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How To Use Eyelash Curlers

How To Use Eyelash Curlers

Best Eyelash Curler Review

An eyelash curler is a manual, mechanical tool for curling eyelashes. Only the upper eyelashes are supposed to be curled. Before usage, the curler must be heated to a certain degree, but not so hot that it does any damage to the skin around the eye. Of course, there are also curlers on the market that are self-heating and much more convenient to use.

So let’s start with a little historical analysis! History of Eyelash Curlers

According to the first patent, the inventors were William McDonell and Charles Stickel from New York. William Belude is the American inventor of eyelash curlers, and his company called Kurlash has all the patents in the US, Canada and Great Britain.

These curlers are usually made of metal, but they often have rubber pads where the curlers get in contact with the lashes. The most popular manufacturers are amongst our favourite ones called Shu Uemura, Shiseido and the Tweezerman.

Using eyelash curlers can be an alternative method to using fake eyelashes, since you can achieve the same sexy, wild and seductive eyelashes and looks that false lashes can give you.

How To Use The Eyelash Curler?

First of all, why do we use an eyelash curler? Well, it makes your eyelashes much brighter and wider. It’s worth the 2 or 3 minutes of work that it takes.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how it works: Remove the mascara from the eyelids with an eye makeup remover. The curler works only on clean eyelashes.

If you want to get the most out of the curler, it’s good practice to heat it with a hairdryer for about 5 to 6 seconds before usage. Take care not to eat it too much though. Before starting, always touch the curler to make sure it’s not too hot, nor too cold. If it’s too hot, wait a few seconds until it cools down a bit.

Open the eyelash curler, clamp your eyelashes close to the roots and keep it there for about 10-30 seconds. Never curl your lashes after you’ve applied mascara, because if the mascara gets dried it could mean your lashes will break at the roots.

Best Drugstore Eyelash Curler

The eyelashes are very common areas of aesthetic concern especially for women. Having long, thick, and curled lashes is the exact definition of beautiful lashes, and this beauty can enhance the overall bearing of the facial features. Thus, having beautiful lashes can contribute to having a beautiful and presentable appearance, and this is what most women aim to achieve with the use of eyelash enhancement products.

There are new innovative products for the enhancement of the lashes like false lashes to make them look longer and thicker; eyelash dye which adds temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent colour to the lashes; and eyelash extensions that add length to the lashes just like hair extensions. But the classic products used in enhancing the eyelashes are never forgotten. In fact, until today, the most popular products used for making the lashes more beautiful and presentable are the mascara and the eyelash curler.

Mascara is used to thicken the volume of lashes and darken their colour. This product makes use of a thick liquid makeup in a variety of colours, but it typically comes in colour black. It is applied using a special wand that separates lashes and add shape to them, making them look curled and emphasized.

On the other hand, eyelash curlers are widely used to make the lashes achieve a curled, sophisticated look. Plain, dull, and boring straight lashes are not noticeable even if they are long and thick. But if you curl them, they will become the centre of attraction on your face – a highlight that adds life and depth to your eyes. Long and curled lashes are also very elegant to look at, and they reveal the colour of the eyes.

In order to get the best curled lashes, using the best drugstore eyelash curler is a must. Eyelash curlers can be bought in salons and beauty shops, but the difference with drugstore curlers is that they are more professional and efficient to use. Since they are affiliated with medical product manufacturers, these curlers are definitely created and engineered by experts in beauty and well-being. Finding the best drugstore eyelash curler is a tough task, though. You need to fit both your budget and your personal preferences in the product of your choice.

There are so many different types of eyelash curlers that you can buy in most local drugstores. The most common of these is the standard tweezers-type curlers with a metal body. These curlers are very simple to use but they are also not very efficient especially since the effect is manual – the harder you curl, the curlier your lashes get. This can also be a big problem if the curlers are too hard on the lashes and instead of making the lashes curl, they can cause the lashes to fall out.

Another type of eyelash curler is the electronic eyelash curler which makes use of heat to make the lashes curl. This is similar to curlers used in salons to make the hair curly, but they are small enough to match the length of lashes. However, it is very important to observe proper use of such product because if you use these electronic curlers incorrectly, they can burn your lashes and cause them to fall out and become shorter instead of improve their appearance.

There are also unorthodox eyelash curler types that you can find like handheld mechanical curlers which are very small but work just like typical manual curlers. Some brands also have their own special models of curlers, and it’s completely up to you to choose whichever brand, type, or style of eyelash curlers you desire to purchase.

Heated Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curler is always a good help for your longer and curler eyelashes. Even though you are saying that you can use false eyelashes or mascara, you still need eyelash curler to make them more natural. There are many different eyelash curlers out there in the market. Instead of the ordinary or basic one, it is now more popular to use heated eyelash curlers.

Most of the heated eyelash curlers are actually what we called the electric eyelash curlers. Some of them are in comb shape and some of them are more like the manual eyelash curler. By using the heated eyelash curlers, eyelashes can be made to be curler by the heat and therefore much less pain compared to the harder action on the manual ones. Compared to the manual ones, heated ones are more effective, fast and the curl effect is much more long lasting.

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

You can find two models for Panasonic heated eyelash curler. One is in the normal curler shape one is in comb brush shape.

Panasonic EH2351AC

This model is the comb brush shape one with rechargeable batteries. For this comb feature, you can also curl your lower eyelashes. You can get this product at around $12 – $15 from Amazon. Many users like this model because they think it is a great buy with reasonable price. The heat makes their eyelashes stay curled all day. Also, it is easy to use and clean. Though the instructions say that you should use after mascara, many of the users feel that the curling effect is better if use if before mascara.

Panasonic EH2331P

This model unlike the EH2351AC is in the normal curler shape. Users like this product very much as well but rate this one a little bit lower than EH2351AC. This model actually costs a little bit more at around $25-$30 from Amazon. Users commented that their eyelashes stayed curled the whole night! The machine heats up fast in just 15 seconds! Unlike EH2351AC, users recommended to use this model after apply mascara.

Hot Lashes

Hot Lashes claims itself as the “Voted Top #1 heated eyelash curler. It works on its heated, ionic eyelash curling system. When the curler is heated in the ceramic heater, an ionic flow is created with the tourmaline gemstone. This ionic flow softens and curls your eyelashes.

The eyelash curler is heated up in 45 seconds. The design is to ensure only the silicone pad is heated and the rest of the curler remains cool.

How to Use Eyelash Curlers?

Below we will find out how to use eyelash curler – a special device which makes even the humblest eyelashes rich. Mascara is often used to curl eyelashes upward, but with the tips below on how to use eyelash curler you will learn how to achieve the needed effect without resorting to make-up.

First, please, note that there exist two types of eyelash curler: a plastic and a metal eyelash curler. I advise to try both of them to decide which is the most effective for you.

Second, mind that curling eyelashes is not harmful at all if to know how to use eyelash curler properly and make use of this knowledge.

How to Use Eyelash Curler : Basic Rules

1. Use eyelash curler only when your make-up is removed. Do not use it when mascara is applied;

2. Exercise caution when using eyelash curler. Do not use it more than 10 sec, do not use the curler for several times at a go, as you may get a bad bend.

If you are not sure how to use eyelash curler properly, I suggest that you should start using it when you have much time at your disposal. If you are not in a hurry, it will be easier to handle the process. After a while, you will remember how to use eyelash curler in a proper way and the procedure will not take much time. You will be able to put eyelash shadows on, curl eyelashes and to apply mascara then.

Note that you should sanitize your eyelash curler before use. Try to hold very still when you curl the eyelashes. Some time will pass and you will experience no discomfort during the procedure.

The Difference between Heated and Non-Heated Eyelash Curlers

This is why women are willing to go the distance or the extreme length just for the purpose of enhancing the look of their eyes; be it by applying makeup such as eye shadow, mascara or even to using the help of fake eyelashes, to give it a longer eyelash effect. As said, another way for the eyelash to look longer than it usually is, one can always use an eyelash curler.

There are two main types of eyelash curler, the heated ones and the non-heated ones. However, to choose between the both is all depending on individual’s preferences. To make the process of your choice simpler or easier, below are the benefits or advantages and disadvantages of heated and non-heated eyelash curlers.

Heated Lash Curlers

1. Facts on Heated Curlers

One of the benefits of heated eyelash curlers is that it can help one obtain the perfect eyelash curl. Undeniably one of the best features that makes heated eyelash curler attractive is its ability to make one’s eyelash curl to last longer and making the whole curling process easier. With the function of the heated curler, it allows the eyelash to curl easier without the need of pressing or holding your eyelashes with the eyelash curler for long periods of time. This enables time saving and avoid unnecessary pressure on one’s eyelashes as this might damage the eyelashes. Imagine this with a hair straightened as an example.

If one is to hold the straighthener on one’s hair for too long, the hair will be damaged as the hair straighthener also uses heat to enable the hair to be straightened for a longer period of time. Thus, this applies to eyelashes as well. One’s eyelash will be able to maintain its curl for a longer period of time if compared to non-heated eyelash curlers.

This is also one of the defining reason as to the increase popularity of heated eyelash curlers as non-heated eyelash curlers have the tendency to damage the eyelash due to the need to hold the eyelash curler on the eyelash for a longer period of time which will increase the possibility of the eyelash to be pulled out as continuous clumping puts stress and pressure on the eyelash.

Another benefit of heated eyelash curlers is that it is battery operated; AA or AAA batteries, allowing convenience to the user when changing batteries. It is also convenient for users to carry it around due to its size and eliminate the need to always look for a plug as it operates on batteries.

Non-Heated Lash Curlers

Facts on Non-Heated Curlers

Non-heated eyelash curlers, is also known as the original eyelash curlers to many. Although it is considered outdated with the availability and presence of technology, it is still able to provide users a beautiful eye look. The first and obvious benefit of non-heated eyelash curler is that it enables user to use in on the spot without the need or aid of AA or AAA batteries or any additional devices as well as the need to wait for it to heat up.

With this point in mind, non-heated eyelash curlers also provide the convenience for travellers as it can be easily placed into one’s bag without the need to worry about batteries, the devices being defaulted or even any mechanical defaults that may cause damage or harm to your eyelashes.

A lot of people who prefers non-heated eyelash curlers to heated eyelash curlers are due to the fact that heated ones may lead to the possibility of one burning one’s eyelids in the process. This has been one of the main concerns; imagine toasting your eyelids before attending a big event. OUCH!!! With this possibility in mind, heated eyelash curlers come with protective pads to protect one’s eyelids. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The benefits of both heated and non-heated eyelash curlers are mentioned above. The differences are obvious and it is all up to the user to judge and choose on their own which they would prefer.

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