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LIVINO Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Applicator

LIVINO Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Applicator

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LIVINO Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Applicator.

  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT – Here’s whatever you require for problem-free, spectacular falsies. The kit comes with one set of 30 mmx11 mm eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner, a compact case with mirror, and an applicator (cappuccetto).
  • BEAUTIFUL LASHES, EASY TO USAGE – Initially, Use thick layer ofEyeliner Then, change the Eyelash with applicator. Hold the Eyelash up until Eyeliner is dry and lastly use another coat of Eyeliner to make it steady.
  • SAFE & GENTLE – Covers and eyes are delicate locations. Our magnetic liner utilizes over 3 million micro magnet beads that are entirely safe for your skin. No inflammation or itching, simply pure quite.
  • REMAINS ON & SLAYS – Rock these eyelashes from sun as much as sun down. The magnetic lashes increase stickiness by 60%. They re likewise water resistant, so no light drizzle or difficult partying can moisten your appearance.
  • YOUR FULFILLMENT, ENSURED – You either enjoy these magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner, or get a refund. Each purchase comes with a 100% refund ensure no questions asked.

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Here are some more information on LIVINO Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Applicator.
Read more LIVINO – ” Making each day a Living Perfect Day” We provides High quality products of day-to-day usage to everybody who desires to make their typical day a living best day. Livino has actually developed eyelashes that curves precisely around the shapes of your eye and provides a practical, 3D result. The magnetic particles keep the lashes securely connected to your cover, while still being simple to re-position. Livino Magnetic Eyelash Kit Eyelashes With Compact Mirror Eyelash Size: 30 x11 mmAdditional Compact Mirror Within, so you can touch-up anytimeDouble-ribbon cotton skeleton that simulates genuine hair Magnetic Eyeliner Magnetic Eyeliner Bottle Size: 108 x15 mmEyeliner Color: BlackContains Micro Magnet Beads to keep your Lashes undamaged and your eyes lovely Eyelash Applicator Lash Applicator Color: PinkApplicator to hold, change and use EyelashesSleek style crafted with Premium quality product. Read more Read more How To Use? Beautifying sporadic eyelashes can be a battle. If eyes are the windows to your soul, then lashes are the attractive drapes that mesmerize and draw individuals in. Not everybody can be so fortunate regarding be born with thick eyelashes however that s all right. There are constantly phony ones to finish the appearance you desire. Yet using incorrect eyelashes is constantly difficult. Numerous usage glue, which can aggravate delicate skin. Getting lovely, thick lashes are not made complex thanks to Livino s Magnetic EyelashesKit Action # 1 Ensure the space lighting is best around you.Close eye and utilize Livino Magnetic eyeliner on your eyelid.Apply Thick Layer ofEyeliner Action # 2 Choose and Hold Eyelash withApplicator Change It till its correctly on top of your used eyeliner.Hold it till the liner gets dry and lashes are adhere to it. Action # 3 Apply another coat of eyeliner.Achieve either significant, smokey or any appearance you desire.Now smile as you’re all set to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LIVINO Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Applicator.

Question Question 1

How Do You Eliminate The Eyeliner?

we utilized makeup cleaner however the eyeliner is low-cost quality and ultimately will simply remove. we actually lost an eyelash due to the fact that of quickly the liner peels. we didn’t like this set.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LIVINO Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Applicator, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We connected our prior to and after photos. We were truly thrilled to attemptthese When we opened the packaged, our very first idea was that the kit was extremely adorable. We enjoy the application tool (its well made). The guidelines were simple to follow. The lashes themselves did not feel heavy while using. We believed they would be due to the fact that of the little magnets connected to them. This is all brand-new to us to maybe we will find out to use them much faster with better practice. However truly like the kit:-RRB- * disclaimer: im not a pro with comprise and thats why we believe our liner was a thick obvious line rather of thin/ subtle. Was enjoyable and we believe worth the shot.

This is our very first experience with incorrect eyelashes. We are still getting utilized to them. We make certain it will get simpler with practice. When we opened package, we saw that they were connected to a little circular magnet. They twisted a little, getting them off that. They are complete and long, however we didn’t like that appearance, so we cut them. (point cut). If you choose to do that, understand that the magnets will adhere to the scissors. It comes with tweezers (likewise metal so they will adhere to that too). We found it simpler to utilize our fingers to use them. We are connecting a picture of the very first day we used them. They are cut currently. We likewise, didn’t put any mascara on. The lashes on our best eye began to come off a little in the external corner after 7 hours. They aren t heavy, you put on t observe them when you are using them. All in all, we enjoy with them.

We have actually been wishing to attempt magnetic lashes for a while now, however we weren t going to invest $50+ dollars on them, particularly bc we were hesitant that they even worked. This set for under $10 Was best due to the fact that it didn’t seem like enough of a financial investment for us to be exceptionally dissatisfied if it didn’t workout We attempted them on as quickly as they was available in bc we wondered and am so surprised at how well they work for the cost. We enjoy using incorrect lashes however it can be such an inconvenience to use and eliminate, and now we have something that works so rapidly. The product works as promoted, and now we will be trying to find a set with thicker lashes.

Our very first experience with magnetic falsies and it was a breeze. The liquid eyeliner brush was simple to utilize and the color was really pigmented. The difficult part was getting the lashes on prior to the liner dries. We have actually needed to reapply a few times for the lashes to adhere entirely to our eyes. Our technique is to grip completions with the clamp (far from the band where the magnet is), location onto eyelid, then change with our fingers. These lashes look quite natural and improves our asian almond eyes, certainly brings the wow aspect. (see picture for what a distinction with and without lashes) throughout a complete day of wear, the lashes near our inner eyes tend to unstick, however we have this very same problem with standard falsies. It’s simple enough to reapply the eyeliner and re-magnetize the lashes (can be done without the applicator if required). Excellent quality eyeliner + lashes for such an excellent cost. We pay about this much for among our pharmacy brand name liquid eye liners. They even made it through a night of being folded under our body and still looks excellent. Psa, do not drop off to sleep with them on as they will not remain on.

Love this product. This is our very first time ever attempting any kind of phony lashes. We constantly was terrified about the ones with glue. This is extremely simple. Love the eyeliner applicator. Really comfy grip which provides us straight line. You do need to wait on it to dry (lol) found out the difficult method. When eyeliner is dry the lashes simply set completely on it. We would use simply a little mascara on our own lashes, given that they are really light in color. Looks beautify long and complete. We do not even feel them on. We are unsure if you are expected to, however they truly sit as natural. This is now our brand-new substantial appeal action without which we will not goout We have a newborn and with this it makes our life simpler and makes us look lovely without investing countless hours on our eyes. Thank you for such an excellent product.

We are awful at using eyelashes anyhow, so having the chance to reapply as much as required is excellent. We simply observed that removing the eyelashes triggers the eyeliner to remove. The eyeliner itself is respectable quality; it is dark and can be used with accuracy. The eyelashes offer a soft glam appearance, absolutely nothing too huge or fancy. The magnets are extremely strong, which can be an issue when using often as they stick more to the tweezer. Make sure to hold the lashes far from the band to assist this. Likewise sorry for the annoyingly close images, we did not wish to put our face on:-RRB-.

These are wonderful. We dislike the feel of phony lashes and just use them for extremely unique celebrations. These are so simple to use and so comfy. We can use all the time. Didn’t need to cut or anything. Our lashes are truly long however not especially thick so these assist a lot with looking complete. We use our routine preferred eyeliner beneath to make the magnetic liner last longer.

We used these lashes this weekend and they used quickly. If you are brand-new to lashes these would be enjoyable to playwith The lashes and the eyeliner truly do draw in to each other. We truly liked liked the dark eyeliner and brush. We would use the eyeliner alone some days. It used truly efficiently.

We simply got this today, personally we do not use makeu up a lot any longer and we utilized to use private lashes, these been available in really useful for our periodic nightout We enjoy the mirror case and the eyeliner are unexpected simple to place on. The only idea that will assist is putting a guide on prior to the eyeliner.

We have actually never ever attempted phony lashes of any kind previously. What we can state is that these were extremely simple to use. We didnt require to cut them. Our only discourse was the tweezers that came with it were metal. We simply utilized our fingers it was simple that method.

We simply got these charms in the mail. We aspired to evaluate them out immediately. We have a lot of cosmetics experience so we did not check out the guidelines and pointers so we put them on with out following the precise instructions. Desire we did however they still went on wonderfully and we make certain tomorrow when we put them on action by action they will look evenbetter Certainly going to take some more practice however we have high hopes these will make a terrific addition to our toolbox of appeal products.

Tough to put it on initially however with some practices, we can handle to do it for under 2 minutes now. Love it.

Actually simple to utilize, they had volume and fullness, a lot better than untidy glue on lashes, we no longer will ever utilize glue on lashes once again after findingthese Love these lashes, excellent worth.

These were simple adequate to utilize and it was great not needing to stress over mucky glue. We generally use feline eyeliner anyhow. Takes a little practise once you get it we guarantee its simple.

These are great they are substantial thick lashes they are great size and simple to utilize however are all so lightweight the magnets came off truly simple then were no excellent after that however we liked them till they didnt have magnets delegated work right.

Remarkable lashes. Easy application of magnetic eyeliner, it comes with an excellent storage case so the lashes do not get lost. We did our lashes in the very same quantity of time as it takes us to put mascara on. They are multiple-use so we are going to conserve cash too. The lashes aren t too long or too brief, they are the best length so we did not need to cut them. Excellent product.

These are truly great natural looking lash strips. It s simple to use the magnetic liner to the eye and connect the lash strip to the eye. The liner smells truly excellent to compare to other brand names. We were truly amazed with the quality ofthese Something we found difficult was the lash holders allure to the magnets on the strip so it s a little difficult to put the lashes on the eye with it. So we simply utilize our fingers.

Really simple to use they do not appear like huge spider legs which we are constantly scared of. We wished to brighten our eyes not look absurd. They are the best length. The eye lash tool for application is simple to work with an assists a lot.

We enjoy having simple lashes that won t harm our genuine lashes. These are fantastic, simple, and enjoyable. They look excellent too. We certainly believe these deserve the buy.

We are terrible at using lashes with glue. So we were passing away to attempt these in hope’s that they would be simpler. They were as simple as 1,2,3 to use. We want we had actually bought these earlier. They are now our go to, every day lashes. And they didn’t break our bank.

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