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Infinit STRONG BOND Eyelash Extension Glue

Infinit STRONG BOND Eyelash Extension Glue

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Infinit STRONG BOND Eyelash Extension Glue.

  • BEST FOR DAMP ENVIRONMENTS – Our traditional lash extension glue is created with a bit slower drying time than our volume adhesive which works excellent for locations with greater humidity.
  • STRONG HOLD/ FAST DRY FORMULA – This formula develops a premium bond lasting approximately 5-7 weeks permitting your customers to enjoy their traditional or volume lash extensions longer. This glue provides you approximately 3-5 seconds prior to treating.
  • SECURITY QUALITY – Used the very same active ingredients found in medical grade adhesive. DOES NOT CONTAIN LATEX OR FORMALDEHYDE. ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 certificates.
  • SPECIAL NOZZLE WITH DOUBLE STOPPING SYSTEM – Our glue bottles are geared up with an unique nozzle that avoids glue from dripping. This obstructing system decreases glue hardening and increases viscosity by avoiding contact with air. This will protect the life of the eyelashes glue even after regular usage.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK ASSURANCE If you are not 100% totally pleased with your product we ensure your refund no questionsasked We back up all of our products due to the fact that we utilize them daily in our own service. Buy with self-confidence.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Infinit STRONG BOND Eyelash Extension Glue.
INFINIT CLASSIC EYELASH EXTENSION ADHESIVE CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT MAY TRIGGER EYE INFLAMMATION OR BURNING IF EYES ARE NOT COMPLETELY CLOSED THROUGHOUT APPLICATION. DO NOT USAGE THIS PRODUCT FOR SELF APPLICATION, LASH STRIPS OR CLUSTER LASHES. Infinit Timeless elite black adhesive is produced experts just and is advised for intermediate and knowledgeable lash artists, providing a high speed drying time of 3-5 seconds, long-term adhesion, security, and versatility. This product is advised for usage on all customers, specifically for those who want to extend the durability of their eyelash extensions. For finest efficiency: Shake well prior to each usage. Usage in well aerated locations. Finest if utilized in temperature level in between 64 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 50-60% Shop in a cool, dark, and dry location for extended life span. Shop in the resealable bundle with the silica gel to assist protect freshness. Must be changed within 4-6 weeks of opening. Unopened adhesive must have a service life of approximately 6 months. Keep in mind: Avoid kids, do not consume, & prevent contact with skin. If contact with skin takes place use acetone to the afflicted location and carefully get rid of the adhesive from skin. If contact with eyes takes place right away flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and speak with a doctor. HOW TO APPLY INFINIT CLASSIC EYELASH EXTENSION ADHESIVE This adhesive is exceptionally thin and strong, (somewhat thinner consistency than our Infinit Volume adhesive). Action 1: Shake bottle well prior to each usage, (approx 30-60 seconds), as the product separates when settled. If this is refrained from doing, the very first drops of adhesive will be exceptionally focused and strong and can trigger irriation to your customers eyes. We likewise advise shaking the bottle in between brand-new drops to guarantee it is blended well. Action 2: Make certain your customer’s eyes are securley shut after taping their bottom lashes down. If they do not totally close their eyes, or if they open their eyes from time to time throughout the application, you run the risk of fumes and adhesive entering into their eyes which can trigger irritaion and watering. Action 3: Use a single drop of adhesive to a crystal plate or jade stone which you will utilize to dip the adhesive into. Step 4: Separate a natural lash prior to getting or dipping extension. Step 5: Once the natural lash is separated, dip the wanted extension into the drop of glue 2-3mm (traditional lashing), or 1-2mm (volume lashing), and bring ideal to the natural lash. For volume lash applications, do not paint the natural lash with the adhesive. Just press this adhesive to the natural lash base and hold for one second. For traditional lash applications, paint the lash with the adhesive then move the extension to the lash base for an uniformly bonded application from the shaft to the pointer. It is importnt to utilize the correct amount of adhesive. We advise a thin, even layer as this assists the product treatment quicker, hold a strong bond, and decreases the threat of inflammation. We extremely advise utilizing a nano-mister or saline rinse to mist/rinse the whites of your customer’s eyes after application to rid the eyes of any recurring fumes/adhesive that might have snuck in throughout the application procedure. FUNCTIONS Unique Nozzle Double Obstructing System Our Infinit Timeless glue bottles are geared up with a brand-new unique nozzle style: Avoids the glue from dripping. Lowers glue hardening and increases viscosity by avoiding contact with air. Maintains the life of the glue even after regular usage. Unopened bottles can be saved in the freezer to extend life span approximately 12 months. When all set to utilize, bring out of the freezer into space temperature level for a minimum of 2 hours prior to opening. BENEFITS Select Your Size Readily Available in both 5ml and 10 ml bottles. Membership Never ever run out of your favorite Infinit Lash Products. Sign up for have them immediately provided to your door. Improve Your Efficiency Usage with Infinit Eyelash Extension Trays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Infinit STRONG BOND Eyelash Extension Glue.

Question Question 1

Exists A Specific Temperature./ Humidity Variety That This Glue Functions Finest At?

Hi There Jen, The glue works best if utilized in temperature level in between 64 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 50-60%.

Question Question 2

Will It Performe As Claimed In The Space With Humidity Just 30%?

Ive utilized in both low and high humidities and holds up well

Question Question 3

The Number Of Seconds Does This Glue Require To Dry When You Touch The Natural Lash With The Extension? Thanks Ahead Of Time.?

Extremely rapidly, nearly right away

Question Question 4

Does It Include Hydroquinone?

No it does not. Thank you for asking

Question Question 5

Can You Utilize This For Cluster Lashes?

This is for private lash extensions that are administered by an expert. This is not a product to be self-administered. By cluster lashes, if you are describing the pre-packaged lashes you can find at the charm supply, no. This adhesive is not for those lashes. The charm supply offers lash adhesive for those This is for private lash extensions that are administered by an expert. This is not a product to be self-administered. By cluster lashes, if you are describing the pre-packaged lashes you can find at the charm supply, no. This adhesive is not for those lashes. The charm supply offers lash adhesive for those kinds of lashes. Hope this assists.

Question Question 6

We Have A Customer Who Needs To Know If This Glue Is Organic?

No we would state that not possible for glue.

Question Question 7

Does This Dry Dark Or Clear?

This dries dark. Actually they all dry dark.

Question Question 8

How Do You Set The Glue When Finished Using Lashes, With Water? Mister? And after that Do You Required To Fan Dry?

Hi There Jessica. This glue drys really quick and will set by itself. We do advise utilizing a nano mister prior to your customers open their eyes to assist eliminate any risidual fumes. Thank you for your question, do not hesitate to call us with any more questions you might have. xXInfinit

Question Question 9

Is It A Strong Odor?

i do not feel like a strong odor. however in any case you can get antialergias gel which assists to sweat the smell without the consumers feel itsorry, our english is not excellent

Question Question 10

Can You Utilize This Glue For Volume Lashes?

Yes. It s suitable with both volume and traditional lashes. Thanks for your question:–RRB-

Question Question 11

Can We Utilize This On Red Cherry Strip Lashes? They Aren’T A Regular Shop Bought Strip. These Are Hand Connected, Human Hair, On Like A Fishing Line Type.?

Hi Kay.We would NOT advise utilizing this glue for red cherry strip lashes. Our glue is created to abide by private eyelashes just, not your skin like strip lashes and flares need. Thank you for asking.xXInfinit

Question Question 12

Does This Have Strong Fumes? Or Make Customers Eyes Water?

Eyes watered however a fan assisted disclaimer this was our case however the outcomes are so worth it

Question Question 13

Is This Formaldehyde Free?

Hi Joel. Yes, all of our adhesives DO NOT consist of formaldehyde:-RRB-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Infinit STRONG BOND Eyelash Extension Glue, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So we generally buy this glue straight from infinit nevertheless we seen it was offered on so with our prime totally free shipping why not. Let us simply state we have actually attempted about 8 various glues now, bella lash, barboleta, the very best of them all and infinit lash adhesive is the very best. Low fumes so customers never ever grumble and eyes aren t red. Retention excellent. We like this adhesive.

We are an eyelash tech and have actually utilized other adhesives. We are so happy we purchased this one, we like the time it requires to dry. It does not take too long and does not dry too quickly. It made our task a lot easier. We will certainly buy again.:-RRB-.

This glue is without a doubt our preferred, we utilized to buy straight from infinit today they’re on; a lot easier for us with prime.:) we have actually utilized this mainly for traditional lashes however have actually likewise utilized for volume and it does extremely well for both. We like this one due to the fact that it provides a little more time and versatility when we are using lashes, given that it does not dry as fast as the volume which we now understand. We have actually been utilizing this glue for some time now and the majority of our customers return when a month with excellent retention. +.

We liked that this glue had a black tint to it and we weren’t sure if is was going to like it due to the fact that the consistency appeared a bit watery however it was not an issue at all. It is the very best glue ive attempted up until now and the drying time is best for us due to the fact that it does moist extremely quick however not slow either. Our customers with delicate eyes did not have an issue with inflammation.

So delighted to have found infinit products on. We purchased all 3 kinds of glue. This one is definitely best for using private lashes. We are lash service technician and have actually had amazing feedback from our customers who choose traditional lashes. The glue dries rapidly and has a really strong hold. Our customers are requiring fills less rapidly than with the old glue we were utilizing.

This adhesive actually made our lash application a lot more basic than the previous one we were utilizing. We were somewhat anxious and had some questions about utilizing it, we believed perhaps the fumes would be too strong or it would not hold, nevertheless we were happily amazed. Quick drying, and we had the ability to do a total fill with 1, yes that’s ideal one drop. Remarkable find.

We take a trip throughout the nation and do makeup/lashes in numerous states. This adhesive (in addition to the other ones this brand name offers), holds up extremely well in greater humidity locations. We have customers in atlanta and miami who were amazed at the length of time their lashes last with the humidity. We have actually utilized this to do traditional and volume lashes and works excellent with both.

We love this adhesive and it’s best for the traditional set till we found out we require something drying quicker. Likewise, this is a great adhesive we have actually ever utilized. Worth every cent.

This glue is remarkable. We have actually attempted numerous glues from various business’s that likewise offer here on, however this glue does not dry up so rapidly like the rest of them do. It worked perfectly:-RRB- thank you.

Product works as anticipated. Need to shake product. Consistency can appear a bit watery sometimes. Lashes remained on well. If a bead arrive on the skin it will leave a noticeable black dot.

Burns like mad however, it is an excellent product. Our eyes are really delicate so we can not provide it a bad score at all. In order to reduce the burn, fan your lashes quickly after using. Lashes remain on for weeks.

We liked this glue. We did a great deal of research, saw a great deal of youtube videos and we are so delighted we stumbled upon infinit lashproducts We were a bigginer and it was best for us. The retention was best and the drying time was on point. Now we will be attempting the volume given that we are lot faster now. We liked whatever about it, not to discuss the cost which is half from the others in the market.

We like this lash adhesive. When it was out of stock, we worried and nearly purchased another brand name. So happy we waited itout Low smell, fast strong bond. We extremely advise it.

Although we had trouble utilizing this product the makers were really practical in assisting us solve our concerns and even provided us a complete satisfaction garuntee refund. We certainly would inform anybody to provide this a shot if they re interested. Absolutely nothing to lose.

Great quality glue. Customers have not had any concerns. Quick shipping.

Sanctuary t attempted it yet however we ll see quickly. Hope it s not a too strong of a fume.

Is use to the skin for eyebrow extension it just last for really few days.

Love this glue a lot. Dries extremely quick and is simple to deal with.

It was precisely as explained. We are really delighted with the consistency and bond. This is without a doubt the very best we have found for the cost.

This glue works excellent. Easy steamless application. Strong. Holds up 4-5 weeks. Advise.

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