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Kiss Strip Eyelash Lash Clear Adhesive

Kiss Strip Eyelash Lash Clear Adhesive

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kiss Strip Eyelash Lash Clear Adhesive.

  • Smell and latex totally free
  • Easy applicator, no mess
  • 24 hour versatile hold
  • Water Resistant

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kiss Strip Eyelash Lash Clear Adhesive.

Question Question 1

Is This A Blue Color Tone? & Dry Clear?

Its a clear glue it dries quick it’s truly excellent tho:-RRB-.

Question Question 2

Is This Updated Product Packaging?? We Purchased Wholesale Last Time, And We Were Wishing to Get The Exact Same Thing Once again, However This Looks Totally Various.?

The product packaging is new.It formerly camein a little box.

Question Question 3

Is This Glue Water resistant?

we have actually had excellent experiences with this glue.we have extremely watery eyes and it has actually constantly held for us.

Question Question 4

Is This Easy To Get Rid Of With Typical Makeup Eliminator?

Yes, it is extremely simple to eliminate.

Question Question 5

The Length Of Time Do They Remain on?

Mine remained on from Saturday late afternoon to Sunday night. (we remained in New Orleans in August so it was damp) This glue assisted our lashes remain on through Bourbon street and an overload trip with a high speed boat. 100% suggest

Question Question 6

The Number Of Hours Does It Lash? Does It Actually Last 24 Hours?

In all sincerity, we have actually not used them for 24 hours. we have actually used lashes for about 14 hours and it does last that long. our company believe it would last for 24 hours. we have actually attempted all adhesives we might find and this is the very best for us and all we utilize any longer.

Question Question 7

Is This Formaldehyde Free?

Yes it is

Question Question 8

Is This The Kiss Lash Glue That Turns Blue When Prepared To Use The Lashes However Dries Clear?

It goes on white & does rely on a blue tint and dries clear. we do not base when to use it on the color of the glue though. we put it on our eyelash strip, wait about 50-60 seconds & then use our eyelashes. we have actually attempted various glues & up until now, this is the very best without a doubt.

Question Question 9

Can This Be Utilized On Lips?

If it is safe to utilize on your eyes, we make certain it can be utilized on lips.

Question Question 10

Does This Leave A Residue When It Dries? Required Something That Holds Up To Sweat For Exercise. Does This One Work? Presently Utilizing Duo.?

If does not even stick. Stay with duo.

Question Question 11

What Are The Active ingredients?

A lot of to call. Acrylates, water, copolymer, propylene, ethylenzyglyrine. we does not trouble our eyes and our eyes tend to be delicate sometimes. we use the lashes our contacts also.Hope this assists.

Question Question 12

The Number Of Utilizes In This Tube?

we have not counted, however we still have it and it appears it’s been a few months. we utilize the lashes nearly daily other than for possibly on Sundays. Hope our response assists.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kiss Strip Eyelash Lash Clear Adhesive, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our lashes made it through every rollercoaster at disneyland. ’nuff stated.

Bought these to utilize with a set of lena lashes ($50 a set) for a really crucial function, where having half of an eyelash strip pop off mid-conversation simply would not do. We required this glue to work. It is available in a bottle with a thin spatula as an applicator. We put a quite good quantity on the incorrect lash, end to end, and let it dry for one complete minute (we have actually gained from the pro’s that 30 seconds isn’t adequate). We likewise put a dab on our own lash line at the inner and external edges, utilizing a toothpick, as this is typically the location where you can get lifting. Then we used the lashes with an applicator. This adhesive remained flexible for about 10 seconds, permitting simply adequate time to move them into position. As soon as there though, they do stagnate up until you eliminate them with eye makeup eliminator. We put them on at 5pm and by 2 am they were still definitely ideal, no indications of raising at all. To eliminate the lashes we simply soaked a cotton ball with eliminator and carefully pushed it on the lashes for about 10 seconds then while raising the external corner kept moving the cotton ball under the lash as we raised everything the method off. No glue residue was left on our skin and remarkably no skin inflammation where the glue had actually been. With the big quantity of product in this bottle we can’t see us requiring to buy any in the future, however we would certainly suggest it to others. It is the very best eyelash adhesive we have actually attempted up until now, and it left our $50 lena lashes in ideal condition for our next night on the town.

We use falsies every day and this is without a doubt our preferred brand name of lash glue. We have actually attempted nearly every lash glue out there, none work for us. This glue does not need to be reapplied throughout the day. Once they are on, they are on. Nevertheless, they do not injured to remove despite the fact that they are safe. This lash glue is now cost ulta appeal for around $6 so inspect that out if you are interest.

Anybody who uses lashes. You got ta get this sort of glue. This is without a doubt the very best glue we have actually attempted in the last 15 years. It goes on magnificently. And if you can let it dry for about 30 seconds or have a small fan running. Dry it simply for a few seconds prior to using the lash. It’s the very best and longest acting glue. Our lashes utilized to begin coming off on either side of our covers. So we would need to inspect it totally a lot of times throughout the day. After attempting this sort of glue. We have not had them come unglued at all. It’s our perpetuity preferred.

Quick shipping. A however extreme product packaging for such a little product however our preferred lash glue by far. Resilient, water resistant and dries on clear. Perfect for any strip lash, its actually the only glue we swear by now. Lasts for days if you leave it, and quickly gotten rid of with comprise eliminator. Simply beware not to let it mold your lashes sideways. It began doing that to us after extended utilized however if you clean your lashes completely with a creepy and makeup eliminator frequently should not have any problems.

We use lashes on an everyday. We have used them for over 5 years now. This glue is without a doubt the very best we have actually ever utilized. We put our lashes on early in the early morning and they sit tight all through the day and even through an exercise at the health club. No lifting in the corners and we didn’t see any burning or inflammation to our eyes. Just failure is the bottle, the glue can accumulate around the rim from pulling the applicator out and make a mess however it s simple to tidy.

It is a terrific adhesive, it keeps your lashes in location all day and it comes off easily without injuring your own lashes or skin.

We are begginer when it pertains to using and using incorrect lashes however we rapidly recognized that we required something more powerful than the duo eyelash glue. This eyelash glue holds long and is simpler to use with the brush. We can better manage the quantity of glue that we wish to use.

Functions so well. We were frantically in requirement for some eyelash glue (a great quality with an affordable cost) and found this. Got it provided and it works truly well and when you put it on your falsies it dries quite rapidly so you can simply stick em right on.

Without a doubt our preferred eyelash glue; simple on the eyes however hold strength corresponds. Never ever falls off and lasts the whole night, the aloe makes it soft on the eyes and dries completely clear in a minute’s time.

Great, non-irritating adhesive, even for women with delicate eyes. Eyelashes remain on dependably with this lash glue.

It’s truly great. A little runny however it gets the job done for what it is. The cap and external rim do tend to get a little untidy and goopy however.

Love this eyelash glue. Kt s incredibly sticky and strong. It keeps your incorrect eyelashes in location for hours. It s likewise equivalent to the revlon lash adheasive.

Lastly glue that doesn t hurt to remove. Not just does it remain better than any glue we have actually utilized, it comes off quickly when you are prepared. Never ever utilizing anything else.

We like both ardell duo and kiss however if we are struggling with delicate eyes, or we utilize this since it’s latex totally free and less of an odor tha ardell.

We have actually been utilizing strip lashes for some time and have actually attempted other adhesives. This is without a doubt the very best. We begin our day extremely early. Even into the health club late in the day and we need to take them of. We have actually even showered with them on.

Finest of the finest. Just one we will now utilize.

Does what it states. Easy application. Actually great.

We enjoy this glue.

Was a terrific purchase, truly this product is outstanding in color, size, quality, we suggest it.

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