and work where we are around hot steel and they didn’t begin turning up untill about 8pm so we used them from 930 am-8pm

Question Question 17

We Use Extensions, So We Would Use These Daily For Work. A Minimum Of 5 Days A Week. The Number Of Times Can You Recycle Lashes Prior To Needing To Change Them?

we simply purchased these ourself, we are uncertain. we would believe if you looked after them they might last a very long time. They are great quality

Question Question 18

What Nation Are These Made In?

Does not state

Question Question 19

How To Offer Begins Yo The Prouct?

we are uncertain what your asking??

Question Question 20

Does The Liner Remain Sticky Or Tacky Like Other Magnetic Liners We Have Seen?

It gets let s sticky as it dries

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Luxillia 5D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit Free Tweezers and Brush, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We composed a quick evaluation previously and then believed to ourself, you understand what? if the majority of major consumers resemble us and research whatever to death, then they most likely likewise take seriously the evaluations individuals leave where they aren’t simply attempting to make a product look great. We are going to inform you all the little things, what we liked, what we didn’t, and why we offered it a 5 star evaluation. Product packaging: first off, product packaging was truly adorable, great quality and well assembled. We value a product where they put some believed into its discussion. Liquid eyeliner: the liquid eyeliner was. Liquid. Precisely what you desire. We have actually checked out a great deal of evaluations from a great deal of other brand names where individuals grumbled about the eyeliner being clumpy. No. This is very buttery smooth, absolutely smooth liquid. A+ there. The eyeliner remains glossy even after drying, so if you utilize a routine liquid eyeliner thats more matte, this is simply a direct there. Likewise. Consider this liquid eyeliner as the instrument you require for eyelash adhesion. This requires to go where the eyelashes go, thats truly it. So, (professional pointer here), if you live for a great feline eye/wing pointer appearance, conserve the magnetic things for whee its required and simply utilize your routine eyeliner to include on that bit of pizazz to the ends. The magneticeyelashes: the eyelashes looked truly great and natural and soft. A+ of quality. Look, we are not attempting to appear like we are going to the oscars if we are simply going to work or the supermarket, individuals. We do not require to get all insane with it. We were strictly after something that looked more natural, and these provided. And the 5 magnets are clutch. We did the hairdryer test (ok we required to dry our hair and believed why not) and those suckers sat tight. Putting them together: so we had a little oopsie the very first time we put among the eyelashes on and needed to take it off and change it. When we did that, the eyeliner where the magnet had actually touched down taken off our eyelid. We are blaming this on user mistake, however something to bear in mind if you’re utilizing your magnetic lash like a dart and tossing it at your eyelid sort of like how we did. The 2nd eyelash went much better and we didn’t need to adjust it at all. Something we did find, nevertheless, is that if you do get some of the eyeliner on your genuine eyelashes, your magnetic lashes may attempt to adhere to them. So do not get all squiggly when you put that liquid eyeliner on, attempt to be exact with it. Total: they look truly lovely on. There are sooo lots of brand names out there in such an insane wide range of costs; the pricey ones simply aren’t worth it unless cash does not indicate anything to you. These are truly perfect for the typical individual who desires a truly great, day-to-day set of lashes and isn’t aiming to invest an arm and a leg on them. So thats it girls. We would extremely suggestthese We will be purchasing these once again when our set bites the dust. And if any among our buddies is browsing around, we would truthfully suggest these to them too.

We were looking for some daily simple to use eyelashes after eliminating our eyelash extensions and recognizing just how much damage they had actually triggered. While our little eyelashes invest some time growing back, we will absolutely be using these most days. We had actually initially acquired a set from target and while they worked, it took lots of layers for the magnetism to be strong enough. With these eyelashes, it simply took one layer and they strength of the magnetism is amazing. The eye liner is relatively thick however simple adequate to workwith It lasts all the time and we are comfy using them at work.

This is our very first set of magnetic lashes and we are so amazed. Adorable product packaging, fantastic quality and very simple to use.

We were going to acquire moxie lashes after our sweetheart had actually purchased them. However after taking a look at the rate we chose to attempt something more expense efficient initially. We are so amazed withthese The eyeliner is smooth and offers an incredibly great magnetic hold to the lashes and is so simple to utilize. These children will remain on all the time and night. Our only criticism is we want they had various lash designs to select from so we might use more natural ones throughout the day, however other than that. We hold true follower. We will be purchasing more.

We truly liked these lashes. They were a present offered to us and we were so fired up to attempt them.

Let us initially state that we enjoy these lashes. We did simply provide it 4 stars, generally due to the liner that comes with it. The liner is great, nevertheless we feel that it may not be beginner-friendly. It is quick drying and a little tough to get rid of. Nevertheless it’s extremely pigmented, for this factor we recommend utilizing your typical liner as a base and topping it with the magnetic liner. Other than that, these lashes have actually become our current favorite.

Love love love. So simple to use. We had lash extensions for a very long time and lastly chose to eliminate them (too pricey). Then we attempted routine lashes with glue and it was a catastrophe each time. Too hard too placed on and would not even last a whole night. Then we attempted these lashes?? actually takes us 20 seconds to use and they last. So simple to remove too and we put on t need to deal with the mess of the glue. There s a great deal of magnetic lashes now in the market however if you re like us and you put on t like the significant lashes then attempt theseout They re very comfy and not significant at all however you will absolutely get compliments all night.

We enjoythese A million times much easier to utilize than routine glue-on lashes. Seriously, if you can utilize liquid liner, you can utilizethese The liner itself is great and then the lashes simply adhere to it.

We have actually never ever utilized phony eyelashes prior to. This was all absolutely brand-new to me. When we opened the bundle, we needed to appreciate how adorable the product packaging it and they’re little welcoming absolutely offered it a genuine style. The eyeliner is a little thicker than what we are utilized to so it took a couple attempts, however after that, it was so simple. Click. Done. Stunning. We are so happy. We would suggest an oil based makeup eliminator to tidy up however.

This evaluation was composed by our relative: we are one that doesn t love maintenance however attempts to look great. Eyelash extensions for us was excessive maintenance and mascara was not our preferred so we attempted these- we definitely enjoy them. They are simple to utilize and look excellent, we can use them much faster than mascara. Our pointer would be that you can cut them down to the closest magnet if they appear too huge on your eye. We have actually been using them every day, they even remain in throughout working out. The length for us is good length however not too long or significant. One set lasts 3-4 weeks for us (attempt not to sleep or take a snooze in them) we would suggest.

This was our 2nd set of magnetic lashes. Here is our story with these lashes and ideas. Package they can be found in is great tough cardboard box and the is a magnet strip to keep the lashes when not in usage. It likewise came with a scary and plastic tweezers for using. Although we found them too lightweight and rather utilize our fingers or basic tweezers. So when we initially got them we put them on no issue. The liner is a brush liner and was simple to utilize, it made a smooth line and we put on t typically utilize liquid liner. We will state we have actually hooded eyes and if we used the line too broad our eyelid stayed with the liner as the liner felt sticky while drying. When dried it was great. If we got the line thin enough there were no issues. The lashes connected well and remained. We used these for 12 hrs. When we went to eliminate them they were absolutely on there well and we needed to yank a little, not hard, and they eliminated fine. Nevertheless, we lost a number of magnets in the very first usage. We believed we need to have gotten a bad set. We called the seller and they were great and useful. They sent us a replacement. The liner on the other hand took a bit to leave. We utilized some micellar water and a some light rubbing and it came off. It is tough however we hear it resembles that with most water resistant magnetic liner. While awaiting our replacement we purchased a drug shop magnetic lashes with gel liner (the pot one) and it did not remain in addition tothese Likewise the liner was extremely unpleasant to get rid of. We got our replacement and used them all the time with no issues and the magnets remained on. These look lovely, long however not too long (height) or complete for us however natural searching in our viewpoint. We actually have eyelashes now. We did seem like they were a little long (width) as they troubled our inner eye and our eyes looked saggy so we cut them. You do need to cut to the next magnet. We want the last 2 magnets on each side were closer together so if they required trimmed not as much would be removed however it worked out well for us. The very first connected photo is prior to cutting and the 2nd wants. In general we enjoy these lashes and would suggest them, they are simple to use and last all the time.

We have actually constantly had difficulty using mascara however liked the appearance of complete lashes. We have actually constantly used eyeliner to provide our eyes alittle pop, so we chose to provide these a shot. The product packaging was excellent since the lashes connected to a magnetic strip rather of glue. Easy to get rid of and simple to return. We placed on a number of coats of the liner to be sure we had enough. Little bolder line that we are utilized to however ok. We let it dry totally and used the lashes. Boom. That was it. We changed completions simply alittle and they were might to go. Used them all the time and they remained on. We had no eye irradiation from this product. We needed to work alittle to get the liner off. Our eye comprise eliminator didn’t work so we put a couple drops of infant oil in a cotton ball and that loosened it. That was our just unfavorable was leaving the liner however we will acquire an oil base eliminator and we make sure that will repair that. All in all we are extremely happy with these lashes.

These are the very best. The eyeliner lasts long. We are bartender and used them for 8 hours prior to they began turning up a little, and then it was very simple to rapidly reapply. That wanted doing things like opening steaour dishwashing machines. The eyelashes are the ideal length for daily wear. We could not suggest these any more extremely. They’re likewise very comfy. We will most likely never ever buy another brand name, we hope they never ever alter.

This is the very first magnetic lash set we have actually ever utilized. We chose this for the magnetic eyeliner rather of the top and bottom lashes (we dislike poking around near our eye. This is likewise the factor we hardly ever utilize lashes). Holy cow. This is simple to do. They are so light-weight you forget you have them on and not so excessively significant it looks silly. Quickly can be everyday use, and fast and simple to place on. They have actually remained on well up until now. The eyeliner scrubs off in pieces when you eliminate it. Does a little come off if you rearrange your lashes. It still was magnetic enough we didn’t require to retouch. We like that if you tidy these carefully enough they can be multiple-use forever.

These lashes were a lot simpler to place on then we anticipated. We never ever use liquid eyeliner and have actually never ever composed incorrect lashes of any kind. Our spouse believed they looked excellent and not visibly phony. The lashes themselves were simple to remove however the liner was a little more hard and got stuck in our genuine lashes. That might simply be because of lack of experience, ideally will get better with practice. We will buy these once again.

We are so fired up to attemptthese We have actually wondered about magentic lashes for a while now and after inspecting out a few various brand names we chose luxillia. We have not attempted them on yet since we have not had time however we will today. They do look definitely lovely and we enjoy the bundle they can be found in. Whatever fits great and cool. Update: we put them on for the very first time. So we are clearly in requirement of practicing with liquid liner since it’s not something we do typically. However we played with them rapidly prior to showering. Application of the liner takes perseverance since it is thick and gel-like. We in general do not believe that is issue other than you require a constant hand if you do not desire liner all over. It dries on looking shiny which is alright since you are covering it with lashes. Ensure you have a strong 2 coats, if not a weak base will result in the lashes not remaining protected. Putting the lashes on was remarkably simple after using the liner and letting it dry. Changing them into location is simply as simple. You can feel them on, however they aren’t heavy or annoying. Total wear of them was satisfying. With a determined quantity of liner they felt protected and taking them off was simple. The elimination of the liner isn’t difficult however we do not understand if we would utilize the word simple as since it is a gel-like consistency, it rubs off in pieces rather of smearing or smearing. In general, we eagerly anticipate attempting them once again, with a genuine appearance next time.

We have little almond asian eyes with a heavy hooded crease. Our typical lashes are brief, thin and sporadic and vanish into the fold when our eye is opened. These lashes are the simplest falsies to place on for us up until now. It takes a bit of practice and exploring as we typically put on t wear liquid eyeliner. Due to the fact that our eyes are smaller sized than caucasian eyes we needed to cut our lashes at the end of the 4th magnet since the initial length was too long and did not hug our lash line effectively. In general a winner.

Let s face it. It s been years considering that we have even used makeup; plus these are our very first incorrect lashes. The ease of usage was so fantastic that we seemed like we would been using them for many years. Super comfy and so natural that they appear like our own. These lashes assisted this old lady feel quite once again. The liner will take practice, naturally, however this mamma feel quite once again.

Without understanding what we thought about the product, the owner of the business asked for our public evaluation, and this is what we informed them: [with the exception of elf clear mascara and one essence mascara, we really dislike mascara because almost all of them ruin your lashes — and we hate every pair of false lashes (and the awful glue) we have ever tried to apply — so we are 100% loving these so far. We want to use the product for a week or maybe two so that we can leave the most accurate and best review we possibly can. For example, these lashes seem really durable if handled correctly and with care. They don’t shed and they’re easily cleaned with the brush you’ve provided. However, we need to keep using the product for a bit to to talk about how they manage over a reasonable period of time. We will rate a quick five stars for now until then because these lashes really seem like the answer we have been looking for. ]/ endtwo days in and up until now this is so simple. Seriously, we can do this in our sleep. Do your eye makeup, line the leading lash line, line up the lashes, they snap on and they remain on all the time– we are talking 12-16 hours prior to we have actually eliminated them, they require no modifications and they’re as fresh as when we put them on. The lashes are so natural and lovely, both looking and sensation, and we are using them as we type this. Elimination is similarly simple: raise the lash carefully at the corner, a little yank and they’re off. Liner eliminates comlpletely with a cotton pad of bioderma. Brush lashes to keep them tidy and keep them in case offered making sure to connect them to the magnetic strip. Due to the fact that we have reactive skin, we check the hell out of whatever. We are still in the screening stage for this product, however up until now no allergic reactions or level of sensitivity, no rashes, reddening, inflammation, responses or pain, however if this advancements gradually, i” ll upgrade this evaluation. If you desire a lovely flexible appearance that’s simple and doesn; t destroy your natural lashes, this might be your holy grail. We will upgrade if anything modifications or we can include pictures however up until now our ranking’s an a+ and that’s full marks originating from me. We like this (a lot) and time will inform, however this might extremely well be the lash system we have actually been trying to find. Cheers, luxillia.

We purchased these enthusiastic however likewise a little concerned. We have 2 sets of other brand name magnetic lashes collecting dust in our makeup drawer since although they stick completely and quickly to one another, we might not get them on our lash line for the world. And we attempted numerous times. Glue lashes constantly had an issue with adhesion where one would be down our face in the middle of a date, and while putting them on our hands would shake insane in aggravation. So envision our severe delight when we had the ability to put these on as quickly as eyeliner. Actually. If you can put liquid eyeliner on, these go on right. There is just one location they can go. Where you put the liner. The video link they provide you reveals you how and they are on in less than 2 minutes. Completely. The lashes look rather natural however still provide your eyes a pop. We sanctuary t used lashes in years since of an allergy to the glue at the beauty salon, and the liner offered us no unsightly response. Just drawback is if you get the liner on your genuine lashes they stick, which is irritating and fretting when you take the lashes off, however we examined and our genuine lashes did not come off at all throughout elimination. We purchased makeup wipes for the excess liner. We currently advised these lashes to our household. Absolutely a brand-new love of mine. You won t require additional eyeliner on mascara, the magnetic liner remains in location and is more than thick enough. Completely disclosure, the business is presently providing an additional free set for an evaluation, nevertheless, that is despite if the evaluation is great or bad, and in all sincerity these lashes make their 5 stars.

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