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How To Give False Eyelashes?

How To Give False Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes can give you worries! You might be thinking that it would come off anytime at the party and everyone discovers you’re just a big fake. How would it look like to others? Will it be obvious to them that you are wearing fake lashes?

Not, when you know the right technique of camouflaging. Yes! Camouflage or blend it with your eyes and people will be telling you, “wow! what beautiful eyes you have” or “what long lashes you got there” without suspecting anything.

It is easier and less bothersome to just put on a mascara or eyeliner to define your eyes. But if you are going to a party and you want to have a different look that is more elegant and attractive, you can always try applying false eyelashes. Wearing them with a natural look will give you stunning lashes without everyone thinking of it as a fake. In this way, you can catch more fishes around the party too!

How do you achieve this? Well, you just have to learn the right technique. In buying false eyelashes, make sure that it is made of natural hair. This can be pretty expensive but will always catch attention and create a good impression. If you want stunning gorgeous lashes, then go for it!

When buying, choose false eyelashes with separate glue. There are many fake lashes that are ready to be applied but there is a greater risk that these lashes will not stay long. Those are harder to put on using glue but there are lesser tendencies that they will come off during the party. The humiliation isn’t as great compared when you use those that are ready to be applied without dabbing glue! Applying them will get easier with some practice.

To make false eyelashes more natural, do not put the whole lash into your eye because it will scream fake. Trim them by cutting at the angles. The length of each cut must be different individually so that it achieves a more natural look. Make sure that the lashes in the outside corner are longer than inwards.

When dabbing the glue to the lash line surface, make sure to let it dry and tacky for a while before sticking the false eyelashes into it. The glue will hold it more secure in that way. You do not want to ruin your party by a fake eyelash that came off easily just because you were too excited to stick it up your eye without letting for the glue to dry or go tacky.

When you have at last finished applying the set of false eyelashes, do not leave for the party just yet! Your lashes are not yet ready to face many people because they scream fake still.

Now for a more natural look, you need you apply some extra makeup on. Apply mascara for your fake lashes to blend in with the real ones. You can also apply liquid eyeliner for a more natural dramatic effect or an eye shadow that complements your eye colour and accentuates your lashes.

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