LOreal Lash Boost Serum

Among the drugstore brand eyelash enhancers most are quite affordable while in this case L’Oreal Lash Boosting Kit is just a bit more expensive. This is completely reasonable considering that this is an entire lash kit system with mascara and primer along with the eyelash serum.

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L’Oreal Lash Boost Serum Review

At this price, however, it is pretty much a given that there are no peptides or prostaglandin based eyelash hair growth hormones in the serum.

L’Oreal’s lash serum is a blend of B vitamins, ceramides, and amino acids which may give you healthier eyelashes. There are also ingredients in the serum that will coat your eyelashes so that they are stronger and shinier, kinda like a hair conditioner for your eyelashes.

What I really like about this lash kit is the included mascara and primer. Many times when you try to use an eyelash conditioner under your regular makeup it ends up a mess.

The serum may flake off or it might be oil based and basically melt your mascara and eye shadow off causing it to smudge after just several hours. With the L’Oreal Lash Kit, you will be sure that you have a primer and mascara that are compatible with your lash serum and you won’t end up with some embarrassing makeup emergency in public.

If this works then L’Oreal would be the perfect eyelash conditioning treatment to use during the day under your eye makeup. Then in the evening you could use another eyelash growth product as an overnight leave in treatment.

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