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KESHIMA Duo Eyebrow Brush

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KESHIMA Duo Eyebrow Brush.

  • EXPERT ANGLED EYEBROW BRUSH – for shaping and specifying eyebrows.
  • HIGH QUALITY SPOOLIE BRUSH – for grooming and mixing.
  • COMPANY BRISTLES – best for completing eyebrows.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS – AAA artificial hair, lightweight & strong wood manage.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on KESHIMA Duo Eyebrow Brush.
The Perfect Eyebrow Brush. Fed up with purchasing eyebrow brushes that wind up not being firm sufficient to fill out your eyebrows? Forming and Specify your Eyebrows Like a Pro – The Keshima Eyebrow Duo brush is a double sided eye brush. – On one side, the brush has an expert grade angled eyebrow brush for shaping and specifying eyebrows. – On its opposite, the brush has a high quality spoolie, for grooming and mixing. – The angled eyebrow brush has firm bristles, best for completing eyebrows. Keshima Duo Eyebrow Brushes – Are made with company, superior quality synthetic fibers, and are quickly cleaned up. – Go through extensive quality assurance requirements We are so positive that you will like this brush that it is covered by our FULL, 90 Days no questions asked Cash Back Assurance. Click Contribute To Haul to Start Filling Out and Forming Your Eyebrows Like a Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KESHIMA Duo Eyebrow Brush.

Question Question 1

Will This Brush Deal With Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade?

Yup. we utilized it with our IT Cosmetics Build-A-Brow pomade and Anastasia’s Dip Eyebrow without an issue. The brush provided us even, sharp, & thin lines with it.

Question Question 2

Are The Bristles On This Thin?

No. They are perfect.If the brush was thicker it would made the eyebrow line too thick. Usage short little strokes and it will great.is love mine.

Question Question 3

If You Have Hair In Your Eyebrow That Are Not Straight Will This Brush Aid Make Them Straight?

we believe it would assist to some degree. we extremely advise Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow gel.

Question Question 4

Will Thiswork With Wunderbrow?


Question Question 5

How Does This Compare To 7B Anastasia Brush?

It does not compare- the bristles are little lightweight. we keep it for simply in case however grab our morphe eyebrow brush rather.

Question Question 6

Does It Feature The Caps For Both Ends For Taking a trip?

No it does not:/ Sadly. we have been keeping it in package and we simply took a trip so we kept it in a little makeup bag for brushes

Question Question 7

Any Suggestions On How To Wash The Suggestion Of This Brush After Usage To Keep It In Excellent Condition? Soap And Warm Water? Simply Water?

we utilize plain dial hand soap and water. Functions terrific. we likewise utilize a brush cleansing pad to deep tidy.

Question Question 8

How Does This Compare To The Anastasia Brush? If Anybody’S Attempted Both.?

we own both of them and in our viewpoint this one isbetter The brush part is the best size for accuracy. This one is a much better worth.

Question Question 9

Does This Feature Double Cap For Both The Spoolie And Angled Brush?

It doesn t included a cap for either end.

Question Question 10

We Can not See In The Picture. Does The Suggestion Of The Angle Part Have The Divets In It To Get In In Between The Hairs?

No, it has a straight edge.

Question Question 11

Is This Brush Pretty Company?

Yes.we personally do not like it for eyebrow powder due to the fact that we believe it is too firm for powder.However, we can see this brush being company enough to work well for an eyebrow gel or pomade.

Question Question 12

Can This Brush Work Well With Eyebrow Wax? Is It Thick Enough? Thank You.?

Yes. It’s quite durable and holds kind actually well. we utilize it with the Anastasia dip eyebrow pomade.

Question Question 13

Is The Spoolie Smaller Sized Than The Typical Mascara Brush?

It s the very same length as the mascara brush we have.

Question Question 14

What Product Is The Spoolie Made Out Of? Is It Plastic?

Plastic, type of like a pipeline cleaner

Question Question 15

How Does This Compare To The Anastasia Brush In Regards To Firmness And Thinness? The Photos Appear Like This Brush Is Thicker Than The Anastasia.?

Sorry, we do not have an Anastasia.This brush is little and soft, BUT not too soft.we actually like it, and would advise it to loved ones.

Question Question 16

How Do We Utilize It And Do We Required To Likewise Include A Pomade With It Or A Power Of Some Kind? We Are Brand Name New And Do Not Know What A Pomade Even Is?

we personally utilize it with our WunderBrow gel however im.pretty sure you can utilize it with an eyebrow paste or pomade. WunderBrow gel its our preferred and you can likewise buy it on as well.If you have any other questions, let us know.Take care we personally utilize it with our WunderBrow gel however im.pretty sure you can utilize it with an eyebrow paste or pomade. WunderBrow gel its our preferred and you can likewise buy it on as well.If you have any other questions, let us know.Take careDaniela

Question Question 17

Do You Ladies Believe Its Better Than The Abh Eyebrow Brush?

Never- no contrast.

Question Question 18

Does This Feature 2 Caps For Both Ends?

No caps for either ends

Question Question 19

We Are Brand-new To Doing Our Brows.We Have Extremely Sporadic Practically Non Existant Brows. Could Somebody Please Be So Kind Regarding Describe To United States What The “Spoolie” End Is?

The spoolie is a little round brush (comparable to a mascara brush). It is utilized to brush your eyebrows. our eyebrows are sporadic also. The brush on the other end is terrific for using eyebrow powder.

Question Question 20

Is This Brush Actually Thin? Will It Develop A Great, Accurate Line?

It is quite thin, however not as thin as a great point on a pencil. For the expense, we believe it’s a fantastic brush to contribute to ones vanity case.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on KESHIMA Duo Eyebrow Brush, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Not a paid evaluation. Simply believed it would be valuable to compare 2 of the greatest ranked eyebrow brush on and our abh 7b. We utilized an gel eye liner for the examples so the density of the brush would show up the eyebrow gel didn’t reveal so well on video camera. 1= charm junkees (junkees). 2= abh 7b. 3= keshimathickest and most thick: keshima, junkees, abhsoftness: abh, junkees, keshimawidest at the base: abh (junkees and keshima have to do with the very same size) quickest comb length and stiffest comb: abh (junkees and keshima have to do with the very same) width of the comb: everything about the samelength of whole brush (longest to quickest): junkees, keshima and abhthe keshima is a great brush. Its thicker than we anticipated. Likewise it’s too stiff for our taste. So we utilize it for shading the body of our eyebrow just. We utilize the other brush for tapering and forming a soft eyebrow. For me, this brush produces the well specify strong eyebrows (believe instagram eyebrows) which isn’t for us. You most likely can attain a soft eyebrow appearance with this brush. However given that its stiffer than what we are utilized to and we are bad at doing eyebrows, we will adhere to a softer thinner one. Still it’s a great brush for individuals who choose stiffer brush over soft ones.

This is by far the very best eyebrow brush we have actually ever utilized. We have had lots of brushes, however they have actually either been too soft to offer an exact edge, or looked great however within a few utilizes started to grow softer and the bristles would actually completely relocate a wavelike development, flexing in the instructions of usage. When our keshima got here, we were stressed due to the fact that it looked comparable to brushes we have actually had in the past that did a satisfactory however definitely not optimum task. Wow. We could not have actually been more incorrect and we are so grateful we acquired this brush. The length of the bristles is ideal for packing sufficient product without repeat refills when attempting to draw a smooth, accurate external eyebrow edge (previous to filling it in). What actually pleased us was the tightness of the bristles, they do not budge, whether lining or completing the eyebrow. This is terrific due to the fact that now our eyebrows look much more natural given that great discovering a quality brush with great, stiff bristles. This is essential due to the fact that the appropriate eyebrow makeup brush bristles deposit the appropriate quantity of product, rather than soft, mushy bristles that constantly left us with joan crawford eyebrows (not a great appearance). Likewise, the spoolie on the other end of the brush is similarly exceptional, great and stiff, completes our eyebrows by softening the tough edges of the fresh product without pressing the product beyond the borders of our eyebrows. (our other brushes with spoolies continuously triggered a blurred impact, so we would need to utilize a q-tip to clean away the excess around the edges of our eyebrows. Yuck.) this keshima brush competitors and even exceeds other brushes of much greater rate. We are delighted and will be gradually changing our average brushes with keshima brand name as our budget plan permits. Extremely advised.

Can lastly shape eyebrows the method we wish to. We have not had the ability to find among these in shops near us and we do not patronize the charm shops due to the fact that we are not attempting to go broke purchasing some damn brushes. This is terrific particularly for the rate.

We got this brush due to the fact that we lost our anastasia beverly hills eyebrow brush and it works simply as well for half the rate. It is a bit smaller sized, so it ‘d work terrific for gel eye liner also. We utilize it for our eyebrows with the dipbrow pomade and we like it. The only problem we would have is that the spooley flexes extremely quickly so we need to beware when utilizing it. Nevertheless we have actually been utilizing it for a few months now and it’s held up actually perfectly. Absolutely advise this.

After a mountain of research prior to we took the leap to buy wunderbrow products, we encountered all of the suggestions for this brush to make it work. We could not concurmore We have actually never ever been much of a makeup individual and was a bit daunted with wunderbrow given that it is susceptible to sticking on your face for a few days. With sporadic eyebrows, at best, we required a tool that we might handle as a beginner (in our 50 s.) without appearing like we had little animals resting on our forehead. This brush definitely makes it work. While our very first impulse was why do we require another makeup brush – this looks similar to a lip brush?, understand that this brush is various. This brush is stiffer which manages the quantity of makeup you need to utilize and is simply best for making brief angled strokes to simulate eyebrow hair. It likewise has an enough time manage so that a beginner like us can handle to brush a straight and not to broad line for our eyebrow tails. We can make the line thick sufficient to prevent appearing like we utilized a pencil on our face. If you do utilize wunderbrow, we likewise advise that you utilize this brush securely enough so that you are reaching your skin and not simply retouch the suggestions of your eyebrow hairs. If you stroke onto you skin and let it sit a minute or 2 to dry a bit, you will have the ability to utilize the spoolie end to brush through your eyebrows to develop a more natural appearance so that your eyebrows wear t appearance plastered on. Bear in mind that a bit goes a long method. (we fill our brush just off of the wunderbrow wand and just a bit at a time. ). This little brush holds a stealthily big quantity of product – if you wipe the brush later on by squeezing it with a paper towel, you will be amazed at just how much makeup is left over. Extremely advise.//.

Edit- the business was fantastic expert and genuinely appreciates their consumers by reaching out to me. A replacement brush was sent out right away and it truthfully carries out also, if not better, than our abh brush. The brand-new brush has a firmer texture, in addition to the bristles being less thick. It enabled us to get that crisp edge required when doing your eyebrows, and it did not draw up product. Initial evaluation- we required a brand-new brush for our wunderbrow gel as our abh #12 brush lastly went to brush paradise. We required another eyebrow gel and saw this brush on the product page. We saw the evaluations were great so figured we would offer it a shot. Gotten here rapidly in 2 days and is packaged extremely perfectly. We put some eyebrow gel on our combination and started utilizing this brush to choose it up. It barely transferred any product on our eyebrows. Attempted once again and very same outcome. What appears to be occurring is the brush is drawing up alot of product without transferring it. We can’t figure out why this is. We cleaned the reject with a tissue and it was chock loaded with eyebrow gel, however it simply would not launch it onto our eyebrows:-( this might be a remarkable brush for abh dipbrow however it’s not dealing with more of a liquid consistency product. Extremely unfortunate due to the fact that it actually is a well made brush.

Terrific brush, absolutely a should have.

First, we simply wan na state, that eyebrows are the most fundamental part of our makeup regimen. We need to do them daily, even when we do not place on a full-face, due to the fact that we over-tweezed in junior high and high school, and our eyebrows never ever recuperated. We had actually formerly been utilizing the bare minerals eyebrow brush that included the powder we had actually purchased years earlier. We given that had actually changed to abh dipbrow as our eyebrow product, and after a couple years, we got tired of having a hard time for our “perfect brows” every early morning. This brush gets the product easily. Our bm brush would simply proclaim the within the cap, and choose it up equally. Our brand-new keshima brush enabled us to share a light hand for a more natural appearance where we desired it. We had the ability to attain straight lines for completion of our eyebrows. We like that it was build-able without patchiness. Oh yeah, and it cut our brow-time application (what looked like) in half. We had the ability to work rapidly and effectively. Love our eyebrows today. Woohoooo.

We expect this eyebrow improving tool was acquired in a minute of spontaneity given that, in our viewpoint, our eyebrows just needed very little attention. Our ” look ” delighted us with periodic light tweezing and a little shading. We are reasonable skinned with light hair and almost white eyebrows and lashes. Never ever wished to appear our eyebrows were made use of. When the duo brush got here, we right away made our very first practice run. The eyebrows looked great, however they didn’t appear like mine. We cleaned eyebrows, duplicated the procedure, and took a hand mirror outside to search in natural daytime. The contouring was natural looking which last brushing simply included a well groomed appearance. We recognized that our previous technique actually did not have it. Although this was a little purchase we am soooooo delighted with this product.

Perfect size for doing eyebrows or liner. We utilize it for both. We can actually get a sharp eyebrow utilizing this, and it appears to get the best quantity of product when we dip it in. We have actually cleaned it 4 times now and it hasn’t lost its shape or lose any hairs. The spoolie on completion is things (which we like) so it actually brushes out our eyebrows too.

We changed our $18 anastasia beverly hills eyebrow brush with a keshima after checking out the evaluations. We got the brand-new brush 2 days earlier and find it to be quite great. The main distinction in the brushes is that the keshima appears softer. We like the previous brush a little better due to the fact that in some cases you require more firmness to develop a great eyebrow. That stated, we have not had any concerns producing great eyebrows with this product. The 2 brushes look nearly similar and the keshima feels great to hold. Our anastasia held up for a year l, so we are hoping this one will, too. For the rate, it’s a beneficial purchase.

We definitely like this eyebrow brush. It is the very best we have actually discovered. The bristles are stiff sufficient to utilize little strokes to develop genuine eyebrow hair look. The manage is long enough to make it comfy while producing the eyebrow. We subtracted one star due to the fact that it didn’t included tough covers for completions to safeguard the brushes in a makeup bag, so we will keep it in it’s box till the cardboard uses out or till we find a plastic tube to keep it or something to fit over completions to safeguard them. That being stated, we would acquire the brush once again. Due to the fact that it’s that great.

Our objective when purchasing an eyebrow brush was the less expensive thebetter We confess, we were incorrect. The keshima brush is exceptional. This tool supplies us the accuracy required to tactically put each specific hair. The brush side is firm however smooth, it might deal with powder or to separate the hair to make a more fuller eyebrow. The spoolie side assists develop a more dimentional appearance, it likewise comes we will come in handy for fanning out your lashes while curling. By far among our preferred discovers this year. -woman who utilized to believe all eyebrow brushes were generally the very same.

Our order got here 4 days after our purchase (an entire week early). We are entirely pleased with the product. We utilize both pomade and powder for our eyebrows. We desired a thin brush for a clean/precise appearance and on our very first usage, we were 100% pleased with it. The spoolie felt rough on the very first usage, however we were most likely putting excessive pressure. After a couple utilizes, it felt much softer. We are broke university student who had actually been trying to find an affordable product and this was it, 10/10 would advise. ** we connected a selfie revealing the result of our eyebrows utilizing this brush **.

We purchased this keshima double-ended eyebrow brush to utilize with a costly eyebrow wax that needs a spoolie brush, an angled eyebrow brush, and a smooth manage for appropriate application. The brand name s eyebrow spoolie/brush combination produced usage with its pricey eyebrow wax was similarly pricey. And, while the wax had some distinct attributes and deserved the premium rate, we could not see paying a lot for an easy tool to utilize with it. This keshima spoolie and eyebrow brush combination works completely with the eyebrow wax, and is an actually great worth for a great quality tool.

Initially we had our doubts based upon the photos, however we got it today in the mail & attempted itout We can truthfully state it’s terrific (in our viewpoint). It’s thin which we like, best for producing accurate hair-like strokes on our eyebrows. We would absolutely advise this brush.

Another upgrade: their client service is fantastic and timely. Update: lastly got to attempt the brush out and am happily amazed. We would state the quality and feel of the brush is similar to the more pricey anastasia beverly hills brushes. We like that the bristles are more company. We would like if the bristles were a little skinnier however perhaps we simply require to best our strategy. In general we are pleased. Well we would haved liked to attempt the brush however the bundle was empty??. Will upgrade our evaluation if we get a replacement without being charged a 2nd time.

What we actually liked was the rate. It was half the rate of anastasia’s eyebrow brush. It was actually soft and the angle of the brush is best. We were so pleased about it however then it didn’t last it broke we never ever actually have any disappointment with any products from. They last us along time, perhaps this wasn’t inspected by qc perhaps it’s simply not our fortunate day lol. We would still offer 4 stars due to the fact that it still got the job done right ty seller please keep tabs on your qc. And thank you for following up with all of us the time.

Love the combination eyebrow brush. The bristles are simply the ideal tightness for completing eyebrows. We likewise utilize it to line our covers with powder for a line that’s a little softer than eye liner offers.

We are extremely pleased with this brush. We do not own any high-end brushes, so we can’t compare, however we can compare to the previous less expensive, pharmacy brush we were utilizing. This brush side is firm and thick and gets a great quantity of product. We observe that powder products kick up a bit more, however that’s to be anticipated with a firmer brush. The firmness assists us attain simply the ideal search our eyebrows. The spoolie side is terrific. It comes our eyebrows perfectly and reaches all of the hairs so we do not need to keep discussing the eyebrows. The rate is great too. While it’s not pharmacy rate, it’s likewise not high-end rate and we enjoy to pay more for the quality. We just got the product a couple weeks earlier, so we can’t evaluate how well it’ll last, however it appears quite strong. We will likely bought.

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