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How To Accentuate False Eyelashes With Your Eyes?

How To Accentuate False Eyelashes With Your Eyes

In a certain party, you just can’t help noticing the way people dress and the way they present themselves, women especially. You can’t go to a party without readying yourself because you know you’ll be facing a lot of people. Women, in their nature, usually put a lot of efforts to make themselves better looking and be the centre of attention.

In any ordinary days, mascara or eyeliner would have done the trick but in parties that happen once in a while, a woman needs to look gorgeous and a set of false eyelashes might do the trick. But of course, in order for the trick to work, you need to accentuate it with your eye.

False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes enhance your eyes and make it more attractive and luscious. You can go on with normal lashes on ordinary days but try fake lashes for a while and try different looks with your face. Experiment on different looks and learn how these applications accentuate your face. What to do in order to accentuate fake lashes with your face?

Now in order for the false eyelashes to accentuate your face, choose a set that are luscious but not too pronounced. The real purpose of fake lashes is to enhance the shape of your eye and not to overpower it. Avoid those that are longer and thicker than normal because it will only justify the flakiness.

Choose fake lashes that are normal but if you found it too long or thick when you finished applying, trim it by cutting edge angles. Cut each individually with a different look so that it looks more natural.

Make sure that the lashes at the outer edge of the eye are longer than inwards because that is the natural form of the real lashes. Thick eyebrows can only suggest flakiness so make it appear natural and blended in.


Clean your face first and be sure that you do not have any makeup on. Apply eyelash adhesive glue to the lash line area of your eyes. Let it dry and tacky for a while, pick up the fake lashes using a pair of tweezers and stick it carefully on the area. Let it dry for a while. After the application, do not rush to the party right away because you are not done yet.

False eyelashes can’t go without eye makeup. It may look bare and unnatural. Apply mascara on your real lashes to blend it with the fake ones. You can have a cat-like eye by drawing a wing arch on the outside edges of the eye. If you want smoky eyes, you can apply eye shadow with a shade of grey, brown or any colours that will complement you eyes and help blend the fake lashes with it.

Accentuating your eyes with false eyelashes is quite easy and simple. Learn how to do it the right way and you will have luscious looking eye that speaks on its own. Conquer the party with your eyes alone. Just keep quiet with the fake part.

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