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Innoo Tech Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes

Innoo Tech Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Innoo Tech Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes.

  • – FIND STUNNING EYELASHES IN NATURAL – A set of gorgeous eyelashes should make your eyes look triggering and natural. Our magnetic eyelashes is the one that made from pure silk, and it is simple to change the upward level by eyelash curler. You likewise can change the length of the magnetic lashes making them fit your eyes. In between you and stunning triggering eyes, there is simply an absence of Innoo Tech magnetic eyelashes and liquid eye liner set.
  • – APPLY TO ANY KINDS OF EYE SHAPE – The magnetic eyelashes has a substantial applicability that can fit any type of eyes shape, the common eye shapes are deep set, upturned, monolid and hoode. Yes, this is eyelashes that can construct supreme beauty for all kinds of eyes.
  • – ENJOY FAST EYE MAKEUP EXPERIENCE – Innoo Tech magnetic eye liner permit you to surfaces your eye makeup in 5mins, no matter you are a makeup master or makeup more recent, Innoo Tech magnetic eyelashes and eye liner would provide your distinct appeal experience.
  • – FRAGILE STORAGE BOX with MINI MAKEUP MIRROR – The style of storage box is originated from cushion structure, which is benefit for you to fine-tune your makeup. In the bundle of Innoo Tech magnetic lashes and eye liner set, there are 2 sets of magnetic eyelashes for you to alter in daily, a bottle of liquid eye liner and a little tweezer. All of them remain in little size that can be most likely shop in your little hand bags and permit you fine-tune your makeup anywhere.
  • – MAGNETIC ABSORPTION CONCEPT and APPLICATION – Innoo Tech eyelashes use the magnetic adoption concept to conventional incorrect eyelashes, and change the glue with magnetic eye liner, which might avoid our delicate skin around eyes from the damage of glue.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Innoo Tech Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes.
Begin and own you triggering and stunning eyes today. Read more Are you trying to find an incorrect eyelash that look extremely natural when using in your eyes? If yes, you ought to attempt Innoo Tech magnetic eyelashes given that they are made from genuine hair, and 100% mimic the shape and up of genuine eyelashes. Are you trying to find an incorrect eyelashes that permit you to use rapidly despite the fact that for a makeup more recent? If Yes, then you should attempt Innoo Tech magnetic eyelashes and eye liner set given that they use the magnetic adoption concept to conventional incorrect eyelashes. When the magnetic liquid eye liner in your eye has actually dried, you change the shape of the magnetic eyelashes and carefully close it to eyeliner in your eyes. The sticky action would be ended up in seconds. Are you trying to find an incorrect eyelashes that can prevent the allergic reaction of glue? If yes, then you ought to attempt Innoo Tech magnetic eyelashes and eye liner set given that they change the glue with magnetic eye liner, which might avoid our delicate skin around eyes from the damage of glue. Various from conventional incorrect eyelashes Various from the conventional incorrect eyelashes, the magnetic eyelashes and eye liner set change the glue with magnetic eye liner, which might avoid our delicate skin around eyes from the damage of glue. Extra, there are 5 PCS of mini magnetic tones in the each of eyelashes to provide weird magnetic absorption for the eyelashes. Owning natural and stunning eyes today Our magnetic eyelashes is the one that made from genuine hair and the application of magnetic absorption streamlines eyes makeup procedure and conserve time for you. Owning a set of natural, triggering and stunning eyes is not a complex work any longer. Eye makeup actions with magnetic eyelashes and eye liner Action 1: Use the magnetic liquid liner to your eyes and draw a shape that you like in you eyes. please keep in mind, the eye liner ought to be a bit thick, so there suffices absorption to soak up the magnetic eyelashes. Action 2: Wait about 2 minutes and check if the magnetic eye liner you draw are absolutely dried. Action 3: Change the length, upward level and shape of the magnetic eyelashes, and then carefully stick it on the magnetic eye liner. Step 4: Blink your eyes to adjust the magnetic eyelashes. What in the bundle In the bundle of Innoo Tech magnetic lashes and eyeline set, there are: 2 sets of magnetic eyelashes for you to alter in daily.A bottle of liquid eyelinerA storage box with makeup mirror A little tweezer Read more Electronic Lint Cleaner Facial Hair Elimination for Ladies 5 Pairs Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes One Action Hair Clothes Dryer Brush Bleackhead Cleaner Vacuum Gel Nail Polish Package- 4 +2 Pcs Product Dimensions8 * 6.5 *152 cm 10 * 3.5 *15 cm 13 *165 * 2.2 cm38 * 9 *11 cm 19 * 8.5 * 4.5 cm 10.5 * 4.7 * 8 cm ColorBlue Pink Rose Red Pink WhiteColorfulApplicable Groups Unisex WomenWomen Women Unisex Women Recommend Applicable Season Fall and Winter Season SummerAvailable in All Seasons Available in All Seasons Available in All Seasons Available in All Seasons Characteristics Lint Cleaner with 3 Blades Pain-free Hair Cleaner 5 Pairs No Glue Required Magnetic Multiple-use Magnetic Eyelashes4-in-1 Hot Air Brush 5 Exchangeable Probes Facial Pore Cleanser 4 Pcs Classical Color UV Gel Polish and 2 Pcs Function Oils Set Production Date 201920202020202020202020

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Innoo Tech Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes.

Question Question 1

The Length Of Time Is It Can Lasting? Some Commons From Other Brands Sad It Will Quickly Fall Off.?

It can lasting more than 8 hours, however some aspects like sweatshirt, oily skin and ect.willl reduce the period time, however do not fret, you can renew the magnetic eye liner each 2-4 hours to keep the magnetic absorption.

Question Question 2

We Use Glasses And Cant Have Long Lashes. For how long Are These Lashes?

Love these mag lashes.They are long, however ends might be cut and still look great and be used with glasses. That’s me.Be careful.There are 2 sets.1 set lashes are great.( 1 set lashes are extremely thick and we needed to send out back.They deal 5 set and were 13.99 Those might not be used with glasses.) Love these mag lashes.They are long, however ends might be cut and still look great and be used with glasses. That’s me.Be careful.There are 2 sets.1 set lashes are great.( 1 set lashes are extremely thick and we needed to send out back.They deal 5 set and were 13.99 Those might not be used with glasses.) However we enjoy the ‘milder’ set. 2 set lashes and glue. tweezers are fantastic. Go all out. ENJOY

Question Question 3

Do You Required To Tidy The Little Magnets Off After Usage? Thank You?

Yes we utilize micellar water however they wash with water too great

Question Question 4

Does The Liquid Eye Liner Easly To Be Smudged? We Are Makeup Newer, Can We Utilize It Sucess? Is It Truly Benefit?

No? it would not trigger spot, if you draw out your eye liner, it can be quickly to eliminate the reboundant part without effecting other part, despite the fact that you are more recent, it permit you to alter your eye liner shape sometimes up until you feel pleased.

Question Question 5

How Natural Are The Lashes?

They mix in effectively with your routine lashes. we enjoy them.

Question Question 6

Can Somebody Inform United States If This Truly Functions? Not A Paid Evaluation, Please.?

It does actually work. The eye liner is much better than other brand names we have actually attempted. The lashes are extremely thick and stunning. If youthink they are too wish for you, you can cut them to fit your eyes.They re really gorgeous.

Question Question 7

The Number Of Times They Can Be Recycled?

As long as you look after them and tidy them after each using, you can recycle it in months definitely.

Question Question 8

Does The Eye Liner Dry And Get Clumpy After A While?

Yes it does

Question Question 9

How To Use It? Is It Diffcult To Do?

No, it is really simple to use, very first draw eye liner utilizing magnetic liquid eye liner and wait, use the magnetic eyelashes to your eye liner when it is drying.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Innoo Tech Magnetic Eyeliners and Eyelashes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We brought this magnetic eyelashes and eye liner set since i?have seen this ingenious appeal product in our facebook, ins, and tictoc account. There are numerous video program about how to utilize the magnetic eyelashes, and, numerous appeal makeup masters in youtube have actually published great deals of experience video for it. This test experience is great. When we got this magnetic eyelashes and eye liner set, we were a bit dissatisfied for it, given that the outdoors bundle was so typical. However when we separate the bundle, we were soaked up by the unique style of the eye liner bottle. Here are 3 products in the bundle: a pink storage box with makeup mirror and 2 set of natural magnetic eyelashes within, a bottle of liquid magnetic eye liner, and a tweezer. The magnetic eye liner was so smooth and the most significance is that the liquid eye liner would not self-dyeing to outdoors part. Respectable, some other women who enjoy makeup requirement to attempt it, particularly makeup newers, the using procedure is so simple and practical.

Stuh-ning. Took a 2nd to get the eye liner application down however it was simple. Ensure to let it dry well prior to using lashes. We gently dabbed some clear powder over-top after drying. This is because as soon as you use the lashes, there s no taking them off to change without taking some of the liner with you. It actually does stay with the product. Just issue with that is the little magnets can fall off. We carried out extremely glue surgical treatment on them and they re better than brand-new, now. We used them throughout an extreme exercise and just one of them turned up a little at the outdoors corner (the magnet that fell off later on). We simply dabbed a little more liner below and added it back in location. We sweat a shit heap and they still held up quite well. If they can hold up to humid-windy environment, we would state it s worth the purchase.

The black eye liner has a brush that makes it simple to use makeup even for the less skilled. It dries rapidly however still preserves its homes. The eyelashes are thick, follow the curve of the eyelid and do not weigh down the eye, however they adjust effectively (the tweezers consisted of in the bundle are really helpful for using them). We kept them a whole night, about 5 or 6 hours and they didn’t come off at all. Elimination is even easier: simply carefully and carefully pull one end of the incorrect eyelashes and eliminate the residues of any cosmetics or eye-liner with the makeup cleaner you choose. Definitely pleased with the purchase and the outstanding rate.

Wow, the magnetic eyelashes was so captivating, the eyelashes is looking so natural. We buy it since we have actually seen a video in ticktok. The design in the video appears like an master for it, and the magnetic eyelashes actually make her makeup looks more gorgeous, so we browsed it and buy one. The shipment was so quick, we got it 4 days later on after we bought on. The entire look of the magnetic eyelashes stunned me, the pink shop box, liquid eyeline bottle. All are our love.

This is a life-altering product. We like the fullness of these eyelashes that make our eyes pop. We purchased these a few weeks ago and we have actually used lashes nearly each and every single day. And we have actually even pruchased a replacement since we nearly consume our very first one. You simply require to make certain to use a great deal of this set the eye liner and make certain it dries well to make the eyelashes magnetic usage. In general, this tool set is best for everybody.

A good product, the eyelashes in the pink box looks great. We have actually attempted this eyelashes when we initially got it, it is really benefit to use. We are makeup more recent, so it is really tough for us to draw our eye liner well and using the typical eyelashes would make our extremely unpleasant. Nevertheless, all the issues have actually been finished with this magnetic eyelashes. We do not require to fret when we draw a jagged eye liner, given that it is really simple to eliminate and would not triggered spot when we eliminate the redundant part. Likewise, the magnetic eyelashes are stay with the outdoors margin of the eyeliners, while the typical eyelashes require to stick on the within margin of the eyeliners. There is more comfy to stick eyelashes to the outdoors margin of the eyeliners.

We can t manage to have our eyelashes done all the time & we can t for the life people stick lashes on with glue. So we discovered these magnetic ones and oh our god they are remarkable. They re extremely simple to use. Actually simply paint the eye liner on, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then merely connect the eyelash. It just takes us a number of minutes to do so we have actually been using them daily given that we got them. In general, they look fantastic aswell, actually appear like natural lashes. We are really pleased with these.

We like to use a more powerful cosmetics particularly on unique events. For the best appearance, synthetic eyelashes ought to not be missing out on. Given that we wished to prevent the troubles with the glue and constantly use an eye liner under our lashes, we picked this set. The eye liner is deep black and has an exact applicator. It acts no in a different way than traditional eye liner. The toughness is excellent. And it can be quickly eliminated. When it comes to the lashes, they are of really high quality and are simple to connect. Eyelash tweezers offer extra relief. The eyelashes hold actually well on the eye liner. To eliminate it, you need to pull it a little, which is why it can not fall off by itself.

We had actually been wishing to get some magnetic lashes for a while however couldnt find any in the shops. So we bought these, and while they were out for shipment we found some in a shop and purchased 2 various kinds, we have actually attempted them all, and up until now these are our preferred, they were more affordable than the ones we purchased in the shop, better quality and they was available in a great compact mirror/ storage case. We couldnt be better with this product.

Okay, these are by far remarkable. We are woman that never ever used incorrect lashes since we would constantly glue our eyes shut in the procedure, have horrible burning and just to find that completions of the lashes would peel up on the sides. On an impulse in quarantine we figured we would provide these a try and we needed to state, they are genuinely remarkable. We figured it would take some practice to get it ideal however on our very first shot, we had the ability to get the lashes on and in location. What s even better, they based on all day and endured a tear jerker film. We would provide this 10 stars if we could. Elimination was actually simple too. Although these are water resistant, they just came off when we provided a mild pull after cleaning our face. Simply an idea, make certain the liquid liner is dry prior to you include the lashes and put it on a bit thick so the magnets have something to hang on to. If you desire a great glamorous, however natural looking lash, you ve got ta shotthese For simply $20 it s definitely worth it.

A truly cool product for those who do not wish to stick their eyelashes any longer. Functions completely and is remarkable. The eyelashes look really natural and have actually endured a total celebration night with me. We even went to bed with them since we were too lazy to eliminate our cosmetics – whatever was fantastic, the next day whatever worked. On the whole, absolutely worth the cash, and is definitely ideal for everybody.

Como principiante, habia intentado las pestañas postizas con pega y no us agradaron para nada. Pero al probar estas. Wow us quedo con ellas. Boy faciles de aplicar y cleaner en todo el sentido. Una de los 2 pares de es bastante larguita pero para salir de noche seria perfecta. Keep in mind q luego de 5 hrs tuve que retocar porque se salio el delineador de una esquina quizas es mi tipo de piel. Pero vale la pena upgrade: despues de 4 usadas una de ellas se le despegaron 3 imanes?? por eso le quito 1? para probar como funcionan child buenisimas.

The lashes are gorgeous and not low-cost looking. They do not look or feel shiny/plasticy which is great. And each lash is a various length so they’re glittery and not heavy looking. They look precisely like the photo. Incredible for the rate particularly given that they aren’t delicate like some lashes so we will recycle these loads. The liner is likewise best, no moving, fast drying, simple to utilize. So pleased we can lastly use incorrect lashes.

It is actually our very first time that we purchased magnetic eyelashes, however we need to state they are so cool. It includes the liquid eye liner that assist you to stick effectively the eyelash to your eye. It likewise include a tweezer that assists you to put the eyelash effectively. They are so simple to use and you can utilize them once again and once again simply by cleaning up the magnetics. Our eyes look larger. Will buy more.

They were a little to over the top for us. We are trying to find some more that aren t as significant however they went on simply as they should.

The lashes themselves are great and thick, simply make sure that you cut them to fit, or the corners wont lay effectively to the cover. They are so simple to place on along with eliminate. We actually find it simpler to do without the little tool however it does include the tool you require for them.

We simulate the product packaging a lot. We want the lashes were 2 various designs. The eye liner is a quite thin liquid so we have actually needed to get used to that. We sanctuary t utilized them much so we weren t simply in love with them.

We are overall makeup novice however it was so simple to use, utilize and eliminate. We were frightened however lash glue however these are fantastic alternative.

In past we just did lash extension a number of times just, however wasn’t really pleased. The procedure is time consuming, not constantly our master was readily available, so didn’t wish to experiment anymore As seen numerous video evaluations, we wondered to attempt this lashes. And we were pleased lastly. They look fantastic on us and really comfy. Really simple to use. Suggest to provide a shot.

We are consumed with these lashes. They are such great worth for cash as they are recyclable. The product packaging is remarkable, has such a high-end feel to it and is so adorable and girly. The lashes look sensational when they are on, and we found they remain on fine all the time. We likewise found the eye liner went on really simple and well too. We would absolutely suggest these to all our buddies and household.

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