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How To Grow Eyebrows

How to Grow Eyebrows

Are You Concerned with Eyebrow Hair Growth?

While many women are busy shaping, sculpting, and plucking to have beautiful eyebrows, many others are concerned with eyebrow hair growth. Unfortunately, after years of plucking and sculpting your eyebrows, they can become much less full and lush.

Many women even notice that as they age their eyebrows seem to thin out and become less full. There are many reasons that eyebrows may become thin. The first step to making your eyebrows grow back is to understand what can make them begin to thin.

Age and Improper Nutrition Can Impede Eye Brow Growth

Eyebrow growth can often be directly related to any other type of hair growth. People who have thinning hair often also have thinning brows. This can often be directly related to age and nutrition. While some people naturally experience slower eyebrow hair growth as they age, others have this problem because of an unhealthy diet.

One of the leading factors in eyebrow hair growth is nutrition. In the same way the hair on your head needs vitamins and minerals, so do your eyebrows. Vitamins and minerals help to make the strands of hair thick and full and aid to quickly re-grow eyebrow hairs. When these strands of hair become brittle due to lack of nutrition or hydration, they will be more likely to break.

Breakages Can Cause Brows to Appear Thin

Most hair grows at the rate of half an inch per month. This means that a breakage of 1/8 of an inch per week can leave your brows seeming like they don’t grow. A breakage rate of more than this amount can leave the brows drastically shorter each month until you have virtually no eyebrows or very short ones.

For this reason, many women believe their brows are not growing when they really are. In this case, you may believe there is simply no hope because your eyebrows don’t grow. However, if you would just make your eyebrows healthier, you could see less breakage and fuller brows.

Moisture Is Key

The key ingredient in having full healthy brows is moisture. Eyebrows that are properly moisturized are stronger and less likely to break. It is also imperative that your hair follicles are not dehydrated if you want to experience eyebrow hair growth. On the other hand, you don’t want to use moisturizers that are too thick and might clog pores. You have to find a healthy balance.

Eyebrow Growth Products

There are very few products on the market today to enhance the growth of brows. However, one new product has everything you need. LiBrow, offered by the company that previously offered LiLash, is a great new eyebrow enhancer. This product contains the proper balance of vitamins, moisturizers, and proteins that strengthen and help re-grow eyebrows.

Causes of Eyebrow Loss and What You Can Do About It

Eyebrow loss is a very real and often upsetting problem for many women and men. In addition to being unnerving, the loss of eyebrows can change the very look or proportion of your face. The causes of eyebrow loss, or Superciliary Madarosis, can be due to a variety of reasons.

Common Causes of Eyebrow Loss

1. Over-plucking

Tweezing or plucking your eyebrows too often can lead to permanent hair loss. It can also occur by continuously rubbing or smudging your eyebrows with make-up pencils or brushes out of a nervous habit.

2. Chemotherapy

Most people who go through chemotherapy treatment will experience some form of hair loss. Although the most obvious hair loss occurs on the scalp, chemotherapy can also cause eyebrow and eyelash loss.

3. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, can cause many symptoms including constipation, fatigue, and weight gain and hair loss. The hair loss is often on the scalp but can also occur in the eyebrows.

4. Skin Diseases

Skin conditions such as eczema, alopecia and psoriasis can all cause eyebrow loss. Some of these conditions may be treatable and should be discussed with a dermatologist.

5. Infection or Trauma to the Eye Area

Infections such as lice, bacterial or fungal infections can sometimes cause hair loss, as can trauma (such as burns) to the eyebrow area.

6. Prescription Drugs

Many prescription drugs, particularly those prescribed for depression, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and seizures, can cause eyebrow loss. Such drugs should be taken with care and only under the direction of a physician.

7. Poor Diet

Diets that are low in nutrients can cause hair loss all over the body. If you are not getting the proper amount of essential vitamins and minerals in your diet or your body is not breaking them down properly, you may experience hair loss.

8. Age

Just as the hair on our heads tends to thin out as we age, so does the hair on our eyebrows. Women can be particularly susceptible to this because of the drop in hormone production as they age.

Can It Be Prevented?

Some of these issues are preventable and some are not. Here are some tips for keeping eyebrow loss from happening to you:

Be Careful with Tweezing and Make-up: Over-plucking of your eyebrows can cause your eyebrow hair to eventually not grow back at all. Be careful not to pluck too often. You should also take care when applying make-up to your eyebrows.

Continued smudging or rubbing of your eyebrows with a brush or eye pencil can also cause hair loss.

Eat a Proper Diet: If you lack enough proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet, you may begin to experience hair loss all over your body, including your eyebrows. Make sure your diet is full of nutrient-rich foods and take a multivitamin with your doctor’s permission.

Stay Away from Unnecessary Prescription Drugs: In today’s times, there seems to be a pill for every ailment. But try to stay away from taking too many drugs or ones that aren’t truly necessary for your overall well-being because many prescription drugs can cause hair loss (among other things) as a side effect.

Although, you often cannot control the onset of infections or disease, you can take eyebrow loss as an important sign to have your health checked out.

If you haven’t had a physical or check-up recently and you notice that you are starting to lose your eyebrows, it is a good idea to be checked out by your physician. The hair loss could be a sign of a more serious condition.

What You Can Do About It

So you noticed that your eyebrows are thinning or that you are losing your brows altogether. What do you do now? If you are seeking a more permanent solution, there are treatments you can check into with your physician such as:

1. Hormone Therapy

Eyebrow loss due to age or an autoimmune disorder such as hypothyroidism can sometimes is reversed by the injection of low or missing hormones. Hormone therapy should ALWAYS be handled by your physician or a specialist such as an endocrinologist.

2. Cortisone Injections

Those suffering from Alopecia or other similar skin conditions, can sometimes find success in re-growing hair by receiving cortisone injections. Again, this should ALWAYS be handled by your physician or a specialist such as an endocrinologist.

3. Surgery

Believe it or not, eyebrow transplant surgeries are available. Physicians use grafts of skin typically from your scalp to re-grow hair in your eyebrow area.

4. Hair Growth Products

Products that produce hair growth, such as Minoxidil, are available both over the counter and by prescription.

5. Homeopathic Remedies

For those that do not want to try medical or prescription treatments there are several homeopathic or natural treatments for eyebrow loss as well. Spreading coconut oil or olive oil on the eyebrow area has been shown to cause hair growth. Milk and onion juice have also been used to regrow eyebrow hair.

However, if you are not necessarily looking to attempt to regrow your hair, and are just more concerned with your day-to-day look, using eye make-up can help your brows appear natural and healthy. It is important to do it properly and sparingly as not to exasperate the problem. Here are some easy tips: First, choose an eyebrow pencil or eye powder/shadow that matches your natural hair colour. If you choose to use a powder or shadow, you will also need an angled-tip brush.

Next, using small, light strokes, fill in the empty portions of your brow, going in the same direction of and blending in with your natural hair.

If you are concerned about the make-up moving or smudging off during the day, applying a clear mascara or brow gel will help to keep everything in place. Eyebrow loss, although traumatic, does not have to be the end of the world.

It is very common, so don’t think it’s only happening to you. And it can be treated or managed quite easily. Just choose the option that works best for you!

A Short Lesson on What is Eyebrow Threading and How To Execute It

Before talking about the benefits of threading process let’s have a precise knowledge on what is eyebrow threading. Threading is a time-honoured process of removing the unwanted hairs from the eyebrows. In most of the Asian countries the woman used threading process in order to shape their eyebrows; even this method is also applied in the parlours of those countries as well. This process can be considered as one of the toughest but effective ways of eyebrows shaping.

Now, as we have learned what is eyebrow threading we can concentrate upon the benefits of threading. There are multiple benefits of eyebrow threading and it is completely different from other eyebrow shaping techniques. It makes the eyebrow shapes prominent and there is a myth that by threading your eyebrows hair at a regular interval, you can make them thicker than before and some of my friends have actually gained thicker lines of eyebrows by threading them.

Apart from being a faster process of eyebrow shaping it is one of the most inexpensive ways of keeping your eyebrows in perfect shape. As threading can pluck the hair from its root, the hair takes time to grow again.

Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing

  • No harsh chemical is used for threading process like waxing.
  • They are not harmful for sensitive skin.
  • It is an inexpensive way of shaping up your eyebrows.
  • And moreover threading last for more time in comparison to waxing.

Now as we know what eyebrow is threading how it works, let’s learn the steps of How to thread eyebrows at home.

While Shaping your eyebrows at home make it sure that there is enough lighting at the room as you are going to work upon the thin area of the skin and without proper lighting the hair of eyebrows will not be visible to you.

Apart from thread you must have an angled size brush for completing the task properly and neatly, you need to shed off the pulled out hair with the brush.

The thread must be finer but stronger than the regular thread, the eyebrows shaping thread can be available at online stores and they are really cheap and with a single reel you can thread for a year almost.

You need powder and rose water. Smudge little amount of powder and this may smoothen the place.

At first you need to master the art of holding the thread because that is the most vital step.

Brush your eyebrows to place your hair at right place so that you may easily find out the unwanted, overgrown hairs.

You need to grab the hair in between the gap of threads,

With scissor trim down the overgrown hairs which cannot be pulled out due to their position.

The beginners may also use a tweezers for pulling out the hairs from narrow places, if they are not confident of pulling out the hair with threads from narrow places.

After gaining complete knowledge on what is eyebrow threading if you want to have more attractive pair of eyebrow then there is another innovative way that is known as eyebrow tinting.

About Eyebrow Tinting Before And After

Every woman wishes for well-shaped and thick eyebrows like that of the celebrities. What the celebrities do is frame their eyes and make them bigger to enhance the depth of their facial features. You must be aware of the fact that most women have non-existent lashes and brows. No wonder, there are a lot of makeup and cosmetic tips in order to enhance the dimension, shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

Apart from all these, another important cosmetic procedure, which is becoming popular in the present days, is the eyebrow tinting. Are you eager to fix the shape of your brows for an extended period? Then this is the best solution for you. Whatever you do, make sure you learn about eyebrow tinting before and after stages prior to opting for it.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent process of eyebrow hairs dying; you can apply this process with DIY kits that are available at online sites. The applying process is really easy, and you just need a brush for applying the colour and an ear bud for a salon perfect finishing touch.

This in fact saves the hassles from visiting the beauty salons every now and then. If you are eager to know about the consequences of eyebrow tinting before and after stages, then consult a good cosmetic specialist and get a clear view of it. This would not only give you confidence but also help you encourage others about this styling.

During eyebrow tinting before and after stages you can stay at home. Getting your eyebrows tinted in the beauty salons would not only be costly but time consuming as well. It would be easier, if you appoint a professional beautician and get it done at your home. If you are more inclined towards dyeing and hair colouring, you can surely try tinting your eyebrows at the comforts of your home.

The beauty stores have several branded eyebrow tinting kits for its users. Take advantage of this and select the beauty kits accordingly. Select your favourite colour, the right brush and other necessary items to make the eyebrow tinting possible. Make sure the kit you are choosing has eyebrow dye, tint developer, brush, petroleum jelly, 2 small bowls, and cotton pad.

Before you start with the process, make sure you carry out a patch test. It would be wise enough, if you perform the test two days prior your eyebrow tinting. This will help you to know about the chemical formulation and also know whether it is safe for your skin or not.

As per the instructions, prepare the paste and apply small amount on palm and then check it’s after reactions. After trying this, if you are confirmed about the beauty product then proceed with the styling. Eyebrow tinting before and after affects should be noted down, if you really want well-shaped eyebrows. So, do consult the beauticians or cosmetic specialists to enhance the look of your eyebrows.

Bushy Eyebrows Are Back In Fashion, How To Get Bushy Eye

Bushy eyebrows are back in fashion once again. This 1950s fashion of having thick or bushy eyebrows has come into limelight once again during the fashion weeks that take place throughout the world in various countries. Eyebrows frame your eyes and they are actually the ones that determine your expression.

Even though many feel that it is the most under-appreciated feature on your face that has a very good impact on the other person. But no one knew that getting a bigger, thicker brow will become a treasured beauty a woman can have. Not only women, but its men also who is flaunting it these days. Now it is like, thicker the better. There’s no right or wrong way to shape your eyebrows because every face has a different cut.

To be a part of this trend, the very next question that clicks in one’s mind is how to get bushy or thick eyebrows.

Here we present some tips for the same with some natural and artificial steps.

1. Vaseline

Take small amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly (Vaseline brand) and apply 5-6 times every day on and around your eyebrows. It helps condition and moisturize the area, thus helping you keep your eyebrow hair straight and firm. You will see positive results in a fortnight.

2. Milk

Dip cotton into milk and then apply to your eyebrows to thicken. You can use coconut milk in the same way. Use it at night while you sleep for better results.

3. Egg

Egg is one of the best ways to make your brows thicker and heavier. All you have to do is, beat one egg and apply it on your eyebrows with the help of cotton. Don’t wash it just after applying. Leave it for 15 minutes so that it dries and then wash with lukewarm water.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is well known product for a perfect hair growth which has been used for this purpose since ages, Coconut oil for eye brows is yet another solution. Same can be applied on your brows. This will indeed speed up the growth of you eyebrows so as to have a thicker bushy eyebrow.

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

It is common knowledge that a person’s eyebrow shape and definition is one of the first things that is noticed by others. Because many women are not satisfied with the shape and composition of their eyebrows they have opted for a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. Women want to improve their appearance with a more alluring eyebrow — and can you blame them? Studies have shown that the eyebrows can be one of the most alluring features of a woman’s face and are something that men often notice subconsciously.

There are a couple of reasons why a person might choose to have the cosmetic eyebrow procedure done for them. The first is that they dislike the shape of their eyebrows. Many women enjoy the look of uniform and full eyebrows.

However, many women have, as a result of genetics or plucking, thin and minimalist eyebrows. They choose to have the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo procedure because at a clinic they can actually choose how they want their eyebrows to look. Any shape that can be drawn on the eyebrow can then be filled in with the pen so this gives women a great deal of choice in how their eyebrows look. But this is not the only reason that women opt for tattoo eyebrows.

The other issue at hand is grooming and maintenance. Many women spent countless hours each year manicuring their eyebrows to achieve the perfect look that they are looking for. By having a permanent cosmetic eyebrow applied to the face, they are able to eliminate all of that maintenance. You will have to have your eyebrows touched up occasionally. In some cases, for women who are frequently exposed to the sun or swim in chlorinated waters, the eyebrow tattooed may need to be retouched every 18 months or so. Otherwise, there is no maintenance required.

In most instances you can have a completely manicured eyebrow tattooed in about an hour at a salon. In some cases, it might take a little bit longer to get a particular look. With such a manicured eyebrow you will not have to endure pain either. There are a number of topical anaesthetics than can be applied to the brow region which makes the entire procedure reasonably comfortable for the patient.

And, for these reasons, the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo has become quite popular in recent years and will, almost surely, continue to gain in popularity the coming years.

Do Eyebrows Grow Back?

There are a lot of people who want to make their look more attractive and pleasing, even if it means that they need to change some things in their physical attributes. Some women undergo liposuction to get the sexy and curvaceous body that they want, while others undergo plastic surgery to change some of their facial features.

Nose lifts, face lifts, and neck lifts are all popularly performed in the cosmetic world to change some of the features of people, thinking that these changes will make them more beautiful. For some, these procedures can have positive effects, but there are also some unfortunate others who experience the opposite.

But not all physical alterations need to be surgical. Some procedures in making an individual look beautiful are simple and non-invasive. Some changes are also very minor and they don’t cause much inconvenience or problems. One of these is eyebrow grooming.

When you groom the eyebrows, you don’t actually need to undergo surgery or operation. All you need to do is use some basic materials and tools which are especially designed to groom the eyebrows, like eyebrow pencils, eyebrow brushes, and tweezers. But sometimes, there are cases when the eyebrows do not like what you are doing to them and they go on a strike, which can be experienced when your eyebrows suddenly fall out and go bald.

This can be a very big aesthetic problem especially because it seems unnatural for a person to have no eyebrows. This can happen if you use too much harsh cosmetic products on your eyebrows, like very strong eyebrow growth serums or painful eyebrow brushes. This can also happen if you frequently pluck your eyebrows, which a lot of women do to make their brows look well-groomed and properly shaped.

Plucking too much can make the hair follicles die or get damaged, and this results to the complete death of the follicle. Thus, no more eyebrows grow. But some women ask the question: Do eyebrows grow back?

The answer may either be a yes or no. Depending on the condition that caused your eyebrows to fall out, they may or may not grow back again. One of the cases when eyebrows may still grow back is when you lost your hair in an unnatural way.

A very good example of this is when you trimmed or shaved your eyebrows. Trimming or shaving your eyebrows will cut them off completely but the roots and follicles are not at all affected by the process. This means the follicles are still healthy enough to produce new eyebrows.

Another example would be if you underwent chemotherapy. The eyelashes would fall out together with all of your body hairs, but this is caused by the drug that is injected in your body. After you have fully recovered from the therapy, your eyebrows will most likely grow back again, although it may take a very long period of time.

For the cases when the eyebrows will no longer grow, it may be because the follicles have been completely damaged and died. This can be due to constant plucking. When you pluck your brows, you take out the roots, and when the roots no longer grow back, the hair will no longer grow back as well. Continuous plucking can create bald patches on your brows, and this can be a sign that your brows will never grow back again. In such case, all you can do is draw on your brows to create an artificial brow on your forehead.

Do it yourself: Eyebrow Shaping

If you are determined to do eyebrow shaping yourself without asking the help of a pro, you need to learn how to do it properly to avoid failures. Remember that your eyebrows frame your eyes and balances your facial features so you got to pick the right shape to complement your face. It’s hard for starters to do it themselves but you will get used to it after several tries.

Here are some information’s on how to shape your eyebrows all by yourself.

Eyebrow Shaping

In doing eyebrow shaping, the first thing that you have to do is make sure that you have the perfect tools. The wrong tools will only result to unsatisfying results and failures. Decide whether if you want to shape your eyebrows by waxing or plucking.

If you are just a beginner, the better way to do is ask the help of a professional. Waxing your brows is really risky especially if you are not an expert in it. There is a great possibility that you will accidentally remove the hairs that aren’t supposedly to be remove and end up bald. However if you can’t help learning about how to do it yourself without any help from others, plucking is always a better choice for starters because you have a better control in it. All you need is a pair of good quality tweezers, a full length mirror, an eyebrow brush or mascara wand and a dark eyebrow pencil.

To begin with eyebrow shaping, cleanse your face first and pat it dry. For starters that are usually not used to the pain, numb the area by rubbing ice or a benzocaine tropical ointment. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. Look at yourself in front of a full length mirror, not so close so that you can see your facial features and know what shape best complement your face.

Decide what shape you desire. Afterwards draw a line through your brows following the shape you desire using an eyebrow pencil. Look at the line and see if you got your desired shape, if not wipe it clean and start drawing another. If you finally achieved it, grab the tweezers and pluck the hairs outside the line that you have drawn. Pluck selectively and work your desired shape into it.

Always start plucking from the nose going the ears. Once you’re done with the plucking, wash your face and pat it dry. Now you can see your brows taking shape. Brush it upward with an eyebrow brush following your desired shape. If you feel any sting after the plucking, apply a soothing balm like tea tree oil.

In applying your make up define your eyebrow or fill in between gaps by stroking a line using an eyebrow pencil. This will create an illusion of symmetrical eyebrows with dimension and volume. Once you are finished you are all set for a date or a party. Your face will look sophisticated and elegant by those well defined brows, framing your eyes and facial features and you didn’t even seek help from a pro! Start learning do it yourself eyebrow shaping now.

Eye Brow Waxing Tips are Important

It requires lots of approach to remove unwanted hair from your eyebrows and for this you need to know eye brow waxing tips. If you are trying eye brow waxing for the first time, you have to be very careful. You can take a chance, but before that you should be aware of different eye brow waxing tips.

Some of the most important eye brow waxing tips are to know the right shape for your eyebrow, the arch length is very crucial, evade setting the arch too high, clean the skin with powder, and finally apply liquid solution to remove strips.

Following these simple eye brow waxing tips will definitely help you in every way possible.

Before trying eye brow waxing, you need to have eye brow waxing kit with you. You can follow the manual and instruction given in the kit. Go to market you can easily get different types of eye brow waxing kits that are affordable. If you still desire to have an inexpensive shopping on eye brow waxing, then do make sure to visit online shopping stores. These days, many online shopping stores offer affordable eye brow waxing kits that will fit your budget. Buy one and make yourself beautiful. Today!

For the people who don’t have the sensitive skin as well as can stand a bit of the pain and the irritation on the skin, and waxing eyebrows is the fast, simple and long lasting way of getting rid of unwanted hairs over your eyebrows.

Waxing can last little longer than to pluck however is definitely inadvisable for the people who have got the sensitive skin, as this area is very close to your eyes, although it might be more expensive, often it is best to leave the technique to professionals as well as go to the salon to have this wax been administered by the trained beautician.

The waxing can be performed by using the well made strips of the soft plastic that are cut in particular shape that you have selected for the eyebrows. You can pluck your hair with the pair of the tweezers with the angled tip. And threading is one more technique for hair removal to pull out any extra hairs just by rolling down the thread.

There’re a lot of many pre-cut strips that are available in stores that you can find or you may have this cut particularly for your type of brow line, although this will cost a bit more in case you need any help of the technician. Placement of these strips over your eye brow is a bit tricky or intricate, this is quite important to ensure you also get exact position prior to pressing your wax down safely on your hairs.

People who would like to get attractive and unique eyebrow then go for the waxing. The regular eyebrow shaping can be one best way you can get the eyebrows organizes. There’re many different methods that you may select to shape the eyebrow.

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