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LANVIER Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

LANVIER Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LANVIER Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit.

  • Finest Replacement for the Conventional Phony Eyelashes: No more glues with this simple to use silk incorrect magnetic lashes. Now you take sticky lash glue out away which might screw up your fragile makeup;
  • Perfect Fitting and Long-term with 5 Magnets: Complete strip with 5 magnets on the joint makes a huge distinction for remaining on throughout the day. Strong hold to keep the beautiful lashes extension remained for a long period of time. You do not require concern of them falling off;
  • Natural Looking Eyelashes: Do not doubtful or be reluctant to attempt the magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit. Our Magnetic lashes are hand-made wispy lashes and provide you a natural try to find regular usage;
  • Simple to Utilize to Conserve Time: No more video tutorials even for your very first time usage of the phony lashes. The eyeliner includes ultra-fine magnetic particles that enable the magnetic eyelash to quickly connected in seconds;
  • 5 Pairs Reusable Eyelashes to Conserve Cash: Bundle consisted of 5 sets recyclable magnetic eyelashes in 2 designs for everyday or celebration usage. Each set of the magnetic lashes can be utilized consistently as long as you look after them and tidy them periodically.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LANVIER Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit.
Please check out the instructions thoroughly prior to you initially utilize the magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes packages. How to use an ideal magnetic eyelashes? Shake the bottle of magnetic eyeliner prior to you utilize it; Thoroughly draw the eyeliner line together with your eye shape. Guarantee the line near the roots of your genuine eyelashes. We recommend to used 2 layers for better and long-term connection; then waited 2-3 minutes for the liner to dry; Change your magnetic eyelashes to make it softer and ideal suitable for your eye shape. When you change the eyelashes, ensure the magnets are dealing with inward towards each other; Take completion pointer of the magnetic eyelash hair with the tweezers consisted of, and put it above your genuine eyelashes, then make the magnets band gradually near and get in touch with eyeliner line; Enable the lash to comply with the magnetic eyeliner Elimination Instructions Carefully Peel the eyelashes off with the tweezers, thoroughly clean the lashes off with soap and water and let air dry prior to keeping in their case; Utilize the elimination oil or other makeup eliminator to get rid of the eyeliner. Bundle Consisted Of: Box with Mirror * 1Magnetic Eyelashes * 5 SetsMagnetic Eyeliner * 1Tweezers * 1 Tips Card * 1 Requirements Color: Black Measurement: Design 1: Short Daily * 1, Medium Daily * 2, Long Celebration * 2 Magnets Amount: 5 Magnets on each eyelashes Check out more Read more Perfect Fitting and Long-term Our magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit includes a special eyeliner which contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that enable the magnetic eyelash to quickly link. Likewise strong hold to keep the beautiful lashes extension remained for a long period of time with 5 magnetic link points. Get rid of the sticky glue Now. Natrual and 3D & 4D Looking Eyelahses Our Magnetic lashes are hand-made wispy lashes and provide you a natural try to find regular usage; our magnetic eyelashes packages provide you simply natural regular or celebration longer eyelashes. While at the very same time are really simple to utilize and comfy to use. Easy to Eliminate This incorrect eyelashes are really simple to be gotten rid of. You can utilize your everyday makeup eliminator wipes, oils, or gels to get rid of the eyeliner quickly. 5 Couple with 3 Designs Recyclable Eyelashes Bundle consisted of 5 sets recyclable magnetic eyelashes in 3 designs for everyday or celebration usage. Each set of the magnetic lashes can be utilized consistently as long as you look after them and tidy them periodically. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LANVIER Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit.

Question Question 1

Where Does This Ship From?

The magnetic eyelashes was made in China andfulfilled by.

Question Question 2

Are All The Lashes The Very same?

No, there are 2 designs in the bundle. 3 much shorter sets for everyday usage and 2 longger sets for celebration usage.

Question Question 3

Do You Need To Utilize The Magnetic Eyeliner?

Yes. you need to utilize the magnetic eyeliner. And this products consists of one magnetic eyeliner and 5 set magnetic eyelashes in the bundle.

Question Question 4

Is The Liner Waterproof/Smudgeproof? We Are Wanting to Use This For A Dance Efficiency.?

Yes. The eyeliner is water resistant. It is ideal to utilize for a dance efficiency.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LANVIER Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Please do not evaluate our close up to tough. Lol. This is our very first time usingthese We have normal brief directly down “asian” lashes that hardly keep up when curled. Keep in mind: we likewise have problems with mascara and liner transfer. We utilize stila, kat von d liners and kiss us mascara and the transfer simply takes place. The close up was taken after 10 hours of wear and we went to sleep with them on throughout the day and did not repair anything after we woke up. We utilized to buy the eyelure self adhesive lashes which worked well however they are $4 – $7 for one usage. We desired something more expense reliable and let us inform you. This is it. This is actually a terrific rate at $19 99 or more affordable with the voucher. You get 2 sets of lashes currently in the eyelash case, and 3 additional sets in package and an using tool. We do not like that it’s metal though since it can stay with the lashes base. These lashes are bit significant (longer, thicker) than the natural designs we tend to choose however they still look wonderful. We cut completions near the magnetic piece of the lashes since our eyes are smaller sized and we feel that it makes completion stick completely. We would just suggest it if your eyes are smaller sized. We had problem very first using the lashes however we found the very best method to use( for ourself) remained in the cars and truck, looking up into the mirror. We truthfully got the closest to our lash line that method. We would likewise utilize the suggestion to use your routine liquid liner initially. We understand the girl in the video directly utilizes the magnetic liner ~ like a manager, however if you tend to screw up a lot (like me), utilize your individual liner and then use the magnetic liner over it, otherwise it’s simply gon na be a mess. We have not examined however we hope they offer this magnetic liner by itself since we are uncertain the length of time the liner will last. All in all. We would absolutely rebuy something like this when we run out.

We get sooooooo lots of compliments on these lashes. We needed to cut them to fit our eyes. If you wear t put sufficient eyeliner on, completions won t stick. Best to utilize when liner is still a little damp. Certainly wouldn t usage liner to make a wing though. We use our liquid eyeliner and then put the magnetic eyeliner on after.

We definitely enjoythese We were having a very tough time getting routine lashes on with the glue and simply total disappointed. Nevertheless, we offered these a shot and they are actually trick evidence lolol. We can use these in a matter of minutes, they look really natural and remained on throughout the day. We have actually currently advised these to numerous buddies currently. Fantastic product.

We have actually been passing away to attempt magnetic liner lashes we constantly had problem with lash glued and eye lash extensions are really costly. We attempted them on when we got them and it was so simple to place on and remove. We have yet use them throughout the day however it appears really appealing. We likewise liked that it featured additional sets in the back of the bundle. Likewise the lashes are so quite.

We got these simply the other day and provided our very first main shot today. We think about ourself a lash amateur, have actually used falsies with glue simply a few times. We find the glue somewhat annoying and lashes to be heavy. Our company believe we have somewhat deep set eyes which might add to our basic pain with lashes, however we have brief and straight natural lashes so in some cases we desire the additional enjoyable volume and length. With all that stated, we delighted in utilizing these and will definitely be practicing a lot more and getting them refined for us. We needed to cut them at first and will need to cut more as they are really abundant, a bit excessive for our face. The liner used quickly and the lashes stuck on quickly. We truly simply personally require to practice and figure out how to make them fit finest for our eye shape. However this is a lot simpler with the magnetic lashes. We might never ever practice like this with standard lashes and glue. We will attempt to consist of some images here if possible.

This is our very first time to utilize magnetic lashes. It is wonderful. Super simple to use it. Initially, we were a little be reluctant to buy these, we do not believe the magnetic can deal with the eyes. Now we fall for this magic lash entirely. Just one grumble, there are 5 sets on the bundle, nevertheless, 2 sets of them resembles celebration design, which are too wish for us. Whatever, we enjoy them, they looks excellent craftsmanship and long-term.

You absolutely get a value with these magnetic lashes. It can t with method more lashes that we anticipated. Extremely great natural designs. These lashes truly do work. We use lashes all the time so this is a terrific alternative that offers our lashes time to grow back. No glue = no pulling out natural lashes. These magnetic lashes are not sleep evidence. So we suggest removing prior to bed. Likewise if your eye covers are oily, it won t last as long so we recommend putting a water evidence eyeliner initially then put the magnetic liner on top of that. These lashes lasted through energetic activity. And for some hours whileout (we wouldn t suggest for a significant occasion since we did experience the eyelashes raising while we are out) over all we do suggest these lashes. Extremely starting friendly and better for your lashes than glue.

We truly enjoy the eyelashes. The product packaging is lovely. We enjoy the pink case that it includes. Regrettably it appears like we recieved an utilized one. Among the lashes where reduced and the eyeliner aims to have actually been utilized. A replacement has actually been put. Other than that, we wish to state that these eyelashes are simply lovely, they look complete and the length is ideal. They are 5 various magnetic eyelashes you can picked from. We have actually utilized magnetic eyelashes in the passed. Super simple to utilize too.

We simply enjoy these lashes. After a bit of practice, we have the ability to put them on with ease and they look lovely. We have actually gotten numerous compliments and have actually referred your product to others to attempt. We have actually bought two times, 2 various lashes to see which ones look best. We are older and wish to have more natural looking lashes. The rate is really economical compared to others out there. Likewise, thank you for providing us something enjoyable to do throughout the quarantine.

These truly work. We were too inexpensive to invest $60 on some magnetic lashes os after some research we choose to provide these a shot and we as pleased we did. They are available in truly charming product packaging, they’re economical, and most importantly, they work. Its sort of a discomfort getting liner off however simply follow the instructions and you’ll be great. If you have truly oily covers like we do, id recommend taking the liquid liner with you in a bag. We required a retouch on one eye after about 6 hours. However mainly due to our fault.

Love this product. We had problem with using eyelashes in the beginning however asked the business and they informed us to use to coasts of eyeliner and let it dry. The eyelashes stuck excellent and remained in till we took them off. We have actually had our colleague attempt them and she enjoys them too. We like how they include the various designs so you have a set for work and others sets for various celebrations. We would absolutely suggest and buy once again. Fantastic product and many of all excellent customer service from the business.

Lovethese We bought since we desired several couple with a case. We did cut some of them down since they were too long. We have actually attempted glue on lashes and they are terrible and leave glue in your lashes. This product is remarkable particularly if you currently use liquid liner like we do. The lashes quickly adhered to the liner and we might move them to where we desired them with out any problem.

This includes 5 sets of lashes (2 in the compact and 3 more in package), the magnetic liner, and the applicator tool. We have actually never ever had the ability to however on incorrect eyelashes. And with these we actually had them on and even in less than 1 minute. They hold up throughout the day, even while brushing versus your glasses. We were stunned and am absolutely in love with them. We advised to all of our buddies and we will share it here too.

They’re simple for somebody who has actually used phony eyelashes. They will require to be cut on the side. These are really complete lashes. The case is super-cute. Features the tools and glue. We are uncertain about the magnetic point of sale. You need to utilize it simply the very same as you would routine lashes. In general they are still charming and rate is excellent.

We can t reveal just how much we enjoy these lashes, they re a lot more attractive than the other ones we have. Nevertheless, they are long. If we use them we can not use our glasses or sunglasses. And it takes numerous coats of the eyeliner for them to stick well. However otherwise they re lovely and last throughout the day.

For the rate the worth is excellent. 5 sets overall (3 various lengths). The magnetic liner and lash connected are all consisted of. When we purchased this it was mainly for the holder and to experiment with various lengths of lashes. Extremely pleased with this purchase.

Super simple alternative for a day/nightout If you fight with glue on eyelashes, this is a lot easier and less unpleasant. We found that you need to use the eyeliner freely and let it dry for a minimum of 5mins for the eyelash to stick on and remain on well for the entire day. Not advised for swimming or contact sports. We absolutely choose this over glue on. Eyeliner can be rubbed out with eye makeup eliminator.

We have actually invested years on the hunt for thick, long eyelashes. We have actually attempted numerous various mascaras, incorrect eyelashes with glue, magnetic lashes and even attempted having them expertly performed in a hair salon. We did not find the wonder we were trying to find till we found the magnetic eyeliner. We found the magnetic lashes with 2 magnetic parts that stick really tough to use. The magnetic eyeliner is simple to use, remains in location and looks excellent. We would absolutely suggest it. If you can place on eyeliner you can use these lashes. We are follower.

To Begin With, the prices for these was excellent. 5 set for that?. We would’ve been dim not to buy them. The case is remarkable, the liner keeps the lashes on without imitating it’s tattooed on our eyelids like other brand names and each design of lash is simply excellence. Do yourself a favor and get em now.

We are so thrilled to have these eyelashes. We utilized to get extensions however that made our lashes brief and breakable. And we wear t like the glue on standard lashes. These are the ideal alternative and so simple to utilize. We enjoy the charming mirror case likewise.

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