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Liiyzy Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

Liiyzy Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Liiyzy Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit.

  • 4 Pairs Eyelashes ‘4 sets of magnetic eyelashes consisted of, they are made from premium artificial fibers with the most recent magnet style, 4 sets magnetic incorrect lashes can fit all various kinds of eye shapes quickly to reveal woman’s lovely and long eyelashes.
  • Black Magnetic Eyeliner ‘This magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit features a magnetic eyeliner, specifically developed for linking magnetic eyelashes quickly. It includes lasting, spot resistant and water resistant.
  • No Glue Required ‘Easy to use, no any glue needed. It has 5 effective magnet for each magnetic lashes, and the magnetic eyeliner consists of ultra-fine magnetic particles, which guarantees lashes can be connected quickly likewise it will not aggravate the eyes or damage natural eyelashes.
  • Magnetic Kit ‘Our magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit consists of magnetic liquid eyeliner and 4 sets of several design magnetic eyelashes, and one little tools enables simple to use the lashes. The magnetic eyelashes are likewise safe for day-to-day usage, likewise it can be utilized over and over once again.
  • High Strength Magnets ‘Each magnetic eyelash has 5 ultra great magnets particles for better fit, and the eyelashes embedded with small high-strength magnets, which enables you simple to use and comfy for your eyes all the day.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Liiyzy Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit.
Strong Magnetic Particles Each magnetic eyelash has 5 strong magnets, and our magnetic eyeliner consists of ultra-fine magnetic particles inside. Easy to be linked or eliminated quickly. 4 Pairs Lashes There features 4 sets of several designs recyclable magnetic eyelashes, it offers you natural appearance and can keep for all-day long with our ultra thin and strong magnets. Inflammation Free Developed with magnetic eyeliner, simple to use with no glue needed, no more inflammation allergic reaction and it will not trigger any inflammation to your eyes nor damage to your natural lashes. How to Use Our Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Kit? 1. Initially, shake the magnetic eyeliner prior to usage, use the magnetic eyeliner. 2. Wait a few minutes for magnetic eyeliner to end up being dry and then line up the magnetic eyelashes with the magnetic eyeliner. 3. Change the position according to your requirement. How to Eliminate Magnetic Eyelashes? 1. Pull magnetic eyelashes off carefully. 2. Eliminate any staying glue or makeup from lashes with a non oily makeup eliminator. 3. Location magnetic eyelashes back to case, so to recycle for next time. Warm Attention 1.Magnetic eyelashes can just be used after the magnetic eyeliner is totally dry. 2. If the magnetic eyelashes are not pasted strongly enough, you can draw the eyeliner more thicker. 3. Please eliminate the magnetic eyelashes off prior to cleaning face or bathing and sleeping. Plan Consists Of 1 x Magnetic Eyeliner 4 Set of Magnetic Eyelashes 1 x Tweezers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Liiyzy Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit.

Question Question 1

How Does It Odor Have A Pungent Odor?

No, it smells a bit sophisticated scent.

Question Question 2

Can The Lashes Be Recycled Or Simply Utilized When?

It can be recycled, you can provide a clean with a comprise eliminator carefully to get the eyeliner off

Question Question 3

Does The Product Contain Harsh Chemical?

The product was sold by a variety of detection, and it is safe and sanitary.

Question Question 4

Do You Utilize Mascara With These?

No we wear t you wear t requirement mascara with these we simply utilize the magnetic eyeliner supplied.

Question Question 5

How To Tidy Magnetic Eyeliner After Eliminating Eyelashes?

Do not fret about this, it will fall off like normal eyeliner, so utilize your normal eye makeup eliminator, simply fine.

Question Question 6

Are These Magnetic Eyelashes Natural Appearance Or Celebration Look?

Both there are natural ones and thicker ones

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Liiyzy Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These are the very best. We can not worry sufficient just how much we enjoy these lashes. They were basic to place on, they lasted all day and looked natural and lavish. We can not utilize glue on eyelashes, as we can’t get them to remain on. These magnetic lashes, particularly this brand name, is remarkable.

These lashes appear respectable. We just utilized the much shorter length of the 3 sets since the others appear actually long. They are bit heavy and we needed to cut them a little and they poked the corner of our eye. The magnets appear strong.

We believe these lashes have lovely product packaging as you can see from the photos. We enjoy these lash significant however still lightweight, actually quite on. And they lasted the entire day certainly something we would buy once again.

We have actually never ever had the ability to use lashes with glue and we are not going to hang out getting extensions. These were so exceptionally simple to utilize. We cut length to fit our eye and tapered length of lashes much shorter medially to make them appear more natural.

Product simply as explained. Easy to place on and simple to eliminate. A lot simpler than glue on lashes.

Eyelash is used extremely natural, extremely firm do not drop quickly, look lovely likewise, after using it, entire individual is positive a great deal of.

We were on the fence about these however after using them for the weekend (to attempt out). I’m a pleased camper. We enjoy the feel and the appearance of these lashes. It was a bit difficult at the very first once we put an excellent quantity of liner on and enabled them to dry. Yahoo. We have allergic reaction eyes and the liner is extremely friendly to our eyes. A pal simply requested we send her this information.

We were extremely doubtful of this product however was blown away with how well they worked. We did discover they work best if you put a minimum of 3-4 layers of the liner and make it a little thick and they remain all night. Extremely pleased and these are now our go to lashes.

We have actually just utilized phony eyelashes when, the glue on ones, and it took us 50 minutes to get them best and it troubled our eyes and was simply extremely unpleasant. Our stepmom informed us about these so we got some to attempt itout It’s an extremely basic procedure. We were extremely pleased that it had a brush the very same design our eyeliner has. We let the eyeliner dry for like 15 minutes and it was still a little ugly, however we put in the eyelashes and that was it. We were done. Soooo simple.

The eyes are extremely lovely. This is what we feel after utilizing it,and it will not injure our skin. It is extremely practical to load and dump. Its several designs make us have various designs whenever. We believe the most lovely thing is the eyes. Gown up should be the most cautious, we are extremely pleased with this eyelash.

We have no experience using eyelashes so it took us a few attempts to get it right. In general extremely pleased. Would buy once again.

Took a few practice attempts however lastly got it.

We definitely enjoythese Super practical and simple to utilize when you re on the go. Our eyes are delicate so routine glue doesn t agree with our eyes for too long, ends up being inflamed. These magnetic lashes are extremely comfy & last all the time. We would advise them to anybody.

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