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How To Apply And How To Remove False Eyelashes?

How To Apply And How To Remove False Eyelashes

There are endless lashes to choose from, endless ways to emphasize our appearance, the main idea is to fake them, to apply the lashes perfectly, even if they are edgy surreal shaped. With a pair of fake lashes, an entire look can be changed from ordinary to the most special one. It might seem easy, but let’s face it: when putting them on, for some reason it seems like a mission impossible. But if you fallow some simple steps, your lashes can look just as got out from a fairy tale.

How to Apply Fake Lashes

First of all, make sure you perfectly clean your eyes. It is important to remove all the impurities to make sure there will be no residues that can get into your eyes. Remember that a proper makeup always starts with a skin care routine, to make sure you can avoid aging signs.

Next step would be to decide what kind of lashes would you like to go for. There are endless options, so you just have to find the one that matches your outfit, the occasion you are attending and your personality. There are individual lashes to assure a natural look, full lashes that add density to your lash line and the more extreme lashes, that are bold coloured, extra long, accessorized with feathers or crystals.

To apply them well, you will need a bit of practice, but it’s more or less sure you will manage at one point. For start, opt for the full lashes, which are easier to apply. You will need a precise and steady hand to manage with the individual ones.

Adjust the lashes to the length of your eyes, by cutting of as much as you need.

Mark your eyes with a pencil and smudge it to make sure it’s not applied to thick.

Use a tweezers to pick up the lashes and apply a thin layer of glue on them.

Wait a couple of minutes to leave the glue enough time to get sticky.

Apply them above your real lashes slowly, starting from the outer corners of your eyes. Position them as close as possible to your real lashes, by pressing them gently until they are set. The same way it applies with the individual lashes to.

To mix the real lashes with your fake ones, curl them with an eyelash curler and apply mascara. To hide the line of the fake lashes, you can apply a new layer of eyeliner or eye shadow.

Take your time when doing it, unless you want to look like a Halloween monster.

How to Remove Fake Lashes

If they were glued up, they have to get off to. It’s not as bad as it seems. If you make it carefully, you have no chance to pull off your lashes to.

Dab some fake eyelash remover on the lash line let it soak for a couple of seconds and when it got softer, you can start pulling the lashes of without damaging the real ones.

Make it gently, from the outer corner to the inside.

Cleanse the lashes by putting them in a bit of eyelash remover and remove any glue that’s left over.

Now you can clean off all your makeup left, by using makeup remover, than deep cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Use eye cream for this sensitive area, and never use a face cream for the eye area.

False lashes make the eyes really desirable, more feminine, and add a sophisticated touch to the entire appearance. Practice how to apply them well, choose fantasy lashes and create unique looks. There are no borderlines anymore, you can leave your imagination free and make the most special looks ever.

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