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How Safe Is Eyelash Dyeing?

How Safe Is Eyelash Dyeing

The safety of eyelash dyeing is not guaranteed. Although eyelash dyeing is a fashionable concept, it is at the same time a dangerous process. Hence, it is vital to be aware of the risks and harmful side effects involved in the procedure.

Eyelash dyeing has become the latest fashion trend and a large number of teen girls have enthusiastically adopted the trend of permanently dyeing their eyelashes. However, several of these tints and dyes are harmful to the eyes and the use of some, even lead to eye blindness.

Although eyelash dyeing is turning into a major craze, especially among the young girls, the FDA does not approve of the procedure and of the colour additives used for permanent dyeing or tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows. In fact, the use of these products has been strongly discouraged by the FDA.

The natures of eyelash dyeing are as follows:

Several symptoms such as allergic reactions to the use of eyelash or eyebrow dyes: swelling, inflammation, and susceptibility to infection in or around the eye. Some of these reactions may extent to the limit of severity and, thus, cause blindness.

There seems to be confusion in the distinction between permanent dyes and temporary colourings that are used. Users must be aware of the difference and of the fact that the law requires dye products to include the performance of a patch test. It may be safe to assume that experienced users of hair dye are aware of this.

A warning against the use of dyes on the eyes has been constantly provided. However, in spite of all the measures taken to discourage the use of eyelash dyes, there has been an increase in the number of teen girls who undergo the procedure. They are influenced to try this out because they see their favourite celebrities doing the same.

It has been observed that eyelash dyeing becomes more popular during summer, probably because people tend to care more about their appearance during this season. It has also been observed that a large number of the eyelash and eyebrow dyes are produced overseas and, then sold to consumers in America.

Several people who colour their hair end up colouring their eyelashes and eyebrows too in order to have the overall mixed and matched appearance. To state the obvious, no one who, for example, dyes their hair black would prefer blonde eyebrows and lashes.

It is an undeniable fact that celebrities today use all kinds of dyes from hair dyes to eyelash dyes but their use of such products does not justify the lame belief that these products are actually safe.

It would be advisable to remind ourselves that celebrities go through all these strenuous routines and procedures in order to maintain their self-image in the glare of the public eye, which is on them all the time and everywhere.

Moreover, we must also remind ourselves that if certain product can be used to dye our hair, it does not mean that the same product will be equally safe to be used on other parts of our body.

Moreover, there is a high tendency of these products to be sold in the market without the approval of the FDA. It would be wise to refrain from purchasing those products that are not approved and labelled by the FDA.

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