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LASH MOB Eyelash Extensions

LASH MOB Eyelash Extensions

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Here are a few main benefits of LASH MOB Eyelash Extensions.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Handmade from the very best PBT Fiber planned to simulate genuine mink lashes, however are more safe, hygienic, and cruelty-free. Our lashes are double heated to guarantee curl retention. They hold true black with a high-gloss shine for a remarkable, yet natural appearance.
  • MORE LASHES: Our trays have 16 rows and over 4000 lashes per tray. Basic eyelash trays have 12 rows per tray. More rows, more lashes, more customers prior to reordering.
  • DAILY WEAR: Lashes are versatile, extremely light-weight, mega soft, and completely comfy. They are safe for swimming, sweating, and sleeping. Tidy your lashes daily to guarantee optimal retention.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: Our lashes are crammed in trays with length indication strips on each private row for simple company, speed, and effectiveness. They get rid of easily from the transfer strip without residue, kinking, or adhering to their surrounding lash. Rows are backed by copper or brown tape for simple choice up versus black lash extensions.
  • BUY WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE: LASH MOB 100% Money-Back Warranty. If for any factor you are not entirely pleased with your product, return it for a complete refund.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LASH MOB Eyelash Extensions.
Size: B Curl Lash Mob Mink Lashes are readily available in single length trays and blended length speed trays. — COLOR: Real Black — SHINE: High Gloss — CURL: B — SIZE: 0.15 — LENGTHS: 8mm – 14 mm The lashes are tapered just at the last 1/3 of the extension, making the lash body extremely complete and remarkable. All our lashes are double heated for incredible curl retention and consistency. Our lashes are extremely flexible, with remarkable convenience due to their ultra lightweight and softness. They get rid of easily and are geared up with length indication strips to guarantee speed and effectiveness. There are 16 strips per tray, with over 4000 lashes. Basic eyelash trays feature 12 strips and less lashes, which indicates YOU need to change them more frequently. FOR EXPERT USAGE ONLY Tips for Styling Lashes Deep Set Eyes: Usage longer lengths and softer curls. Downturned Eyes: Beginning with the inner corners, utilize a softer curl three-fourths of the eye and end with a much heavier curl to raise the outdoors up. Hooded Eyes: Longer lengths, softer curls. Close Set Eyes: Usage longer lengths on the external corners. From the inner corners, usage D curl three-fourths of the eye and end with C curl the staying one-fourth external corner. Asian Eyes: Usage L+, or LU curls. These lashes typically point downward, which is why an L variation curl is finest. Almond Eyes: Anything goes here. Popular Eyes: Much shorter lengths, remarkable curl. Attempt utilizing a C or CC curl on the inner and external corners and a D curl in the center third of the eye. Wide Set Eyes: Usage length in the center and much shorter outside corners to draw the eye in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LASH MOB Eyelash Extensions.

Question Question 1

Are These 0.15 Or 0.18 Mm?

These are 0.15 size.

Question Question 2

Where In Our Order Do We Define What Length We Desired?

The flat lashes are readily available in blended length trays in B, C, and D curl presently. You can toggle in between the curls above the purchase button.

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Great lashes extremely pleased with them. Will buy once again. Really simple to utilize. Fantastic retention.

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