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LASHVIEW individual lashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LASHVIEW individual lashes.

  • Wholesale or large quantities to buy false eyelashes please contact us. Thank you.
  • 0.10mm and 20 root 12mm C curl rapid cluster eyelash
  • LASHVIEW individual lashes are the closest thing to natural lashes .
  • LASHVIEW knot-free individual lashes are permanently curled, waterproof, very natural lashes.
  • LASHVIEW individual false eyelash clusters are made of high quality synthetic fiber, they are perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use, etc.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LASHVIEW individual lashes.
LASHVIEW  started went public with eyelash extension and false eyelash 5 years ago. LASHVIEW are  Professional Eyelash Extension supplies. LASHVIEW can supply  OEM  and  ODM  service to our customers. And not only can supply Wholesale or large quantities to buy false eyelashes and eyelash extension, but also can put your logo on the lashes. LASHVIEW will give you professional service and best lashes. Rapid Cluster Eyelash Available – Thickness:0.05mm/0.07mm/0.10mm Curl:  C Length:  8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm More: 20 Lashes per root,60 roots per tray LASHVIEW Rapid Cluster Eyelash 0.10 C 12mm 20roots Size of Rapid Cluster Eyelash Both technicians and individuals can use.Thickness:0.10mmCurl:  CLength:  12mm20 Lashes per strand,60 strands per tray Read more Grafting effect: We pursue perfection,the eyelashes are light and soft like feathers.With natural effects, you can graft yourself.Let your eyes become bigger and beautiful,make you more confident. Read more Detail of Rapid Cluster Eyelash Please pay attention: Because the eyelashes are very soft, please do not remove them by hand.Use the professional tweezers to slowly remove the lashes.Don’t be too strong, otherwise the eyelashes will be deformed or broken. About the Curl: C curlStable  CurlCloser to real eyelashes About the Length: There are four lengths8mm 10mm 12mm 14mmYou can choose according to your preferences Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LASHVIEW individual lashes.

Question Question 1

Can Professional Individual Eyelash Glue Be Used With These?? (Not Talking About Brands Like Ardell And Duo)?

Yes it can.

Question Question 2

Does This Include A Tool To Help Apply?

It does not include a tool. A regular tweezer is all you need to apply these.

Question Question 3

How Long Do They Last?

Mine have lasted for weeks and you if you can remove the glue they can be reused.

Question Question 4

What Glue Do You Use When Applying?

Dear customer?you can use the adhesives for strip false eyelashes.

Question Question 5

How Many Clusters Would One Person Use Per Eye On Average?

Depends on how full you like ’em. we have moderately full natural lashes and like a natural, spiky look. we use about 5-6 clusters per eye. If we wanted a vavoom eye, we would probably use 8-10 clusters per eye.

Question Question 6

What Kind Of Glue For These? Individual Lash Glue?

we use Ardell strip lash glue and it works well for us. we are sure any kind of eye lash glue would work fine.

Question Question 7

What Is Minimum Order For Large Quantities Order?

Contact seller for buyer options

Question Question 8

What Brand Of Lash Glue Works Best For Longevity?


Question Question 9

Can It Easily Be Applied?

Very easy to apply. You’ll want to put them on the underside of your lashes and not the top. we use a permanent lash glue so they stay on for about a week.

Question Question 10

What’S The Difference Between The 14Mm And The 14Mm 3D Lashes?We Didn’T See An Explanation On That. Thanks.?

The lashes on the 3D are bit more curved or raised to create a 3D effect vs. the others are more flat and curved at ends like a normal lash. we are not a fan of the 3D.

Question Question 11

Are They Applied Under Your Lashes Or To The Top Of Your Lashes Like Strip Lashes?

Dear customer,you need apply this to the top of your lashes.

Question Question 12

Do You Make These In D Curl?

D curl is MY FAVORITE but we have looked on here and Lashview does NoT make a d curl

Question Question 13

Do You Need Glue Or Is The Adhesive Already On?

You need to purchase glue, special individual lash glue or you could use duo or kiss eyelash glue but then they wouldn t last as long.

Question Question 14

Do You Have A Email For Business Questions?


Question Question 15

No More 12Mm?

Search and it will show all available

Question Question 16

Can You Use Each Lash More Than Once? Like Clean Them? Or Are They Disposable?

They re supposed to be disposable BUT we use mine for 2-3 weeks. we store them in a contact lens case with water/contact lens solution. Shake the case. Voila.You have clean lashes the following morning.

Question Question 17

Is There A Tutorial On How To Apply These?

Idk.i used youtube videos

Question Question 18

Where Can We Purchase The 12Mm Lashes Listed?

Search for length you want and it should pull up all available

Question Question 19

Weren T There 8.69$?

Possibly.Prices change with the marker

Question Question 20

Can We Use Individual Eyes Lash Glue With This Product??

we have not personally, but have seen a video of using individual lash glue on this product. Good luck.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on LASHVIEW individual lashes, these might be useful for better understanding.

Love these lashes. We used to spend $125+ a month on individual lashes because we don t do well with strips. Decided to order these and apply ourselves. These are our go to lashes and we love how it s a thin strip vs a knot holding the lashes together. Easy to apply and one pack can last you about 2-3 full sets including touch ups.

Ordered the 14 mm ones we like them we used a whole row to complete a set very big and dramatic.

We have tried a ton of individual lashes and these are our fave , we got the 14 mm , they look so natural, we do prefer a little more dramatic so we will try a longer length but these are still great , we love how the band is super thin , these were easy to apply we were done in 10 mins . Glad we learned how to do our own individuals instead of spending $200 on them every two weeks.

Excellent product. The base is flat, not a knot. There are a lot of hairs in each bundle. They adhere to the card differently so they aren’t damaged when you take one off. Very light. We tried the short 8mm for our demo. We are very satisfied. We are going to buy the 1. 0 mm now to mix with these. 1 box = 2 sets for us. They stay on for a week. Also reusable. We push lashes on under not over. These are comfortable & non irritating. Fantastic price point. Highly recommend.

Super easy and convenient. We will never pay to have our lashes done again. We can control exactly how full they look, and we love volume. Love these.

We used a whole row for both eyes & they went on so naturally and easily , we just love em. Highly highly recommended , buying more soon .

We have been learning to do our own lashes and we love these. They feel nice on and so far hold up well too. We like the look that we are already wearing mascara without having to apply it daily and when you apply these close together it s just enough.

Our lashes are already long but these added some nice volume to them. Just add some mascara over top & you ll be good to go ??.

Great. We love how this brand of lashes comes in different sizes. These were the perfect look we were going for. They re so full and don t feel hard and like plastic. We would definitely purchase again.

Absolutely the best lashes we ever used hands down.

We used size 10,12 and 14 and we love them . We wish we can get them on curve d.

We order three sizes 10mm (small), 12mm (medium), 14mm (longest) and place the long at the putter corner, medium in the middle and short closest our nose. It creates the most beautiful salon done effect. We are very seasoned on lashes and have been wearing them for 18 years, from strips to individuals to getting them done $250 a pop. We know what im saying.

Lashes are perfect. Comfortable and easy to apply. We used 12mm . The first 2 pictures we appied our lashes on the top and bottom which gave us a dramatic effect. The 2nd picture we applied the lash underneath our natural lashes which gave us a more natural effect. Overall we are definitely pleased with this product. Once im finished our review we will be ordered another pack . Thanks. ??.

We love these. We will never return to full strip falsies ever again. What we especially love about these is that they taper at the end of the lash to look like real lashes. Some are clipped at the end and look super blunt and strange. We love how you can build these up for a more dramatic effect, or just wear a few on the outer edges of your eyes for something more subtle. Also, these are reusable if you gently pull off the latex adhesive when you’re done. We used our first pack for probably 4 or 5 months by just reusing the lashes as often as we could, and dumping the ones that were past the point of no return.

These lashes are super cute. We got the 12mm, and just got done applying them. The only reason we didn’t give it 5 stars is because it would be nice if you could get 2 different sizes just because we feel these are two long for our inner corners so we had to use 2 shorter ones from our kiss individual clusters we purchased at walmart. We bought the ardell lashtite glue for these and we are excited to see how long they will last. We wish some good semi-permanent lash glue came with these to ensure they would last 1-2 weeks because you can t really use the permanent lash glue on your own eyes to apply these since your eyes should never be opened when using permanent lash glue. But as far as value for money and their look/ feel- these are great. We would recommend for sure. Side note – we suggest applying them under your real lashes instead of on top like strip lashes.

We love these lashes. The thick flat base makes application easy and seamless. They are very light and taper off at the ends, reminding us of mink lashes. The length is similar to ardell long, but they are lighter on the lash. We like to use the 14mm on the center and lashview 12mm on each corner. This makes them look more natural and opens the eye up more.

So these eyelashes really remind us of mink eyelashes. Perfect luster and despite what the pic depics these are natural density very silky but not plastic looking. The lining of the cluster lashes is perfect. We will buy large order of these for now on.

We love these lashes so natural looking and feeling we will continue to buy and refer.

We love these and they are very soft and natural. Will be ordered more.

These lashes are by far the best we have used. They do pull off easy if you gently pull from the bottom. We love the no knots with the bottoms that are even instead of the fake looking knot that the other type lashes have. This type makes application a lot easier, no clumping together. We would recommend these to anyone and our clients love them as well.

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