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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KISS Products Ever EZ Lashes.

  • Lash Multipack: The best starter set to raise your lash appearance. These natural looking incorrect lashes are simple to use and mix flawlessly with your own lashes. Recyclable and contact lens friendly
  • High Quality: Include length, volume and meaning to your appearance. Made with high quality, 100 percent natural human hair, these extensions are light-weight and comfy to use. Consists of silicone tool for simpler application
  • KISS Lashes: Our high end lash lineup consists of fabulous lashes for every single appearance and celebration. In an immediate, mink lashes, wispy lashes, magnetic lashes and more should have designs will offer your eyes all out glam
  • Appeal Products: Attempt the complete variety of KISS finest sellers consisting of manicure glues, cleaners, press on nails, natural looking and abundant lashes, Korean charm products, hair tools and makeup
  • Bring the Hair Salon House: KISS motivates females to bring the hair salon house and reveal their specific design and charm with high quality and expert Do It Yourself products at budget friendly costs

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More Info:

Here are some more information on KISS Products Ever EZ Lashes.
Design Call: No. 11|Size: 5 Count Kiss 5 park multipack lashes provides the lashonista a fantastic worth

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KISS Products Ever EZ Lashes.

Question Question 1

Does It Include The Glue?

It does NOT featured glue. Simply the applicator.

Question Question 2

Are These An Excellent Select For A Novice? We Have actually Never ever Done Our Own Eyelashes Prior to. Thanks To All Who Response.?

Yes. we wound up getting these from Walmart rather of the shy ones bc this is all they had actually left. The band on these is a bit more powerful and they were a lot simpler to place on. These are our favorites now. These were the very first lashes we have actually placed on quickly.

Question Question 3

How Does Utilizing Eye Shadow Affect The Reuses Of The Lashes?

If the eye shadow has alot of fallout itll most likely show up and impact it however if it does not get on it excessive youll be excellent to recycle it once again

Question Question 4

Are They New?

Yes, they are brand-new bundles.

Question Question 5

Some Individuals Gotten 2 Loads, Some Gotten 1. Is It 10 Lashes Or 10 Pairs Of Lashes???

we are presuming 10 count would indicate 2 pk of 5 count set of lashes, So 10 sets of lashes.10 lashes wouldn t make any sense for the to promote like that.

Question Question 6

Im Curious Why This One Is $10 And Some Other Ones That Are The Specific Very Same Are $12?

Various sellers can call their cost. Some individuals get online and simply acquire what they desire rather of doing a little little bit of research for prices.

Question Question 7

Searching For The Kiss (Chignon) Eyelashes. These Look Comparable However We Are Unsure If They Are The Exact same. Anybody Know? Thank You?

The kiss lashes you have actually acquired in the past must have a number on them. Change your phrasing a little bit in the search bar to ensure you re getting the product you relooking for.

Question Question 8

We Required A Magnet Lash No Longer Than 0.8 Mm. For how long Are These?

No magnets on these

Question Question 9

Are These Thick Band Lashes?

Not. Super thin and confortable.

Question Question 10

What Kind Of Glue Should We Purchase? Any Kind Of Eyelash Extension Glue? Like The One They Utilize At The Salons.Thank You?

we have actually attempted all of them and our outright preferred glue is kiss glue. It’s the very best there is.

Question Question 11

Exist 5 Pairs Of Lashes Or 10 Pairs Of Lashes? Some Individuals Are Stating They Got 2 Loads Of 5, While Others Are Stating There Is Just 1 Load?


Question Question 12

Simply To Clarify Do You Get 5 Pairs Of Lashes Or 10 Pairs Of Lashes With This Order?We Are Really Baffled With The Amount We Will Get.?

This will be 5 PAIRS.If you focus on the photo, it is circled around where the bundle states, 4 SET +1 PAIR.People doing evaluations got all blended over the amount. This is actually a fantastic buy on an outstanding design lash. our all-time favorite; you wont be dissatisfied.

Question Question 13

What Sort Of Glue Do You Guys Usage? We Attempted Duo Dark Adhesive And It Hasn’t Been Working Well?

The kiss Ever EZ lashes strip lash adhesive in clear works well for us and you do not need to wait wish for the glue to dry.

Question Question 14

Do They Lashes Required To Be Trimmed For Smaller Sized Eyes?

we have little eyes and we did not cut them, however it reallywhat you choose

Question Question 15

Are These Number 5 Or 11?

11 They advise us of the kiss ritzy lashes.

Question Question 16

Are These No 11 Or No 5?

no 11

Question Question 17

Natural Hair? Human Hair?

They state human hair. The texture does not feel that of human.However we like these lashes and buy wholesale.

Question Question 18

The Number Of Times Can We Recycle Each Set? (Not Preparation On Utilizing Eye Shadow Or Any Other Makeup Surrounding The Lashes Besides Eyebrows)?

Depends upon how cautious you are with cleansing them.maybe 5 times.More or less. If you beware with them then you can recycle them 8 times possibly. Might be more however it depends upon you.

Question Question 19

What Number Lash Is These The Description States 5 However The Image State 11?

we have actually purchased from here numerous times.we browsed and acquired for #11’s, and we have actually gotten #11 we are not exactly sure why it states 5 in the description unless they are describing the variety of lashes in the pack. we hope this assists.

Question Question 20

What Length Are These? Are They Less Than 12 Mm?

Yes it s less than a 12 mm.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on KISS Products Ever EZ Lashes, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually purchased inexpensive lashes and we have actually purchased costly lashes – and these without a doubt are our really preferred. We normally have a hard time placing on lashes and it takes a few goes however with these kiss #11 (they are 11, idk why it states 5) the bands are really thin that makes them very versatile and simple to use. That being stated, make sure while eliminating them from the loading their on for you will not journey on damage them. Theyre an action up from natural want to the eyes. Not toooo remarkable however simply enough to include a wow element. Definitely best for day-to-day usage. We truthfully will not buy any of lashes every once again. We are not too huge into thick drama lashes due to the fact that we do not tend to do appear like that so these are best. If your searching for lashes that are truly huge, thick, long, and less on the natural side, we wouldnt advise these for you. Ice connected a photo using these lashes for recommendation however we certainly like these x100000000

Love the lashes. For the individual who composed that she was dissatisfied that the description was deceptive is not misinforming it states 10 count which implies 10 specific lashes total you will get 5 sets. So we put on t believe the description is misinforming they are appropriate you are incorrect.

These lashes are fantastic. Set of 5. Quickly used and its recyclable. Im a makeup artist and we utilize these lashes all the time on our customers and they like em.

We were shocked with how natural we had the ability to make these appearance. Perfect for every single day use. We did find that they made us eyes water a bit which we sanctuary t had occur prior to. However in general we are delighted.

Got our lashes and could not be better. Truly fantastic cost for 2 packs of 5 sets of lashes. We have actually utilized this brand name for several years and like them.

Product is excellent, however description is misinforming. This states 10 amount, which suggests 2 packs of 5, however you just get 1 bundle of 5.

We have actually purchased lashes prior to and various glues without any luck. These were remarkable and simpler to use. After attempting various kinds and costs hours attempting to get them to work we practically quit. They are so quite and we get a great deal of matches and individuals asking where we get our lashes done. We are so delighted we chose to attempt falsies once again and we acquired these.

We are presently going through chemo and lost all our hair. We miss our eyelashes most, so we wished to attempt to find out to utilize phony ones. Although we have not rather mastered it, these were our preferred lashes that we purchased. They look more natural than others we acquired. We didn’t desire insane long ones or anything that appeared like we had spiders on our covers. There’s a little bit of an art to placing on incorrect lashes and we are still dealing with it however these are certainly the ones that we utilize one of the most.

Really great and really simple to use we would rather you utilize routine tweezers other than the ones they offer you.

We are novice we used them for the very first time today. We hesitated to pull them off the case however they hold their own. We even put them on by ourself. We did our research and kiss came out at the top of ourlist It was constantly showing up as fantastic however still budget friendly and simple to find in numerous regional shops. This is a good deal. It states 5 however you get 2 of the 5 packs. So 10 lash sets. And it even has an applicator consisted of. We like the truth that the band is clear. And we have huge eyes so we didn’t need to cut them. We likewise purchased the aloe lash glue by the very same brand name and it dries clear. Even more it has actually a brush connected to the cap like an eye liner. We didnt feel troubled or any inflammation at all. We truthfully kept taking a look at them lol we like that these specific lashes appearance natural. However kiss makes various key ins case you wan na truly glam things up. We went to a celebration at 1 and got home at midnight and they are still holding strong and stunning. We are practically unfortunate to toss themout Update. These are our preferred lashes. We utilize each set a minimum of two times. They look remarkable.

These are fantastic. We put on t typically utilize incorrect eyelashes however when we do we were constantly fretted about cutting the best length, what looks finest on our eye, will we get the incorrect type, and so on. With these, considering that we got 2 packs of 5 sets (so 10 sets overall) we can experiment with what works best for our eye shape/type and not fret about messing up a set of eyelashes and being out nevertheless quantity of cash.

Even with all the favorable evaluations, we were a little reluctant to purchasethese Wow, we are so stunned – they are so lightweight – genuine human hair?. We had the ability to use them within seconds due to the fact that of the versatility of the lash base (other brand names are truly stiff and do not curve quickly with your eyelid shape). We believed it may be a fluke however used/applied once again and as simple and stunning as very first time. They looked natural and make your eyes pop. Fantastic product.

We like these lashes, they’re quite subtle however offer a style. Make certain to constantly cut your lashes if they do not fit to get the very best appearance possible. We reside in south korea, and they do not sale phony eyelashes anywhere here. It’s quite unfortunate, we have actually been having a hard time to get excellent lashes here and these ones provided fast, look fantastic, we clean up and recycle them so one set last us some time. Likewise, we are an influencer banner here on and we stream 5 days a week around 7: 00 pm( pdt) if you have any questions about these lashes or would like any charm recommendations come join our streams. You can find our previous streams on our profile. We would like to respond to questions and assist the very best we can. ^ ^.

We generally get specific lash extensions which can be 70-100$ every 2 weeks. Throughout the quarantine we required an alternative and found these a fantastic worth, excellent quality and simple to utilize. We utilize it with the kiss lash glue and they remain on long and put on t have any problems of it mixing in. We likewise like the feline eye appearance and our previous extensions were 15 mm in length. They likewise have a density that appears like you have complete lashes with mascara on. We like that the strip line itself isn’t black due to the fact that it does offer it a somewhat more natural appearance than other strips.

I got these due to the fact that we can t normally use lashes due to the fact that we use glasses however our pal suggested these to us due to the fact that they put on t strike your glasses when you blink which is terrific. So we practically solely use these lashes and they re so quite. Some lashes are prettier and more remarkable however these are still great particularly for somebody with glasses that can t use glasses with typical substantial phony lashes.

We like these eyelashes we can use them for a couple days at a time we put on t have numerous eyelashes ourself actually it appears like we pulled out a lot of our eyelashes so we like to use incorrect eyelashes however we do not like the remarkable ones or the additional ones we like natural ones and these enhance our eyes truly excellent and we will certainly be purchasing more.

These are really great lashes and really well priced. We got a little lifting initially. The strip is a little stiff once you flex and deal with it adheres muchbetter They are really sensible and the band does disappoint. Inside lashes being much shorter makes it simpler to get closer to the within corners. We needed to do simply very little cutting on the external lashes and did get better adhesion after we did so. Thry likewise hold up truly well for numerous uses. We will certainly reorder.

We use strip lashes daily and we change in between these and the ardell wispies. They both include a good quantity of length to your lashes without looking heavy and phony. We do cut the band length as we they poke our eyes otherwise. Love the appearance.

We have actually utilized a single set from the bundle two times now and they appear to be holding up quite well and the design of these are really quite on our almond-shaped eyes. They are nevertheless wayyyyy longer then we anticipated them to be, so from the side, you can undoubtedly inform they are phony. We are utilized to lily lashes and velour lashes where the lashes come out rather simple from the product packaging so we harmed among these lashes a bit from being rough with them so simply take care taking themout These were so simple to place on, method simpler than our velour lashes which is odd to me, it might be due to the fact that of the clear band these lashes have. The only unfavorable thing that we need to state about these is the lashes are not tapered at the ends to make it look more sensible and have this sort of blunt cut that we personally do not like however hey you get what you spend for right? in either case, this was a fantastic purchase and tbh we are most likely gon na stick to these from now on cause it is simply more affordable and simpler to place on.

We like these lashes. We use lashes all the time, and got tired of going to buy them continuously at the shop so we are so delighted we found these that we can simply buy to our home, they are the best balance of natural however not to natural, they truly enhance our eye. We need to cut very first and we like to curl them however our they are our go to lashes today. We have actually attempted others on and they aren’t as great. We would buy these.

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